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Shelby Miller is joining the Dodgers. Is HE the problem? In "Fact or Cap", Emily wants to know if you're a fan of live mascots. Sli talks about his cooking plans this weekend. Why was Morales star struck at the golf course yesterday? It's the anniversary of the Week 18 game between the Raiders and Chargers and we relive the hilarious Al Michaels call. The guys are on Christmas vacation, but Emily and Taylor are in with Clinton Yates and Beto Duran. In "The Dump", Trav gets excited about MILF Island. Trav's weekend was spent hiking, traveling, and cheering on stock cars. Lakers fans are flirting with the idea of having Kyle Kuzma back on the team. In "Ask Sli", we find out how Sli and Lady Sli stay warm in the winter months. Emily is on a first name basis with her mechanic. In "The Dump", we hear George Kittle and Kirk Cousins sing their best renditions of Kelly Clarkson songs. In 'Fact or Cap', Emily wants to know if you'd live next to a cemetery. The Padres made a run at Trea Turner and look like they're willing to spend more money than ever to try to compete with the Dodgers. The Gavin Lux ACL injury is so heartbreaking because we had such high hopes for the season where he was finally going to get the chance to be "the guy". Also, should the word "lover" be banned forever? Manny Machado is the heart and soul of the San Diego Padres. What should the stakes for the upcoming Kings-Lakers game be with Producer Taylor and Sli? In "Fact or Cap", Emily wants to know what everyone's love language is. In "Hey Did You See", Taylor wants to know what Trav and Sli would do if they had an identical twin. Fortune Salaire Mensuel de Ken Olandt Imdb Combien gagne t il d argent Sli is back in studio and brought his valuable basketball cards for Trav to inspect. The Clippers defeated the Lakers last night and have had their number the past ten games. Emily went to the Shrine for the first time last night, and Sli is finally going to dip his toes in the world of pickleball this afternoon. Live Imaging Tuesday is back and Chris Morales is here with a big announcement! What specific moment from LeBron's historic career stands out the most to you. Will LeBron be playing? Visit Trav and Sli were featured in a promo for the upcoming Thursday Night Football, and Trav can't wait for Al Michaels to appreciate his haircut. Emily tries to get the guys to join Tik Tok. Mase says he'll be watching the Christmas Day game at SoFi with Juan's family and that he wants Zach LaVine to come to Los Angeles. Travis Rodgers and Allen Sliwa know what you want to hear. Ryan Clark spoke eloquently on the dangers of football and how easy it is to forget how dangerous the game truly is. In "Ask Sli", we find out about Sli's "perfect weekend". Also, never get her started on whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie. The crew talks about what's in their fridges right now. LeBron says AD has been playing like the best player in the league. Sli talks about how the conversation flipped from Yankees/Red Sox to the Dodgers in the past twenty years. Emily ranks the best looking quarterbacks in the NFL. How would he look in a Lakers uniform? Trav is already ready for the next football season to start up again. How will the Dodgers react? Sprinkle in some great food discussions, what TV and Movies Allen hasn't seen and you'll feel like you're in the studio with the guys nightly. What does the future hold for Aaron Donald? It's a Live Imaging Tuesday and Valentine's Day and Morales is here to irritate Trav. Dave Roberts says he still expects the Dodgers to win the World Series. In "The Dump", we hear Mike Trout's plea to Shohei Ohtani. Clinton Yates joins the show to talk about the pickleball controversy. Why in the world were the Patriots throwing laterals in yesterday's game? Should we worry about LeBron's injury being more serious? Trav thinks the Lakers performance last night was very promising and look like a GOOD team. LeBron's not so cryptic tweets are getting weirder and weirder. The Chargers are in the playoffs for the first time since 2018! Could Baker Mayfield's situationship with the Rams turn into a relationship? What does this mean for the Dodgers? Clinton shares the Christmas movies he's been watching while he was sick. An ump got thrown at at Trav's son's baseball game? What do you look for in a bartender or waiter? He also played some hoops against his son this weekend and was able to remind him that the old man still has it. Could this be the future in professional sports? Rob Pelinka spoke yesterday about the danger of wasting a bullet too early. With the Lakers playing the Mavs on Sunday, we wonder what would be happening right now if Kyrie was here. Key took Trav and the old morning show crew out for a decadent meal last night. Autor de la entrada: Publicacin de la entrada: 18 enero, 2022; Categora de la entrada: scientific facts about love; Comentarios de la entrada: sneaker waves oregon coast 2020; Late Night with Conan O'Brien (a Guests & Air Dates Guide) Greg is the one on this podcast. Trav is concerned about Southern California's unusual weather and thinks the world may be coming to an end. Which young QB are you most excited to see show out this coming weekend? What the heck were the Cowboys thinking on that last play of the game? Sli is a little worried about the Lakers vs. Kings game tomorrow. Did Sliwa go to Starbucks in central Mexico? Jeanie Buss and Rob Pelinka said they wanted to keep LeBron happy at the beginning of the season. Sli knew that history was going to be made last night when he saw LeBron show up to Where's the defense that Darvin Ham was preaching about at the beginning of the year? Does Emily want him to be a Steeler? There are more World Cup matches, and more stakes that Trav and Sli don't understand. Clinton and Sli talk about load management and how it's hurt the NBA (but it's not going anywhere). travis and sliwa producer emilyfireworks in easton maryland 2021. It's time for NFL Pick 'Ems! Would you be surprised if the Chargers lose this weekend? D'Marco Farr is in for Sli today and joins Trav to talk about last night's Lakers game and Anthony Davis' return. Producer Emily lost her AirPods and needs your help finding them. Russell Westbrook is no longer a Laker and we wonder if this will improve the morale of the team. The Kings and Lakers face off tonight for the last time this season. We get more of Emily's list of attractive quarterbacks. Kyrie Irving wants out of Brooklyn. Why should the NBA reward mediocre teams? Will the Padres run away with the division? I was so disappointed to lose Travis Rodgers (and live and local sports) in the morning when Keyshawn went national (wish Key was still local). Emily Hybl Retweeted. Corporate Greg is in to educate the guys on the World Cup outcomes and the possibility of a college football playoff expansion. In "The Dump", we find out that Trav's wife is listening today. Kyrie Irving tweets about his situation. Not even a little. Has Brock Purdy earned a starting spot on the 49ers? Sli is SICK today?! Also, would you want a Spotify wrapped version of your fast food habits? Tweets. In "Hey Did You See", Taylor wants to know if there's anything worse than the guy who calls too many fouls in a pick up game. In "The Dump", we celebrate The Great One's birthday. In "Ask Sli", Sli goes off on raisins and ads in YouTube videos. Sean McVay doesn't want to speak about his future with the Rams, and Trav thinks that's a bad omen. Is Instagram famous a real thing? Sli STILL hasn't gotten his car back from the dealer, and he's struggling with the rental car life. Anthony Davis has been diagnosed with a stress injury in his foot and is out indefinitely. Emily wants advice on how to host a Super Bowl party. HR 1: In Russ We Don't Trust | Audio Length: 45:42 Also, We may have a potential person interested in going out with Greg! Susan, with her writing partner, Sydnie Suskind, created the soon-to-be-released web series - HOW TO BEAT YOUR SISTER-IN-LAW (at everything), which will be premiering in 2017.Susan and writing partner also sold a half hour multi-cam pilot spec to Comedy . In "Ask Sli", Sli has to answer questions about nude beaches and mermaid eggs. Trav and Sli are live from Black Gold Golf Club in Yorba Linda and Trav is elated by Baker Mayfield's game winning drive last night. Does anyone really care about the WBC? In "Hey Did You See", Taylor wants to know what bothers Trav and Sli the most on the golf course or basketball court. Trav needs a dream interpreter again. In "The Dump", Ireland has an unpleasant surprise for Sli? Callers tell us their rules of life and we also hear from Clinton Yates and Chris Morales. We have an "Ask Boss Amanda" today and listeners want to know what's in her apocalypse survival kit and what her red flags are. Are the Clippers the NBA equivalent to the Chargers? Morales is here to talk pickleball rackets. Emily gives us an update on her Olive Garden trip with the cousins and sisters. In "Fact or Cap", Emily wants to know if you have a "party trick". What do the final twenty-three games of the season mean for Anthony Davis? In "Hey Did You See", Taylor wants to know the last time you felt optimistic. An avid listener, amateur writer, and occasional motormouth, she has always been drawn to stories. In Fact or Cap, Emily wants to know if it's acceptable to throw snowballs at a football game. In "Ask Sli", we find out Sli's favorite chain restaurant. In "Fact or Cap", Emily tells us about Kike Hernandez's playoff 'accident', and we hear a similar messy story from Trav. In "Ask Sli", we find out if Rookie has a stocking and if Sli has ever bought Lady Sli a "present for himself". Is Anthony Davis the best player in the NBA? Who else could get away with that? It's been a long time since the Rams have had an injection of energy like this. Trav says Phoenix and Dallas have separated themselves from the rest of the class. Would you rather be stuck with Russ drama or Kyrie drama? Mase gets his wish and joins the show for a round of "Fact or Cap". Podcast Republic is one of the most popular podcast platforms on the world serving 1M+ podcasts and 500M+ episodes worldwide. Corporate Greg joins the show. Mase joins the show and remarks how laid back it is compared to Mason and Ireland. Fortune Salaire Mensuel de Ted De Corsia Imdb Combien gagne t il d How can they have the best farm system and the best run organization in baseball at the same time? Meghan and Harry 'are OK about leaving Frogmore Cottage', source says By. What Lincoln Riley has done with USC is simply unbelievable. Tristan Thompson joins the show to talk about playing with LeBron James. If they're a good team, why are they still in 13th place? In "Fact or Cap", Emily wants to know if caroling should be abolished forever. How did Taylor enjoy his trip to Sacramento to his see his Kings take down the Rockets? The fellas then ranked where the Fourth of July is on their power. 30 Listens. Sli did something he's never done for himself this morning. In "The Dump", Sli entertains the idea of mixing milk with Pepsi. Clayton Kershaw won't be playing in the World Baseball Classic. Emily's sister "dropped" her hard cider, but at least she can still get drunk at Olive Garden. He's hear to answer all of your taco related questions. In "Fact or Cap", Emily wants to know if "pocket potatoes" are a genius idea for football games. In "Fact or Cap", Funches asks the guys if they'll be watching the Macy Day's Parade. Was he talking about himself or sending a message to his teammates? Mo Bamba is coming to LA in exchange for Patrick Beverly. LBJ? Curtis Sliwa, GOP candidate for NYC mayor, says he wasn't invited to Do we have a caller of the year nominee? Where are you watching? Instead of "Ask Sli", we have an "Ask Jorge" with the 710 legend. What value does Patrick Beverly bring the Lakers? Whose list will come out on top? HOUR 3: Gonzaga vs UCLA - Travis and Sliwa - Trav says the Lakers have momentum and that he's actually feeling optimistic. Travis and Sliwa | Listen to Podcasts On Demand Free | TuneIn Los Angeles, CA Joined June 2019. Bobby Wagner spoke about how important it is for football players to discuss their emotions and Sean McVay said he supports any player who wants to take a break from the game. In "Hey Did You See", Taylor wants to know the last time you felt optimistic.Learn more about your ad choices. Trav may be losing his voice, but he's still not unhappy with the officiating in the big game. What's the worst way to be broken up with? HR 1: Calling Sli. In "Hey Did You See", Taylor asks the guys about their best tweets of 2022. Will we see more of the same as Baker Mayfield and the Rams face off with Detroit this week? We find out that Trav hates parades. Sli tells us how he cooked his steak this weekend and gets tips from Trav and Emily. In "Fact or Cap", Emily wants to know if "Santa Con" sounds like a nightmare. The Moth | Staff Sli took a cooking class yesterday. We have updates from the Carlos Correa debacle in San Francisco. Dodger fans weigh in. It's time for the playoff edition of NFL Pick 'Ems, and there's more at stake as the crew choose their winners. Emily goes off on milk, and in "Fact or Cap", she wants to know if you could walk around in sandals for the rest of your life. Was Tom Brady just lucky more than a few times in his career, or is his success all due to skill and hard work? Trea Turner is headed to the Phillies. Play Audio. In "The Dump", we remember Franco Harris. MAR 5, 2021 Introducing 'Travis and Sliwa . Emily let's us know who the Coachella headliners are. travis and sliwa producer emily. What are your early season predictions for the Lakers and are you feeling more confident than you were last month? We get a special "Fact or Cap" from Taylor and "The Dump" gets merged with "Super Crosstalk". Lakers fans chime in and let us know what they think is wrong with the team. You want to listen to inside Lakers and Dodgers talk. Should have a foul been called on the Mavs last night that would have given the Lakers a chance to win. It's time for some more NFL Pick 'Ems! A listener asks Andy why he doesn't take as many days off as Sli. D'Marco Farr joins the show to talk about playing football in the cold and what it will take to beat the Packers. Anthony Davis or LeBron James? The guys react to a weekend of exciting football. Callers weigh in. Did LA dodge a bullet? Visit, Trav is concerned about Southern California's unusual weather and thinks the world may be coming to an end. It's time for NFL Pick 'Ems! In "Hey Did You See", Taylor wants to know what country you would live in besides the USA. We find out what makes Emily uncomfortable on her ride home. 44:31. Darvin Ham claims that Anthony Davis' night off last night was scheduled weeks ago. The Chargers don't appear to be moving Brandon Staley out of town anytime soon, but his decision making is in question. 0 . Corporate Greg joins the show to tell us about his bad haircut. A caller shoots his shot with Producer Emily. Learn more about your ad choices. Rams fans: do you want Baker Mayfield back next year? The Lakers need to get HOT to make the playoffs. In "Hey Did You See", Taylor wants to know about "red flags" for restaurants. Trav is going to a Christmas party or two this weekend, and none of the crew are invited. In "Fact or Cap", Emily talks abou. What will Patrick Mahomes' resume look like when it's all said and done? AD? The Lakers managed to get a win on a night that both Anthony Davis and LeBron played poorly. The Carlos Correa debate continues. LeBron had 48 points in a must win game versus Houston last night. Producer Emily has been partying hard no the east coast. D'Marco talks about the untapped potential AD has. Matthew Stafford says he doesn't know Sean McVay's status, but that he is not retiring next year. What if Steve Cohen wants Ohtani in New York? Brandon Staley spoke out about his decision making in the Chargers loss. Has the NBA All-Star game lost all credibility? Do the Lakers have a chance to finish 15-9 or is that an impossibility at this point? In "Fact or Cap", Emily wants to know how you feel about inflatable Christmas decorations. The guys recap the Lakers miraculous victory last night. Ronaldo got a big paycheck, and Trav and Sli go in on soccer and the World Cup just a little more. Cowboys kicker Brett Maher missed how many PAT's last night? In "Ask Sli", Sli has to write a memoir about one ESPN employee. Trav is feeling especially sore today, but Sli doesn't want to hear his complaints. How did it get so bad, so fast? Are the changes to baseball and the potential for more offense positive or negative? The expectations for the Lakers change every day with Sli. She/her - Producer of The Travis & Sliwa Show on ESPN LA 710 - Wahoowa - Letterboxd: @ ehybl. Emily took joy in the Cowboys loss. In "The Dump", we get freaked out by AI technology. The crew talks about the differences coaching boys and girls. Also, are you planning to see "Cocaine Bear"? Visit, Anthony Davis is inconsistent, and Trav has thoughts. Trav is hopeful that he will, but also doesn't want him to get thrown into the fire immediately. Emily has bangs, and big surprise, Sli didn't notice. You want to listen to inside Lakers and Dodgers talk. In "Hey Did You See", Taylor wants to know if you could beat three ten year olds in a pickup game of basketball. Dave Denholm join the show to talk about the state of MLS. We'll find out if he was the problem, or if the Lakers were the problem. Trav doesn't have faith in AD as a player that can lead the Lakers to the playoffs. Beto goes off on Emily's night out at Olive Garden. The Raiders have decided to bench Derek Carr. The same way Travis and Sliwa found Producer Emily a date! There's bad news in Laker land and all of yesterday's optimism has come crashing down to earth after LeBron James' foot injury has come to the surface. Emily has a guessing game for the crew. Caleb Williams will win the Heisman, says Trav. The Silverback wildlife filmmakers have worked on films and series that have been among the most successful ever produced. Who was your first movie crush as a kid? Spotify or Apple Music or Pandora? Trav thinks the Dodgers are smart for not getting into long multi-year deals with superstars. Reported Memory Problems in Opioid Related Disorder In "Fact or Cap", Emily wants to know if clapping during a movie is worse than clapping after a flight. You want to listen to inside Lakers and Dodgers talk. Plus, another edition of Ask Sli, what would his last meal be on death be. Also, do you catch yourself playing carnival games on the regular? In "Hey Did You See", Taylor wants to know what Sli would name his boat if he had one. Come on man. Do you see the Clippers as a legitimate threat? Trav says he wouldn't play golf with someone who "uses the wrong equipment". In "Fact or Cap", Emily wants to know if you're a booer and asks the guys if they'd be okay with a snake living in their house. Trav had a feeling he was in a familiar place this weekend. Instead of "Ask Sli", listeners ask the crew questions. The Kings beat the Lakers last night, so it's time for Sli to pay up on his bet with Producer Taylor. If the Lakers just miss out on the play in tourney, should he be held responsible for those close losses that kept them out? Emily enjoys a well-spun yarn, both figuratively and literally. In "The Dump", we celebrate Randy Newman's birthday. Emily brought in her pulled pork sandwiches for the crew to try. In "The Dump", Trav gets a dig in on Mike Trout. In "The Dump", we ask what caliber player you have to be to get your coach fired. Trav has turned into THAT driver, but he doesn't care. How would you feel if Kyrie went to a different team and won a championship? What are your expectations for the NL West this coming season? Should they make a deal for the short term or just scrap the entire season? In "Fact or Cap", Emily wants to know how well you'd do in Jeopardy against the 710 crew.

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