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Cruise over to our Instagram and tell us your best TommyArmour845 story. I picked up the TA 845 Forged about a year ago at an absolute steal from Dicks (Set 6 of 500). G.Review, January 21, 2007 in Previous Model Year Reviews, New Silver Scot Tour blades are muscleback forgings that have more mass below the equator of the ball. I have not hit them but I think they are some good looking clubs. He did have lead tape on all that is a bear to get the last layer off, only removed one so far. Looking for a blade without breaking the bank? Required fields are marked *. I should not have even told you guys about this set. Stock/no-upcharge shafts include True Temper Elevate 95, Dynamic Gold 105 and Project X LZ. Cripes! And they cost me $200!!!! Therefore, of what consequence is it whether a 43 pitching wedge is your 125-yard club or a 42 nine-iron? The original Tommy Armour 845 Silver Scot irons were introduced in the late 1980s and rivaled the Ping Eye 2 irons as some of the most popular of their time. I went from playing 845Ti face irons with s300 TT superlites that were 2" over to the new silver scot forged blade with standard length Rifle 6.0 and lost no distance (added a few yards actually), gained workability, d2 swingweight. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. My first set of irons were the TA Silver Scot. Wow,they are great in every way described. MyGolfSpy Integrity in Advertising Promise. Just make them exactly like the old ones! NOW AVAILABLE: GolfWRX G/Fore Hats and Holderness & Bourne Polos! What's with the grips? I want a bit of forgiveness (8-9 handicap), but i am interested in working the ball both ways which i can do, but it's harder to do so with large, cavity back slingshots. I stole the pics here so not my set but wanted you to see them for condition and model. Very happy to save $300 and see the same results as the Taylor Made Sim. DICKs understands the challenge ahead and whatever inroads it can make in the opportunity gapof 2020 will be on the heels of the more moderately priced TommyArmour 845 (no suffix) and 845 Max irons. Titleist 915H 3 Diamana, Titleist 915H 4 Diamana I played them for 25 years. This are my first blades (I was playing with the cleveland cg4 tour, and Im afraid about the difficulty of the blades, lost of distance, etc. Luckily the specs fit me perfectly so this won't be an issue. A thin topline, minimal offset and overall compact geometry give the 845 Forged the requisite looks of a players distance iron. 845U Silver Back - 989 855 - 972 845 Vault - 944 Royal Scot - 855 845OS+ - 825 845 Stripe - 821 845 SIlver Scot - 784 845C Silver Back Forged - 747 845CS Silver Back Cast - 727 835 Hot Scot - 689 No harm for me, as I am oversized and I end up changing out the stock grips anyway. Tommy Armour Women's 2021 845-MAX Irons. Scotty Squareback and Odyssey OG #7, Srixon ZX5 MKII Irons 4-PW Like New and a Titleist U505 4 Iron, OG Nike TW13 PING i59 irons Vessel Stand bag (trade). All had duct tape on and I tried to test them as blind as possible. You are the ones that talk about the importance of getting fit and I agree with that. GW, SW, and LW set for $69. The Silver Scot CB's are forgiving with distance to match. Be confident in your purchase because they are much nicer than I would have dreamt at the price I paid. I have the 3-PW and also purchased the GW. The people I showed the Max to couldnt get over the thickness. In the vein of other Players Distance irons, the Tommy Armour845 Forged ironsfeature a multi-material construction. However, when dealing with multiple pieces, sometimes the face is forged (Mizuno HMB) and other times its the body (Tommy Armour 845, Callaway Apex Forged). The sequel was awful. Being someone who has improves his game recently, a move from a game improvement iron to a players distance iron makes sense, the launch of the 845 Forged really intrigues me. I have used the 855s going on almost 17 years now. After all, top-of-the-line irons have to look the part, in performance and price, and as long as TA can hold its own in testing, then it it might be a fit for those who want a players iron at a discount. ADD TO CART. If I was awarded the new TA Forged irons, my estate will have to deal with them when Im gone they certainly wouldnt be sold. $224.99 . This adds forgiveness on shots hit higher on the face. They also come in cavity back. They are just too much for this geezer but they are sure sexy and after cleaning will look brand spanking new. The silver scots have the curved topline throughout the set. Just impulsed these on ebay for $79 (LH). Looking for some clubs for my granddaughter thats golfing in high school and could stand an upgrade from her ten year old clubs. The very first Tommy Armour irons weren't made by Tommy Armour at all, but by MacGregor, and for a very good reason: there was no Tommy Armour company at the time. I don't have many complaints for my Hogans, but finding a set of forged blades for $79 is too good to be true! Stiff flex steel shafts, standard grip and lofts please. When compared to a traditional blade like the MP-14, the silver scots are noticeably more forgiving while still maintaining the precise feedback of a blade. Both readers and customers agree that these arent the softest irons around but they are a solid iron for the price. All Rights Reserved. Should have just gone ahead and gave it the MGS Most Wanted label no(eye roll), I bought the TA1 irons on sale as a backup set and it made me putt my gamers M2s on eBay.. . Heat the lead tape. I wish people would stop saying that feel is just sound. %privacy_policy%. The overall consensus is the same what these irons lack in feel, they make up in value. When I buy again, my first look will be to Tommy Armour they are perfect for me and the price is right. At least the pieces of it we choose to remember. Who says a blade has to be hard to hit? [/quote] Get over it. Which I get, is entirely unhelpful. The most underrated iron out there, period. $399.98. Let me just add that I have the complete set of original clubs, including driver and woods. If you go to your local DSG or Golf Galaxy., you can get get fit and custom order them. That isnt to say TommyArmour cant earn its place at a table with larger brands but the growth process will assuredly be incremental. Saw these offered for around $150 free shipping and thought I'd give them a try before I spent $1000 or more on Mizuno or Miura. Pheeeww, that's a relief. Its the product design and manufacturing facility that works with a number of popular (and higher-priced) JDM brands: Ryoma, PRGR,OnOff, and Yamaha among others. BETTINARDI BABY BEN -33". Once again I scratch my head on you guys promoting a Dicks product. or Best Offer. I think those are the ones from about 10 years ago. Yes. 5 Testers Needed! I know some of you are saying is he serious? My swing is off from where it was. When I saw the 845 forged, I thought, TaylorMade P790? The frequency matching is wonderful and they are a bit softer than the DGS300's I usually use. I have been playing cavity backed clubs (the same set) for about 9 years and decided, I think its time for some new irons, as everything else in my bag is new. But thats to be expected when you sell 660,000 sets over a seven-year period. They do have forged stamped clearly. I had them bent by a local golf pro, no problems, and they fit me perfectly. I did not like them (no workability). I thought for sure they were going to set the iron market on fire by offering these at say $799-$899. I |, Moderate offset helps square face at impact, Stainless steel construction provides long lasting durability, Maximum perimeter weighting creates larger sweet spot. For more information visit the Golf Galaxy website. I know the TA Line was underrated. Mine just arrived - they are definitely on the short and flat side, which is fine by me. These clubs for the money were an excellent choice Thank You for Quality and Price, My friend bought the Evo set, very nice choice also. I actually find them very forgiving and sweet to hit. I also like the feedback you get when you miss hit them, you can tell very easily how you missed. However, its a reasonable summary of the motivation behind the re-launch of one of the most iconic iron models in recent golf history. Great value for the money (I see them all over Ebay for around $100.). The remake of an icon. of a club. Also, as timing would have it, its arguably the hottest iron category in the market. Had the cb's. Tommy Armour has newer Silver Scot forged cavity back and blade irons out there. Hi! Tommy Armour Silver Scot Blades MEMBER REVIEWS: Takomo Golf Iron Testing! These will be on the radar to test this week. The ball absolutely launches off of them, though. The standard TommyArmour 845 model is cast from 431 stainless steel. Can they be customized for loft and lie? They are they best irons on the market for me. Year 2006 ; Brand Tommy Armour; Head Weight . Regarding Tommy Armour specifically, Dicks has been working largely with Performax. The companys money problems became a real burden on their products and we sometimes wondered if Tommy Armour would live to see the next year but they just kept hanging in there. February 15, 2021, 2:33 pm, by Tommy Armour bills these as a blade that offers some forgiveness a blade that an average golfer actually has a chance in hitting. Tommy Armour Golf Company has changed hands a couple of times in the past couple of years. The silver scot clubheads are slightly bigger than the MP-14 heads and the face thickness is thinner. I had been keeping an eye out on golf towns website in their special buy section for a good deal on some forged blades. Go all the way to the bottom of the page and it has the specs. Dicks is on the right path now its time to see if the golf community will buy in to the rebirth of an iconic name. Should compliment the set nicely. you cant by the game of golf. At this point in time, they still have a few sets available on e-bay, but I would guess they will all be gone very very soon. Should peel off easily after a bit. 845 name with new woods, irons ,Used Tommy Armour ROYAL SCOT 3I-SW Regular Flex Graphite Shaft Iron Sets,tommy armour forged silver scot i Tommy Amour Royal Scot Golf club Set with bag rons 7-pw, . The 845 Max is basically the standard 845 with a wider sole, a bit more offset and a marginally larger footprint. This adds forgiveness on shots hit higher on the face. Tommy Armour Women's 2021 845-MAX Hybrid/Irons. These are hard to beat for the money. Weve watched them make a slow turn in the right direction after years of financial hardship. Hit well, they are like a knife going through room-temperature butter. Mine have the Rifle 6.0 shafts which are excellent shafts. Don't know about you, but I got mine for $100 shipped. What a shame2006 they came out with the Silver Scot series(CB and MB) and now its all gimmicks and inner tubes. Upload or insert images from URL. You can bend these clubs around the moon if ya have to. The original is a classic. I could not believe the feeling when the ball came off the face! Absolute smart buy! Model Reviewed: Tommy Armour 845 Silver Scots This is a great set of Irons! should i purchase these irons ? Most are in my garage, a few reside in the storage locker. Not theres anything wrong with that. Thing is if I purchased them, I would definately wait 9 to 12 months.

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