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Rachel, didnt miss a beat: What do you expect? Seattle friends, the 27-year-old wrote in 2018, Im going hiking this Wednesday and tackling Vesper Peak Message me if you want to tag along.. Hes a journeyman carpenter, although hes worked a grab bag of blue-collar jobs. I said, 'I know you may not like this but I think shes dead. This is the stance of someone who doesnt give up. Saw this article on another sub and thought you guys would find it interesting. In a crowded restaurant you must lean in to hear him speak. I also believe quasi-conspiracy theories like missing411 perpetuate the underestimation of the dangers of going unprepared or overconfident into the wilderness by suggesting that there are other causes to the events other than accidents in the wild. I'm happy to PM you with my FB name so you can invite me. Raised in Pennsylvania, Sam took to theater in high school, passionate about vocals on stage and set construction behind it, then earned a BFA in western New York. It went viral. Samantha Sayers, Girard Native, went missing August 1st after climbing a mountain in Washington state. Its just a really shitty club to be a part of.. Instead, families looking for closure often turn to individuals or foundations to keep the search for their loved ones going. Kevin recognized Sam from across the room before they even metthis was the girl hed matched with on Tinder; theyd chatted through the app. As the camera trains on Vesper Peak, a figure ascends the scramble route, passing other climbers at a determined pace. When Carr calls, Dares packs his bag and heads out as a way of paying it back to him and everyone else who helped. According to the sheriff's office, a group of hikers reported seeing her on her way up Vesper Peak around midmorning. Her online videos imply that the family is currently pursuing their own investigation into her daughter's disappearance. Someone claimed she was on an episode of The Bachelorette. Her mother posted daily updates that were parsed for clues. I've been getting a lot messages the past few days. MARBLEMOUNT, Wash. This is tough country. As of Monday, more than $35,000 has been raised. Another hiker told police he saw her the same day at the 6,220-foot summit and . I just do not know what to think, but I am guessing she fell, and the area that required technical climbers was not searched properly? They parsed Kevins 911 callcould you hear someone in the background?and claimed to have hacked his email. I went to high school with Sam, and her mom was always that uber-intense type. Of course shed go straight to Belltown.Seattle PD was dispatched to the coordinates. Whether or not psychics are legitimate. It had never happened before. Samantha "Sam" Sayers, 28, went missing whilst on a solo hike on the Vesper Peak trail in the North Cascades mountains in Washington on Wednesday, August 1st, 2018. He moved to Colorado as a child and now lives in northwest Washington in a small, rented home on the Skagit River with his wife and three children. Her poor mother has lost herself in this horror and become a different person. Sheriff's office ends search for Samantha Sayers in North Cascades Carr stepped into this mess several days after Sayers went missing. Because at the end of the day, hes the only person out there helping you.. Lakoduk continued up. Missing Sam Sayers: Day hike turns into months, still no trace of Someone, somewhere, saw something that may help authorities. He took to Vesper and pioneered his own way off trail; from the brush he counted more than 100 people on the day the reward was posted. Imagining Sam bushwhacking her way through the forest around Vesper, family members filled Ziploc bags with snacks and instructions for Sam. The longest search in state history turned up nothing. If you're not cool with that thats fine too. Its a sad, broken system in the United States. Could his media approach be worlds different? Samantha Jane Sayers (sammiieeiilikeeiitsayerss) See Photos. One count estimates 1,600 people are currently missing on public lands. On a perfect summer day, a solo hiker went missing from a Cascade trail. All she had on her was "three sandwiches, some chips and water" and no cold weather gear for nighttime. So forgive Kevin for being a bit anti-social. Carr owns and operates 49th Parallel, a private search and rescue group located in Concrete and spent at least 70 days searching for Rachel. Now, his body is covered in ink, including a swastika, although its oriented in the traditional Buddhist way, not the Hitler way, he said. Im looking for vent stacks. Kevin took it in stride, told the stranger who he was, but held no hard feelings. The trail register may be the last tangible piece of Sam on Vesper Peak, the last one you can physically touch, but there was one more sign of her. This was on the last day of the search before they stopped for the season. Seattle hiker Samantha Sayers has been missing since Aug. 1 at Vesper Peak. People def took advantage of the search, like the main guy who turned the SAR effort into a camping trip. SM is an admin but does not act like the other admins.Basically what I saw was half of the people think SS fell from the mountain and the other half think she was killed off the mountain. She had given up wigs in high school, when in typical dramatic fashion she ripped one off her head during a class presentation. Some posters there report having read the public records on the FB Truth Group before it was made private. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. I was amazed. This week I've caught up on the NW Hikers page dedicated to her, the forum was unfortunately closed back in September, but many of those people brought up valid points. Ill owe Bud for the rest of my life, he said. Where did she go? All told, Carr and various configurations of volunteers have spent more than 70 days on this mountain in the North Cascades searching for her. But thats cold comfort for the families left behind. Rebellious and combative, he was in solitary numerous times, contemplated suicide but then converted to Buddhism (even publishing three short books on the topic). In addition to the swastika tattoo, Carr posted a video since deleted of himself wearing a hat with an Iron Cross. (Tyler Tjomsland/The Spokesman-Review). Steve Monchak, an area drone photographer, reported that hed been at the Big Four ice caves the day Sam went missing, just a few miles away; he told deputies he spotted two suspicious men there. On August 23, Deputy Teske was sitting with Kevin when word came that the county was officially suspending its search. A self-described mountain man, Carr is an enthusiastic storyteller, one who uses every inch of his 5-foot-11 frame to elucidate and elaborate, his gestures those of a college theater major, albeit a tattooed and felonious one. Someone found his criminal history. Dares is barely holding it together. Many took issue with the supply bags full of energy bars, not a common SAR technique. Creepy Stories: These People Were Swallowed Alive By The Forest Despite her healthy pallor, strangers assumed shed just undergone chemotherapy, and the sympathetic clucks wore on her. Also, if you check out her IG she appeared to enjoy taking a lot of cliffside selfies soit's feasible she may have fallen. Sometime in the morning of a bluebird August day, a Seattle woman picked up a pencil and wrote her name on the register at a trailhead off the Mountain Loop Highway. So forgive Kevin for being a bit anti-social. Samantha "Sam" Claire Sayers. So forgive Kevin for being a bit antisocial. Idk, I am not there. :-), I would love to be added to that group! The official search started. discussion about Sam that won't be silenced, Press J to jump to the feed. After Collegiate, Sayers attended the State University of New York at Fredonia, where she graduated in 2013 with a bachelors degree in technical theatre and theatre design and technology, according to herLinkedInaccount. Hes proud of his German heritage, he said, although he believes the Nazis are disgusting. A background check revealed the burglary charges in Missouri, a warrant for arrest, stemming from that burglary charge, a failure to pay child support allegation and a marijuana possession charge. I would just like to read at my pleasure and see what everyone else is thinking. The hiker turns his camera in a blurry panorama, catching blue sky over boulder fields, the sharp peaks that circle Lake Elan. Too much vegetation. A year after officials called off search for hiker Sam Sayers, her That number 1,600 comes from the journalist Jon Billmans research. To my understanding, both the Truth group is no longer accepting new members. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Polite. So forgive Kevin for being a bit antisocial sometimes. She asked about conditions ahead. David Francis, the man who lost his son in the Idaho Sawtooths, told a reporter that hed never seen anything like it and that they are the most dedicated West Coast County sheriffs Ive ever seen.. A white supremacist? They spotted a tree on fire, but no Sam. See Photos. And who searches for those missing people? A Nazi? Carr knew of Krieger, she was the cashier at his grocery store. As we near closer to the end (I hope, for everyone's sake), her followers expect (and are owed IMO) an explanation, but will she really be prepared to do that once the time comes? Kevin, Carr, and the others made occasional trips down to visit their children and gather gear, but their lives had become ruled by the command tent maps, the bearings and grid lines plotted around PLS: Sams place last seen. He drove 20 miles back down the Mountain Loop Highway to the Verlot Public Service Center, a visitor center staffed by U.S. Forest Service rangers during the dayclosed, but home to a pay phone out front. The two men sit together, uphill from the remnants of a life. Such as did LE look into this and do DNA testing, etc. Point of Disappearance. Privacy Policy. She preferred if more people thought she was punk than had cancer.Sam exuded vitality. It really is. [Hiking] WA hiker Samantha Sayers is still missing. : r/HobbyDrama - reddit Once the proper trail peters out in the dirt and heather, its common for every comer to pick their own way. His girlfriend, Samantha Sayers, also disappeared while hiking. Give directly to The Spokesman-Review's Northwest Passages community forums series -- which helps to offset the costs of several reporter and editor positions at the newspaper -- by using the easy options below. The Snohomish County Sheriffs Office launched 310 search and rescue missions last year, up 6 percent from 2017. A paramount code in the search and rescue world, he said, is to not squawk about victories or defeats. He began a Facebook group called The Truth of the Sam Sayers Case where followers could swap theories; one made a timeline that runs more than 180 pages. Hi, I'm not on Facebook, but interested in this case (I posted some thoughts about the public records recently on another Reddit thread). You know. Sam was my health dictator. Volunteers still showed up, most unbidden, like a trucker from Memphis who read about Sam online and dropped everything to come climb a mountain in a place hed never been. Carr continues talking about his tattoos, all of which (except for the ones on his back) he did himself, Yes sir, Im ambidextrous, he says. So, Dares understands why county search and rescue crews suspend searches; they have other tragedies to attend to. It was around day 50 of the search; Kevin would ultimately spend over 100 on this mountain. Is it possible or o.k. She was 3,300 feet and 3 hard miles from the road, but she was on the right track. Super driven. Interactive Map in Progress as of August 31, 2018. Every year, in the United States, roughly 600,000 people go missing. On forums like, locals offered likely scenarios, stories of their own misadventures around Vesper, their own accidental wanderings down to Spada Lake or the Sultan River. Thanks to GPS watches and cell phones, facial-recognition cameras and credit card chips, the world observes and records. Everyones gonna say, a boyfriend, whatever, fly-by-night, who cares, he says. He points to the moats off the north side of the peak, where the steep bottom of the cliff meets the glacier. His policy is to be as honest as he can. After climbing more than 4,000 feet, up switchbacks and across boulder fields and finally across the patchy snow that marbles the stone pyramid of Vespers very top, Sam reached the summit. Sam is up on that mountain somewhere. I guess the most pressing thing for me now tho is what everyone is saying since LYS has changed her tone and wtf happened to KD. She planned to meet a friend in Bellingham the next day. The staff checks on him every 10 minutes, more motherly than waiterly. Dares was a wreck. Carlton Bud Carr, a journeyman carpenter from Concrete, had taken part in searches before, like a failed attempt to find Skagit Countys Patti Krieger on Sauk Mountain in 2010. Soon after meeting Kevin, she left a gig at Seattle Repertory Theatre to work entrepreneurial hustles, pursuing a real estate license and marketing intriguing products shed found online, like an inflatable lounger. That was what had pinged. (GoFundMe) Search operations for a Seattle hiker missing since Aug. 1 have been suspended,. Tripp, Dares and Simonseth feel differently. See Photos. See Photos. Three homes. In Washington, there are 765 open missing persons cases. When I dream shes always getting kidnapped. The unknown, he says time and time again, is the hard part.Sometimes he can joke about the idea that Sam had orchestrated her own disappearance, a kind of Gone Girl stunt that would melt the internet: Youve been chilling in the woods for five months? Samantha Sayers. This unofficial search began as soon as SAR pulled out. Little cold-weather gear, no headlamp, Kevin tells her. Would a glove or a boot bring closure to a family? There is a pause, ever so slight, and the radio squawks back to life. Sams phone pinged, a sign it was on and working. Rainier. I never once even peeped at it before because I was under LYS's cult spell and I thought if I deflected there I'd get blocked from her page. Samantha "Sam" Sayers, a former Girard resident, remains among the 43% still missing. But, if youre not crazy youre not quitting your job, packing up all your (stuff) and then going in the woods for somebody youve never met. But for Dares these searches are painful. The day was hot, the faint haze from far-off wildfires hanging in the air. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. What happened next is educated speculation. They clicked immediately. There was nothing down there, he says. Some accuse Bud Carr of these same tactics. Kevin began referring to himself as Sams fiance. Three weeks later, Kevin stood in the Sunrise Mine Trail parking lot, shoving food into an army-style tan backpack. Approvals quickly followed. Around 10 a.m., Sayers signed her name in the logbook at the trailhead and then disappeared. In October the occasional snow flurries turned to regular snowfall, and temperatures continued their plunge. As the August day melted into late evening, Kevin grew concerned. The trail was hard to follow, obscured by snow, above the tree line and exposed to the elements. Think what you will of Carr, Dares said, but the fact is hes offering hope and a service that no one else is. Why? Bud Carr, with his drive and determination, was a godsend for a grief-stricken Dares when his girlfriend went missing in 2018. My diets bad. The color of her lipstick debated, what does it mean? PM me and I'll add y'all. Snow fell and Carr and Dares stopped searching, although they went back in 2019. They know the chances of finding her are slim to none. Driving down together after a day of work, Carr Sr. would quiz Bud on what to do if he got stranded on that mountain road. Those were boom years for the family. He lowered himself into an abandoned mine shaft and tromped through thick underbrush. A hiker remembers seeing Sam veer down toward the peaks southwest side around 3pm. What color is Lakoduks pad, backpack and sleeping bag, he asks, his voice tight with urgency. Now I can get Bud to focus on Vesper again.. One day in Wirtz Basin, Kevin fell in step with a man who didnt recognize this stranger with the Cajun accent and decided to share some theories. Sayers, a 2008 graduate of Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy, left on the morning of Aug. 1, 2018, for a day hike at Vesper Peak in the North Cascade range, northeast of Seattle, where. Sayers' disappearance sparked a major, exhaustive search on the 6,200-foot peak off the Mountain Loop Highway, as well as a frenzy on social media. Monchak would head up the amateur drone searches, but later broke from Kevins search to run his own. The Snohomish County Sheriff's Office led the. Search for the Missing (Dedicated to Samantha Sayers) - Facebook "Please take a moment to look at their faces and read and share their stories. Revised April 2021. Samantha Sayers Profiles | Facebook Been trying for a week now I thought it was shut down (I'm social media challenged) 3 Dogs versus cats. There were a few other searches after that, Carr said, but things didnt really heat up until Samantha Sayers vanished on Vesper Peak in 2018. The official search was suspended on Aug. 23 after a Herculean effort. In July, he posted a photo of a note hed placed on the car of a solo female hiker on Facebook. The official search for Sam went on for 22 days. Hes proud of what the volunteers do. That was day 106. 2 No Hate Speech or Bullying Make sure everyone feels safe. That means how long and how hard a county looks for a vanished person varies. She told him she would just walk up the trail a bit and be right back. Up at camp, just below the stone summit pyramid, the buzz of Facebook was distant. Brad Dad will sleep much better tonight, he says. It even had an iron box stove inside. Police Continue Searching for Hiker Who Went Missing on Aug. 1 - Tips came pouring in, from the usefulYMCA campers at Lake Elan just below the peak saw Sam ascend but never come downto the questionable, like psychic visions of her near rocks, trees, and water. That sunny August Wednesday, a hiker stopped a few hundred feet below the top, right above the meadow where Kevin would one day erect his camp. Friends created a group page called Find Sam Sayers#findsamsayers, to be specificthat would grow to more than 30,000 followers. Jamie Lakoduk is a big redheaded man who looks like he could rip you in half but has the demeanor of a teddy bear. That was the last time they spoke. Anyone with any information should call the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office at 425-388-3808 or 425-388-3523.. Snohomish County Sheriffs Office. I know many of you have reached this point already, but there are some serious problems with what's going on now, and with how it's being presented. We can get statistics on auto accidents but theyre not collected for people missing in the wilderness., The search for Jon lasted only two days before the county sheriff pulled out and, as David remembers, told him he should give his son up to the mountain. People made YouTube videos. Carr knew what so many recreationists did not, that Vesper Peak wasnt just a subalpine playland of rocks and cliffs. Like Sam, Jon summited a mountain and then vanished. It isnt easy to utterly vanish. Its more than three miles from the trailhead to the shores of Lake Elan and Kevins base camp, where snow had mostly melted. News organizations picked up the story. Follow the river to civilization. No links but if you Google, there are a lot of message boards talking about how the search was run esp after the legit SAR pulled out. Hed read about it on Facebook and decided to help. A dozen PJs, or Air Force Pararescue personnel, came up from Oregon; the navy flew a mission. His girlfriend, Samantha Sayers, also disappeared while hiking. Carr Sr. bought the mine for a song in the early 80s and turned it into a profitable business within a decade. Dares was grateful that Carr was searching. And it was in Seattle. There is a woman from Spokane who met Lakoduks husband in community college and felt compelled to help. Folks questioned where all the money went. Nine months later, the mystery has consumed the lives of thousands. Kevin asked his father, the command chief warrant officer in the Louisiana National Guard, to run the mountain camp. In every community across Washington, families are facing the challenge of accessing and affording long-term care. Psychics sent tips to the police Sam is near rocks, trees and water someone reported seeing her in a Walmart in Spokane acting strangely. Like Kevin she was a self-employed entrepreneur, owner of a cleaning service for Airbnbs. Citing the campsites delicate heather, posters online howled at a plan that flaunted the prevailing leave no trace ethos. Carr posted a 30-minute live YouTube video during which someone called him ridiculous. He responded by calling them a weak ass fool and challenged them to meet him on the mountain. The best they could do, the carrier said, was load the SIM signature onto Dawns mobile, effectively cloning Sams iPhone. Sams trace. 1 Be Kind and Courteous We're all in this together to create a welcoming environment. He gave up two things for Lent: social media and alcohol. It is frozen.. His biggest complaint? Seven years of Dateline's Missing in America: 156 still missing. One night in July 1997, Carr and six other guys dressed in all black smashed their way into the store and stole between 80 and 100 guns. It starts at 3,600 feet in the thick and sometimes vicious vegetation typical of the rain-soaked North Cascades and winds into alpine meadows of wildflowers before reaching a rocky granite saddle and then, at 6,700 feet, the lookout itself. Not drinking makes nights harder.I dream, he says, the bayou drawl heavy even as his voice gets quiet. Her family is exploring all avenues of inquiry to find and bring her home. Allison Williams Despite those challenges, when Samantha Sayers went missing in 2018, county and state agencies spent 22 days searching for her. His girlfriend, Samantha Sayers, also disappeared while hiking. From his home in Minnesota, David Francis says that in the decade hes followed lost hiker cases, hes never seen anything like it. Police are continuing to search for a woman who went missing after going out on a solo hike in Washington State on Aug. 1. When asked if he was a racist, she said in a text Ive seen/heard/have no data point to support such accusations. They havent met up but they plan to, for which she is so grateful., Still, Carr remains a villain in many circles. Editor's Note: This article was updated April 30 to correct cellular satellites to cellular sites. In late July, the Tacoma Mountain Rescue Unit Facebook page posted a photo (clearly photoshopped) of a bearded man with a Pinocchio-length nose, wearing a do-rag and smoking a cigarette. Recovery of Wash. hiker after 2 years prompts questions about search I have better things to do. Below the steep north face of Vesper Peak, the edge of a glacier formed a moat at the base of the cliff, its bottom impossible to reach beneath the ice.

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