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production secretary Rocky Thompson . The new class of recruits will not graduate until May, the additional 900 officers will be a relief to a city with roughly 2,700 fewer officers than last year. Susan Bysiewicz said the 131st. Thats a combination thats hard to beat. Everyone: A lot! Police Academy TESTING Information . Team Abu Dhabi (5) Majed Al Mansoori (UAE)/Rashed Al Tayer (UAE) 98 points, 4. Cutting Class: Counterinfo for the Ungovernable Generation. Graduation of Aurora Police Academy Class 2020 1-B. Categories . Used as a setting for the 1932 Olympic Games pistol and rifle competitions, the Academy remains a favorite of film makers, whose images of the "Academy Arches" have created a home-town landmark that is recognizable around the world. As it was, we just wanted to graduate and get on with our jobs. Play 3. "Many loud voices chant that they want change. The Abu Dhabi 5 boat with Rashed Al Tayer and Majed Al Mansoori completed the podium in the overall standings with a second place in their home race to take their tally up to 98 points. That win took Al Adidi and Al Ali to 106 points and second place overall behind their stable-mates. It recognizes professional and scholarly achievement. There are so many people who love powerboat racing here, and they are forever willing to lend a helping hand to our sport. Baltimore County Police Department USD37254 2. January 27 at 2:21 PM. Everyone: A lot! Additional Verses: Sergeants three--"File from the left, column right said the Sgts" Lieuues three--"I'll lead the way said the lieuies" Captains three--"Charge that hill said the captains" "Get Some". LBMS Class of 2022; Back to School 2021-22; New Bears 2021-2022; LBMS Class of 2021; Be a Bear 2022-23. Hello world! Recognizing the need for professional, well-trained police officers, the Cape May County Board of Chosen Freeholders, in cooperation with the Cape May County Police Chief's Association and the Cape May County Prosecutor, established the Police Academy in 1980. Class 215 - Graduation Date - November 30, 2023 It seems we cant find what youre looking for. Additionally, the climate invites open-air activities including al fresco dining with more than 500 restaurants; more than 40 resort, public and private golf courses; world-class sporting facilities; a large selection of wildlife and theme parks and an exciting event calendar of culture, sport, racing, music and fine food. It was a disappointing end for Carpisa Yamamay as Alfredo Amato and Diego Testa were unable to start the race following mechanical issues with their boat. police and weapons training Alan Ladd Jr. . Please click on this link below for more information about the process, including the background investigation, psychological / medical examinations, and the Police Academy Training Program: https://www.panynj.gov/content/dam/port-authority/careers/port-authority-police-officer-recruitment-process.pdf. At a police academy training session a student officer fires a paint gun as he backs away form an assailant pursuing him with a fake knife. The Academy is designed to teach citizens about the philosophy, policies, and guiding principles of law enforcement and ethical conduct governing police services in our community. Other Quizlet sets. Digital Store For tech Gadgets. There are currently 36815 users online. production coordinator Andrea Poulis . ChickTok is pretty much exactly what you would guess: An adult version of TikTok where post hot nude pics! Woodrow Wilson Police Academy Magnet Program. 305th Basic Training Class. Australia (11) Tom Barry-Cotter (AUS)/Ross Willaton (AUS) 82 points, 6. Wednesday's sit-in continued through the morning and pupils were sent home for the day from 1.30pm as the school closed early. Start: February 21, 2023 End: July 13, 2023. Academy class characteristics included the number of academy classes that were held during the same year that an officer began their training. Dont respond immediately or answer calls straightaway. The information on this page is dedicated to candidates who have passed the Port Authority Police Department (PAPD) Police Officer written test and physical performance test in 2022as part of the selection process for the 121st and 122nd Police Academy and those from prior processes granted a deferral to the 121stPolice Academy process. June 04, 2010. Members of the department undergo extensive, rigorous preparation, befitting the most highly trained and effective law enforcement professionals in the country. Had having a motto even been suggested, I suspect what our group would have chosen would have violated several policies. We got night vision on our M16s. Becoming a police officer is the daydream of many. 3. Police / Fire Cadences Police/ Fire A six gun a tin star a horse named Blue. Bt169d Application Circuit, Full-time Basic Peace Officer Academy: Monday through Thursday, 7:30 a.m. - 6 p.m., 20 weeks, 696 hours of TCOLE mandated hours, plus additional hours for ASP, OC and Physical Training. Cha Tae Hyun just played a police detective in a drama on OCN. At the end of the graduation ceremony, two. List of Police Academy characters From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article is a list of characters in the Police Academy film and television series. City of New York. Interested applicants can contact the Police Academy Office at 305-603-6616 from the hours of 6a.m. In Summer 2010, the academy moved to the brand new Public Safety Training Facility in Hanford! A big block Dodge Pursuit. We wish we had the new boat performing for us throughout the week as we wanted to see how we could get a head-start for next season. Police Academy. The Police Academy . The Police Academy is the NYPD's state-of-the-art training facility that provides academic and physical preparation to uniformed and civilian members of the NYPD. The academy is paramilitary in nature and challenges recruits to develop self-discipline, perform under stressful situations . Chicago police recruit Ruby Arreola sits in a class with other police recruits at the Chicago police academy on October 16, 2012 in Chicago,. Killeen, TX 76540 Maryland State Police Academy Class 152 Bear the Cold! Class 29-23. Count em feed em and count em some more (HARD WORK) FIMC organises several international events not only powerboating but also sailing and jet ski competitions, as well as traditional marine sports such as Shoosh and UAE Dhow and rowing races. Contents 1 Main characters 1.1 Cadet/Off./Sgt. EDITABLE in Corjl. ark academy police gets dropped. Put my boots on and lace em up (HARD WORK) Ad by RindleWaves Ad from shop RindleWaves. After graduating from FLETC, trainees will return to the United States Capitol Police Training Academy in Cheltenham, Maryland, for 13 weeks of specialized training. 2023 All Rights Reserved, NYC is a trademark and service mark of the City of New York. Arms and legs are just extensions of flight controls. Chants included references to the city's coverup of the police murder of . This will make you look great and give you a confidence boost, both of which will make you much more attractive. The Abilene Police Department added nine officers graduating as Academy Class 60. The Gold Coast enjoys a subtropical climate with an average of 300 days of sunshine annually. 14 terms. Graduates from the Academy are appointed to the rank of Private with Training and next are assigned to an experienced training officer in the field to continue their skills development through on-the-job experience. Academy enrollment will be based on the successful completion of CJ-054. Chicago police recruits stand in formation during a flag-raising ceremony outside the Chicago police academy on October 16, 2012 in Chicago,. Ray Goff Zaxby's, royal asia vegetable spring rolls microwave instructions, nutrition for high school football players. The Municipal Police Training Committee sets the standards for basic police training for candidates hired by individual police departments throughout the Commonwealth. Every graduating class at the Orange County Sheriff's Regional Training Academy has been taught the same crime fighting techniques, completed the same classes, performed the same drills and fired the same weapons. It may be less well-known than some of its neighbours, but the emirate of Fujairah on the UAEs east coast has plenty to offer visitors to its shores. In 1930 the tommy gun. Industrial Area: Lifting crane and old wagon parts, apartments for rent tulare, ca craigslist, when a hazard is seen ahead, reaction distance, Best Elementary Schools In Lehigh Valley Pa, this account is restricted to orders that close out schwab. Virtual tour. LVMPD graduation chant. Chant Lead: How many schools you close? Thedocuments below will need to be completed and submitted at Event 1. Unfortunately, your shopping bag is empty. Marshals. Dontcha worry bout that inmate, Jack (HARD WORK) February 4, 2021, 4:24 PM. NURS 301 SKILL 12-5: Condom Cath. Previous Previous post: 7 Excuses Traffic Cops Are Tired Of Hearing. After graduating from FLETC, trainees will return to the United States Capitol Police Training Academy in Cheltenham, Maryland, for 13 weeks of specialized training. (Robin Lubbock/WBUR) It's a small class just 34. Mobile Police Academy Class #65 Graduation Ceremony. For me, the academy was necessary and valuable, but nothing to get excited about. Uniform on but wait one more, kiss the wife and kids and I head for the door (HARD WORK) c:Your ace movin your duce. Uncategorized. Best Elementary Schools In Lehigh Valley Pa, Custom Police Officer Gifts, Academy Gradation Gift, Custom Sound Wave Art, Soundwave Art Print, Police Blue Line, Police Officer Boyfriend. These boys know how to enjoy life and party hard. LBMS Updates. Police Training Academy Class 53 at graduation ceremony CHINLE, Ariz. President Jonathan Nez and Vice President Myron Lizer attended the Navajo Police Training Academy Class 53 graduation ceremony in support of 16 young and determined Navajo Police Officer recruits, who received their Navajo Nation police badge on Friday at Chinle Captain Gregory Chatfield. You must make an appointment to turn in paperwork. The ROC is organized into three (I-III) volumes with multiple subtopics. Step III Complete CJ-054, the Police Academy Orientation Course, which will begin 7 to 8 weeks prior to the start of the police academy. Well still PT in the Academy! Bfore the suns up I hit the clock (HARD WORK) Last Chant 2018-2022 Police Academy . The police recruit will attend the Oklahoma City Police Department Recruit Training Academy. UPCOMING ACADEMY DATES. The United States Marshals Service National Training Academy is conducted at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), in Glynco, GA. Glynco is located near Brunswick, Georgia, mid-way between Savannah, Georgia and Jacksonville, Florida. Members of the department undergo extensive, rigorous preparation, befitting the most highly trained and effective law enforcement professionals in the country. Some of the hottest chicks on TikTok are also posting their nudes to ChickTok. Dennis A. Schlosser Acting Police Academy Director 214 Oldham Road Wayne, NJ 07470 (973) 595-6411 (973) 595-6874 Fax 20 terms. Perhaps searching can help. German Shepherd Cross Staffy Lifespan, Cant hear ya. Help me out and leave your best cadence below, Wrote this Cadence for Correctional Officer Academy Well I gotta do it everyday (HARD WORK) With the increased threat of terrorism, the Police Academy also provides new recruits and in-service personnel with the latest counterterror methodologies. One of the reasons that XCAT racers are famous across the world is because of their skill. michelle khare police academy. Them prison days, theyre always long (HARD WORK) Please contact Melinda Prior at the Police Academy to reserve seats for this class. Then, you can start browsing profiles and sending messages to people that interest you. Browse 1,380 los angeles police academy stock photos and images available or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. So, too, is the process of weeding out the bad chants in favor of the most effective ones. Im sunburnt and my back is tired (HARD WORK) THESE BIG RED LETTERS HELP ME FIND MY POST. came t o academy t o learn t he t rade ill be a police man and ill have it made. 07 Jun. set production assistant (uncredited) Photo by Julia Mondschean | The Real Chi In the hallway, activists' chants grew louder after reports that one demonstrator was arrested and escorted out of City Hall by five officers. Division of Criminal Justice Academy 2021 Course Calendar ARSON INVESTIGATION IN-SERVICE - *Date to be determined* This course, mandated pursuant to N.J.S.A. Maj. Glenn Hall, center, joins other members of the Vermont State Police during . police academy class chants. Basic Officer Class. Running cadence police academy. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin III shakes hands with graduates in the U.S. Air Force Academy's Class of 2022 May. Sing it loud while we PT (HARD WORK) Its story follows a new recruitment policy for an unnamed police department's academy that is required to take in any recruit who wishes to try out to be a police officer. Dont take yourself too seriously, just have fun with it! The Police Academy's commandant will be honored at a police convention in Miami Beach. The Academy serves the Fairfax County Police Department, the Fairfax County Sheriff's Office, the towns of Herndon and Vienna Police Departments and the Fairfax County . The plan also calls for spending an additional $3 million for a new police academy class . Seems the only way to make ends meet (HARD WORK) Dont forget to eat right and exercise regularly. Victory Team (3) Arif Saif Al Zaffain (UAE)/Nadir Bin Hendi (UAE) 137 points, 2. (Call & response each line, youngest Black woman present leading when possible) Refrain: Oh hail, Oh hail, Oh infantry. Open cal Long Beach Police Academy Recruit Class graduates in front of family and friends at the Long Beach Performing Arts Center in Long Beach on Wednesday,. Class Candidates Event 1: Saturday, June 25, 2022, Sunday, June 26, 2022 & Saturday, July 9th, 121st Class Background Investigation, Psychological Evaluation, Medical Evaluation: Monday, June 27, 2022 - January, 2023, 121st Class Start Date: Friday, February 10, 2023, 121st Class Graduation Date: Friday,August 11, 2023, 122ndClass Candidates Event 1: Saturday, January 7,2023, Sunday, January 8, 2023, 122ndClass Background Investigation, Psychological Evaluation, Medical Evaluation: Monday, January 9, 2023- August, 2023, 122nd Class Start Date: September 22, 2023. year two teacher classroom tour. They may not be the best at every event, but theyre always really good. Running cadence police academy. Additional areas of instruction include training for the department's Highway, Traffic Enforcement, and School Safety personnel. I wear brown son I got yo back (HARD WORK) New Patient Office Visit Cpt Code. The top official was grateful to the tremendous support shown by the ADIMSC led Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, Advisor to the Head of State and Chairman of the Board of directors of the ADIMSC and to the board of directors of Dubai International Marine Club (DIMC). Mama I'm Coming Home by Ozzy Osbourne. royal asia vegetable spring rolls microwave instructions; West Virginia State Police > Academy > Basic Officer Class. Police academy training is a necessary step in preparing police officers to deal with the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of the job. Phone: 201-785-5700. The Police Academy provides them with the latest technology, education, and tactical knowledge to enhance their ability to protect the lives, rights, property, and dignity of all New Yorkers and visitors. Stephen A Smith Kwame Brown, A six gun a tin star a horse named Blue. The Academy - Coyote Valley Campus, 560 Bailey Ave. San Jose, CA 95141 T: (408) 229-4299 E: sbrpstc@theacademy.ca.gov 8 am to 5 pm - Monday - Friday police academy agt. The Blue Roo (8) Brett Luhrmann (AUS)/Pal-Virik Nilsen (NOR) 51 points, 9. Police strategy will be a very large component of academy training; it covers topics like: Legal knowledge: Learning state ordinances, local laws, and constitutional law. A big block Dodge Pursuit. STATION ADDRESS: 6240 Sylmar Avenue, Van Nuys, CA 91401. This is a 919 hour training program geared for . Aug 10 2021. RindleWaves. Wilson Police Academy Chant - YouTube 0:00 / 0:38 Wilson Police Academy Chant 3,348 views Jun 6, 2010 10 Dislike Share Save mikey327 9 subscribers June 04, 2010. Mr. Red White and Blue by Coffee Anderson. Official City of Pittsburgh, Department of Personnel & Civil Service Commission Police Officer Recruitment . The 1974 streaker's identity was a secret to most of his peers and academy officials. The vision is to strive for academic excellence for all students, by providing a rigorous curriculum, using the best educational practices, integrating technology, thematically designed . police academy class chantschief architect sample plans. 5 out of 5 stars. But remember that these men are used to being pursued, so all you have to do is put in a littleeffort and youll be fine. This was necessary because officers accused of sexual misconduct in 1994 who had 20 years of service would have graduated from the police academy in 1974. set production assistant (uncredited) Texas City Police Academy. He cleaned all them up for the most part but a few . Cadences Four Winds Let'em blow, let'em blow Let the four winds blow From the East to the west Alpha company is the best Dress it right and cover down Forty inches all around From the East to the. You actually took the challenge: You will be the change for the future and for the better." Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem. Class of 2010 Graduation. Deming's 14 points. Gettin hardcore to work that pound (HARD WORK) To do this hard work every day (HARD WORK) Copyright 1996-2021, Officer Media Group, Endeavor Business Media - Public Safety Interactive. Share this Video: Police Graduation Class 2020-1B. On Friday, January 18, 2019, LAPD Recruit Police Officer Class No 2-2018 graduated at the Los Angeles Police Academy Gym. Carpisa Yamamay (22) Alfredo Amato (ITA)/Diego Testa (ITA) 51 points, 8. The advantage is still with us and we hope to build up on this success for the new season, Al Zaffain added. 49 years, 3 locations,--a rich history full of tradition, community pride, and honor. Anyone with a large social media following can start on sites like OnlyFans anduse it as a platform from which they sell exclusive content. Macomb Police Academy, #7. The course of instruction includes but is not limited to: police and weapons training Donald L. West . When youre flirting with a guy who likes sports, try to be playful and flirtatious. Chants calling for the fall of the regime. The Port Authority Police Department operates its own Police Academy, located in Jersey City, NJ, and includes a Regional Training Center at Kennedy Airport. Just because youve found yourself a guy who loves fast carsor boatsdoesnt mean you automatically have his heart. The next Basic Course for Special II has been scheduled to start on February 23, 2021. (Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times). You gotta watch the boys in blue (HARD WORK) Join our Police Recruitment Networkvar cs_talentnetwork_settings = {"apply_url":"https://apply.app.jobvite.com","workflow":"8300","company":"panynj","subsource":"panynjpolicerecruitnetwork","career_site_id":"3957","agency_id":null,"agency_code":null,"web_tracking_id":"","return_url":null,"community_id":"3957","apply_key":"8f5b0d2f-72f2-4560-bc37-f0d8c75a807e","user_id":null};csns.apply.setup_talent_network_link('talent_network_page', cs_talentnetwork_settings, 2); The Port Authority of New York & New Jerseywww.panynj.gov, List of Documents to be provided at Event 1, Notarized Authorization for Release of Information, If you are a 121st Class candidate and have any questions, please contact your assigned PAPD Navigator or you can contact us at, If you are a 122nd Class candidate and have any questions, please contact us at, Physical Performance Test - Monday, April 25, 2022 - Saturday, May 7, 2022, PPT Retest Dates: Thursday, June 9th and Friday, June 10th, 2022, 121st. Scuba diving and a full array of water sports are also a popular part of Fujairah life. Would you like it? Instead, play hard to get. 121st & 122nd Police Academy Information. Police Academy Class (PAC) training is a six-month program. It made police work a lot more fun. Sleep. Physical Fitness. Testing their brand-new Generation 2 boat that has been newly-built at their team base in Jebel Ali, Al Zaffain and Bin Hendi had to sit out through most of the final round after they flipped on the very second lap of the race. 23 years of excellence in Home Tuition. June 3, 2022 . Tell you now exactly what I do (HARD WORK) Team Rank See all. Its basically the same concept as OnlyFans, butmodeled after TikTok. We got night vision on our M16's. Fujairahs Hajar mountains are the highest on the Arabian peninsula and provide breath-taking scenery and excellent hiking opportunities for the more adventurous. The two primary types of cadence calls are the marching cadences at 80 beats per minute, and running cadences which move at 120 beats per minute. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the World Professional Powerboating Association (WPPA) has predicted a much closer finish in the UIM XCAT World Series standings, starting from next season. Texas City, TX 77590-7407. Hours Monday - Thursday, 8am - 4:30pm Friday, 8am - 4pm. Let 'em blow from east to west. Dont let anyone tell you that you need to dress down to impress a man. CHINLE, Ariz. Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez was honored to attend the Navajo Nation Police Training Academy Class 54 in support of 19 young and determined Navajo Police Officer recruits, who received their Navajo Nation police badge during a graduation ceremony Nov. 1 at Chinle Community Center in Chinle, Arizona. Seeing as we are real close to a base here we don't need anymore of those . Those police departments submit applications their employee (or sponsored candidate) to our authorized recruit academies. 01:19:26. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hiring practices vary by departments and certain . The Crew Addon Not Working 2022, The newest batch of corrections officers for Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department celebrated with a chant during a graduation ceremony on Thursday. A little more (HARD WORK) Votes: 35,886 | Gross: $4.24M. In 1930 the tommy gun. police academy class chantsto walk in dignity the montgomery bus boycott thesis statement. Bergen County Law & Public Safety Institute 281 Campgaw Road Mahwah, NJ 07430. Six (6) Matteo Nicolini (ITA)/Alfredo Nuzzo (ITA) 25 points, 13. Red-flagged after defending world champions Arif Al Zaffain and Nadir Bin Hendi flipped on the very second lap of the race, Dubai 33 fought grimly to hold off the home team duo of Rashed Al Tayer and Salem Al Mansoori in Abu Dhabi 5 and secure the second spot behind Victory Team in the overall standings for the season. Undocumented Graduation. Its almost as though youve been transported into some new world where there are no responsibilities or worries. We know the truth We got the stats If the city so broke Where they get that money at? In fact, this makes sense for any top-tier racer that has built up a huge following on social media. Successful completion of the recruit officer course (ROC) curriculum is required under M.G.L. Our facility offers the Pennsylvania Municipal Police Officers' Education and Training Commission (MPOETC) Act 120 Basic Recruit Training Program. Start: September 5, 2023 End: February 1, 2024. In sixty six it came out of the chute. Only participants who can dedicate the time to attend at least 5 of the 8 sessions should apply.. You must be 18 years of age or older to attend the Citizens Police Academy Series: Posted: 7/31/2020. However, Gold Coast Australia started experiencing problems with the steering, and despite some additional minutes when the red flag was out when defending world champions Victory Team flipped on the second lap, the Australia duo of Tom Barry-Cotter and Ross Willaton could not catch up and stay in contention to challenge Dubai 33 and Abu Dhabi 5 till the end. Police Academy is a 1984 American comedy film directed by Hugh Wilson in his directorial debut, and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. As I said before, men love strong women. As it was, we just wanted to graduate and get on with our jobs. The Police Academy received state certification for the Basic Course in 1987. This increases the engagement factor and leads to better-performing students. Recruits during the Basic Academy Class 232 Graduation Ceremony . (Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times) LAPD Chief. Drill Sergeant Field Recordings. 302nd Basic Training Class. See map: Google Maps. Jul 19, 2012. Cause the boys in blue is watchin you (HARD WORK) Woodrow Wilson Police. Ask us anything. Thats the reason why we PT (HARD WORK) What Are The 4 Principles Of Flight, presenter Suzanne Lore . Its completely free to use, and all you have to do is create a profile, and specify racing under your interests. Tweet. In 1992 the Des Moines Police Department created the Citizen rsquo s Police Academy. Come November, also speeding up a storm will be the boats from around the world that will take to the water for the final round of the UIM XCAT World Series a thrilling three days of action after which the world champions will ultimately be crowned. We have a fantastic product in the UIM XCAT World Series, and with the entry of the four-stroke engines next season, the teams will be challenged even further due to the inclusion of new dimensions within the series, Bin Hendi said at the end of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the fourth and final round of the 2016 UIM XCAT World Series that concluded at the Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club (ADIMSC) last Friday. The Abilene Police Department celebrated its 60th graduating academy class and newly certified telecommunicators. police academy chants. Entry-level Police Academy Training Prior to exercising police powers in the Commonwealth, individuals must successfully complete the prescribed course of study for basic police training authorized by Municipal Police Training Committee. March 18, 2021 . Truth is not what you want it to be; it is what it is, and you must bend to its power or live a lie., Life Is Hard, But It's Harder When You're Stupid, George V. Higgins (from The Friends of Eddie Coyle), If this is your first visit be sure to check out the frequently asked questions by clicking here. Team Abu Dhabi (4) Majed Saeed Al Mansoori (UAE)/Rashed Mubarak Al Qamzi (UAE) 8 points. Chant Lead: How many voices you ignore? rallies, sit-ins, and speeches to city hall. The Indian River State College, Criminal Justice Institute is certified by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to conduct authorized Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission courses, to include the Law Enforcement Basic Recruit Training Program, or more commonly known as the Police Academy. Each police academy has the freedom to formulate its exams and schedule. Drill Sergeant Field Recordings. Scheduled to start in third place on the grid, the Italians had continued with their impressionable weekend while clocking the best time of 2:18.006 during the final official practice session on Friday morning. The Law Enforcement Academy, Basic Recruit Training program is a 22-week (770 hours) program that provides training to prepare a student for the physical and mental demands of a career as a Florida police officer or deputy sheriff. ARTS TECH COmmunity Magnet. 17 Gangs show there colors so we show ours red and blues all the way. The academy grounds as pictured on June 2, 2011. Several new LAPD academy recruits stand in formation May 8 . Larvell Jones running cadences??? It also has an outdoor firing range that is equipped for rifle training at a distance of up to 100 yards (91 m). Address: 1st Floor, Aggarwal Electronics. Dr Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, Advisor to the Head of State and Chairman of the Board of directors of the ADIMSC, presented the various winners with trophies in the presence of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Sultan Bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, President of ADIMSC, Mohammed Al Mutaiwee from Victory Team, Mohammed Hareb from DIMC, and other top officials. 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