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Get Off of My Cloud by Alexis Korner - RYM/Sonemic I always wondered, where are all the People who was there thin, i always wished to know some of them. How weird someone told me the other day about Sappho being the influence behind Mellow Yellow . Much Love, Hiya and best wishes xx I didnt know what to do.. There was no going back now, he admits, so we had to keep Koss in as good a nick as we could., John Taylor was hired as Back Street Crawlers tour manager and Kossoffs occasional minder. Tons Of Sobs arrived in March. Alexis Korner - Timenote She was my friend too and I have very special memories of going to Gigs with Alexis together and enjoying the smokey blues atmosphere as well as daytime fun at her house and mine. Docherty allowed him to drink alcohol, but the guitarist insisted on crme de menthe, not the most popular drink in Sunderland: So I went round every pub in town, buying whatever they had left in the bottles. At the end of the night, Koss would stagger up the 24 flights, with Docherty goading him on like a regimental sergeant major: And it worked. So I started having conversations with Paul and Andy individually, because I couldnt get them in a room together. Frees engineer Andy Johns recalled Kossoff getting embarrassed and uptight when Fraser had to teach him his parts. Or why not treat yourself? was it the 7 on the end that hinted at being 70. Pay ranges from $11-$16 per hour depending on experience plus tips (Annual Weeks Paid Vacation) Korner Store II. Born: 19th April 1928, Paris, France. He had travelled with his parents through Switzerland and North Africa before settling in London as a 12 year-old. Talking to Richard Lee today and he was telling me he was friends with Sappho when they were in Stage One Productions. In 1981, Korner joined another "supergroup", Rocket 88, a project led by Ian Stewartbased on boogie-woogiekeyboard players, which featured a rhythm sectioncomprising Jack Bruceand Charlie Watts, among others, as well as a horn section. It was the same for Simon. Glover was impressed by Koss playing, and approached Chris Blackwell for a record deal. Pictures. He was also, already, an in-demand guitarist. But when Kossoff went on another bender, Glover sheepishly returned the money. But his addiction meant he resented their help. Free At Last arrived in June 72, and gave the group a Top 20 hit with Little Bit Of Love. Kossoff had burns on his chest from the defibrillator, but his face was clean and pink and hed detoxed completely. Take care & Ill be in touch again .. XXX, Hiya Jan Free were on tour when they were told the single had jumped from No.30 to No.4 and they were due on Top Of The Pops the next day. God Bless her family and friends and may she rest in peace. Got it Anthony .. so you can remove the address now if you want. One of the songs is called Sappho and I remembered from reading somewhere, that this was his Daughter and I wondered if I find something about her in the Net. I remember visiting Sappho in Flask Walk Nico isnt around any more either . Baby & children's clothing store Sign up below to get the latest from Classic Rock, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox! He was just 25 years old. Aged eight I couldnt work out what the fuss was all about I thought hed had a good innings. Before long, a group of NYPD officers had trooped on to the aircraft. Kossoff was not a prolific writer and had begun to feel excluded from the Rodgers/Fraser clique. But as John Glover observes, It was Free against the world. The song in which his lyrics talk about a fourteen year old girl, possibly, named Saffron. Dunno if the surname Payne is remembered. Kossoff jammed with them at a blues club in Finsbury Park. We wondered whether or not he might have been talking about our dearly departed friend. Koss girlfriend, Sandie Chard, tried to reason with him She stuck around. Born: 19th April 1928, Paris, France. That Bayswater area was dripping with musicians and artists and I loved being around them during my younger days and my teenage years. Sorry William my email oooooooops better not give it out here . P.S. Korner Store Sinclair Gas Station. The phrase the lost years is frequently used when discussing the careers of troubled rock stars. In March 2016, on the 40th anniversary of Kossoffs death, Rodgers is convinced that had he lived, the two of them would have undoubtedly worked together again. Docherty brought in Terry Slesser, a local bass player and drummer and hired a rehearsal space above a bowling alley. Find album credit information for The New Church by Alexis Korner on AllMusic . :$47K - $57K . Mouthful Of Grass, Ill Be Creeping and Lying In The Sunshine were a celebration of peace, love, Mother Nature and sex lots of sex. Maybe we might stumble over, Sarah, yourself, Billy Edwards, the Soccer Star, Adrian Norrman, my best friend, and son of the Cafe owners, of Norrmans, Susan Painter, the good looking, very English, tall, straight-up, young, lady whom I last met, by complete chance, on the forecourt, call it, of Bayswater Station, in 1968, when we had a few minutes discussing our O level results and then parted, others who have written, here and visit, and finally anyone of that era.. Paul struggled academically, but his strong, squat fingers made light work of forming shapes and chords. I knew her in the mid 60s at school and a little while after. album arrived six months later. Alexis Korner. But the song changed them overnight, and Fire And Water became the first Free album to crack the Top 20, reaching No.2. At some point during the flight, Kossoff had visited the toilet and never come back. Sappho Korner (died 2006) was a singer and percussionist. Mr Big and Fire And Waters title track were masterclasses in economy and space. Im not on here a lot as I dont want to waste the summer. I remember getting into Koss car and his dad had stuck these typed-out instructions on the dashboard: Are you fit to drive?, Turn on headlights. The album cover offered an ants-eye view of a woman, sprinkled in stardust and silhouetted against the sky. More and more I realize that this is a wonderful site here. Keep it real Southern & urban blues. Docherty hid the pills in his oven, and rationed them out, until Kossoff found them and tried to take a handful at once. You must remember, in those days, it was all sort of arty-farty in Britain, said Simon Kirke. Although I was one of the youngest in the class, having started at Hallfield in Sept 1956 aged just 4 years and 9 months. I wish you well and lets hope that the Winter does not bite too deeply. But he was too stoned, too unreliable, and the group continued without him. Anthony, Anthony Eddie was my little bro . Andy Frasers first impression of Kossoff was that he looked like a little lion cub.. Stay up to date with in depth music reviews, exclusive interviews and widespread coverage of whats happening from your favourite music genre. I remember coming round to Queens Court to visit you. I didnt enen know shed been called Saffron . In fact, hed recently gone to Jamaica for a spell of rest and recuperation, only to discover Mandrax was available at every pharmacist on the island without prescription. Keep wellAnthony Kreppel, kreppamel the fact that you can do anything on this site is a miracle. I am so blessed to have known her. Was the Donovan Mellow Yellow song include a reference to your friend Saffron? ), I remember all those things so well .. Anthony at least you werent cast as a peasant in The Caucasian Chalk Circle .. my mother said sage knew it was me the moment I sasheyd across the stage . But he also had a taste for what his father called dangerous pursuits the risky rather than the peaceful. Lifes little ragamuffin, who I sadly lost contact with all too soon. The Party Album - Alexis Korner | Credits | AllMusic They had this energy, as if they wanted to prove themselves, says Docherty. Sorry I do not have Facebook. Richard was wandering if anyone on here remembered him from those days as he lives in Cornwall now. There was an instant spark, concurred Rodgers. Alexis Korner | ArtistInfo He was rushed to hospital, slipped into a coma, after which his heart stopped and he was dead for 35 minutes, until doctors resuscitated him. Walk In My Shadow and a swaggering take on Booker T And The MGs The Hunter bottled the aggression John Glover witnessed at the showcase. Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Brian May and Joe Bonamassa are just some of those whove paid homage to Kossoff and his sound. Always drop me a line when the mood takes you. When Frees next single The Stealer tanked and Highway stalled outside the Top 40, the rows began. His father, the great-great-grandson of a former slave, introduced. But youre correct all we have lived through and the amazing times weve had. Alexis Korner was a British blues musician and radio broadcaster. Instead, he went on the road, as a trainee stage manager on one of his fathers touring productions. I was a friend of sapphos I met her through my friend Annie Holden n I was her hairdresser for a few years whend been on my mind last fee days when I came across your site was so sad to hear of her passing have fond memorys of hanging out at her home in west london she had a great heart n I miss her. Jacob the Jeweler's Net Worth: An In-Depth Look. Lots of laughs and a few adventures together was just thinking about Sappho and found this site had no idea she had left the stage. we lived in Windsor Court Im the eldest of 4 brothers and one sister . Despite the sparse audience, Free played a dynamic set. Sappho Korner | Discography | Discogs If it helps I was born in 1952. Best Regards,Peace,Fraser, Hiya Frazer, God only knows how Lemmy ended up there, or what he and Koss had being doing.. Expand Your Search. Chris said, This is John. I also remember her mother v fondly. April 1928 in Paris als Alexis Andrew Nicholas Koerner; 1. . In the 60s, his popular radio show heard him reworking traditional Bible stories for a modern audience. The first friend i ever made was called Sappho, or Fo as i called her. Top Stories 'British blues will survive the apocalypse!': how the underground scene kept its groove Here he served the then-unknown Jimi Hendrix and watched spellbound as Hendrix flipped a guitar upside down and played it left-handed. He went back on tour and didnt have a hope of staying clean., Shortly after, Kossoff gave an interview to Bob Harris on the BBCs The Old Grey Whistle Test. Until a few minutes ago, the blues-rock group Back Street Crawler and their crew had been asleep, scattered throughout the half-empty plane. I knew Sappho briefly mid 90s when she lived in London W9. I hate to play just solos, said Kossoff. He had travelled with his parents through Switzerland and North Africa before settling in London as a 12 year-old. The doctors told me if he carried on like this, he would die, says Geoff Docherty. But it wasnt All Right Now. He was a founder of the seminal British blues band Blues Incorporated, which greatly influenced the blues scene in London in the early 1960s and had such adherents as Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton. Job Types: Full-time, Part-time. In September, the band were due to play a festival in Belgium to launch their debut album. Black Cat Bones knew what was coming. Wow just followed the link to the Stones concert in Hyde Park. A subscription makes a thoughtful gift for both family and friends. I went on to meet many fine musicians, including John Mayall & Eric Clapton in that flat. Sometimes it was, Hey, Koss, listen to this. Alexis Korner - News, Photos, Videos, Movies or Albums | Yahoo Sadly I lost touch with her in the early 1970s when I went off to University. Rodgers and Fraser wrote every song, except the group-credited Trouble On Double Time. He didnt like what he saw yesterday, but he is going to be the guy looking after you. It was not the best start.. His body had gone into shock from Mandrax withdrawal. I remember Susan Painter with a lot of affection .. she was one of the few really decent girls at school. sappho gillett korner - The Tempest Was sad to read of her passing. still trying to work out this site .. But within that was the rapport between Kossoff and Rodgers. Kossoffs understated solo on the song Swamp Man trailered the sound of Frees debut album that was recorded soon afterwards. Love from Sarah X. Friends gave him pills, thinking they were doing him a favour, adds John Glover. But, for once, they did as he asked. It was what he wanted, but not enough for him to curb his drug use. It was great fun to see. It was also something his father would have done. I remember going to that flat with Sappho .. We were in Box Hill School together back when we were around 14 or 15. At which point, says Glover. Paul Rodgers description of Paul Kossoffs intense, emotional relationship with music is reinforced by his reaction to Jimi Hendrixs death. Kossoff was delighted when the band showed up at the Starwood, and Rodgers and Kirke jumped up on stage to jam with them. That night, Koss didnt fall over and didnt forget the chords. SAPPHO KORNER R.I.P. | balletcatblue Three days later, Black Cat Bones joined Champion Jack Dupree at CBS studios to play on his album, When You Feel The Feeling You Was Feeling. Kirke had grown up in Shropshire, but moved to London in 1965. But when Paul Kossoff told Korner he was looking for a bass guitarist, Korner knew just the boy. I hope that you and everyone who comes here is well and that the spirit still moves you. Simon Kirke was informed just before a Bad Company show in New Orleans, but decided not to tell Paul Rodgers until some days later, so as not to jeopardise the tour. Kossoff was soon hooked on Clapton, Peter Green and the three Kings Albert, Freddie and BB and working in Selmers music shop on Londons Charing Cross Road. Kyler's Korner | Las Vegas NV - Love from Sarah X . I couldnt work out why . So your just hitting 68. it will be once I stop wasting my time on Facebook But Simon got over it. The subsequent UK tour saw flashes of the old Kossoff, but far too many moments of high farce and terrible chaos. Her father was Alexis Korner..the late and magnificant white blues man. All Right Now was released in May 1970. , Ilked her her and often asked people wot had become of her . Come October, a clearly un-cured Kossoff joined the new Free of Rodgers, Kirke, Tetsu and Rabbit to start work on a new album. Ive read the comments from Bill Young & William Taylor and feel that I must have known you both or at least met up with you at some time in the early 1960s. David was a bugger for that Dymo tape, where you can print out words. words can do nothing to explain the awful sadness . For me, England and USA from the 50s to the 70s had the greatest music inspirations ever. He was mischevious but I really liked him. Docherty had heard about Kossoff, thought he could help, and drove down from Sunderland to Golborne Mews. Free clashed with Blackwell when he insisted they edit it down for a single release. I would never have gotten an introduction to Blues music if it hadnt been for Sappho taking me into her fathers flat, in Queensway, in the 1960s. Sappho Gillett Korner | Credits | AllMusic so the answer to your question is No the song is not about Sappho as far as I know. Died: 1st January 1984, London, England. We got stoned together and listened to a lot of Stevie Wonder on her turntable driven by a car battery. And what happened? He just wandered off at some point during the five-hour flight. Aliases: Sappho Gillett Variations: Viewing All | Sappho Korner Sappho Artist [a1234779] Edit Artist Marketplace 395 For Sale Vinyl and CD Discography 12 Credits 9 Vocals 3 Instruments & Performance Add Release Paul attended his first concert, Tommy Steele at the London Palladium, aged eight. Nothanks for your quick worklook forward to communicating with you someI know this week is going to be busyHave a great Xmas. When they werent out and about playing one-night stands and negotiating Britains primitive motorway system, Free were in the studio. I fed him grilled fish, spring cabbage and orange juice, he recalls. On tour, Koss could be perfectly lucid one minute, but when the Mandrax kicked in, hed struggle to find the switch on his amp. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The story of Paul Francis Kossoff is a Shakespearean tragedy, with the guitarist as its gifted, damaged hero. will find another way to contact you .. xxx, William that wasnt a dog kennel that was our house .. well Fo and I made it into a house .. , I am this moment putting together a CD for my car with selected songs of my Alexis Korner CDs. Apologies for stilted writing as Im using an iPhone and a stylus my body doesnt move in the way I want it to anymore hugely frustrating. Paul was a very together guy, a soulful, intelligent guy. Off stage, he was quick-witted, a sharp mimic and, many believe, could have been a good actor. IP: Logged williegoat Member Posts: 17429 From: Glendale, AZ Registered: Mar 2009 Total ratings: 102 Koss was a mild-mannered and generouskinda guy, explains Rabbit, and that made him an easy target.. I need a break away. Korner suggested his daughter Sappho's boyfriend, a 15-year-old, part-English, Barbadian and Guyanese musician named Andy Fraser. Koss was with a girl that day somebodys wife in the business who was a well-known smackhead, recalls Taylor. In 1968, every musician in Britain knew Alexis Korner. Weve back in the early 80s at a place called Flask Walk, in Hampstead..I think Nico was around too. Wow what a lovely, kind, beautiful woman. There was no time to pause or reflect. This thread seems oh so quiet now. My life is richer for having had her as a friend in my formative years. But a rift in our direction did start to become obvious between the authentic and the obviously commercial., In August, Free played to 600,000 at the Isle Of Wight Festival alongside The Who and Koss idol, Jimi Hendrix. Hiya Anthony, previous; next; The New Church Album Information. In March 68, chief Bluesbreaker John Mayall told Korner he was looking for a new bass player to join the band. He was as intense and emotional about the music as I was.. In Glovers opinion, music was Koss life. The rest of it the business and the band politics was an unwelcome distraction. Sappho would have been 14 when the song was released in 1966. It was difficult, admits Glover. Im just mad about Saffron,and shes just mad about me Was this true or mereley the product of an addled teenagers mind? I recorded every show and gave him a cassette afterwards, says Taylor. She had a beautiful showmans wagon with a tiny cast iron stove and beveled glass windows. But it wasnt quite the collaborative effort it appeared to be. Do you know what they called Sappho, the first documented lesbian? Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. he was run over and killed at the age of 19 . all brown sack cloth . North Las Vegas, NV 89031. Hiring for all shifts, part time or full time. Nevertheless, everywhere Kossoff turned, there was another musician ready to shower him with praise. The first friend i ever made was called Sappho, or Fo as i called her. I looked at where Paul Kossoff had been sitting and the seat was empty, says former tour manager John Taylor. It was almost religious. Fraser quickly put together a new group, Toby, and Rodgers formed a trio, Peace. Kossoff asked Rodgers to join Black Cat Bones. And I said, You must be joking!. Gas Station Cashier Job in North Las Vegas, NV | Glassdoor Tomorrow Ill be 68 !!! Geoff had promoted enough Free shows to know they were on the skids: Pauls playing had gone downhill, and you could see the frustration in Paul Rodgers face at the end of every song.. I prefer to hear [Rodgers] voice and back it up or push it without covering it up. But the song that most impressed Chris Blackwell was All Right Now, with its bullish riff and terrace- chant chorus. I see how many people here knew her in her Life. One afternoon, he slipped away to audition for The Rolling Stones. who knew that evolution meant going backwards so far .. until another time . My dear mother giving us two sixpences to Pitch & Putt, or just Putt in Hyde Park. I was 67 this September for some reason the age of 67 seemed absolutely monumental. As the only one with a licence, Kossoff drove the bands Transit, clocking up hundreds of miles week after week. But he was scoring again as soon as he was back in London. Pay: $11.00 - $16.00 per hour. Chris Blackwell had produced the finished album. It was an album that epitomised Frees creative tug of war. Im sure we must know some of the same people Kossoff had to be dissuaded from abandoning the Highway sessions and taking the next plane to Seattle for the funeral. Id spent four, maybe five years, being one fourth of a whole personality which was Free, Kossoff told music paper Sounds. This entry was posted on May 15, 2006 by BalletCat-Blue. Kossoff came round to the house, recalls Rodgers now. Kossoff considered its soulful slow blues Be My Friend the best thing weve ever done. Island blamed the band, the band blamed Island; everyone blamed Highways insipid cover. Hiya William .. We were all drunks or druggies as you call them at one time . Daughter of Alexis Korner, and sister of Nico Korner and Damian Korner . Release Date 1970. Sappho Gillett Daughter of Alexis Korner External Links Discogs ArtistInfo App ArtistInfo for iOS and ArtistInfo for Mac are presenting musicians, composers and producers that are envolved in the musical work that you are listening to in Apple Music, iTunes, or Spotify. My body isnt doing great either adjusting to it isnt easy but is some of the reason Im not on here much. On one occasion, bassist Terry Wilson kicked Koss door in and physically removed a dealer from his hotel suite. My abiding memory of Sappho will always, undoubtedly, be the Rolling Stones Free Concert in Hyde Park when I spent the day with her and her father at the Concert and rubbed shoulders with some musical greats that made me more passionate about all music genres and how music will always bring people together in friendship. If I have answered, here, or somewhere, and my machine, like my body, has been sick of late, then I completely , absolutely, apologise for that. I was and, thinking back, I thought that you were a little older than myself. Its a massive turning of a corner and Im really pleased for you. I knew Sappho from 76 to about 80 when I left Wales and moved back to London. I seem to have 2 accounts. Please dont be a stranger. Hiya Anthony . David Kossoff was the son of Russian-Jewish immigrants and a radio, film and TV actor. I remember conker collecting in Kensington Gardens, failing to sail origami boats on the Round Pond, Tea in the Cafeteria, now the Serpentine Gallery. sorry to have to break this to you if you didnt already know My life wouldve been v. different had Eddie been around he was an ally . something which the world is sadly lacking in these days . I can remember your mother very clearly too , If you have were any link in the chain that included Hallfield School, Woolworths, Bobbies Sweet shop & newsagent, Portobello Baths, ABC Saturday morning cinema, 6d & 9d, throwing aniseed balls from the back-row, YO-YO competitions, Batman, The Spike Milligan painted elves, the playground with an actual sandpit, football, cricket, 3 or 14 per side, Billy Edwards, a professional footballer with Wimbledon, tall Susan Painter and all from 1956 to 1969(?) At 63 my memory is not as crisp as it used to be sadly. In January 1969, two months before its release, promoter Geoff Docherty booked Free to play Sunderlands Bay Hotel. She told him to put his seatbelt on and asked where the guy sitting next to me had gone. And when the band broke up, I was on my own. Alexis Korner | Discografa | Discogs Her voice was more dreamy & folksy than her gravelly-voiced Bluesy father. Styles. His speech was slurred as he declared his fellow guest, singer Leo Sayer, better than Paul Rodgers.. He us the author of Pigs Might Fly: The Inside Story of Pink Floyd, Is This the Real Life: The Untold Story of Queen, Magnifico! Fame, money, drugs and some unresolvable inner torment all played a part in his downfall. Docherty was now managing Beckett, a group with a fine blues/soul singer named Terry Slesser. Glover insists it was $150,000. wishing you all the best X. Sappho Korner - Historical records and family trees - MyHeritage Benefits: Employee discount. The absence of Free left a hole in Kossoffs life, which he was now filling with drugs. Shorter than me by perhaps a foot, in your young teenage years, with a patchy face that a loving mother would always want to take a wet hankie to. Hello Sarah I went to primary & infants school with Alexis Korners daughter Sappho . Rodgers, "Paul was as emotional about as music as I was", All at sea, Kossoff and Back Street Crawler drummer Tony Braunagel in 1975, Hiding on the backstreets, Kossoff and BC vocalist, Terry Wilson-Slesser, The Story Behind The Songs: Feel Like Makin' Love by Bad Company, The unlikely life story of Paul Kossoff's guitar, Paul Rodgers: My greatest regret is not having Paul Kossoff around. AllMusic. Our children were at school together. I had read that Donovan was friends of the family? I remember many deep coversations with Sappho and of course much laughter. [4] He was survived by a daughter, singer Sappho Gillett Korner ( died 2006) and two sons, guitarist Nicholas 'Nico' Korner ( died 1988) and sound engineer Damian Korner ( died 2008). May she rest in peace. I think it was called South London Tech College or something. .. Anthony I sincerely hope that the years we have had continue even though I know its gonna be decades of listening to idiots discussing Brexit I still want to be around. Bill Great to touch base with you. and Im still present and so are you so far so good .. as far as the rest of the world goes . Ahmet Ertegun came into the picture. Ertegun, the Atlantic Records mogul whod signed Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones, signed Back Street Crawler and publicly declared Paul Kossoff the emperor of the blues. Then there was this dreadful doctor in Harley Street, whod write him a prescription for whatever he wanted. Before long, Koss was swallowing as many as 20 Mandrax a day. The Short Life And Tragic Death Of Paul Kossoff | Louder - loudersound trouble is I never hear her mention it .. My School days at Hallfield were a real mixture of fun and being bulliedbut not too horrendous. Yes, agreed. Great memory, thanks for sharing with us Anthony. That has nothing to do with your being competent & everything to do with this site. She must have been a young woman at the time. Free was Kossoffs life.. Alexis Korner - Family Life and Death | Family Life Death - LiquiSearch Appalling when I think of it now. BA1 1UA. But the job of replacing Brian Jones went to Mick Taylor instead. And he certainly wasnt a drug casualty. KKTRs rootsy blues and funk rock lacked Frees bite and, most importantly, Paul Rodgerss voice. John Glover is certain Kossoff played in an early five-man line-up of Bad Company, and has the tape to prove it (Rodgers wont let me put it out.). (LogOut/ Cheers , Anthony Ive just seen your face in my mind. 1950 It happened quickly and took everybody by surprise. But they werent Free. Can I ask some questions? Glover tried to defend himself. When it came to recording their third album, Fire And Water, Free went straight from the gig to the studio, with little time to draw breath. But when Paul Kossoff told Korner he was looking for a bass guitarist, Korner knew just the boy. Hiya Anthony .. Ill be in touch at a later date I think we mustve met x. I knew Sappho in the early 70s when she was living in Gibson Square in Islington,sharing a flat with a crowd of ex Finchden Manor people-she was a sweetie.

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