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The second meaning is "defender of mankind" as this is the shortened version of Oleksandra (or Alexandra.) Derived from Latin, Oliwia holds the fresh meaning of olive or olive tree, a plant that is recognized as an international symbol of peace, thus blessing hope and prosperity upon all those who bear the name. Elisaveta is another beautiful name that is perfect for little ladies that will grow strong and wodnerful. Born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, she becomes famous in Bulgaria where her family immigrates due to the political situation in Bosnia. Image credit: nastyaleon/Instagram. Its beauty has conquered not only the Slavic world, but Scandinavia and some Mediterranean countries. Derived from the Latin girls name Alba, Albinka is a beautifully dreamy Slavic girl name, which holds the brilliant meaning of white or bright. This makes Albinka an adorable choice of name for a baby born with stunning golden locks, or perhaps for a little girl whose future is certain to shine brightly! Upbeat in both meaning and sound, Radmila is a great choice of name to bestow upon a chirpy little girl with a gorgeous grin. Emma 3. A combination of the girl names Anna and Lise, this name is simple, pretty and unique. Famous Namesakes: Katya Jones, dancer; Katya Zamolodchikova, drag queen. Nevena is a dreamy choice of name for a newborn, full of powerful symbolism we cant help but adore. Derived from the South Slavic word biser pearl. Monica. Alexander. Ada. ", Famous Spring; Feminine version of Jaromir. Fleur. Sexy Russian women from Ukraine and Russia. If you are into spiritual beliefs, it will be interesting for you to know that there is a famous fortune teller in Bulgaria called Ivelina. Little Rumis are full of bright thoughts and laughter. Karlie - "Free man". Russian Brides dating service offers quality translation call service. Also, there are many famous people and civil rights activists called Dorothy: Dorothy Day, Dorothy Height, and Dorothy Gish are some of them. The meaning of this name is Virtuous, Good. Meaning strawberry, Jagoda is full of summertime fun and adventure, loved by all, and welcome addition to any gathering! Here we have gathered some of our top picks, from the medieval to the modern, and given you all the meanings, origins, namesakes, and more behind each one, to help you choose the perfect name for your little warrior. Whether youre using it as a nickname or just on its own, Lenka really is an upbeat name for a happy little lady. Helen - Such a great name. There are a lot of famous actresses called Miriam: Miriam McDonald, Miriam Shor, Miriam Flynn, etc. Jagoda is a Slavic female name that is simply as sweet as can be! Hope - We do not hear this enough. All in all, Rua is a stunningly romantic choice of name for your own little petal princess. Spiritual, restful, yet full of adventure, this makes a wonderful option if you and your family love Sundays spent together, especially with your beautiful new addition! A good place to start is this list of the 100 most popular baby girl names in England and Wales in 2020, in order of popularity (and alphabetically where two or more names are equally popular): 1. Meaning pure, Ekaterina is wholesome and true, making it a beautifully noble choice for your new little love. As a Slavic name, Anya is a gorgeous and sweet diminutive form of the Hebrew name Anna, thus holding the virtuous meaning of grace. It is popular in Russia and works especially well as a shortened form of Anastasia, but we think its sophisticated style allows it to work perfectly as an independent name, too. He is also a god of the light and the sun. Setup Size: 8.9 GB. However, in Japanese, Yuri is a pretty feminine name element that holds the beautiful meaning of lily, and this floral connotation leads us to believe that Yuri would make a fantastic choice of unisex name, whichever origin you choose to associate it with! All content found on this website is intended for informational and educational purposes only. A unique name but adorable nonetheless, we simply adore Jagoda as a beautiful choice of name for a baby girl born under the glorious summer sunshine. Maybe a puppy or a kitten will be a perfect present for your little lady. If you would like a beautiful and unique girls' name with a pretty sound or meaning, these rare options surely fit the bill. Penelope - Greek for "bobbin-weaver". 45994 women are talking about 'Russian baby girl names' on Peanut. Just like a flower. OR. Svetlana is a dazzling Slavic name for girls, derived from the Russian element svet, meaning light. This popular choice is both strong and distinctly feminine, making it a gorgeous option to shine upon the newest little star in your life. A form of Magdalene, this name root is best associated with Mary Magdalene, the biblical saint who bore witness to Jesus resurrection. In Slavic mythology, Lada is the name of the goddess of fertility, beauty, marriage, and harmony, making her a dazzling namesake for your perfect little lady. Esfir: It is a unique and beautiful name for girls of Russian origin. Doubravka is a stylish and earthy choice of Slavic female name, having been derived from an old Slavic word meaning oak grove. This lush meaning seems to connote adventure, stability, and might, making it a beautiful choice for an outdoorsy little girl full of wonder and curiosity. These were the names of three girls, triplets, who became famous in Bulgaria after their scandalous participation in the reality show Big Brother Bulgaria. Especially the baby girl ones. Derived from a Slavic element meaning to build or to create, this gorgeously unique name connotes hard work and inspiration, making it a wonderful choice for a baby girl with a bright future ahead. Software Full Name: Adobe Premiere Pro 2023. 4. Serving up the hottest food trends and the inside scoop on restaurants worldwide. Girl names beginning with that friendly Dani element are always popular, and we think Danica is a beautiful and unique option youll love. Lenka is an adorable Slavic girl name, which rolls off the tongue perfectly and cant help but make you smile. Claudia. Lyubov. Audrey. This charming name is one that has been borne by a handful of noblewomen throughout history, including Richeza of Denmark, a former queen of Sweden; Richeza of Sweden, Queen of Poland; Richeza of Berg, a Duchess of Bohemia; and others. The oldest form of the name is Yanka or Enka and thats why Yanas celebrate on Enovden (24.06. Daria (or Dari for shorter) is an exotic Slavic name. With the meaning of great glory, the Slavic female name Bolesawa is a perfect choice for your own pride and joy if you share these feelings completely! Plus, with the adorable meaning of youthful, Ulyana is a gorgeous name to bestow upon a newborn baby, who will hopefully keep her childlike curiosity and sense of adventure as she grows up. A name that is as spiritual as it is historical, Celestyna is derived from the ancient Roman girls name Caelestinus, which was notably borne by five popes. The best part is that each Slavic name has its name day, which is celebrated as a second birthday. Cynthia. Karolyn - "Free man". Derived from separate Slavic elements which give the name those joyous meanings of happy and gracious, its hard not to adore a name that is so perfectly positive in tone. Actually its in many Top 10s not only in countries in Easter Europe, but in the UK and the USA. If you like the sound of Xenia, you could also consider the variant spelling Ksenia, which is also sparky in its own right! Theyll be always worried about the world and will keep fighting for peace. Related names are Maggie, Marjory, Mae, Peggy and Rita. Last but not least, lets not forget that names facilitate communication. Meaning: Favor, grace, beautiful. Another amazing Slavic name is Jaroslawa, the feminine version of the Polish men name Jaroslaw. Also, literature loves Veras. A celestial choice for an out-of-this-world little goddess, we love the name Zvezdana for your little girl. Friendly and comforting, this unique name is undeniably fun, and its gorgeous meaning of beloved certainly amps up its cuteness factor! It comes from the Irish Mac Dara that translates as oak tree. Elitsa is a mix between a psychologist and a teacher, passionate about writing, caving and traveling, and interested in topics such as addictions, premature babies and human rights. Olga is a Russian form of Helga, taken from the Scandinavian Helge. A variation of this Slavic name is Margaret. It has connotations of blossoming or blooming and suggests natural beauty. Romina is another beautiful variation of the name, used in many Romance languages, which comes from the Latin word for a Roman. Margarita also comes from the Latin name for pearl, and not surprisingly, girls with this name are very precious and astonishing. Estelle: This is a cool Latin name meaning the Star. All these choices are soft and playful, but we truly love Joasia as an adorable Slavic name for girls. Nadezhda is a pretty Slavic name for girls full of wishes and dreams, as the name holds the adorable meaning of hope in both Russian and Bulgarian. Elisaveta is a soft and fairy-like Slavic form of the ever-popular, English choice of name, Elizabeth. Richeza is a Slavic girl name of particularly regal connotations, making it a great choice for your newest little lady! Isabella - Call her Izzy. Its gentle and sweet. Jenny - English/Celtic word that means "fair spirit". Olga is not only beautiful but royal. Extreme sports and environmental problems are some of the topics they feel passionate about. Savannah - Spanish for "flat tropical . This name of English origin, meaning "noble strength," will be more unique for girls who live in the United States than in England. Interestingly, Anya can also be found amongst other languages, being the Hungarian word for mother, the Igbo word for eye, and can also be recognized as a Kurdish name, meaning power!. All Simonas celebrate on the 1st of September, which is a great way to start their new school year. As well as being the name of the evil sea witch in the Disney animated classic The Little Mermaid, Ursula has become a rather stylish choice, thanks to its unique U- spelling and cool lilt. Either way, Maja remains one of the most acknowledgedly beautiful Swedish girl names. Use video chatting. Alternative Spellings & Variations: Katiya, Katia, Ekaterina, Katyusha. This Slavic female name is actually used as a diminutive form of longer names that hold that cute mil element, such as Milena or Emilia, but we think it is pretty enough to use independently. 3. 6. Its variation Helga is very popular in Germany. Variations/Synonyms: Clara, Clare, Claire, Klaire, and Klare. A beautiful choice for a baby girl name! Description: It's considered as the Russian form of "Claire" and comes from the Latin word "clarus" (clear). These beautiful girl names are African, Arabic, Armenian, English, Filipino, French, German, Greek, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Igbo, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Native American, Portuguese, Russian, Sanskrit, Spanish, and Swahili in origin.. 250+ Beautiful Girl Names Ekaterina is a pretty and sassy Slavic girl name, which is derived from the same root as the popular name Katherine. For example, there are different saints and Russian rulers that had the name Theodore. If that story isnt enough reason for you to choose this name for your own feisty little warrior, we dont know what is! Katya is a stylish and spicy diminutive form of the gorgeous Slavic girl name Ekaterina. Funny enough theres a brand of cars manufactured in Russia, which are called Lada. Valeska is a spiky and adventurous diminutive form of the Slavic girl name Valeriya, itself derived from the Roman Valerius, meaning strength and bravery. Valeska is a cool alternative to consider, with that sassy yet feminine pronunciation and strong undertones. Grusha- untamed, majestic. Ana is a pretty, simple, and graceful name for your little girl. 38.Miroslaw, Miroslawa: peace and glory. Since the Renaissance, Diana has been often represented in paintings, sculptures,films and novels. Christabel. Panya is a gender-neutral Russian name of Swahili and Russian origin meaning 'crowned one'. Star - If you want to be direct, this English name refers to the beautiful stars in the sky.. 26. Meaning wisdom, Sonya is strong and virtuous, as if ready and raring for anything! This rare girls' name combines Christina with the suffix "bel.". Also the famous author of Fathers and Sons was called the same, Ivan Turgenev. Kupala is a gorgeous Slavic female name that sounds fit for a fairy! Leda was an ancient goddess of beauty and also the word leda in Greek means woman. A Polish form of popular baby name Katherine. Ilka - "Flattering hardworking". Whether you have roots in one of these countries or just like the idea of paying homage to a different culture, you may flip when you discover some of these incredibly pretty girls' names. 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