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All carburetors are limited to Carter, Edelbrock or Holley model 4150 and a rated airflow of 850 cubic feet per minute or less. such as a driveshaft speed, acceleration, chassis strain, suspension travel, etc. 1.3 Fire Equipment Car An on board fire system Phoenix or equivalent is recommended. 344 0 obj <> endobj All transmissions must have 3 forward gears, a reverse gear and trans cooler mounted inside the car. For vehicles capable of running quarter-mile 10.00(eighth-mile 6.35)seconds or quicker, the driver must also possess a valid NHRA or IHRA drivers license with a copy on file with the technical director of the corporation. Throttle stops, stutter boxes, delay boxes and any other such devices are not allowed. %%EOF All logos and images are reserved. Cars must maintain factory wheelbase of no less than 108 or add 25 lbs for every inch under 108 wheelbase. Share this page on Linkedin. are prohibited. 412 0 obj <> endobj Rear lower control arms must remain stock length and unaltered, including reinforcing. Must remove interior, headlights, taillights & all side glass, must leave interior open. 4 0 obj Numbers must appear on both sides and on the roof of the car. 2. Any battery powered ignition system permitted unless specified in this section. Must remain in stock location and brackets mounted directly to frame. @X(NH||$3TiTeM'x/)^@YA} (Nt${_t c Roo>B /~@E$J|m``#/K-@8O0LlI${y&96pC8:nLE..IRV|ITM&,Ph\0vXxVPsY%U9 p!K4/jLkb&Oc5jZVLKIf"@ T1"Q-& S[R#4CjRg. No 9 inch rear end unless stock for year and model of car. Due to much concern about the Stock/Super Stock Classes, we will change 1/8 mile indexes and keep them completely separate from 1/4 mile indexes. NHRA officials have announced a full schedule of Super Stock and Stock class eliminations for 2022. Shunt wires are not allowed. 12. Screw in studs allowed. Superstock rules state that you can run either the standard ECU and wiring harness, or replace it with the manufacturers 'kit' ECU and harness. Must run Huntsville Speedway 110 octane racing fuel. 6. Class Rules: Vintage Super Stock/Stock. Magneto ignition is not allowed. Indy Cylinder Head NSS-25, Indy Cylinder Head Mod Man and era-correct Tunnel ram-style manifolds allowed. No covering(s) in front of or behind the grille allowed. 9 0 obj Interiors must have factory dash frame [aftermarket gauges accepted], full carpet, headliner, door panels [no aluminum panels], 2 front seats [back seat optional]. Motor must be brand correct. Programmable digital ignition boxes prohibited. 1. No cold air boxes allowed. A fully functional radiator in the stock support and location is required, aftermarket aluminum type allowed. No floaters. Passenger door must have a minimum of an X bar with horizontal bar on top or identical to drivers side roll cage. 3. "We have been working hard going through quite a few different sets of rules and . 14. hbbd```b``6+@$?X$ 0 Please keep it that way. JFIF ` ` C 104 will be the minimum allowed wheelbase. No Camaro, Firebird or Corvette bodies/chassis or T-top bodies permitted. <> The use of any device which enables the driver to determine the position of the vehicle in relationship to any location on there track and/or the opponents vehicle is not allowed. Open to 1959-69 period-correct super stock cars with multiple carburetion and series-approved body and big block engine combinations as listed. 11 0 obj However, Interior must be carpeted throughout and retain era-correct stock appearance. 8. Indistinguishable numbers may result in scoring errors. Front inner fender panels are required but may be cut for header clearance. endstream endobj 413 0 obj <. May run 2 or 4 door car. Electrical systems shall be stock or stock replacement. 1. hb```RW@( CJ"sZ@* H30)(+tN8$91!3=MPx %q~li``*`` j?b9XK,UYX2w&l#4vA)I@0,%\F 6E A ll cars shall weigh a minimum of 3400 pounds including fuel, driver, p assenger and all safety gear. 63cc minimum combustion chamber for Ford. Must have a 2 pound minimum, fully operational fire extinguisher with a gauge and an all steel quick release mounted securely in car within reach of driver while belted in car. The total weight of clutch, pressure plate, and flywheel may not weight any less than 31 lbs. (All Victory NSS cars, regardless of make or index are highly encouraged to run a shield or blanket for safety). over bore 1. Tubular aftermarket all steel front upper control arms permitted (any length) with no weight penalty. 1. Stock diameter only. 2022 SUPER STOCKS TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS . Rule Book, General Rules and Rules Bulletins. There is no limitation on engine displacement. No bump stops, frame stops or suspension limiters of any kind allowed. Super Stock racing in the NHRA is a fascinating exercise in maximizing a combination inside a very tight box of rules. All carburetors are limited to Carter, Edelbrock or Holley model 4150 and a rated airflow of 850 cubic feet per minute or less. 2. Minimum of 4 hood pins and 4 trunk pins. 1. 1 inch spacer maximum, adapter must be metal. Car must have a four point roll cage with four bars in drivers door running horizontal. 7. It is the responsibility of each competitor to No bowtie heads. Oldsmobile Cutlass 1964 69 <> 6. allowed. 11. No solid lift camshafts allowed. All cars must run HEI type distributor or stock ignition system. 2020 KDRA SUPER STOCK RULES 1) Engine: A) Any cubic inch allowed B) Cast Iron block and cylnder heads only C) Aluminum or cast iron intakes allowed D) MSD Ignition allowed ( NO MAGNETO'S ) E) One 2 Barrel or One 4 Barrel carburator G) Gas, E-85 and alcohol are permitted H) No Turbo's I) NO TRACTION CONTROL J) Any Transmission Allowed This publication supersedes all previous LVMS rule books and rule updates. Chevrolet full size 1959 67 1. Bracket racing aids such as optical sensors, delay boxes, stutter boxes, two-steps [except with clutch operated cars], and throttle stops prohibited. Engine block must be same type and design as original and/or available as an option in that body. F. 64cc minimum combustion chamber for Chevy. 2. 2. a. 10. Aluminum blocks/heads must be painted. NO computer port, connection, readout, or download connection allowed for anything other than tachometer playback. Chambered for 223/556, these complete AR15 lower receivers cash out at $299.99 and include the proprietary ambi parts. Must be correct for chassis being used. 5.0 Vehicle Weight 5.1 Vehicles shall be weighed prior to qualifying and the main events and must meet prescribed minimum weight to compete. Small cuts or drill marks may be made for balancing only. Frame may be fabricated 6 forward from the centerline of the car axel to the rear of car. The Horton Classic Car Museum Collection. 0 Rear bumper required per Nostalgia Super Stock requirements; front bumper optional. Stock unmodified automatic transmissions allowed, must have full size working torque converter. Preapproved sub-frame cars allowed, but must have frame connectors approved by Huntsville Speedway. Maximum of 1 1/8 between carburetor base and intake. 2. 13. 2. 13 0 obj Subframe connectors or additional bracing allowed;era-correct function and appearance and all applicable safety requirements apply, including roll cage/chassis certification as required by NHRA or IHRA. Must have stock pistons or stock replacement type. 15 minute allowance only. All applicable safety requirements apply. Both driver and passenger side doors must be fully functional and operational from both inside and outside the vehicle. Questions on promotions call - Bob Sr. @ 585.889.4910. Must have a maximum of 1 5/8 O.D. Numbers must be of distinguishable color and must be at least 20 high. Front & rear springs must be the same diameter and height of other (front to front, rear to rear) and fit in spring pockets. MINOR RELEASE FORM. The entire induction system must be completely covered by hood or scoop, which must be part of the vehicle hood. NOSTALGIA SUPER STOCK Supercharged 5.0L V-8 engine. download. ALL cars running an 11.00 or faster index MUST HAVE an engine diaper or approved belly pan system. Must mount in both front and rear factory mounting locations. No part of frame can be lower than 6 inches from the ground, with driver and safety equipment, before and after the race. Approved and cannot be machined, sanded or cut except to provide the following: 2. Carbon fiber, fiberglass, or aluminum replacement parts allowed. 1. No electric fuel pumps allowed. Plastic molded nose and tail piece allowed. 364 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<7AD163EAD9C1AF4D8F1F5AC5B92E23C7>]/Index[344 30]/Info 343 0 R/Length 98/Prev 381666/Root 345 0 R/Size 374/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Eligible Year Models and Body Styles: The following is a list of cars/engines, which are allowed to compete in Victory NSS: AMC AMX: 1968-1969; 390. NOSTALGIA SUPER STOCK 10. Copyright 1996-2023, NHRA. No beadlocks or air bleeders or pop-offs. DELAWARE SPEEDWAY SUPER STOCK RULES 2020 SUPER STOCK DIVISION RULES: GENERAL: The word stock shall be defined as any part for that particular make, model and year as found in the manufacturer's catalogue. with the bolts!! One bucket seat required minimum; no center steering, left hand drive only. endstream endobj startxref 4. 3. Serial no. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. Quarter-mile and eighth-mile equivalents, 12.00 (7.60) seconds maximum, 8.50 (5.45) seconds minimum. All stock equipment only for that year, make and model car unless noted in rules. 9. No aluminum rear wings. No air shocks allowed. May be reinforced. Clutchflites allowed. 0 Does not have to be for make and model of car. PROHIBITED UNLESS APPROVED BY THE SERIES RULES COMMITTEE. resemble OEM and/or era-correct design. No power-adders allowed [NOS, Supercharger, Turbo-Charger etc.]. endobj 10 0 obj *NOTE: All drivers and vehicles subject to approval by a majority vote of the Class A members. $200 claim rule on intake. Page v of v A. ;fM Wd` OMvy;BCtf~,,>O-u*~h e1L'8[W@,zf,WX~t~-CWcd!&$O*FjAZAG"l0Wch$Mcbr##G RlN#ta(*pc:tMu >?RhfEctn?t/}gvT MxDxKg^|5dJUmzh.i"8]KH~y0M&H'_cj&VOvn'kczfYf,vBDh6yNG&}fHfQCU8j\%i],gYM F prv49H oG|D+' PTQ->agZqZz|ms5F 1}5 }~D?+fl]l7>bg?I ALL cars running an 11.00 or faster index MUST HAVE an engine diaper or approved belly pan system. 5. The roster will be forwarded to the track for entry. No cutting, grinding, or bending allowed. However, interior must have era-correct finished appearance, including POWRi Super Stock drivers are to represent the No GM angle plug heads. Anything outside this description is a 60 lb penalty placed center of right front floorboard. No aluminum clutch, pressure plate, or flywheel parts. All applicable safety requirements apply. !_h.n6 These rules shall govern the condition of all such events. We will park in a group to help promote the SNDR organization look for the American flag flying above our trailers, All illegal devices (list in the class rules) must be disconnected or remove before event starts, There is a mandatory drivers meeting before each event ALL DRIVERS MUST ATTEND, All waivers must be signed and turned in at the mandatory drivers meeting, All bye runs will be based on best reaction time of previous run, These rules are to ensure fair racing for all, Option 1/8 mile or 1/4 mile (depending on the track), Interior must have driver seat, dash and door panels, No electric or pneumatic throttle control use, 2-step or 3-step for burn out or high side rev limit, 1967 and older, 2-door left hand drive/full fendered, No programmable MSD Boxes (7561/7531/7761), all others, No electric or pneumatic throttle control during run, No interacting between MSD box and throttle control, No big wings, unless used in the 60s or 70s, Copyright Southeast Nostalgia Drag Racing | All Rights Reserved. Any aluminum or cast iron, two or four barrel intake allowed only. NOTICE: The final Interpretation of these guidelines and specifications is solely at the discretion of the Class A membership of Nostalgia Super Stock Inc. NOSTALGIA SUPER STOCK 5. 1. a. [WIIM - Substitusi rokok tier 2; Perusahaan cash-rich dengan fundamental yang baik dan growth luar biasa] $WIIM ini masuk dalam kategori superstock saya dengan nilai . These guys are made out of forged 7075-T6 aluminum and feature an ambidextrous bolt catch and release, ambidextrous . 2. Minimum 5.8 ohms (measured pole to pole with armature removed from car and checked after a 5 minute cool down period). Version #4: 2022.05.04 - PUBLISHED . Maximum 1.255. hb```e@(Oq`vlX&rQR-^1: Vb;f}g``h```@P PVSG.1B``dniPU*"d0AwUM_5|&vH+-@Zuff`U_V*F = E All cars must be big block with multi-carb combinations. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or official. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATIONS OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND OR REGULATIONS. Approved" and cannot be machined . Magneto ignition allowed. Stock design front suspension required no struts allowed. Factory stock or aftermarket reproductions allowed,appearance must be era-correct consistent with body/model used. Frame and/or subframes must be stock for body used or reconstruction must be consistent in design and material with era-correct function and appearance. Competition rules are voted on by Victory NSS Association members, as necessary. % Add 25 lbs for hydraulic roller camshaft. A factory stock or era-correct reproduction grille consistent with the body/model used is required. <> May run aftermarket stock type steel rods. FACTORY EXPERIMENTAL ALTERED WHEELBASE NHRA officials have announced a full schedule of Super Stock and Stock class eliminations for 2022. Complete front and rear bumpers and supports as factory designed are required. Maximum upper control arm bolt length is 3. No tuned headers. NOSTALGIA SUPER STOCK No B-1 or B-2 cylinder heads allowed. All NTPA OEM chassis superstock rules, including shielding, safety and SFI requirements including roll cages apply to this class plus the following rules. endobj <> NOSTALGIA SUPER STOCK Factory race car. Crank must maintain OEM casting numbers. 2. A{9Sj,B5^!j504!21RC}x(Ke>F#B1SeR!"m6!Hpd=*d=]zVyTD#{t>Pu:Aul`PZSWD*:MMvH#rJ(I(IHG_5 Adjustment holes must be reinforced with washer and securely welded. Windshield and windows must be OEM safety glass or NHRA/IHRA approved Lexan or Plexiglas, factory-type tinting permitted. 2 0 obj Unless specifically noted all stock parts shall be mounted in both the stock location and stock position as engineered by the manufacture. Carburetors may be positioned facing forwards, backwards, or side mounted. The race director shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his/her opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements.

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