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Jake and Mimi have protected the privacy of their data. (Imagine that going down in 2018. . He also called people out and shocked a culture by giving women a voice. Its not that religion is bad but when she was primed to believe men knew best and were in charge. When Sara Lewis shared her story on a podcast, she didn't think of herself as "brave." But when her story went viral, she quickly learned what it meant to be in the spotlight. And if you're hearing Sara's story for the first time, wellyou're in for a wild ride! This is a bot message. I think that sums up my most recent thoughts in the recovery process, but I went a tad further and wrote things out on the flight to Nashville last weekend since Im trying to get better at sharing my process and the annual renewal fee for this website just hit my bank account. Both hands have independent melodies that you must differentiate between, so listeners can hear each one sing. (I remember that word so well.) But Jake and Mimi got divorced in 2021. Some might be a complex mix of both sides depending on the day and their mood or emotional state. It was healing, though, to go back to the beginning and understand how I could have fallen for such an insidious trap. You will see me use language like "saved wretch" because I'm a Christian who remembers sanctification is progressive & my salvation is secure while God finishes His good work. I remember finally mastering it. It is that simple. Even fears of those tightly-held dreams of having a family or significant other not happening or being shelved. Bear with me as this site goes through growing pains. Coming to a podcast near you that will knock your winter socks off. It still irritates me. He sees farther than we do. Something Was Wrong is an Iris Award-winning true-crime docuseries about the discovery, trauma, and recovery from shocking life events and abusive relationships. Definitely worth a listen if not simply for seeing how problematic the religious beliefs discussed are and how they primed this woman for a deceptive and emotionally abusive relationship. And what is it really like to be doxxed and harassed online to the point the FBI has to get involved? Im sorry, podcast listeners: It was in that same Blue Bottle on a Thursday afternoon that I saw one of the letters Bryan and Kimmy sent me on his laptop screen. Here are some notes I took and their associated memories: This is all a spectrum of a disorder. 17-12-2018 Something Was Wrong When Sara got engaged, she thought she was marrying the Christian man of her dreams. For years, my MO has been to sit back and wait before acting. It seems easier in the moment, but at what hidden costs? Broken Cycle Media is the company behind the well-known podcast. Later while I was getting ready for bed in the bathroom, the tears started coming and I couldnt stop them. It completely deflated our evening and had me walking on eggshells all night. I'm glad her parents were there for her and helped her see that Dick was bad, but it came with an overtone of ownership and control rather than simply concern and love. Amy shares a personal story of pain, healing, survival and her search for justice. More About Nick Sloggett Season 6 explores these questions and more through stories of first person encounters with some of the internets most depraved offenders. ), and have loved it . It happens to have twists that make for great listening, which only gets it to more ears that might need to hear it. Definitely worth a listen if not simply for seeing how problematic the religious beliefs discussed are and how they primed this woman for a deceptive and emotionally abusive relationship. Something Was Wrong is an Iris Award-winning true-crime docuseries about the discovery, trauma, and recovery from shocking life events and abusive relationships. Not a fan. Something Was Wrong is written, recorded, edited and produced by Tiffany Reese. I've honestly had a fantastic career so far, working alongside brilliant people for the best brands in the world. Jake Gravbot, raised in a religious home, struggled due to his disagreements with his stepfather. He has a company named Jake Gravbrot Photography, and in addition to doing hair, he also works as a concert and landscape photographer. Just forcing myself to share the good, badand ugly because it does coexist, but all bad, ugly things make Gods goodness shine brighter in contrast. I froze and watched as he swiftly closed it with a few keystrokes, his face expressionless. I had been duped and thereis something better. In past blog sites I wrote about random funny stories or my process with the Lord, but I started this page while recovering from narcissistic and sociopathic abuse. Religion gave Dick a tool to further abuse her and kept Sara niave and unquestioning. Enough to let go and be free. With our spiritual buffets closed down, those who know how to fuel themselves from the Word, sending their roots down deep to find the truth in bedrock when it feels elusive are having to. Holding on to hope, whether for their spouse or for the sake of their kids, many stay. It was reckless, cruel, and showed a total disregard for decency. The excitement quickly faded when unexpected flashbacks accompanied the unboxing of last winters clothes, and with each cooler day, I started digging my heels into the ground to slow down the deja vus invading at random times. The Something Was Wrong podcast meetup/live recording last week and although we had no idea what to expect, it was incredible. The first round back in 2015 started with breaking down my fences, telling myself the truth, and exploring whats on the other side. Podcast: something was wrong Minor fundie drama + a little dear john creepiness in this podcast. Soon after I get that thing, I go on my merry way and get busy. I felt sick to my stomach and wish Id reacted differently now, but at that point my discernment had faded and I deferred to him. He was extremely generous with his resources and compliments. He finally has our full attention. I am a multi-disciplinary maker of beautifully useful things that enrich lives. Social Media Pages Share This Show Latest Episodes [Diana] The Devil in Disguise. One thing at the forefront of my thoughts right now is the fear I know a lot of women around me are facing, and the choices they are making in the midst of it. With things being different, this means the stage is being set for those who have felt displaced, in waiting or unseen, perhaps with a story or passion but no clear platform for it. At that moment this thought/impression entered my mind: If you could see as I do. It was the most confusing night of my life, but I felt a strange peace and clearly heard in my heart Sunday will be pivotal. I was so emotionally invested in moving forward that I assumed that meant everyone would understand and all would be well. Our convictions are woven tighter and our testimonies grow more powerful. I think the podcast has inconsistent storytelling, but overall I think it's a good podcast. I still believed some literal lies told that needed time to unravel to see everything clearly, even after finding out they were lies. But a covert does want you to feel sympathy. My ex could quote Scripture backward and forward, hold theological discussions with church leadership, and was quick to deconstruct the flaws in any given churchs infrastructure. We went about our work date, my heart racing and mind running wild. The idea of him turning right back around seemed ludicrous. I remember my piano instructor taking me so far beyond what I thought a piece could possibly require from a pianists hands and brain. For those who are unfamiliar with psychopathsand narcissists, this is one way they succeed while minimizing damage visible to the public eye. Join our Discord server --- request access. If all of its true then he cant sue anyone so I dont understand it. If for some reason you always walk away from time with someone feeling like you have a lot of self-work to do instead of feeling bolstered and encouraged, take heed and maybe put your running shoes on. If they trust me with something, I hold it close. I walk a line with choosing to blog about my real-time process, teetering toward avoidance when that process hits a bump in the road called full clarity and the resulting fury. You [everyone] in the beginning.. Im 1 of the ppl screaming "whats his real name? Later on behind closed doors (especially sitting in the car while waiting for people to cross the street), and eventually in public places like coffee shops and grocery stores, he would refer to people as fat, ugly, or worthless. !" bc wanna Google the MF. Something Was Wrong started as a way of documenting the experience of Sara, a woman who thought she was marrying the man of her dreams, but as the podcast's title suggests turned out to be incredibly wrong. According to his LinkedIn page, Jake Gravbrot, a native of Seattle, Washington, has been employed as the hairstylist at Zero Zero Hair since 2014. (Anyone else get phrases or words rather than songs stuck in their heads?) 6h. Enter your email address to receive notifications of new posts. Ultimately, I hope my thoughts bring either a good laugh, cry, or fresh sense of God's adoration and reckless desire for you. Something Was Wrong - Audacy Your confusion and brain fog could very well be the result of cognitive dissonance caused by your brain attempting to sort out two opposing realities. The more conversations Im having with people in similar situations, the more amazed I am by their resiliency and strength. A cornered narcissist will spin you up in so many words that youll forget the origin of the conversation, forget your own point, and somehow end up at fault for something you still dont understand. I am a multi-disciplinary maker of beautifully useful things that enrich lives. Without something to work toward, we wither. Now is not the time to wait for one to reveal itself- you probably know exactly what it is, and that surely not. I enjoyed my life and MYSELF when this tall man dressed in a red suit holding a pitchfork showed up at my door and asked if I wanted to lose it and see myself as worthless. I added much to his life. Their stories will be told in an episodic format meaning more inspiring stories and less cliffhangers. Seeing the abuse I endured last year so clearly now stirs a passion in me to stop it from happening to others. Responded as if I could do no wrong because he was in awe of everything. something was wrong podcast sara picture - This season, 11 incredible survivors share their stories of shocking life discoveries and the recovery from them. I absolutely do not understand if this guy is so horrible and this woman is so Christianwhy wouldnt they disclose who Dick was at some point? Scripture says we were crucified with Christ and are new creations. Just when I thought Id pulled everything I could from a single passage, shed tell me I was cutting a note short and to let it breathe. The first season deals with a young woman named Sara who was in engaged to a man who she later found out was not who he claimed to be. Is that person you met online really telling the truth? As Iridian begins her new job, the workplace gossip and odd interactions circle closer and closer to home. There are days Im content in that, and days I just want it to look different and throw a grownup fit. What was wrong, and how could I fix it? So how quickly did I choose other things once church was canceled? I usually tap my fingers nervously, hoping I dont have to get loud for the truth thats screaming in my head to be heard or to make myself seen in order for what I know is the right thing to get done. ), Through that book, God mended me in ways I never expected and might previously have resisted had I not been desperate for something to tell me who I really was and why all of me was important. You're not alone; there are men who are open and will freely be there to listen & walk with you. If I got distracted and checked out from making a daily connection with Him, I always knew I had Sunday to reset and re-center myself. Have you asked yourself why something just feels inexplicably wrong, confusing, and overwhelming? Welcome to a spiritual war. Quite a few people Ive spoken to say that they feel stuck for the sake of their children, or because the signs of abuse arent publicly visible. . Jakes mother, a single parent, used to live with her parents. This is not your story, you do not get to have . What an injustice. If I was upset, hed wind up saying, maybe I did ___ to you [yet to be proven], but YOU did ____, ____, and ____ to ME!. If you're into true story podcasts, give this one a try. I remember early on in our relationship, he handed $20 to a homeless person we walked by and later told me he kept 20 dollar bills in his pocket at all times for those exact opportunities. Think more Brittany Dawn than Rodrigues. Regardless of sexual orientation or life goals, I think women want to know if they are needed and desired while simply being. Seeing our potential and discovering what were truly capable of. something was wrong podcast sara picture . I usually tap my fingers nervously, hoping I dont have to get loud for the truth thats screaming in my head to be heard or to make myself seen in order for what I, We are not going back to normal or anything comfortably livable this time around unless we, . Jake afterward moved in with his stepdad after his mother later got married. He is extremely active on social media, especially Twitter, and he would fly into picking fights and arguments that he would gleefully show me, especially around Christian topics. I have nothing to lose by sharing His story but maybe some pride, which I have to kill. For some reason this of all things pierced my heart. He always meets me. But I started listenin Mon night & am 9eps into S1. He had an uncanny ability to read my thoughts and discern my feelings. Something Was Wrong Podcast on Amazon Music I could hold conversations, but knew something was broken and my mind was doing its survival thing by blocking out and shelving trauma. Why? Ramonas left eye. Somehow hed known this comment would get under my skin. 2. Hed research and educate himself on whatever it was so he could talk about it with me. ), (There were too many blinders on at that point to recognize that life will ALWAYS throw curveballs testing the patience of myself and the person Im with. Its fine! For fans of the podcast, Something Was Wrong, you may recognize Sara from Season 1. We have felt like square pegs in round holes because the fit didnt exist until now. It breaks my heart. He responds. You will be inundated with why I love this company and my job. Kailyn and Jake grew apart since Jake wasnt loyal to her. Cali Trepp and Tomas Buenoss Relationship: Find Their Dating Life And Where They Met? I got that vibe too absolutely. Forward to that night lying in bed: I was contemplating the existence of mankind (I know; Im not kidding) and I straight up wondered, Why? Was there truly nothing but you, God, and you decided all of THIS was a good idea? No backhanded comments or sarcasm. Listen on Apple Podcasts Requires subscription and macOS 11.4 or higher I have spent the last two days binging this, mostly at work (made the days go really fast! Like how about she's her own damn person? As Slyvias symptoms worsen, so do Tees suspicions that Sylvia is hiding something. It made me realize my identity as a woman needed restoration, not correction or managing. John and Staci talked about the world-changing power of feminine beauty, and how it reflects the heart of God in a way masculine strength simply cannot. Shows > Something Was Wrong > Season 14 Exhibit C 13 Episodes Season 14 Also Listen On More Options Social Media Pages Share This Show All Episodes Season 14 His Moods Really Swing E S14 E1 Oct 20, 2022 43 min *Content warning: This episode includes discussion of rape, disordered eating, emotional, sexual and physical violence,. We need people and things that are rays of hope in our lives. Yet. We are not going back to normal or anything comfortably livable this time around unless we do the things we were put here to do. They looked too harsh. I would also have to memorize the entire piece well enough to not freeze and draw a blank in front of crowds. Seems like probably Season 5 - "Hear from survivors Julia, Kelly, and Rachel, as they recount their experiences of abuse in their charismatic, evangelical Christian churches". Disturbed and confused, Iridian decides to seek the truth for herself. I believe the story from The Year that is No More is not my own. Currently, the Something Was Wrong podcast has 174 followers on YouTube, 62.5K followers on Instagram, and is not active on TikTok. I am not licensed to diagnose, but trusty ol Google checklists for APD and Sociopathy fit my experiences nearly 100%. Take me back to the beginning every single day. I know God literally commands us to be at peace and find joy even in terrible events; I just couldnt help but feel like joy would be a dismissal of the travesties, the economic and political devastation, worldwide deception, division and all-out spiritual war happening. I just listened to season one because Amazon podcasts referred it to me :) I had similar thoughts. They kept harping on doing something before Sara or others "walkdown the aisle" as if that was the end all be all of existence. Enjoy it., It wasnt until my vocal instructor countered my argument of the day with a phrase that rang in my ears for years to follow: You need to get over yourself.. As an ex-Evangelical, there are a lot of dog whistles that indicate the young woman being steeped in evangelical purity culture. The loosey-goosey-ness has been humbling and revealing. The Bouge family narrowly escaped the Jonestown massacre November 18, 1978. ! instead of Oh Happy Day or something. Thats how Ive felt about writing again. You in the beginning.. If we see what He does: Him in us? Choosing peace that blatantly opposes the storm around them. His toxic work environment was taking a toll. Taking things personally yet again. Jesus said to approach Him as children do. Make it sing! Carry that note with finger 2, not 3! Yes, were imperfect and still sinning because we live in a conflicted world, but we are no longer slaves to it. So when people tell me I am brave to share my story, Im realizing I dont feel brave at all because it doesnt feel like mine. Its His story of jealousy, of the lengths Hell go to leave the 99 for one. If you are not interested whatsoever in chemical-free living or getting toxins out of your home products, dont click the Young Living tabs. If we didnt hear that message at crucial times from a parent or similar figure, well seek it elsewhere. The Danielle and Ardie story was one of the more recent ones and it was one of my favorite stories she has covered so far. I was in tears over how poorly Id handled my distrust. Charts. The next, they were idiots. What I didnt know was even with everything I was feeling, I was still a little numb, and safely so. S1 E2: It Was Weird. It wreaks havoc on your mind, emotions and even your physical body. When Sara got engaged, she thought that she was marrying the Christian man of her dreams. Once Jake got it going, it was hard to believe what the survivors were saying about his actions, according to the podcast. Sara Gonzalez (Lewis) joins us on SWE for a long chat about a past relationship that took a crazy turn. (@SpaceandPurpose)

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