delivered to agent for final delivery ebay

See the instructions below to find out how. USPS Tracking Status Scan Code Events List. Check out some of what we can do for you in minutes: Apart from protecting your consumer rights, DoNotPay can break down and fast-track many legal procedures for you. Keep in mind that you have 3 business days to resolve their issue before they can ask eBay to step in to help. Refunds are typically available within 3-5 business days. You do not owe a refund. If you're getting a refund, it will go back to your original payment method. In the event of a standard delivery to authorized agents at your home, for example, youll be able to expect your package to be sitting there on your kitchen counter or dining room table when you get home. There are a number of shipping and delivery options available on eBay, from tracked international shipping to picking up an item in your own neighborhood. Of course, if the authorized agent that received your package for final delivery was a trusted neighbor or coworker you might have to wait a little bit longer to get your hands on your package at least until the next time that you see them, or until you reach out to them and schedule a time for you to get your package. My package was out for delivery and shows it arrived at the unit today then it was delivered to an agent 4 hours later. eBay Exporter of the Year was a great success! what can i do? There was a buyer awhile back who lived in Ehrlenger. Lets say that your package was delivered to an agent. Why pickup your mail in person, when you can get it on your phone? It is only a 20.00 item. How to report an item that hasn't arrived through My eBay, What to do if you've only received some of the items you've purchased. Not many tracking information updates are going to be as confusing as being told that your package was delivered to an agent for final delivery. When communicating with the buyer, do your best to be polite and professional in your responses, even when theyre upset or angry. When you do, explain the situation, and ensure that you have the tracking number on hand so they can look up your shipment in their system. In this case, the parcel will either be handed over to some local staff or your local post office. I don't have any idea where it's been, but finally made it. Note:Although the person must be able to accept your mail, theydo notneed to be pre-authorized by you. Our address is Linton Indiana","The postal service claims that the shipping label stated, Indianapolis, Indiana.". Usually this means someone at your home received a package on your behalf, someone at work received a package for you, or your package was rerouted to an authorized agent service (like a shipping locker company or the local post office).