sram red etap axs weight comparison

By far my favourite, however, is the compensation shifting. You can also check battery status in the SRAM AXS phone app (see below). The power meter spindle can also be purchased alone, to instantly upgrade any DUB road or road wide crankset. With the latest R9200 version of Dura-Ace released in 2021 there are more similarities between the two road bike groupsets than there were, but plenty of differences still. We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. You can assign the groupset to work in one of two semi-automated ways. Perhaps because they coudnt say anything positive about it Thanks again. There are lots of good things about this group but it does nothing that di2 doesnt do. The lack of chain slap was nice, but as a complete system, the overall quietness of it surprised me. There are similar, less visible material choices other components. In his time as a cycling journalist, Warren has written for Mountain Biking UK, What Mountain Bike, Urban Cyclist, Procycling, Cyclingnews, Total Bike, Total Mountain Bike and T3. If I do go down the AXS path this year, I think an Easton crank might be the way to go. Expect a full test of this new Orca soon, but Ill just say its a bike thats every bit as impressive as the gearing its running. SRAM expects Rival eTap AXS to be spec'd on complete bikes in the $3,500 to $4,000 range. SRAM RED and Force AXS rear derailleurs use Orbit Fluid Dampers to prevent dropped chains and chain noise on rough roads. With 48/35t chainrings, 175mm cranks, a 10-30t cassette, and hydraulic disc brake calipers, the claimed weight of a complete Rival eTap AXS group is 2,783 grams. Wolf Tooth is working on one but its a little further out. The reason why is because there is a host of different wire length + junction options and weight will fluctuate with setup. Shimano rarely releases duds while Sram constantly does. Shimano's is also the cheaper groupset albeit only marginally, saving you around 90 at full retail price. This is called compensating shifting by SRAM and semi-synchronised shifting by Shimano. We found that this makes it easier to ride in a tucked aero position due to better grip. There's an indicator light on the rear mech that indicates charge level and, like SRAM, you can also check battery status in the Shimano E-Tube app. These are then pinned together to create the 12-speed block. As mentioned above, both SRAM and Shimano offer either rim or disc brake options. Every major publication/website has only talked about AXS since it came out. It's not a lightweight choice, but it compares extremely well with. About this item. It's very intuitive and avoids the risk of mis-shifts from hitting the wrong lever. SRAM Red derailleurs each have their own removeable battery attached to the rear of the mechanism. Help!? Gear ratio range: 280 - 330%. Save 30% + G-Form Pro X3 Knee Pads when you subscribe to MBUK magazine. One thing that isnt mentioned here is that the powermeter is built into the rings, thus once you wear the rings out, you have to buy a new powermeter. SRAM RED eTap AXS Replacement Hydraulic Shift/Brake Lever - Left/Front, Black $446 When purchased online. To be fair, I think the Eagle chainring tooth profile is a mind-blowing innovation that is as well executed as Shimanos best product. And apparently the same capability but at ultegra price or less. Sponsoring teams IS marketing. 124K views 1 year ago Is Shimano Ultegra Di2 the best electronic groupset to buy in 2021, and how does it compare to its main rival, SRAM Force eTap AXS? |, Buttery smooth shifts, quiet operation, brilliant gear range, The new one-piece direct mount double chainrings for the RED crankset are a serious piece of machining, SRAMs new 12-speed chain looks radically different with its flat-topped profile. Id only add that if EVERY media outlet is reporting nothing but positives, Id say its a pretty good indication of the groups merits. Full details of the updated 2023 Paris-Nice route have been published and it includes some appetising highlights. SRAM Red eTap AXS and Shimano Dura-Ace are both now 12-speed and electronic only and both have wireless comms between the shifters and the derailleurs. Now, you should be able to easily clear a 70045 (frame/rim/tire dependent, of course), which is about as big as most of us are likely to run on a 2x setup. Ive always avoided putting parts on the bike which make me cringe to look at. AXS app allows users to customize shift options. See more When comparing identical drivetrain configurations, RED eTap AXS weighs about 300g less than Force eTap AXS depending on the groupset configuration type you've selected. Its the strongest chain SRAMs ever produced, apparently. 2023 SRAM Force AXS & XPLR groups updated with lighter, better tech. Theres a limit as to how fast you can move the chain from one cog to the next and still have it engage the teeth properly, and the multi-shift (holding down the shifter to run up or down multiple cogs at a time) is already pushing that limit. I dont know why this is relevant besides determining where brands want to put their marketing budget. Within the AXS app you can also customise what each lever does, and because the SRAM Eagle AXS mountain bike groupset shares the same protocol you can mix and match if you like. How often do people wear out the big ring and small ring at the exact same rate? He didnt seem very convinced that it was faster. Since then, hes reviewed hundreds of bikes and thousands of other pieces of cycling equipment for the magazine and the Cycling Weekly website. The material its used is both harder and stronger, and finished in what its calling Hard Chrome. Cycling Weekly is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. The new chipset and connectivity built into the eTap AXS system has allowed SRAM to build a dedicated app so you can take advantage of its custom features. Learn how your comment data is processed. Will that luster hold up? One thing we did notice in our testing was that the SRAM groupset was significantly more silent than its Shimano Dura-Ace rival. Designed without wires or cables the eTap wireless drivetrain is paired with SRAM's advanced HydroHC technology to provide a simpler shifting and better braking system with improved control and ergonomics. Thats an example of real substance whereas much of their lineup is pure marketing. In its place is a design that has both chainrings machined out of one block of material that mounts directly to the crank arms on a spline, which is a design mountain bikers have had for a few years now. Arguably a modular PM is much more elegant. Cyclocross Magazine got an early look at the new products in March and brings you the details and differences compared to the SRAM Red eTap AXS components. SRAM's second-generation Force AXS electronic groupset takes cues from 2023 SRAM Force AXS & XPLR groups updated with lighter, better tech Once you've paired all the connecting parts to the apps over Bluetooth you can then choose to make either groupset work in two different ways. So, the short answer is, it didnt feel any faster, but I liked the speed of the original eTap (and this new one) just fine. Double cranksets use X-Range gearing, with a smaller 13-tooth gap between chainrings, and are available in 48/35t or 46/33t. Enjoyed your comments Tyler. The effortless shifts, easy installation, user-friendly customization, and clean, cable-free cockpits have made them a must-have for high-end road and gravel bikes. A radical drivetrain reinvention that feels every (gear)inch the future, Yes, I might have to learn a whole new set of gear ratios, but it opens up so much potential for experimenting with gear ranges, SRAM claims a 2.518kg complete weight for the group (and add 36g for the power meter), GBP 3,349.00 RRP The AXS technology allows you to make your shifters do what you want them to, and the brake levers have a customizable reach. As with all products in the AXS ecosystem, the AXS app allows riders to adjust shifting modes, personalize their controls, and gain insight into how they use their drivetrains. You'll save yourself around 100g by opting for Dura-Ace over Red eTap, although the latest 12-speed Dura-Ace is actually a few grams heavier than the older 11-speed version; it looks as if the quest for ever-lower groupset weights may have peaked. SRAMs break with traditional gear ratios has meant some radical design changes chainset included. Small gains in aerodynamics here or weight loss from a bikes chassis there are often breathlessly described as game-changing, when in fact theyre merely reasonable, expected gains brought about through refinement by clever sorts. The intuitive simplicity of SRAM RED eTap with an added performance of hydraulic road disc brakes (HRD). > SRAM unleashed a whole new concept of gearing and gear ratios. To work out the range of a cassette divide the largest sprocket by the smallest and multiply by 100, and looking at the range of AXS the ranges are broader than traditional gearing. The Rival AXS rear derailleur uses a spring clutch rather than the Orbit Fluid Damper found on the Force and Red AXS rear derailleurs. Today SRAM announces their latest RED groupset lineup, SRAM RED eTAP AXS for road and off-road. SRAM Force opts for a two piece caliper design instead of the monobloc calipers found on RED, which results in weights of 166g and 180g for the front and rear brake respectively with full length hoses, 160mm rotor adapters with hardware, and a pad spacer. Secondly, theres compensating; this smooths out gear shifts, so when you change the front ring up or down, it compensates at the rear derailleur, moving either one or two cogs to keep your gear progression even and your cadence steady. He has covered all the major innovations in cycling this century, and reported from launches, trade shows and industry events in Europe, Asia, Australia, North American and Africa. Shimano Dura-Ace cassettes now offer an 11-30t and an 11-34t tooth option, with the former offering seven single tooth increments from 11 to 17 tooth sprockets, matching SRAM. We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Always a strong suit of SRAM, the braking is better than ever, looking and feeling like something dedicated for the road and not something cobbled from a mountain bike parts bin. While it looks super shiny, its the shape that sees the biggest change the plates are not only thinner, but a different shape, with the chains links having a flat top edge. If youve been itching to ride AXS technology, Rival eTap AXS might be the group youve been waiting for. SRAM Rival eTap AXS vs Force vs Red | The Pro's Closet New SRAM Force eTap AXS - Ten Things to Know So SRAM Red cassettes are offered in four options. Cassettes are 11-28 (or closest) We've removed bottom bracket weight as these are frame dependant. Sram's most affordable eTap AXS groupset ridden and rated - but does the performance justify the cost? The sheer quality of the operation is magnificent and the addition of an app adds the last piece of the puzzle to the user-friendliness of eTap (both old and new). SRAM Rival eTap AXS brings all the benefits of the earlier (and much more expensive) releases - at a fraction of the outlay. SRAM Force AXS first ride review - Road Groupset - Groupsets - BikeRadar The bike suitable for a body size of 163-173 cm. 2023 Vitus Vitesse EVO Red eTap AXS - Ditto if you want to tweak your ratios. Red uses carbon brake levers and hollow carbon crank arms. The difference to Red eTap AXS is 541 grams. There are two variants of the SRAM Red eTap; rim brakes (dual pivot and direct mount) and hydraulic disc brakes (commonly referred to as HRD, or Hydraulic Road Disc). Power meter upgrade (spindle only) - $249, Front derailleur (battery not included) - $175, Rear derailleur (battery not included) - $370. Sprockets make up the cassette on your rear wheel, which is attached to the freehub and held in place by a lockring. This slims down the derailleur but also keeps it pulled up and out of harm's way when riding. Shimano doesnt release duds and sram does? The Rival crankset uses polished aluminum arms that are stiff, tough, and come in a variety of lengths (160mm-175mm). Electronic drivetrains are the future of cycling, and for the last two years, SRAMs wireless Red eTap AXS and Force eTap AXS groups have been at the top of the food chain. SRAM Red eTap AXS XPLR drivetrain review The gravel variant of SRAM's top-tier shifting Our rating 4.0 USD $1,610.00 Rear derailleur, cassette, crankset By Warren Rossiter Published:. Were a year on and availability is still sketchy, and theyve had to go back to the drawing board one hubs and cranks, after releasing them a year ago. The spindle-based unit measures left side power and doubles it to calculate total watts. The integrated PM is so wack in my opinion. You can also buy a power meter upgrade kit (but not a complete groupset) with 52/39t, 54/41t and 56/43t rings. The Durable Unifying bottom bracket (DUB) is SRAMs answer to creaky press-fit bottom brackets. Meet Rival eTap AXS. To obtain a copy of the manufacturer's or supplier . We were lucky enough to get our hands on Orbeas Orca a few months ago in the new eTap AXS spec and its this bike Ive used for my testing. Shimano is total opposite. Year 2022 Fully wireless design with no cables, housing, or wires to manage. Thanks for the thoughtful response. Rival AXS rear derailleurs use a more traditional mechanical clutch. SRAM's new wireless RED eTap AXS road groupset has 12 gears, approaches road gearing in a totally new way, is available in either 1x or 2x setups and features a clutch. Each shifter operates on a CR2032 coin cell which should last for around two years. Want more? The group offers 33/46 and 35/48 chainrings but not the 37/50 option. Winning my award for Most Improved Front Derailleur category isdrum roll pleasethe front derailleur! SRAM 12-speed cassettes will only fit on wheels with SRAM XDR freehub bodies. You can add me to the 12s mechanical waiting list. SRAM Red eTap AXS 12-speed Wireless electronic shifting Rim brake and disc brake options 10-tooth smallest sprocket requires XDR driver freehub body Orbit Fluid damper rear derailleur Power. FWIW, Ive asked several times when the mechanical 12-speed groups are coming and only getting radio silence, so Im guessing they simply dont want to spoil the surprise. It is compatible with 1x and 2x eTap AXS drivetrains. Everything from the overall AXS system that would control future wireless components from SRAM, Rockshox and more, to the actual new RED eTap AXS road group and its Eagle mountain bike counterpart. Shimano Dura-Ace vs SRAM Red eTap AXS: The two leading groupsets head to head. SRAM RED eTap AXS HRD groupset review - BikeRadar SRAM Red eTap AXS Groupset (2 x 12 Speed) - Performance Bike Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences. You can slow it down via the app if it's too fast for you. Gone is the two-ring design held in place by bolts on a spider. To pair with the Rival AXS 12-speed chainrings and cassettes, there is a matching Rival AXS Flattop chain. Adding a 12th sprocket to the cassette reduced the space in between the cogs, so SRAM designed a new 12-speed chain which it took as an opportunity to create the distinctive looking flattop chain now in use. A rear derailleur with an uprated spring or friction bushing acting on the jockey wheel cage. It's 12-speed out back, it uses the same electronic bits as Force eTap AXS and Red eTap AXS, it gains some weight, there's a pulley cage clutch, there are wide-range 1x and 2x gearing options . Even better, theyre now available consumer direct and in select shops in the U.S. and Canada. Its set to cost 3,349 / $3,648 / 3,618 for the 2x HRD RED version we have tested over the last few months. Shimano Dura-Ace vs. SRAM Red eTap AXS | Cyclist The weight differences come down to materials and construction. Sram Rival eTap AXS groupset review: Does budget electric shifting r/bikewrench on Reddit: SRAM red chainring on force cranks SRAM Red eTap AXS is the second incarnation of SRAM's wireless electronic groupset. The derailleurs and shifters each contain their own battery, and the connection between them happens over an encrypted, wireless protocol. SRAM Force eTap AXS Front Derailleur 2x12 Wide 2023 Shimano researches products until there is no compromise in performance. AXS has real innovations that should be lauded. Shimano Dura-Ace v SRAM Red eTap AXS: Everything you need to know By signing up for email newsletters, you agree to BikeRumor's, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to email a link to a friend (Opens in new window). Features: AXS electronic integration platform They are compatible with 135mm, 142mm, and 148mm Boost rear axle spacing. This design allows any chainset in the range to be easily upgraded to use a power meter from sister brand Quarq. Gears 2x12SP. It's geared to flat time trials as well as gravel, with larger rings designed to be aero. SRAMs RED eTap AXS will also be available on a whole host of 2019 bikes with brands such as Specialized, Trek, Canyon, Orbea, BMC, Giant, Liv, Scott, Cannondale, Cervelo, 3T, Open, Rose, Parlee and Koga all confirmed. It uses the same batteries as the eTap but the design looks more robust and angular, and is also running on larger X-Sync pulleys and ceramic bearings under the surface. A Force eTap AXS group with a similar set-up weighs 2,600 grams, a difference of 183 grams. Another smart move SRAM made was ensuring launch day delivery of parts, with a number of brands ready to go with new AXS-equipped models for road, gravel, monstercross and triathlon. Well learn if thats true when they offer a Force/Ultegra price-level version (which they have already alluded to). Front shifts are more positive and completely accurate, even when shifting over broken surfaces as the rear mechs damper increases the chain tension and prevents any chatter and bounce. Battery-to-tire clearance was a known issue with the 1st gen eTap group when running anything larger than a 70040 tire. Bike compatibility: Universal. The optional power meter by Quarq is solid and the numbers its providing match those I get from the Quarq meter I run on my own bike. 33T: 33T=5mm / 30T=10mm / 28T=10mm / 26T=14mm (chain in largest sprocket) Rear derailleur max. Rival eTap AXS 2x cranksets use an integrated spider, while Rival 1x cranksets have a single direct mount chainring. Force uses this same spider for the 2x system, making it easy to swap chainrings from 2x to 1x with the swap of chainrings and chainring bolts only. Bikerumor Copyright 2013 2023. The 48/35 and an 11-28 is the equivalent of a 52/36 with an 11-28 cassette. SRAM has a history of making products that consumers love but mechanics hate. So what compromises are made to bring down the cost? Scope of delivery: 1x SRAM RED XG-1290 rainbow 12-speed cassette. Shimano Dura-Ace and SRAM Red eTap AXS both have very distinctive designs, but both are very functional. Note:SRAM HRD shifter weights include the cables, brake hose and caliper. Lever shape is largely unchanged from the original eTap. SRAM Force eTap AXS Rear Derailleur 2023 - You can keep track of battery levels within the mechs and shifters and also assign up and downshifts to whichever lever you want. Works like a charm and IMHO shifts better now than it did with the force chainring. This is how you discover new territory off the beaten track. Once the rear mech reaches a pre-defined point on the cassette the next shift will initiate a front mech shift with the rear mech making a corresponding shift in the opposite direction to give you the next gear ratio up or down the cassette. Hes been cycling for a lot longer than that though and his travels by bike have taken him all around Europe and to California. Shop now RED ETAP AXS HRD SHIFT-BRAKE SYSTEM Shimano 12-speed cassettes are backward compatible with its 11-speed freehubs. Its only when all of the improvements come together that it all starts to make sense. Highlights. With the exception of a brake warranty issue (albeit a pretty big one), this is hardly the truth. After three years riding the original eTap in its various rim and disc brake guises Ive been very impressed. Sure, its all clean and new, but still, it was noticeable. Road - RED eTap AXS - Yes, I might have to learn a whole new set of gear ratios, but it opens up so much potential for experimenting with gear ranges a road 1x setup with a 10-51 rear block is a real option for those mad enough to try! Perhaps the most enticing feature of the Rival AXS group is the new, more affordable, spindle-based Quarq power meter. Out of Stock. These are then mounted onto the crank arm directly using a splined interface. The days of riders pushing huge gears with a tiny rear block are well and truly over, as ideas and beliefs over physiological efficiency change. The levers offer two ports per side for SRAMs accessory blips, which allow you to change gear anywhere you like on the handlebars. It is more important for R&D than for marketing. SRAM now gives you the 50/37t chainrings previously reserved for Red, but the test bike was specced with smaller 48/35t rings - SRAM's version of the mid-compact chainset. > and have yet to run into compatibility problems. Once the bike is configured, wires dont necessarily matter, though wireless if obviously superior in concept. What is the weight difference between RED eTap AXS and Force - SRAM That type of publicity is infinitely more effective than being the official drive-train sponsor of some random WT team. Doing so without affecting its strength is a challenge, which led SRAM to rethinking its chain design. A whole new concept? For example, in the eTap AXS, the largest ring on what is effectively the double chainset has 50-teeth and the smallest sprocket is 10-teeth, which means the ratio is 5:1and the wheel will turn five times for every pedal revolution. Their products are sexy and light but not on par with their price in my opinion. This design, XDR, is close to XD (and compatible with the use of a small spacer). Launched in 2015, RED eTap was SRAMs first foray into electronic groupsets. But sometimes people dont have unlimited budgets. They didnt have the left arm available at the launch (uninstalled, anyway), but Ill pull one off the test bike and weigh, look for an update to the post soon. SRAM RED eTap AXS Replacement Hydraulic Shift/Brake Lever - Left/Front SRAM Etap vs Shimano Di2 - Which is Better? SRAM says that this ability to absorb water is an advantage if you do get damp in your brakes, as it means that it's less likely there will be free water droplets in the hoses than with an oil-based system, where it would boil at 100C and so potentially impact performance. Get Shimano within a few clicks on the barrel adjuster and its good to go. That makes them more agile but less capable. Shimano doesn't yet offer a 12-speed gravel or single ring groupset option. Personally, Id probably not use this option very much, but its fun to experiment with. Meaning, you no longer have to make front shifts, you simply press one side to go easier and the other side to go harder, then it shifts front and/or rear for you to run through the gears in the most appropriate sequence. The new Rival Quarq power meter is also a departure from the spider-based Quarq power metersfound on Force and Red. As the name suggests it isnt a new standard but something that works across the myriad press-fit standards and traditional designs (BB30, PF30, BBright, PF30a, 386, PF86.5, GXP and BSA). The SRAM Red eTap AXS Shift-Brake Levers uses wireless electronic shifting to get the job done. Both are programmable with built-in Bluetooth, both are focused on disc brakes but also offer a rim brake option and both let you add an in-series power meter. Force coming in April. We captured slo-motion film(watch the road video at that link)of the derailleur working its magic, showing off how it managed the chain even over terrain so rough it had the bike skipping off the ground. The brake levers are aluminum, and the lever reach is adjustable so you can personalize your fit. Both SRAM Red eTap AXS and Shimano Dura-Ace are performance groupsets, both are each brand's top-end products and both are used by the pro racers on the international stage. Specifically, the battery. With Rival, more riders can upgrade their ride with a fully wireless design, X-Range gearing, and an integrated Quarq power meter. But with a Force AXS group coming in April, that would be good timing. Rival Goes Electronic: Introducing SRAM Rival eTap AXS Note: SRAM eTap component weights includes batteries because batteries all weigh the same. Based in North Carolina, Tyler loves finding new travel adventures to share with his family and is always on the lookout for the next shiny new part to make his bikes faster and lighter. Hiding under the hood, though, are a big collection of incremental running changes that have been added to both Red and Force groups over the years and finally getting codified here. The spring clutch in the Rival rear derailleur provides the same function but with simpler tech. You recharge the battery via a port on the rear mech. SRAM for innovation, Shimano for execution. Rival AXS shifters pair with any other component in the AXS line-up, including Eagle AXS rear derailleurs, for riders interested in a wide-range mullet set-up a 10-50T cassette with a single chainring. It's worth noting though that Shimano's rear mechs also come packed full of tech, including the brand's Shadow design which is borrowed from its mountain bike groupsets. Wireless is amazing but the shift speed? The problem in reducing size is that you also reduce strength, so SRAM both flattened the top and made it out of a new material that is both harder and longer wearing than its old model.

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