tulum cenotes for non swimmers

Restaurante Dos Ojos and Restaurante Juanita near the entrance, North of Tulum 22 km (13.5 miles) down the highway to Playa del Carmen (Carretera 307) and turning left onto Cenote Jaguar Road, $150 MXN pesos general entry / $200 MXN pesos scuba diver entry. READ ALSO: 30 Best Things to do in Tulum The Ultimate Guide. Cenote (seh-NOH-tay) literally means sinkhole in Mayan. Theres a small deck for sunbathing and the walk to the cenote is along wooden stumps through the mangroves. A tour guide leads you to visit two cave cenotes and an open cenote. Best for: swimming, snorkeling, diving. If you spend 100 pesos at the restaurant your entrance fee to the Cenote is free otherwise, entrance is 30 pesos. A relatively recent discovery that the Dos Ojos System was connected to the Sac Actun system, gave Sac Actun the title of the worlds largest flooded cave system. This is an essential item to pack with you when you visit a cenote. My picks would be either Cenote Calavera, Gran Cenote or Casa Cenote by bike. Cenote El Pit Entrance Fee: 300 MXN or 500 MXN for a combined ticket with Dos Ojos Cenote as well.Cenote El Pit Opening Times: 9 AM to 5 PM daily.Best For: Diving. It is one of the only free cenotes Tulum has, however, make sure you bring some money for beers and your swimmers and prepare to get seriously relaxed. On Google it says 9 AM 5 PM every day but we got there at first thing at 9 AM and they didnt open the doors until 9:30.. RELATED ARTICLE Guide To Visiting Cenote Aldea Zama. Sometimes, youll even be able to spot the halocline that occurs when the saltwater mixes with the fresh. I You can view dramatic rock formations, play with schools of fish and watch under the crystal-clear waters as the divers cruise through the caves. Maybe thats why its so good for you. No wonder its one of the most instagrammable cenotes in Tulum! Cenotes are not only safe for swimming but theyre naturesperfectswimming spots free from the dangers of the beach. Usually you wont have to wait for more than 5-10 minutes. It is newly opened so not too many people actually know how awesome this place is Yet. Rental usually costs $180 MXN pesos per day from various hotels. Casa Tankah is like a big, natural swimming pool, making it perfect for paddle boarding, snorkeling, scuba diving and free diving. Finally, someone made a bar at a cenote! Cenote Escondido Entrance Fee: 150 MXN (includes admission to Cenote Cristal).Cenote Escondido Opening Times: 10 AM to 5 PM daily.Best For: Swimming / Snorkeling / Diving. It is a well-kept cenote but not too commercialized. In the cooler months though, the temperature of the water in the cenotes is ideal! Cenote El Pit is part of the same group of cenotes. Other cenotes like Laguna Kaan Luum are only a few feet deep and perfect for non-swimmers. You might be better off finding a driver for the day or try and negotiate a price with the taxi driver for the whole day or half a day. Nothing super special if youve been to other cenotes in the area, but it makes sense to visit if youre already visiting the more popular Cenote Cristal. The most popular route is The Barbie Line which leads divers around the light-filled cavern of the second eye, where divers encounter incredible rock formations, huge columns, and stalactites. Calle Acceso Etapa H Lote 5 Akumal Norte, 77776 Akumal, Q.R., Mexico. Shabby but cute, Mamas Home has the best backpacker vibes! These were my favorite cenotes in Mexico because theyre touristed less frequently and the water is crystal clear. We had already paid the 100 pesos entrance fee and couldnt get a refund. It is possibly the most expensive cenote in Tulum, and most packed with people. The cenotes of Casa Tortuga are perfect for newbies who want an in-depth introduction into the cenotes on a tour. Cenote Tulum snorkeling may become your favorite thing to do in Mexico! As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Well, dont. Entrance fees and opening times info for this list of cenotes in Tulum were updated in February 2022. How do I Know So Much About the Tulum Cenotes? 2. I mentioned this particular cenote in the snorkeling section above, too. BOOK IT HERE, Dos Ojos & Casa Cenote Adventure from Tulum All Inclusive No matter if you are a snorkeler or scuba diver, you can join this tour that caters to both. Overall, I recommend glamping in Tulum to those who dont mind sharing a bathroom and want to try a stay that is truly green all without having to give up the comfort of a hotel. Cenote Cristal (dont confuse Cenote Cristal with Cenote Cristalino!) Cenote Azul is a beautiful open cenote, ideal for families with children and those who are claustrophobic and dont like climbing down into a cave to enjoy the fresh waters of a cenote. Request to visit Cenote Car Wash on your own private cenotes tour! Cenote Manati is an open cenote that connects a long underwater cave system (Nohoch Na Chich) to the sea. From Tulum you can get a Colectivo for about 25 pesos that will drop you off near Corazon, and from there you can walk. Youve probably seen gorgeous pictures like the one above. Gran Cenote You can walk or bike to Aldea Zama Cenote from pretty much anywhere in Tulum. Cenote Zacil-Ha is located on the Highway going to Coba about 8.5 km (5.2 miles) from Tulum or less than a 15-minute drive. Best Snorkeling Cenotes Best Scuba Diving Cenotes Best Cave Cenotes Best Free Cenotes Playa del Carmen Cenotes, Tulum Cenotes Map Getting to Cenotes in Tulum Cenote Packing List Where to Stay in Tulum. Trying to decide where to base yourself? The Cob cenotes are unique because theyre all 100% underground. Quintana Roo 109, 77796 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico. Swimming/Snorkeling:The oils from human hands and certain elements in lotions and repellents can severely damage this natural growth process and also harm the fish. $200 MXN pesos general entry / $250 MXN pesos scuba diver entry, Toilets, life jacket rental at $20-$50 MXN pesos, 9 km (5.6 miles) from Tulum center on the Highway to Coba (Calle Carretera Federal 109) and turning left, $350 MXN pesos general entry fee / $380 MXN pesos scuba diver entry, Shower and toilet. Some cenotes are shallow enough for a regular size adult to stand in, while some others (like Cenote El Pit and Laguna Kaan Luum) are over 30 meters deep. The Private Tour to Cenote Taak Bi Ha and Nicte Ha offers transportation from Tulum, as well as lunch and snorkeling equipment. Theres a complex with hammocks outside the cenote and the water is very clean. Youll find it on your right after passing Cenote Calavera. No restaurant or life jackets, South of Tulum 16.5 km (10 miles) down the highway to Chetumal (Carretera 307) and turning left, Free, just buy something from the bar/restaurant, There are toilets but no showers. It is all worth it because you can see remains of animal skeletons (if you are into that sort of thing)! I have marked on the cenote map where you can get these colectivos. Unlike many of the other cenotes in the region, cenote Nicte Ha is largely above ground, but its the most magical place to take a swim surrounded by nature. Try and use a refillable water bottle to reduce the consumption of plastic! I prefer to book online with Hertz as they are trustworthy and well-priced. North of Tulum 11 km (7 miles) down Carretera 307 and then taking a right hand turn towards Tankah Bay, $650 MXN pesos entry fee (guide and gear included), There is a shower, toilet and restaurant on site. Its ideal for those that want to experience a cenote, but really dont want to leave Tulum (or the bar). You cant visit this cenote without a guide, which explains the high cost of the entrance fee. This post contains affiliate links, which means if you book something through one of my links I might get a commission, at absolutely no extra cost to you, 41 Things To Do in Cancun11 Unmissable Playa del Carmen CenotesIsla Holbox, Mexico: The Ultimate Guide To This Island Paradise11 Incredible Cenotes in Valladolid You Cant Miss, Cenote Zacil Ha, Tulum: Zip Line at This Family-Friendly Cenote. Theres no snack bar here (when I went they only sold beer) so bring water and food if you want to stay awhile. The water is always clean and warm. When I visited, I had it all to myself! A little further down the road in the Biosphere Reserve, there is a platform over the lake with hammocks, which are even better to watch the sunset from if you want to make an afternoon of it. Cenote Cristal is located on Highway 307 going south from Tulum. Cenote Carwash. Its also the best cenote near Tulum Ruins (only 4.5 km), so easily make the two a day trip! Its located in Chemuyil village, half way between Tulum and Akumal, and is known as the fourth largest underwater cave system within Riviera Maya. Its quite an experience! Or you can take a taxi for around $20 from Playa or Tulum. Cenote Xcanche at Ek Balam Ruins. If youd like to be closer to the cenotes in Tulum, you have incredible accommodation options in Tulum. Its more like a lagoon/freshwater swimming hole last I checked it was 80 pesos to get in but prices are going up fast in Tulum! Driving around the Riviera Maya is actually pretty easy. if you want to relax in the sun away from the crowds, this place is ideal. . Its very easy and quite cheap to rent a car in Mexico. Option 3 - $150 pesos. Check out the best prices for hotels in Tulum HERE. It is an open cenote surrounded by caves and caverns. Cenote Calavera translates to skull cenote in English, and the reason it is called this is that the sunlight that pours in through the holes of the cenote looks exactly like a skull at certain angles of the dive. READ THE FULL BLOG POST:Gran Cenote, Tulum A Beautiful Cenote in Riviera Maya. Kaan Luum Lagoon, 2 Cenotes, Tulum Ruins + Quinta Avenida. It boasts such crystal clear blue water, that fish and turtles can be seen swimming around without the need of a snorkel! You need to understand how they work, but then they are really easy to use and they are your best option if you are traveling on a budget. almost perfect circle, with boulders tumbling down the sides. Cenote Jaguar Rd, 77780 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico. You dont get that in the cave cenotes. Most cenotes will offer showers for this reason, and some will require it to keep the cenotes ecosystem safe from pollutants. Cenote Azul Entrance Fee: 140 MXNCenote Azul Opening Hours: Daily from 8.30 AM to 5 PMBest for: Swimming / Snorkeling. people have got lost in the many tunnels and drowned inside. Below, I have posted some of my favorite photos from the cenotes near Playa del Carmen. Book your accommodation by using the map belowHere youll find hotels and holiday rentals in Tulum Town; change the location to Tulum Beach if you prefer to stay by the beach. If you dont know what Im talking about, cenotes are sinkholes, many of them opening up into vast subterranean worlds, filled with tunnels and lagoons. MORE:See more travel gear I love and use! The 2019 horror movie 49 Meters Down: Uncaged popularized the idea that there are man-eating sharks in Cenotes. Carwash Cenote: Best Less Visited Cenote 5. This includes access to the cenote and pool area with a $50 pesos food/drink credit. Tulum is home to the largest underwater cave system in the world. Dont worry about knowing the price in advance, its always pretty cheap (most times a couple of dollars). Gran Cenote is one of the most popular cenotes in Tulum, Mexico. Your email address will not be published. They are . The cenotes near Tulum are waiting for you to dive, snorkel, and swim in! On the road out to Dos Ojos, you can also drop into the quieter Cenote Nicte Ha which is part of the Dos Ojos park and included in your entrance fee. Packing light and dont want to bring too much baggage? However, theres nothing dangerous about the Calavera cenote. You can find me doing headstands on the edges of cliffs, chasing down baby goats or perched in a weird position trying to get thebest photo. Do I need to say more?Check out prices and availability for Azulik. READ THE FULL BLOG POST:Cenote Calavera, Tulum : Swimming in the Temple of Doom. You can jump in off the edge and swim around. Others like the Coba Cenotes, are almost 100% underground and get no sunlight heating up the water. The PitCenote is the deepest cenote in the state of Quintana Roo. For something a bit more popular, we recommend Gran Cenote, which is located only 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) from the town of Tulum. Cenote Dos Ojos is located on Carretera Federal 307, which takes about 20 minutes to drive to from Tulum, and is open from 8 am to 5 pm daily. Check them out listed below. Its a large, open cenote so it is never crowded. Coming from Cancun or Playa you could get a bus or Colectivo to Tulum and then transfer. Cenote Angelita Entrance Fee: 150 MXN.Cenote Angelita Opening Times: 8 AM to 5 PM daily.Best for: Diving. Cenote Siete Bocas is one of the most famous on the route but theres also: Due to their proximity to Cancun, the entrance fees for these cenotes have skyrocketed recently, with each cenote charging 300-500 pesos each to enter. From street-food tours to ancient Zapotec ruins, all of my favorite things to do in Oaxaca! Traduzioni in contesto per "Cenotes" in inglese-ucraino da Reverso Context: The cenotes emerged in caverns after the roof collapses of one or more caves. Some of the cenotes along the Carretera that runs between Playa del Carmen and Tulum are accessible by taking the colectivo from Tulum. From the ADO Bus Terminal in Tulum Town, drive for 5 minutes and youll find it on your left, right in front of Cenote Cristal. Its owners make sure that the place is ran in the most sustainable way possible. Packing your own bottled water will enable you to re-hydrate often. Cenote Oxman is in Valladolid, no Colectivos run to Valladolid but you can book a bus at the Ado bus station wherever youre at. So what are Cenotes exactly? This is the only 100% FREE Cenote on this list because it hasnt been commercialized yet. Dos Ojos is a famous cenote complex off Highway 307 when youre coming from Playa del Carmen towards Tulum. Theres also a waterfall coming from the roof of the cave that goes on and off. No caves or anything like that. Eerily poking out of the gas layer are giant dead trees, of which you can swim amongst the branches. The cost will between $20 and $40 MXN pesos. As we were biking from Cenote Tankach-Ha 3 massive tour buses pulled in, there was a line out the Cenote door and they said they would be spending 2 hours there. But when it does, there isnt much that you can do as a tourist. cenotes in Tulum, and you cant really go wrong with any. Cenote Angelita is a deep cenote located to the south of Tulum. Cenotes were highly significant as they were one of the only sources of water, plus they were also used for sacrifices to please the Gods and bring good fortune. Above the cenote, there is a rainforest walk and spider Car Wash Cenote Car Wash Location: Northwest of Tulum, 10 minutes of drive on Highway 107. READ: How to Choose the Best Snorkel Mask to Fit You! Activities: Swimming, diving, and snorkeling. If you have a scooter you can easily drive it to Laguna Kaan Lum from Tulum. The cenote meaning to the Mayan people was so sacred that they believed that cenotes were the crossroads to the underworld. Buses run directly to Valladolid from Cancun, Tulum, and Playa del Carmen. Theres cliff jumping and its half in a cave half out. The suites with a private pool overlooking the ocean are unbelievable.Check out prices and availability for Chiringuito Tulum. Not only its expressly forbidden in many of them, but its also just really bad for the water and its creatures.If you really need to use sunscreen, only go for 100% biodegradable sunscreen. Follow the directions for Cenote Dos Ojos. Kaan Luum Lagoon, 2 Cenotes, Tulum Ruins + Quinta Avenida. No other facilities, North of Tulum 25 km (15.5 miles) down the highway to Playa del Carmen (Carretera 307) and turning left onto Cenote Jaguar Road, Current price unknown. One is 3 meters high and one is about 10. If you rent a scooter in Tulum you can easily reach further out cenotes like Cenote Zacil Ha. Calavera cenote isnt as famous as other cenotes in Tulum, which means you can have an amazing swim all by yourself if youre lucky (get here in the [], A Day Trip To Tulum from Cancun: The Ultimate Guide, [] are many (many!) They are out-of-this-world, incredible, fascinating, spectacular and should be high up on your Mexico itinerary! Casa Cenote is an open-air lagoon-type Cenote 20 minutes outside of Tulum. This means that when you scuba dive there, you can follow the edge around past rainbow-colored rock formations, a prehistoric fossil and have fun swimming through the halocline. The cenote is right across the street from Barcelo Hotels. Caleta Tankah isnt the name of the cenote its actually the name of the hotel/beach club that owns two Cenotes on its property. Ill take a hot minute to talk about the snorkeling in Dos Ojos, but if you think youd prefer to dive, make sure you jump down to the scuba diving section to read about diving at Dos Ojos. If youre staying in Tulum, then there are so many amazing cenotes in Tulum just a stones throw away, and it would be a shame not to include these incredible natural wonders in your Yucatan itinerary. Yes, it was like that! Why not use our find a cenote near me map below? In 2014 there was a whole lake in Oregoncontaminated with the virus that got 70 people sick! Guide To Visiting Alas Harum Agrotourism In BaliTransportation Guide To Morocco BEST Day Clubs In Ubud, Bali. This means that the water in cenotes is straight from the source and extremely clean. Shop around a bit before settling for a driver, and ask your hotel receptionist for recommendations. No trip to Tulum is complete without the cenotes. Under the surface, the caved-in middle platform juts downward in an BOOK IT HERE, Cenote Nicte-Ha Entrance Fee: 250 MXN.Cenote Nicte-Ha Opening Times: 9 AM to 5 PM daily.Best For: Swimming / Snorkeling / Scuba Diving. And what caves! Request to visit Cenote Car Wash on your own private cenotes tour! Be aware that if you bring professional photo equipment, like a GoPro or a drone, they may charge you extra. READ: Visit My Favorite cenote in Mexico. ), youll never get bored at Wakax Hacienda. This natural sinkhole or pool gets then filled with rain water and with water flowing through the underground river, to which these cenotes are connected to. Required fields are marked *. Cenote El Pit is another popular cenote for Tulum cave diving. This cenote was first discovered in 1987, and while its more known among divers, snorkelers can enjoy it too. There are three really good Playa del Carmen cenotes right near each other, so they would make a fantastic day trip from either Tulum or Playa del Carmen. It just had a menu update for 2023 so we checked it out! Also, theres a resident small crocodile you might be lucky enough to swim withcheck out the full post to discover more! You can also find a nice organic restaurant serving healthy food, Flow Restaurant. Located just a short drive away from Tulum (and right next to the Car Wash Cenote), Cenote Zacil Ha is one of the most convenient cenotes to visit while youre staying in town. How Often do I Update the Prices of Cenotes? The Tulum cenotes in the Sac Actun System are highly decorated, with beautiful stalactites hanging from the roofs of the underwater caves leftover from when the caverns were dry. There are quite a few bike rental places both in Tulum Town and Tulum Beach. How to Choose the Best Snorkel Mask to Fit You! Entrance fee: 350 pesos ($18 USD) per person. Adorned with colorful rock decorations, stalactites, and the giant fallen trees, this cenote has an eerie, otherworldly vibe! Cenote Zacil Ha is a bit farther up Highway 109 past Gran Cenote, this one is a bit too far to bike from Tulum. They were taken at 8 am, right after opening time, and by 8.15 there were already quite a few people, so make sure you get here early: theres nothing better than floating in this turquoise water immersed in the silence. But that just means there will probably be fewer people there and you might have the whole cenote to enjoy to yourself. If youre looking for diving cenotes in Tulum, this is one of your best options as it reaches a depth of 60 meters. And with a sandy bottom and sunbathing decks, it's also a favorite with swimmers and those looking to relax in the sun. Youll start the day with a visit to the Tulum ruins, where youll learn about the history of the Mayan civilization, and then head to the cenotes at Casa Tortuga for a swim. Frequently Entrance Fee: 300 MXN ($14 USD) After extensive time exploring countless cenotes, I have compiled a list of items you really should not forget to take. I hope this post has helped you choose the best cenote in Tulum for your needs. The Pit is easilyone of the best cenotes for divers, due to the amazing things youll see down there and the fact that its open-water, so suitable for almost all diver certifications. Although I have not personally been, I know that there is a magical gas layer 30 meters deep called halocline. Plus, all the activities (bike tours, tours of the underground river, and more) are all complimentary and included in your stay! And then there are some cenotes that offer you more freedom and you can do pretty much whatever you want freedive, snorkel, swim, whatever your heart desires! Cenote Zacil Ha is right next to Car Wash Cenote, so follow the directions above. There are platforms to jump off from and hammocks and lounge areas for hanging out. On the dive, you can hover above and dip below the gas layer if you feel comfortable. Cenote Angelita resembles an underground river, but its due to the effect of the halocline. Cenote Dos Ojos Opening Times: 9 AM to 5 PM daily.Best For: Swimming / Snorkeling / Diving, Cenote Dos Ojos is on the Carretera Federal 307, km 244.5, 22km north of Tulum, READ THE FULL BLOG POST FOR MORE INFO:Visit Cenote Dos Ojos, Tulum The Most Beautiful Cenote in Riviera Maya. Decomposing leaves create hydrogen sulfide and it becomes caught between the fresh and salt waters, creating the illusion of a sandy bottom. One of the best cenote caves in Tulum (and probably Mexico), Dos Ojos is named so because two 70-meter sinkholes connect by a 400-meter passageway, which gives the appearance of two eyes. Copyright 2023 Every Steph | Wisteria on Trellis Framework by Mediavine, 150 MXN (includes admission to Cenote Escondido), 150 MXN (includes admission to Cenote Cristal), Casa Cenote is an open type cenote, and its family friendly because the open space makes it ideal for kids to swim in. Make sure that you wear something that will enable you to swim with ease and to make the most of the natural pool. Gran Cenote is beautiful, but can get very crowded, so make sure you come early in the morning or right before closing time to avoid the big crowds. Its suitable for both snorkelers and advanced divers. BOOK IT HERE, The Day-Trip to Mayan Ruins With Cenote Swim offers the best combination of culture and cenotes. If you didnt know better, youd think that it was a man-made outdoor swimming pool carved into the rock, but the underwater cave system extending from one end connects Zacil Ha cenote with many other cenotes in the area. 10 Best Snorkel Fins for Travel (2021 Guide), 101 Safe Journey Quotes and Wishes (Copy + Paste), The Best Cenotes in Tulum (2022 Mexico Expert Guide). Underwater, there are a large variety of plants and fish which make it the best cenote for snorkeling. If you plan to do any cenote snorkeling or diving, anywhere in this area, you will be asked not to wear normal sunscreen. Some popular cenotes will even require you to shower before entering because of the oils on the human skin. Kaan Luum is a locals secret and if you go in the afternoon, youll probably have the whole place to yourself. Its all walking in a dark cave in waist deep water and there is only one section of the tour you will have to swim maybe 20 feet or so but they do supply life jackets and the guide will help you if you are nervous. A colectivo is a shared minivan. Want to travel to the cenotes near Playa del Carmen pictured above? Budget Tip: Just renting a towel, snorkel, flippers, and life vest at this cenote will cost over 500 pesos ($25), if you want to save money bring your own snorkel and beach gear! Just 3mi (5km) from central Tulum, the Gran Cenote has partially submerged tunnels connecting open-air sections. I wouldnt recommend going via scooter unless youre comfortable on the highways. The color of the water is simply amazing, and you could spend hours snorkeling through the cenote caves. It is similar to the gas layer that makes Cenote Angelita so famous. You cant get closer to the beach than this!Check out prices and availability for Zamas Hotel.CHECK OUT A FULL REVIEW OF ZAMAS HOTEL. This explains why they are the least researched (and visited), because only experienced divers can access these hidden cenotes. This is my second choice for a waterproof headlamp. You can definitely visit the cenotes in Tulum and Quintana Roo on your own, although you might have to rent a car or a driver for the day. The entrance is steep and narrow but once in the water, it opens up into a huge menacing cavern. Youve been Cenote Sac Actun: Most Popular Cenote in Mexico 8. This is also a problem for the fragile reefs surrounding the beautiful shores of the Yucatan Peninsula. There is also a rope swing that you can use to jump into the water in style. Cenote Pet Cemetery is also part of the Sac Actun (White Cave) system that we talked about above. Note: the bike ride to the Cenotes is HOT and theres no place to buy water or food on the way or once youre there. The only cenote where you may find, if youre lucky, a small resident crocodile is Cenote Carwash. More posts you may like r/Madden Join 3 yr. ago In English, the name of this cave cenote translates to two eyes- and the reason for that becomes clear as soon as you set eyes on Cenote Dos Ojos, one of the best cenotes in Tulum. If you need any help or have anything to say, feel free to comment them below! On the opposite side of the road, near Akumal Beach, there is a lagoon-style cenote called Laguna Yal-Ku (sometimes called Cenote Akumal). Hell, you may even discover your own favorite cenote Mexico has to offer in this very guide! The waters are still and crystal-clear, with wooden paths and boardwalks around the cenote that make for easy access. Like most of the cenotes in Mexico, its well-known for its crystal clear waters that make it suitable for snorkeling and diving. The gorgeous Habitas hotel right on the beach is life-changing, no word of a lie! Cenote Calavera might be my favorite cenote in Tulum! Filled with loads of useful information about each cenote, its perfect for helping you find the top cenotes in Tulum for your needs. Nope, you wont be able to see them all as there are considering there are thousands of cenotes in Yucatan and Quintana Roo. Cenote Dos Ojos is another one of the most popular Tulum Cenotes and a remarkable vista, to say the least. Free Diving: Never lose sight of the cave entrance unless you are following a line. This guide gives insider tips, prices, locations, and more! The Tulum and Playa Del Carmen cenotes that I went This hipster town also borders the Sian Kaan Biosphere Reserve, and the Tulum cenotes are in my opinion the best youll find in the []. Azulik: Ever dreamt of staying in a luxury treehouse? Super deep, 100% underground, people jump from dedicated platforms. From Puerto Morelos you could rent a bike and bike up and down the route and visit all the cenotes, or hire a private driver in Puerto Morelos to take you to all the different Cenotes.

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