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Lorenzen Wright's ex-wife was married to Shelby Co. deputy - Action News 5 In relation to her career, the only known thing is that she is a writer. In an unexpected twist before her trial, Sherra took a plea deal negotiated between her defense team and the prosecutors, pleading guilty for facilitating to commit first-degree murder and facilitating to commit attempted first-degree murder. In her urban-fiction novel "Mr. Tell Me Anything," published in 2015, Sherra wrote: "I must also acknowledge my very loving and brand new husband, Reginald A. Robinson Sr. You have been a Rock! Sherra Wright Robinson net worth is estimated to be $250K USDas of 2019. Sherra Wright-Robinson is currently incarcerated at the Tennessee Prison for Women, where she will stay until at least 2026. The main character points out she signed the pre-nup knowing it was invalid, because it was signed two days before the wedding, instead of the legally required seven days. In December 2017, she was charged with her ex-husband's murder and in July 2019, she pleaded guilty. Her eye color and hair color, both is black. He has a hit on me,' Robinson said. Who Is Andre the Giants Wife Jean Christensen? A family member is stated to be upset about how Wright is spending her late ex-husband's life insurance, which is apparently suppose to help support the six kids he left behind. Several paragraphs are dedicated to Mr. Tell Me Anything's family fighting over the money they were expecting him to make, before the NBA player even began earning millions. Wife who admitted murdering her NBA star husband wants her conviction Sherra Wright, the ex-wife of NBA star Lorenzen Wright, pleaded guilty to her role in Wright's 2010 killing. My Twin @lowright42, Lorenzen Wright Jr (@iamlorenzen) April 13, 2020. A gun that was allegedly used in the killing was found in the lake weeks before charges were filed in the case. Lorenzo Wright and Sherra Wright also had twins, Lamar and Shamar, a son named Lawson and a daughter, Sofia, who is a teenager, ABC News reported. WMC Action News 5reached out to Robinson for comment, buthe has not gotten back to us. "His face was all adorned in bright red blood and hers in black because of the smudged mascara and tears," Sherra wrote. Another interesting twist - Sherra Wright-Robinson married a Shelby County Sheriff's deputy after Wright's murder. Billy Ray Turner sentenced to 141 years in prison. Did you find any mistake? Who Are Bola Tinubus Children and What Do They Do For A Living? You came and scooped me up. According to the Tennessee Department of Corrections, Wright's next parole hearing is set for May 1, 2027. She struggled to provide for him and their son, but now he could finally pay a bill!". "She couldn't believe it!" Sherra Wright-Robinson was previously married to former NBA star Lorenzen Wright for a long time. Wright avoided a first-degree murder conviction, which could have resulted in spending life in prison, by pleading guilty to facilitation to commit attempted first-degree murder. A jury on Monday convicted a Tennessee man in the slaying of former NBA player Lorenzen Wright, whose bullet-riddled body was found in a field nearly 12 years ago in his hometown of . The couple is blessed with seven children named Lorenzen Wright Jr., Shamar Wright, Lawson Wright, Lamar Wright, Sofia Wright, Sierra Wright, Loren Wright. The Weight varies from time to time, here you get the latest weight. The book begins with Sharon dealing with the pain of her mother's death from breast cancer. Her cousinClaudia Robinsonclaimed she was in the kitchen preparing lunch for Sherras children when Sherra and Billy entered. Later, this couple got married and shares three daughters named Loren, Sofia and Sierra Wright. Had she been granted parole, she would have served less than half of that minimum. Law enforcement should do whats best to find out whos the killer. Even the Memphis Poice Director Michael Rallings, made a statement in the recent news conference that,The Lorenzen Wright case has stayed in the public eye for many years, and weve never given up hope that we would be able to bring the responsible parties to justice another piece of the puzzle is in place. The police said in its statement that she tried to kill Wright more than once. Sherra Wright Robinson was born in 1971 in Tennessee as an African-American to her father, Julius Robinson and an unknown mother. Its no way you believe that. But she insisted. Sherra Wright Age, Ex-Husband, Biography, Family, Facts & More Was the book based on what really happened between the two or was it purely fiction - # . She was sentenced to 30 y. A National Basketball Players Association death benefit of $184,000 was also to be paid into the trust, the article said. In other words, at the age of 49, Sherra Wright-Robinson is still behind bars, at the Tennessee Prison for Women, where she will stay till at least 2026. Powered by VIP. Billy Ray Turner has been charged with conspiring with Wright-Robinson to kill Lorenzen Wright. She was accused in the shooting death of the athlete, a homicide that remained unsolved for seven years. 2023 Cinemaholic Inc. All rights reserved. Sherra was born in the year 1971 in Memphis, Tennessee. Wrights defense attorney planned to use a battered woman defense. But what angers one family member is that Sherra Robinson Wright, ex-wife of the late NBA player Lorenzen Wright, spent the money from life insurance proceeds a judge said was to support the couple's six children. And, as she got credit for all the time she already served in the local jail pending her trial, it reduced her potential prison time to around 7 years. Who Is Vusi Thembekwayos Wife Palesa Thembekwayo? The story line touches on the strained relationship the main character had with her NBA boyfriend's family. Sherra is a very beautiful woman and she has an average height of 1.68 m or 5 ft 6 in with a balanced weight of 75 Kg or 165 lbs. In the book, Mr. Tell Me Anything'smother is described as an embarrassment to him who wasnever around, someone they didn't like to speak about, and that Mr. Tell Me Anythingwasraised by his grandmother. However, what she failed to mention was that she knew the reason why, and was, in fact, responsible for it. "She had been told he had a hit on her." Sherra Wright would repeat herself, so she said it multiple times. Later, due to some issues, the couple could not long last their married life and then they separated. He was found dead shot. In December 2017, she was charged with her ex-husband's murder. Sherra Wright Pleads Guilty. In 2019 Sherra Wright was sentenced to 30 years after she entered a guilty plea for orchestrating the 2010 murder of Lorenzen Wright, her ex-husband and former University of Memphis and Grizzlies basketball star. The novel is a fiction that was eventually discovered to be 99.99 percent of the life story of Sherra Wright Robinson and her late husband. Sierra Wright was born in 2002 and died just 11 months later from sudden infant death syndrome, the article said. Sherra threw away her gun in a moment of fear, but Turner shot the retired Memphis Grizzlies center multiple times, cutting short the victims 911 call to authorities in Germantown, Tennessee, prosecutorPaul Hagermansaid in opening statements on Tuesday. Billy Ray Turner trial for murder of NBA star Lorenzen Wright Punishment for incidents included taking away an hour from recreation time. Currently, she is serving a 30-year jail term with a possibility of parole. Wright is currently required to serve30%, or nine years, of her sentence. Sherra is famously known for being the ex-wife and the mother of six children of Lorenzen Wright, who died back on 19th July 2010. She was $3.0 million in debt at the time but was ruled out to have killed her ex-husband for money, since he was . Sherra Wright Robinson is an American author with the book, Mr. Tell Me Anything under her belt. After they succeeded in their plan, so as to get rid of the evidence, they then dumped one of the guns into the Mississippi lake, which in the end, became their downfall. entered a guilty plea for orchestrating the 2010 murder of Lorenzen Wright, What we know about Billy Turner and Sherra Wright's involvement in Lorenzen Wright slaying, Sherra Wright denied parole in Lorenzen Wright sentence. Sherra Wright pleaded guilty to Facilitation of Murder in the First Degree on 25th . Convict: Lorenzen Wright's ex-wife recruited him for killing - AP NEWS Wright pleaded guilty on 25th July 2019, to the facilitation of first-degree murder in his shooting death nine years ago, a surprise development in a high-profile case. Sherra wrote, "They were best friends who fell in love. Sherra got remarried : Another interesting twist - Sherra Wright-Robinson married a Shelby County Sheriff's deputy after Wright's murder. 168 cm. Brown was named in the affidavit for the search warrant of Sherra's phone., Lorenzen Wright Jr (@iamlorenzen) March 19, 2020. Meanwhile, Sherra's sister is Katrina Robinson. Later on, when it came to light that Sherra had rapidly spent the $1 million that she received from Lorenzens insurance policy, meant to benefit their children, she was shoved into the spotlight once again. See Also: Abigail Williams Biography, Life, Death, and Cause of Death. The state said she manipulated Turner and her cousin Jimmie Martin into helping her plot, execute, and cover up the murder so she could get insurance money. All within 10 months. She could only imagine what the kids were thinking as they saw him strike her.". Most of the former couples children are now adults. As the community-at-large tries to figure out why a woman would kill the father of her children, it's hard not to see the blur of fact and fiction in her 2015 book. Her growing up, education and her life before Lorenzo Wright has been kept under wraps and off the media. Sherra Wright Tells Parole Board She Only 'Indirectly' Played - MSN We understand your demand. Zachary Lapelusa Was Sentenced to Life Plus 20 Years in Prison. The gun, which was dumped in a Walnut, Mississippi, lake, led the police straight to Billy Turner and Sherra Wright-Robinson, who resided in California at the time. June 2019. When Sherra filed a missing persons report on July 22, 2010, she said that Lorenzen had left her home in Collierville, Tennessee, on the night of July 18, with drugs and an unspecified amount of money, and had not returned. Lorenzen Wright and Sherra Wright had divorced in January 2010, about seven months before his murder, Sports Illustrated reported. Wright was shot at least nine times, Sports Illustrated wrote, in the head and chest, while additional gunshot wounds cannot be excluded., READ NEXT: Zachary Lapelusa Was Sentenced to Life Plus 20 Years in Prison. Lorenzen Wright caught the fancy of many fans of basketball with his skills and energy. Sherra Wright was named the trustee, but with the stipulation that she file with the court regular accountings of money received by the trust and money paid out, the article said. Tennessee Department of Corrections/Getty, Lorenzen Wrights Death: How the NBA Star Died. According to the news reports, she was involved with a guy named Billy in attempting the homicide, as the police confirmed in the local news. Would love your thoughts, please comment. According to Sherras attorney, Juni Ganguli, their defense would be of battery by Lorenzen. Love you baby!". Another interesting twist - Sherra Wright-Robinson married a Shelby County Sheriff's deputy after Wright's murder. Every feeling. Investigators believe Sherra, an ordained minister, and Deacon Billy Turner, from her old Collierville church, conspired to kill Lorenzen. However, because there was constant communication between the two, mostly regarding their family, it seemed as if they were still on relatively good terms and didnt hold any grudges. McLord Selasi He is also a Public Health student, an exceptionally gifted poet and spoken word artist who aspires to awake the change-making factor in people. MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - The Lorenzen Wright murder case has takenseveraltwists and turns, especially now that his ex-wife Sherra Wright has been arrested and charged. What?'. She could be eligible for release sooner, with good behavior, but recent records show that she has a discipline problem in jail, meaning that that might not be in the cards for her. I want mine," Sherra wrote. Lorenzen Wright death: Ex-wife Sherra Wright's guilty plea latest twist The judge asked Sherra Wright if she understood if they went to trial she could face life in prison. Tell Me Anything after her husband Lorenzen Wright was killed. All Rights Reserved. Sherra Wright listens as prosecutor Paul Hagerman reads evidence against her during a court hearing on July 25, 2019 in Memphis, Tenn. Wright plead guilty to the murder of her husband, former . Every Friday, 20/20 sheds light on a new piece of evidence in true crime, and on June 17, the ABC investigators dig into the murder of former NBA Cavaliers player Lorenzen Wright. He has a hit on me. Lorenzen Wright murder case: Analyzing details, questions after verdict Sherra Wright Robinson was married to Lorenzen Wright for many years in a relationship that produced seven of his children including Sierra Simone Wright their daughter who died as an infant. Witness in Billy Ray Turner trial talks about Lorenzen Wright shooting When she was asked, she denied the accusation by saying, First I am a wife, a mother and then an author. Deborah Marion, Lorenzen Wrights mother, said in court in 2019 that she had not been able to see her grandchildren, according to the Associated Press. The novel, published five years after Lorenzen Wright's execution-style murder, is classified as urban fiction, but the main characters are eerily similar to Sherra and the slain former NBA star. Sherra Wright-Robinson and Lorenzen Wright had been married for quite a long time before their relationship started to crumble apart. However, 7 years passed down the line before his killer was unveiled! About four days later, Sherra Wright-Robinson filed a police report regarding her ex-husband's disappearance. Lucas Finton is a news reporter with The Commercial Appeal. Sherra Wright - Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Nationality, Facts If Wright serves out her full sentence, she will be released on June 8, 2046 at the age of 75. Lorenzen Wright left behind six children with his ex-wife, Sherra Wright Robinson, after he was murdered in 2010. Her nationality is American and her ethnicity is African-American. "The Board independently reviewed Ms. Wrights parole case and three concurring votes were needed to reach a final decision.". Today, Sherra Wright is 50 and incarcerated at the Debra K. Johnson Rehabilitation Center, according to her prison records. . She also agreed to a settlement in 2014 in a court dispute over how she spent the insurance money meant to benefit their six children. Or to keep it anonymous, click here. Sherra now married to Montgomery County sheriff's deputy, Reginald A. Robinson Sr., was arrested along with the alleged triggerman man, Billy Ray . The episode of20/20includes interviews with Wrights mother, Deborah Marion and Kelvin Cowans, a journalist who wrote a tell-all book about the case. She received $1 million dollars from her ex-husbands life insurance policy. After Sherra Wright-Robinson was arrested and extradited to Tennessee, further investigations, with the help of witnesses, unraveled that she had masterminded her ex-husbands death because of greed and personal benefits. After further investigation, the authorities eventually traced the murder weapon to Billy Ray Turner and subsequently to Sherra Wright-Robinson, who allegedly murdered the NBA star due to greed and personal benefits. On 19th July 2010, her ex-husband, Lorenzen died and she was arrested in California in his death for which she was charged with conspiracy, first-degree murder, and criminal attempt first-degree murder. In February 2010, the divorce was granted and Sherra demanded $26K for the support of their children. Lorenzen Wright Jr (@iamlorenzen) August 1, 2017. She is also receiving $1 million dollars from her ex-husband (Lorenzen Wright)'s life insurance policy. The Untold Story, The Untold Reason Sam Claflin Split With Wife Laura Haddock, Inside Lucas Radebes Life with Wife Thobela Silver After Losing Feziwe Faith, Jackie Maarohanye Biography: Everything to Know About Jub Jubs Mother. Ex-wife pleads guilty in slaying of NBA star Lorenzen Wright - CBS News She is required to serve a minimum of 30% of her sentence before being eligible for parole, meaning 9 years. She had reportedly dated singer Isaac Hayes, but she and Lorenzen just "clicked." . Abigail Williams Biography, Life, Death, and Cause of Death, Who are Pedro Riveras Children and Grandchildren. A courtship follows where Sharon describes the joy of falling in love. Sherra Wright guided the silver Cadillac SUV through the darkness on a mild night, seven years after search and rescue dogs found her ex-husband's body in a Memphis field. The latest episode of Oxygen's Snapped, which airs on October 30, 2022, covers the case of Sherra Wright-Robinson and her husband, famed NBA star Lorenzen Wright, whose death shook the sports world ar According to sources, Lorenzen and Sherra kept in touch and often spoke about family-related matters, even after they had separated. Less than half-way through the book, you read story after story of Sharon finding sexts from other women, phone calls with other women, or walking in on Mr. Tell Me Anythingwith other women. Overall, she has got a healthy body with a nice personality. Prosecutors Says Ex-NBA Star Lorenzen Wright's Ex-Wife Sherra Wright The ex-wife of murdered NBA star Lorenzen Wright, 34, claimed that he put a hit out on her, said her cousin in testimony on Tuesday. You have to enable javascript to fully function this website. She wrote, "His money was poisonous. Wright is currently serving prison time in connection with the shooting death of her ex . She was married previously to her husband, Lorenzen Wright. Whereas the net worth of her ex-husband, Lorenzen Wright was estimated to have $20 Million. She is also receiving $1 million dollars from her ex-husband (Lorenzen Wright)'s life insurance policy. All rights reserved. It's unclear if the sequel was or willever be completed. 1 Baptist Church in Collierville. Wrights co-defendant Billy Turner, 48 is scheduled to be in court on Friday, according to the District Attorney. It was confirmed by the police that she had a meeting with Lorenzen, the night he was murdered. Sherra Wright Status HearingSherra Wright pleaded guilty to facilitation of murder two years ago in connection to Lorenzen's death. Former NBA player Lorenzen Wright's ex-wife pleads guilty to - CNN The book is a supposed fiction story which was later revealed to be 99.99% Sherra Wright Robinsons life story and that of her late husband. An ABC "20/20" report that aired Friday detailed the circumstances around his death and the rocky relationship Wright-Robinson had with . He has a hit on me. Even when many thought she could be innocent of the allegations, Sherra Wright Robinson took the world by storm when she pleaded guilty for the charge of first-degree murder of her husband and the father of her 6 children. I love you Sisi. Sherra Wright, the ex-wife of former NBA player Lorenzen Wright, pleaded guilty Thursday in Memphis to charges of facilitation to commit first-degree murder and facilitation to commit attempted . County officials confirmed Wednesday thatReginald Robinson is a patrol officer for thesheriff's office. She holds an American nationality and she belongs to African-American ethnicity. What Happened to Ray Krocs First Wife, Ethel Fleming? She follows the Christian religion and her race is black. She wrote a book, Mr. Tell Me Anything, a fiction book that featured what appeared to be a thinly disguised depiction of her ex husband,. I cant believe he has a hit on me. Sherra Wright Robinson is an author by profession. "Sherra was irate, saying Lorenzen had a hit on her," she said. "The Board also set a review hearing in five years (May 2027). MEMPHIS, Tenn. Sherra Wright was set for a hearing in a Memphis court Tuesday seeking to have her guilty plea overturned in the 2010 murder of her ex-husband, NBA player Lorenzen Wright. Despite his fame and the fortune he made as an NBA player, it would take years before his killers paid for their crimes. A place for biographies & articles focus on gossip, rumors, affairs, relationships, anniversaries, salaries, net worth, Copyright 2023 GossipGist. In the year 2003, their daughter, Sierra died due to SIDS. Back in 2010, Wright was found dead just after retiring from the NBA and separating from his now ex-wife, Sherra Wright-Robinson. More than four dozen incidents were reported including being reported for passing notes, food and wearing a hair weave. Be warned, if you continue reading this, some of the depictions from the book are graphic and thisarticle contains spoilers. The case soon went cold. Police had several reasons to suspect Sherra Wright in her ex-husbands disappearance, the article said. We all are so close to each other, we feel like we dont really need much in terms of support, because we have my mom and the six of us, and were OK, Loren Wright said, according to the article. She is also known as the mother of twin basketball players Shamar and Lamar Wright. According to the news reports, she was involved with a guy named Billy in attempting the homicide, as the police confirmed in the local news. They claim Sherra, along with her children, were beaten by Lorenzen Wright. Wright's body was found shortly after his ex-wife, Sherra Wright-Robinson, approached the police regarding the disappearance of her then-husband. Hes murdered. Turners defense lawyer John Keith Perry attacked Robinsons credibility, bringing up hush money, and pointing out she did not tell authorities about this alleged conversation until 2017. Her bra size is 32B and her shoe size is 6.5 UK. All and all she remembered laying (sic) there for several moments in agonizing pain. They had a happy married life before things started to crumble between them. Since the authorities got their alleged killers, the two were charged to court while Sherra Robison Wright ended up with a 30-year jail term after she pleaded guilty for the aforesaid charges. Court records reviewed by Sports Illustrated indicated Sherra Wright failed to provide required accounting statements, and eventually withdrew efforts to maintain control of the trust. But she knew something had to change. Wright-Robinson and Lorenzen divorced in February 2010 after 13 years of marriage, according to Sports Illustrated. Lorenzen Vern Gagne Wright Jr. love you pops, Lorenzen Wright Jr (@iamlorenzen) March 25, 2020. 'It's Him or Me': Ex-Wife of Slain Basketball Star Lorenzen Wright Their most recent episode, Mystery in Memphis, takes a look into the murder of a former NBA player, Lorenzen Wright, who was shot to death in a wooded area in Memphis, Tennessee, after he went there to visit his ex-wife and their children. She has spent roughly 20 months in jail, which a judge has credited toward her sentence. Read More: Where Are Lorenzen and Sherras Children Now? Apr 15, 2021 Updated Feb 9, 2023. What we know about Billy Turner and Sherra Wright's - Yahoo! And having claimed fame, a portion of it has rubbed off on his family including his ex-wife, Sherra Wright Robinson who is the writer of the book; Mr. Tell Me Anything. Sherra Wright Robinson married a Shelby County Sheriff's deputy, Reginald A. Robinson Sr after the death of Lorenzen Wright. She also has a sibling, a sister named Katrina Robinson. Tim Gobble followed suit in declining six days later, on May 17, with the third vote coming from Gary M. Faulcon May 20.

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