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I admittedly swapped this out for a Ritchey Venturemax of similar proportions, only because I prefer the ergo bend on it, as well as more robust bar tape. Allowing for 27.5 wheels with enough clearance for 2.6 tires. Large and XL 70mm. This do-it-all bike is great on any terrain, and for a little extra cash, you can add on a reasonably priced set of road tires to give your gravel bike even more versatility. Mostly, I ride greenbelt paths (paved) and gravel roads. I'm here to help you along the way. The entry-level Voytek comes with Shimano SLX gearing, but you can configure the bike from the ground up in the Otso configurator. The Salsa Journeyman Sora is a 9-speed bike and comes with a Sunrace cassette. Im using my Bikepacking Bike Buyers Guide to compare and select all of these bikes. Its also available in three different colours, which is unusual on higher-end bikes. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 15/20 - Poseidon Redwood . Thoughts on the Poseidon Redwood Hey all, I currently have a full squish as my main mtb rig. The X and X Ambition look great for most of my riding but I don't think it could handle GDMBR-type riding. 1-Poseidon Redwood Small aluminum frame & fork 3033.4gr / 107oz 2-Ritchey Kyote Carbon Flat Bar 31.8mm 800mm width 355gr / 12.5oz 3-Delta Cycle Stem Pro Extender Handlebar Riser 397gr / 14.0oz continual adjustment of height and reach for comfort.avatar78 4-MicroShift Pair of SL-M851-2 XLE Xpress Flat-Bar Shifters 2x11 225gr / 7.94oz After riding it consistently for a few months, I started noticing small chips missing from the matte green paint job, especially on the headtube where cables easily rub. Sometimes you just gotta send it lol. It is a full suspension 29er. I would guess my average breakout is 70/30 pavement:Gravel. $ 799.99 USD. The Dropbar Poseidon X has a carbon fork, 700c wheels, and higher gearing; while the Redwood has an aluminum fork and aluminum 650b aluminum wheels. Gearing on gravel bikes comes with a wide range of options, depending on the type of riding youll be doing. Are Chainless Digital Drive Bicycles The Future of Cycling? For loose surfaces like sand or snow, you need maximum tyre floatation and thats where the wider 26 fat bike tyres still hold the advantage when compared to narrower 27.5 fat bikes. Reasoning says the other.Merchandise Site (STICKERS, HATS, SHIRTS):https://spindatt.comPatreon (Make the Warehouse Dream a Reality):https:. This is because the looping angle at the back of the bike increases, meaning your front wheel will stay planted even on the steepest ascents. It has a decent space for a custom frame pack, along with the new Shimano Deore 12 speed drivetrain (with an 18 climbing gear), a long dropper seatpost and 29 x 2.5 tyre clearance. The huge tires would make the sandy terrain that I live in (the Southern Ontario sand plains) less of a struggle and feed my need for adventure into the unknown. But the bike was still not what I really wanted which is a bike that would be good in both the dirt and pavement. For aluminum, I wouldnt call the Redwood lightweight by any means, but its about as heavy as a comparable steel Surly and you cant buy a new Surly for $950. What I really love about the Poseidon Redwood is what a good foundation gravel bike it is for touring. The Poseidon Dropbar Poseidon X and Poseidon Redwood are both aluminum frame gravel bikes with upper mid-range components and mechanical disc brakes. There is a lot of variety when it comes to wheel choices for gravel riding, although many people choose something around 38 to 40mm. Its a delight to ride on gravel roads, rail trails, and even mountain bike singletrack. The handling is much more stable than zippy with the Adventure Bars and a short stem, which is funny to me because the short stack and long reach suggest a racier riding position. One of the nicest things about Salsa bikes is that many models have perfectly fitting frame packs available, and the Timberjack is no exception. Fat Bike Category AverageWeight: 11.5kg Category 13.9kg (17% less than average)Steering Speed:92mm Category 94mm (2% faster than average)Low Climbing Gear: 19 gear inches Category 18 gear inches (5% higher than average). 2021 Poseidon X - North America - $699 18/20 - This price almost seems too . The Poseidon comes with Kenda Kadre 27.5 x 2.35 Clincher tires and tubeless compatible 27.5 wheels. Its listed on Poseidons specs as being 31.6mm, which would be easy to find a compatible dropper post (the frame is set up for an external dropper). I only got the frame, and I am super happy with it as I got the components I wanted and customized to my way of riding. So even though the Journeyman is only a nine-speed, it has a wider range of gears. Ive got plenty of experience building bikes, and even worked in a bike shop for a short period, so no big surprises there for me. But the ambition looks tempting also. Each fork has 3 bosses on each side allowing for 70lbs to be loaded on the fork. Occasional overnight bikepacking trips too but certainly very little single track. On the other hand, I think the Redwood would be great for the weeklong bikepacking trips a la GDMBR but will be "too much" bike for my everyday riding. STEM: 31.8 Diameter with +\- 7 Degrees. This means your easiest gear will have a gear ratio of .79, which is a pretty good gear for getting up hills easily. Learn more , 6061 Aluminum Fork Tapered Steer 1 1/8" 1 1/2", Poseidon Adventure Bars with 24 Degree Flare, Tektro MD-C550 Mechanical Flat Mount Brake Calipers, Poseidon Alloy Tubeless Compatible 27.5 Wheels, 12x100 Thru axle front & 12x142 Thru axle rear. Most gravel bikes have drop bars instead of flat bars. Riding in the hoods felt unwieldy and the angle of the reach is awkwardly far down to pull the lever not inspiring my confidence. The Redwood comes stocked with 27.5 x 2.35in. Huge selection of mountain bikes from brands such as Trek, Specialized, Giant, Santa Cruz, Norco and more. Shawn, square taper is an older bottom bracket standard. Two things that I have had problems with are 1) I should have bought the size up, and 2) the lack of a chainstay bridge and fender mounting points in the rear triangle. One issue I did have when building the bike, was that the wheels were wildly out of true. That's why we do all we can to make sure you are taken care of and feel confident about your purchase. Less aggressive tires and a carbon fork would probably be a good place to start. It is priced at $450 USD and comes in a range of sizes, including XXS, XS, SM, MD, LG, XL. The Poseidon Redwood is a $950 aluminum gravel bike with disc brakes, thru-axles, and not-too-shabby components. It handles loaded bikepack trips without batting an eye, in fact, dare I say it rides better fully loaded ripping down a forest road. They help reduce the frame standover and decreases the toe overlap. I put 700 x 43 Gravel King SKs on my X and its made a big difference. bicicletas poseidon precio Descuento online OFF65% Bicicleta de grava Basso Palta (EKAR Campagnolo Ruedas de carbono Shamal) 2022 Eat Sleep Cycle . Tires are Kenda Kadre 2.35 wire bead 30 tpi units which are not tubeless compatible. Love my redwood so far, but unfortunately a crank arm fell off and the spindle is stripped. This article first appeared in the Oct./Nov. The Dropbar Poseidon X won't keep up with similar bikes while riding downhill or sprinting. 1 10 10 speed. Cosmic Brewery in Torrance [74] Claremont Craft Ales in Claremont [75] The Dudes' Brewing Company in Torrance [76] Eagle Rock Brewery in Los Angeles [77] El Segundo Brewing Company in El Segundo [78] Golden Road Brewery in Los Angeles [79] [80] [81] Gordon Biersch Brewing Company in Burbank. I ran into friends on the bike path all summer long who asked with intrigue what kind of bike it was. . This is a ridiculously good value bike at just $899, and it has a more generous 2.5 tyre clearance than any bike in this category. We produce our bicycles in a factory we own and operate to ensure you have an affordable price. A steel bike will absorb some of the bumps in the road, will give you lots of tensile strength to hold your gear, and is reasonably priced. This Poseidon Redwood's maiden voyage was about 30 miles - unassisted - on unpaved rail trail, with a couple miles of easy singletrack thrown in for good measure. Another major nuisance of this bike was the paint job; you will sneeze on the paint and it would peel off. I live this thing. I am tired of riding my current bike on pavement. But, of course, every person and every bike is unique, and its always best to give a bike a good test ride before you purchase it. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. This aluminium bike is 12.7kg and has been designed for moderate off-road terrain. Salsa Timberjack vs. Plus Category AverageWeight: 13.9kg Category 14.1kg (1% less than average)Steering Speed (Trail): 106mm Category 93mm (14% slower than average)Low Climbing Gear: 18 gear inches Category 19 gear inches (5% lower than average). Here are some of the aftermarket features available for Bromptons, including bigger wheels, gearboxes, belt drivetrains and more. These Gearbox Folding Bikes Will Blow Your Mind (Custom Bromptons), The Fastest Bikes of the Tour Divide Ultra Race (4,400KM Non-Stop), Here Are The 13 BEST Touring Bikes You Can Buy In 2022. The drivetrain is Microshifts top-tier (but still affordable) Advent X 10 speed system. The full-carbon Otso Voytek may be the most expensive in this list, but at 11.5kg/24.5lb, its light, and it comes with some unique features. Your email address will not be published. And what models they think will be available anytime soon. Its a delight to ride on gravel roads, rail trails, and even mountain bike singletrack. Its time for my take on the best bikepacking bikes for 2021. Which bike is best? I asked him a bit about this and basically got a simple response. Its a great exploration bike, happiest when off-road on trails or gravel roads. There are quite a few people on here that have done so with their Redwoods. Redwood Poseidon X State 4130 All-Road Decathlon Triban GRVL120 Bike shop: Marin Nicasio+ There are plenty more but most bike shop gravel bikes start a bit more in the $1200-$1500 range. In conclusion, the average Gravel bike weighs 55.62% less than Flatbar Redwood. Professionally assembled at Infinity Trek shop. Love data? These give you good stopping power under wet and muddy conditions. Surprisingly, in this case, the steel frame is not significantly heavier than the other frames, but it is less expensive, making it a good choice for the budget-conscious and those looking for a smooth ride experience. While the tyre clearance is not on the same level as the Redwood, the 50mm wide rubber will be great for the majority of gravel rides. This colour is clearly on trend! A gravel / adventure bike with 27.5 x 2.35 tires, with room to swallow 2.5 rubber if you desired. It has a mid-range SRAM Rival 1X groupset paired with some rather nice Praxis cranks. The 2021 Poseidon Redwood is an Gravel aluminium mountain bike. Bike Snapshot vs. 700C Category AverageWeight: 11.0kg Category 10.2kg (8% more than average)Steering Speed:61mm Category 68mm (10% faster than average)Low Climbing Gear:23 gear inches Category 26 gear inches (9% lower than average). UPDATE: Click here to see our new Poseidon bike: The FX! Similar Bikes. I eventually upgraded to something with 42c tires for more capability but was ultimately disappointed in that as well. I really wanted to take a ride on this bike so I couldn'. Like you I intend to do about 70/30 on it and mostly purchased it for an upcoming bike packing trip around Andalusia in the spring. Perhaps gravel isnt a good classification for the Redwood. Compare forks, shocks, wheels and other components on current and past MTB's. View and share reviews, comments and questions on mountain bikes. For a bike that looks like a mountain bike, I definitely had to push it up a climb that my riding partner, sporting an actual mountain bike, cruised up without looking back. This summer, Poseidon bikes, a small consumer-direct company in California, released the Redwood. My answer was usually a sigh, followed by a rundown of the sad state of the industry, with no real answer. 529 MERCURY LANE, BREA CA 92821. My rides are 80/20 gravel/road. For starters, it has one of the most thought-out frame geometries. Doesnt seem to have slowed me down any and they roll pretty well on pavement. I'd rather suffer through/walk the occasional techy stuff than be bogged down on pavement with big tires for the majority of my rides. Six years later, that story is changing. The 2021 Poseidon REDWOOD Frameset is an Gravel aluminium mountain bike. We will use gear inches to compare the climbing gears on different bikes. While not amazing performers, they have been able to stop the bike in tricky off-road situations with a 230lbs rider. This bike feels sturdy, which is more than I can say for its few price-point competitors. I was looking for bikes that are stable to ride, more upright than typical and with the appropriate steering characteristics for the expected terrain. Released in the summer of 2020, the Redwood is one of four bikes Poseidon currently offers it was designed as a beefed-up version of their first gravel bike, the X. Judging by their entire lineup and the language on their website, Poseidon wants to make bikes for folks who are still figuring out what their nitty-gritty preferences are when it comes to components and riding style. Excellent customer service. The service requires full cookie support in order to view this website. Perhaps gravel isnt a good classification for the Redwood. Better pads. You have to love that All photos in this posting and article on the GC website by Handz Bicycles. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. The suspension allows you to tackle the same technical terrain as a plus bike, but with lighter, narrower and faster rolling tyres its also the fun-est to ride on singletrack, in my opinion. Salsa Mukluk vs. I appreciate your thoughts. Like new condition. This is how all gravel bikes should be sized as the long chainstays help to correct the front and rear weight distribution of a tall cyclist. Upon closer inspection, the wheel tension was very far out as well. How do you feel about riding on pavement with your current bike? There is clearance for a 2.1 tyre, so this is not quite as versatile as other bikes in this category (which will fit up to 2.5). Based on build material and quality level of the frame, fork, wheelset, groupset, suspension system, and more. Itll give you more control of your cadence while still getting you over the hills. I always check bike geometry against one that I know fits me, and the Poseidon bikes almost all have extremely short head tubes. B Brothers Media Ltd is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Frame: 6061 double-butted hydroformed aluminum, rack and fender mounts, two bottle mounts on size XXS, three on XS, S, and M, four on L and XL, Fork: 6061 aluminum, triple mounts, rack and fender mounts, Handlebar: Poseidon Adventure Bar, 24 flare, 31.8mm clamp, 460mm width, Rear derailer: microSHIFT Advent X 10spd, clutch, Bottom bracket: 73mm threaded, square taper, Cassette: microSHIFT Advent X, 10spd, 1148T, Seatpost: Promax Alloy 31.6mm with 20mm setback, Saddle: Poseidon X Hubs: Quanta, 100 x 12mm front, 142 x 12mm rear, thru-axles, Contact: Poseidon Bike, 529 Mercury Lane, Brea, CA, 92821, luis@poseidonbike.com, poseidonbike.com. Lets move onto something a little bit quicker on smoother surfaces. Inside The Revolutionary Honda Bicycle Gearboxes (All 3 Generations), The 2023 Touring & Bikepacking Bike Buyers Guides Are Now Available, Video: We Biked 3,000KM Into The Australian Outback (Amazing Experience). Ultimately, this bike is comfortable and capable. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. When I was dumb and numb I put a 58-T chainring on one for a day. I like the geometry on the Ambition so I will be interested to hear how it handles the roads and the gravel. If these prices are too high for your budget, you should look for an older version of these bikes second-hand. Poseidon Redwood gravel bike - $600 (SE Bend) View larger image Ad id: 2503226583578590 Views: 70 Price: $600.00 Poseidon 2021 drop bar adventure / gravel bike. I was also slow in the pavement; the stock meaty tires that it came with had a lot to do with this. Gravel bikes are great hybrids between road bikes and MTB. You can also get the complete bike with 29 wheels and a suspension fork if youre after something that is more optimised around recreational mountain biking. The Poseidon Redwood is a 10-speed bike with a Prowheel 38t chainring and 11-48t cassette. I own a Redwood, but I bought it with rebuild in mind, so I was prepared for the shortcomings. The only downside to the RT 920 is that the geometry is a bit quirky the bike would benefit from a slacker head tube angle, longer fork offset and lower bottom bracket, in particular. This unit is actually a pretty effective charger after 16KPH and it makes excellent power after 20KPH. Moreover, wear the right clothing. Better yet, choose both and have great tires for both the road and gravel. Gravel bike geometry (unless its a race bike) is typically a little more upright, longer, and more stable to help you comfortably ride through rough terrain. How long is "short" and how much weight are you thinking when you say "weighing it down"? The brakes clearly are its Achilles heal. The service requires full JavaScript support in order to view this website. You can see more pictures and the full specification on the Poseidon website HERE. I found that the actual post size was 31.8mm, meaning you would need to shim and run a 27.2mm dropper if you desired such a setup. We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. Ive recommended the Diamondback Haanjo ever since it came out, and the 2021 version is no exception. At this weight, is much heavier than average. I can let you know what I think of it in a few weeks if you like?! Its insane-value at $1149, with the latest 12-speed Shimano Deore drivetrain, a full carbon fork, hydraulic brakes, and a lightweight aluminium frame. Let me say this. If you arent comfortable building a bike and making all the fine adjustments, then I recommend taking it to a local bike shop for assembly. Dont worry about it going out-of-date, its updated yearly for free. My question is, should I get the X, X Ambition, or the Redwood? The book goes into every detail about bikepacking bikes, before allowing you to compare over 220 current models at the back of the book. Redwood wheels have 27.5" thru-axle/tubeless compatible rims. This summer, Poseidon bikes, a small consumer-direct company in California, released the Redwood. While cable brakes are what help keep this bike at a lower price point, theyre also a good option for people using this bike for longer rides on gravel roads as they are easier to fix trailside than more expensive hydraulic brakes. As usual, you can order your bike with a perfectly fitting frame pack, and the Mukluk has all the provisions to carry a bikepacking bag ensemble or rear panniers if you need the volume.

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