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2023 Arnold Palmer Invitational - Discussion and Links to Photos, 2023 The Honda Classic - Discussion and Links to photos, 2023 Genesis Invitational - Discussion and Links to photos, 2023 Waste Management Phoenix Open - Discussion and Links to Photos, 2023 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am - Discussion and Links to all photos, G425 3 wood with GD TP, Ping Kaili Shaft,King Tec Hybrid, Jaws Raw & Zipcore Wedge, Airmax 97, Apex UW, Arnold Palmer Invitational 2023 (*** NO LIV DISCUSSIONS/REFERENCES ***), Custom Ping i230 5-UW KBS Tour R+ Power Spec. My son has the 2021 P790s with the Elevate shafts in stiff ! if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[336,280],'golfertroop_com-leader-1','ezslot_11',108,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-golfertroop_com-leader-1-0'); Both the shafts are PGA Tour legal. Shop new and used Callaway Apex DCB 21 Iron Set at 2nd Swing Golf today. Yes, I could practice less, and play fewer rounds, but mehthats just not happening. I recently asked here and was told that the 95 as sold by PXG is a .370 shaft, which means it's descending weight. Ive looked at them and agreed that its not acceptable! Still,a bit of an eye-opener at the time. PXG 0311 P Gen 2 irons ? Elevates may feel softer in flex than the Tours. I havent talked to the fitters I know about the Elevate specifically since I wrote this review. Anyone play with True Temper Elevate 95 VSS shafts? Do they actually Call it placebo effect if you will, but I did feel like the Elevate had a cleaner impact sensation than other shafts. So I go with the Regular flex 110g and there is no difference in dispersion. I did my first full proper fit for a new set of irons and couldnt be happier. I didnt test the regular, so, unfortunately, I cant offer any opinions on that. Now, lets look at some of the technical specifications of the two clubs. Seems like a good middle ground. This shaft is designed to have a more mid trajectory with medium spin that should be just enough of a bump for good ball strikers that don't want to live in the low/low world. Choosing the right flex goes beyond swing speed. Product Marketing Manager Keenan Phillips talks about the new Elevate line, Elevate MPH. This is a slightly stiffer shaft and one of the more premium True Temper shafts. Thank you. The ideal fit for me would likely be the 110g regs hard-stepped twice. For example if you are gonna compare the Tour-V in terms of overall stiffness, you would have to compare it to the True Temper El. The True Temper Elevate 95 vs. 105 golf shafts have quite a bit in common, but the weight and spin characteristics . Elevate Tour vs Elevate 95: Head-to-Head Comparison . Loaded question here, but first time asking! I ordered them less than a thousand 4-PW. GEAR UP // FOR THOSE OBSESSED WITH BEING THE BEST. Our master insights come from shaft performance testing and player testing during thousands of fittings. Answer is still similar. To see our testing and review of the 2021 iron shafts, read more within each of our manufacturers blogs: Project X, True Temper, KBS, OBAN, Mitsubishi, Nippon. Synopsis: If anyone has ever commented that you seemlike you are barely putting effort into yourswing, lean towards the tour elevates. Generally speaking, a heavier golf shaft slows down the average . Heckle, January 17, 2022 in WRX Club Techs. True Temper Elevate 95 vs KBS Max 80 : r/golf - reddit The Elevate Tour, as the name suggests, is designed for usage in pro games and tours. I know this is a month old now, but I wanted to comment that I had an outdoor PXG fitting the other day and was fit into Elevate Tour Stiff. On the other hand, the Elevate Tour has a more constrained forgiveness as its mostly dedicated to being a professional shaft. Ping G400 Max driver w/Aldila Rogue 125 Silver. Now lets put these two shafts from True Temper against each other to see which one will make the best choice for you. I would recommend that everyone get a fitting before buying new clubs. The length of the Elevate Tour is half an inch longer than the Elevate 95. Matt, how does tour elevate stiff compare to Modus 120 stiff? Players with the skill will be able to shape shots both ways and control trajectory. The True Temper Elevate shaft seeks to counteract the strong lofts and low spin properties of todays iron heads. Matt, as always, thanks again for all your reviews. Sign up for our weekly newsletter and not only will you get the latest reviews, instruction, and more delivered directly to your inbox, youll also be entered into regular giveaways for golf clubs, PGA Tour passes, and more. By Your link has been automatically embedded. VSS is part of the design of the shaft itself. Great feel and consistent dispersion make this a great option to elevate your game. Dispersion is very good left to right and front to back. Working on limiting my GRRRS in regulation. Ping G400 Max driver w/Aldila Rogue 125 Silver mpeterson Team THP for Life. (110-115g seems to be my sweet spot.). True Temper Elevate MPH 95 .355" Steel Iron Shafts . Thanks for the quick response. Where do you live? I probably should have been more specific as I am primarily interested in launch and spin. Elevate Tour features our proprietary Vibration Suppression System (VSS Pro) technology, which provides 56% vibration dampening while . $547.99 Close. [b]Irons:[/b] Mizuno MP 59s Elevate 95 vs Elevate Tours - WRX Club Techs - GolfWRX If I were in your shoes, I would return them and get what I ordered. By You save $24.01. The Elevate series uses VSS, which is True Tempers internal shock absorption technology. I hit them tonight. I get a few more yards out of these across the set but that's mainly due to lofts. Looking to get fitted with the elevate 95 but iam not sure what club headIve tried a ping,Callawayany thoughts. Thanks Matt! Elevate Tour is designed to increase launch and spin to complement modern low spin club heads. The X-Flex weighs 122 grams, stiff weighs 117 grams, and regular flex is 112 grams. The core differences, Read More Ventus Red Vs Blue: Everything you need to knowContinue, Golfers of all skill levels aspire to shave strokes and improve their game. Is there much difference in flex between E95 and E96 reg shafts? When swapping to the 95 elevate did the flex stay the same ?, I could also do with the distance increase at 61 thus going from mizuno sc 18 to Callaway apex forged 19, thanks Keith, Matt, From my experience fitting with the Tour-V, it seems to fit individuals have quick tempos, who are steeper and have excess spin. [b]Fairway:[/b] Taylormade Superfast 16.5*/Even Flow Blue Description. All Rights Reserved. Left them as is .. they are just fine not too stiff at all ! Elevates definitely feltvery smooth and easy to swing so they give the sensation of playing soft to flexbut saying that they still feelvery stable, don't seem to generate excessive amounts of spin andprovidea pretty boring but mid-highflight. Elevate Tour VSS. My shots launched on a consistent trajectory with just enough spin to hold a green. But I have unfortunately drilled in a low ball flight now as a recovering spinny slicer. Gas Club Car Governor Adjustment Everything You Need To Know, How To Remove Golf Cart Steering Wheel? Im going Tour stiff soft stepped. Does anyone have any opinions onthese two shafts head to head? If youre tired of watching your iron shots skitter across the green instead of sticking next to the pin, consider the True Temper Elevate shafts. DYNAMIC GOLD S300 True Temper 36" Iron Shaft + HONMA Tip Adapter & Grip NEW. Since the X- flex was the right shaft stiffness. Love the feel of them. The Elevate Tour produced numbers that were nearly identical to the C-Taper Lite, which made it a perfect fit for me. The performance difference is noticeable to me, for others it wont be. Weight: True Temper Elevate 95 vs KBS Tour 90. Thanks for your time. How does the Elavate 95 compare to the Steelfiber 95cw for launch and feel? You will hear the ball make a distinct pop sound with a very fast swing. I currently play with project x 5.5, which one of these would you think feel more similar to the project x? I went to a fitter and they recommended the tour shaftproblem is I dont want to pay what theyre askingI can get king cobra forged tec irons in the 95 shaftis there much of a difference? The Elevates were about the same for me. True Temper DG 105-115gr Low-Mid Low-Mid, True Temper XP95 93-95gr Mid-High Mid-High, True Temper ELEVATE 95 95-97gr High High, OBAN CT 100 100 Mid-High Mid-High, Project X I/O 105-115gr Variable Variable, Project X LZ Steel 5.5 115gr Mid Mid, Project X LZ Steel 5.0 110gr Mid Mid, KBS C-Taper Lite 100-110 Mid-High Mid-High, KBS $-Taper Lite 95-110 Mid-High Mid-High, Xcaliber 85 86 Mid Mid, Nippon Modus 105 105 Mid Mid, Project X Catalyst 80CW 85 Low-Mid Low-Mid, Aerotech SteeFiber i90 FC 90gr Variable Variable, OBAN i83 and i93 83-93gr Mid-High Mid-High, KBS TGI 80, 90 80-90 Mid Mid, ACCRA i80 and i90 85-95gr Mid Mid, Mitsubishi C6 80 80-89gr Mid-High Mid-High, Nova Tech i800 80-90 gr Mid Mid, UST Recoil 780ES 80-85gr Mid-High Mid-High, Xcaliber 75 76 Mid Mid. Thanks. I read your review of the 120s which is great but it does not answer the question. You can post now and register later. The X-Flex weighs 122 grams, stiff weighs 117 grams, and regular flex is 112 grams. C Taper Lite was my top rec. Do you think there is a real big difference? Thanks gotthem finally! hearing all this chat about them playing even softer than the DG equivalent isnt helping. The weight difference isnt big, but the difference in flex might be meaningful to you. Gen 4 P was first choice but no way ready to dump that dough having never even got on course yet with Takomos. Yet they give us an idea about their type. You can post now and register later. Pasted as rich text. True Temper Elevate iron shafts provide player-friendly response to True Temper ELEVATE 95 and Dynamic Gold 95 Shafts Sale. I always thought I had an aggressive transition and Ive worked on making this better but I didnt think Id changed it that much to warrant a fairly radical shaft change. Driver swing speed hovers near 100 if that matters , not sure my 6 iron speed . They have a bend profile that works well for me. Others think its night and day. Enjoyed your article. For as little golf as I play, I try to limit my changes. I went with Elevate Tours in my PXG's. Would you rather have a shaft thats too stiff or too soft? TRUE TEMPER ELEVATE 95 VSS .370" PARALLEL IRON GOLF SHAFT REGULAR / STIFF FLEXES. thxs. I play the Apex 21 with the Elevate 95 reg. With the caveat that were painting with a broad brush, yes, I think that smoother or more active shafts generally work better for players who have smoother transitions. My experience with Elevate and Modus 105's; I have a 80 MPH SS with my6 iron and a quick transition. I love the Modus 105. Ill go test them just wanted your opinion. Irons Apex 19 4-PW (Smoke) Elevate 95 (R-Flex) Wedges CBX Zipcore 50*, 54*, 58*. @mandelbloomI'm guessing you're referring to the newer model which is the Elevate ETS 115s. The KBS Tour S is significantly stiffer than the Elevate Tour. Free shipping. Posted February 12, 2021 (edited) Tour-V Stiff will play consideribly stiffer than Eevate Tour in stiff. I could be wrong, but I was assuming the v meant versus not as in Tour V. The regular KBS Tour seems like a good comparable to the Elevate Tour. Plays stiffer to a soft transitionthan the flex warrants. Average: $570.99 $547.99 yhf5614721 Titleist TSi3 driver, CallawayMavrik 3WCallawayXR hybrids, Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth 54/14,TaylormadeMG2 58/11 wedgesPXGBattle Ready Bat Attack putter. Choose Shaft: Required. Im not familiar with the differences between the E95 and E96. Weight and trajectory and is elevate shaft softer? 2023 Arnold Palmer Invitational - Discussion and Links to Photos, 2023 The Honda Classic - Discussion and Links to photos, 2023 Genesis Invitational - Discussion and Links to photos, 2023 Waste Management Phoenix Open - Discussion and Links to Photos, 2023 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am - Discussion and Links to all photos, G425 3 wood with GD TP, Ping Kaili Shaft,King Tec Hybrid, Jaws Raw & Zipcore Wedge, Airmax 97, Apex UW, Arnold Palmer Invitational 2023 (*** NO LIV DISCUSSIONS/REFERENCES ***), Custom Ping i230 5-UW KBS Tour R+ Power Spec. The professional player with lower handicaps can consistently play those short balls in the exact position with the Tour, which is much more important in golf. I have a background in the game which I wont bore you with. Upload or insert images from URL. I never endorse going against a fitters recommendation. ? Im closer to X Stiff speed wise but have a pretty smooth tempo so usually stick with Stiff flex. Painting a golf cart with krylon fusion: How To Do It Right? Ping i210 with Modus 105 R - Very steady and consistent. Veylix 473, 673 50-65gr Mid-High Mid-High. Only had a brief experience with KBS Tour and would say the KBS mightfeel stiffer due to its butt stiffnessand beingcounterbalancedwould probably amplify this. NUEVO PXG 0211 DualCOR 54* ARENA Cua - TT Elevate MPH VSS 95g Rgido Conclusion: True Temper Elevate 95 vs 105. The KBS Tour S is significantly stiffer than the Elevate Tour. True Temper Elevate Tour vs Dynamic Gold - GolfWRX There is a full review of the XP here: They go high, dont balloon at all and like the review says, they bite by the holes and I was playing a few elevated greens that were a little dry. How muck of a difference should I expect. For example during lockdown I purchased a sc300 launch monitor to hit into my garden net, no idea how accurate the LM is but with a 7 iron I range from 75 to 83 mph swing speed, that may put me in a reg or stiff depending on shot, but in the future maybe we will have a gadget that tracks all our shots on course then we will realise that we hit most iron shots one way, say easy 7 Irons into greens, we could look at the stats and see oh that nice feeling smooth shot I hit into the 6th last weekend is what I'm looking for and use the stats on that to get fit into the optimum shaft, I find it hard to transfer range findings to all the on course variables. Sometimes I'd hit it 160-165with it which obviously hurt going intogreens. They are similar, but the Elevate has a new shock absorption technology. I have come to rely on your insights and theyve all paid off, or maybe more accurately, paid out. TEMPO. True Temper Elevate Tour Shaft Review - Driving Range Heroes Sign up for our Better Golf Faster eNewsletter and receive: 2012 D'Lance Golf. I was averaging around 160 yard carry. I definitely liked the ball flight of both of these elevate shafts. Tempo will affect how you load and unload the shaft and is a big factor in which shaft will best suit you. Swing away and this combo is just money for me. My Elevates feel wise are probably closer to a lighter version of an S300 in terms of flex/feel but seem to have better dispersion and a more penetrating higher flight. Overall, I would agree that theyre similar shafts. Are they similar? Two totally different profiles for different types of golfers. Read Also:KBS $-Taper vs Project X LZ | Which One To Choose?if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[250,250],'golfertroop_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_12',109,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-golfertroop_com-large-mobile-banner-1-0'); The forgiveness on the Elevate 95 is much more than the Tour. Videos. Nothing but your iron. I have limited experience with the LZ, but my impression is that the LZ is more active than the Elevate. Nice shaft,as I mentioned I had them in Mavrik Pros and had no issues. That said, youre missing short, that indicates a mishit or poor club selection, neither of which is going to be fixed with a stiffer shaft. When it comes to flex, the Elevate Tour offers more range than the 95. Driver and Fairway Wood Fitting Reg. Hi Matt, whats your 7 iron club head speed. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for PXG 0311 Sugar Daddy Sand Wedge Regular 56-10 TrueTemper Elevate 95 VSS GolfClub at the best online prices at eBay! Its just a way of describing someone with a smoother swing, someone who doesnt aggressively force the club out of transition. They do not fight the wind. It also provides greater spin, albeit at the cost of control. Does the 95 Elevate balloon the ball into the wind? Paste as plain text instead, Now I cant even get in there at all to test one out. Some people can switch flexes and barely notice. Overall, the True Temper Elevate 95 gives the average player more access to a steel shaft that still provides a good amount of accuracy . In comparing the two, I found the Elevate Tour to be slightly smoother and more active. APPLY NOW: Cleveland Frontline Elite Putters! That means that the KBS Tour 90 is heavier than the Elevate 95. That being said, always felt I had to give it the nuts to make it work. Your email address will not be published. Yeah, ok, I still have to put a little spin on it from time to time for effect and certainly in windy conditions I will play the right spin. DG95 is also taper tip .355 so they are constant weight, but typically the DG profile uses a stiffer tip so . Custom Shaft Options for PXG Golf Clubs | PXG The only difference between the Elevate 95 and KBS Tour 90 is the weight options. Jay, Hi Jay, I am in exactly the same position as you , I playEd the modus 105 in stiff for the last 4 yrs, but have always been on the cusp of reg/ stiff. I didnt test head to head, but my sense is that the XP is higher launching and spinning. Thanks in advance. I also hit Steel Fiber 95 grams in regular and very similar Track Man numbers. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. The next difference between the Elevate Tour and the Elevate 95 is the shaft weight. While the 95 is also a great choice with the regular and stiff options, it doesnt provide as much intimate control over each swing as the extra stiff does. 5 Testers Needed! caveat: aformentionedcharacter flaws are heavily influencing myposting of this at the moment. However, I think Gary Player is horribly mistaken to lump all amateurs into one group. 7-PW,AW Steel Regular True Temper Elevate Tour (Original) Steel Standard Standard . Thank you. How a golfer swings (speed, tempo, setup, and swing mechanics) as well as their miss tendencies will determine what shaft is a better fit. I hope that for you its the former. Weight: Elevate Tour vs Elevate 95. This may be my last set. Thanks. Ive decided on the Apex 19 forged, but unfortunately I didnt test the Elevate when I hit them. Your email address will not be published. Can you tip these shafts without losing the characteristics? Can you describe how both of them compare regarding feeling and ball flight? Next Gen 4 0311 P. Actually after all those fancy options the cheapest by far 2021 0211 with stock elevate 95 reg. Admittedly the fit at my golf club was 4 years ago and the Kbs about 18 months to 2 years ago but I never got on with either, almost as if smashing a 7 iron off a matt for an hour with a launch monitor was nothing like my experiences on the course esoecially 6 iron up. They r only 3 months old , cost a fortune and he keeps them inside the house ! It seems pretty much identical. Length Standard. How might this shaft compare to Modus 105 in stiff, my gamer the past 5 years or so? The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. I think swing weight is still important. Hope you are still in the market We started in X based on speed, but the lighter weight clearly was a better fit. Have played the Elevates in Tour stiff and regular (HSx2) and theyre excellent. The Elevate Tour is designed to perform moderately in both swing and trajectory. In about a 12 Year span. Tempo is not how fast you swing it, it is how you swing it fast. Its a great upgrade from my old one. Have you heard about anyone else having there shaft brake? Per True Temper, the Elevate 95 provides higher launch and higher spin and is best for . Your previous content has been restored. Little higher flight, same distance. Matt lives in the northwest suburbs of Chicago with his wife and two daughters. If your swing speed with a 6 iron is less than 83 mph, you should expect between 150 175 yards of distance from your 6 iron. True Temper Elevate 95 vs. 105 - Review - PG Golf Links Weight: 93, 94, 96, 98 grams. Ping i210 with Elevate 95 ETS R - Falls closely in line with the Modus 105 and Elevate Tours in feel and consistency. [b]Hybrid:[/b] Titleist 913H/Rogue Black Spin is the amount of backspin that the ball has. Mavrik 3H. Funny they reminded you of them. Nova Tech i700 70-75gr Mid-High Mid-High. Im staying over 100g and Im worried the E95 will balloon so I stuck with KBS. [b]Putter:[/b] [i]This area intentionally left blank [/i]. Be interested to see how these compare. That said, the Elevate will be high on my list whenever I have a new set of irons built. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Trajectory is the flight of the ball and the peak height that the ball reaches. Ive been told that the VSS Tour X Stiff 122 gram is actually not as firm in the tip section as a S300. The key feature of the Elevate Tour is the heft that it brings. True Temper Elevate ETS 95 vs. 105/115 - GolfWRX and was like hitting through butter.. you have to go and test these shafts. My irons dont miss to the right, I like my launch, high and straight, some baby draws. $272.93 New. The PX 6.5 will have a FCM rating of 7.0 which is stiffer than a TTDG X-stiff. The KBS C-Taper is their competitor to the Dynamic Gold. Las mejores ofertas para PXG 0311 Forjado 54-10 54 Cua de Arena Elevate Tour VSS Pro Acero Rgido estn en eBay Compara precios y caractersticas de productos nuevos y usados Muchos artculos con envo gratis! Continue, If you are looking for a suitable golf ball to satisfy your requirements, here we will introduce you to two of the best options. I can get quick in transition as well, so are you saying the 95s were no issue there? All Im trying to ask is if you feel the Tour R, and maybe the S, could be categorized as suitable for deliberate swing types as well as the 95 series. I hit the regular flex in a fitting last week and really liked it. Hi Matt, True Temper has been an industry leader in golf shafts. KBS Tour is about 5g heavier, has a higher balance point. . This is a pretty straightforward mid to high handicapper shaft. If you do not have the right shaft, your game could be greatly impacted negatively. Best Iron Shafts in 2021 Review - D'Lance GolfD'Lance Golf Finally, Ive found a forum topic I feel confident I can comment on as Ive played both shafts, albeit neither for extended lengths of time. I might even put them in my X14s which I adore and still play with alot. Im getting these or the 85s in my next set. The main weight difference between these two shafts is 14 and 29 g which is pretty substantial. 4-pw True Temper Tour Issue Dynamic Gold X100 .355" Taper Tip Iron Shafts. Mizuno MP 59 vs 69: Which Irons to Choose? KBS tour 90 vs 105: Which Golf Shaft Will Improve Your Game? NOW AVAILABLE: GolfWRX G/Fore Hats and Holderness & Bourne Polos! Display as a link instead, Bought another set with Steelfiber 95CW and they're wonderful to hit. Lag Shot Vs Orange Whip: Which Golf Swing Training Aid To choose? Tempo is not how fast you swing it, it is how you swing it fast. The weight is about the same (125-130 grams for PX 6.5 and TTDG S-X), but IMO the PX feels heavier because of what most people refer to as the "boardiness" of the shaft.

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