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Buc-ee's Sausage on a Stick is an oversized sausage stuck on a skewer, sprinkled with seasoning, and wrapped tightly in a tortilla: It's not quite ahot dog and not quite a corndog. In Florida and Georgia, we saw dozens of ads for citrus fruit and peaches at stands up and down the interstate. This is a cheese coating similar to what you'd find on a Cheeto or cheese puff so expect some powder-coated fingers when you're done. We stopped at the one outside Royce City on our way from Austin to Tennessee. Ranch-lovers should try the Ranchin' Saltines, which are topped with a generous helping of ranch seasoning before being baked. (One last side note: if youre an out-of-state newcomer hailing from one of the newer non-Texas Buc-ees locations, welcome! I just am enamored of the idea of Bohemian garlic. A post shared by Gabby, Office Escape Artist (@office.escape.artist). The icee drink selections and fountIne drinks to ice tea is as AMAZING!! I wasnt exaggerating when I said you can buy just about anything at Buc-ees. Sort by: Original Beaver Nuggets From $7.99 USD Choose options Sea Salted Caramel Beaver Nuggets From $3.99 USD Choose options Cinnamon Sweet Beaver Nuggets From $3.99 USD Choose options Bold N' Sorta Spicy Nug-ees $6.99 USD Add to cart And the flavors are endless there's . Every Buc-ee's location has a 24/7 fudge counter where you can mix and match blocks of decadent, homemade fudge. Seriously, you need to stop at Buc-ees if youre taking a Texas road trip. I am originally from Ohio and cannot wait for them to open a Buc-ees here! Not a fan of sweet treats? Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate and a partner of other affiliate programs including Booking.com, CJ and Tripster, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases via links found in this article. I ended up with iced coffee. Time just disappears, and if youre on a time crunch to get somewhere on your road trip, you dont want to walk out of the store with bags full of Buc-ees nug-ees only to find entire days have passed. Us Oklahomans are no stranger to pickled okra. Breakfast tacos are a Texas staple, and Buc-ees is no exception! 2. The nuts are sweet, crunchy, and warm, which makes them extra delicious on a chillier day. I had never heard of it prior to moving here but it didnt take long to hear about it: Buc-ees is as much a Texas thing as college football, Whataburger, and rodeos. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and be the first to receive the best travel tips, tricks, and destination advice! There are about a dozen different flavors available, including low sugar and less chocolatey varietals. While I prefer a mild salsa verde, youll find tons of options that get way, way spicier. I can remember the first time I had it. Another way to buy $989 ($9.89/Count) The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. Buc-ees is an entire experience. There are dozens of possible flavor combinations, from cherry to Dr. Pepper (because, duh, Texas). If you're looking for a healthier alternative to Buc-ee's Nuggets and Nug-ees, this next option might be for you. Regardless of where you may find us, if the store is big or small, near or far, the mission remains the same. The fact of the matter is Buc-ees is a great place to eat when on the road. I wouldnt be surprised if they expand there sometime! Clean large restroom. We have just recently started making pressed penny souvenirs on our trip to Shreveport, but if you love these, youll be happy to know theres a machine inside of Buc-ees. A controversial selection here as the Beaver Nuggets are probably Buc-ees most recognizable and blogged-about snack. Grab a bag of these and some coffee for a tasty pick-me-up! As far as I know, Buc-ees doesnt have an official online store, but some people do buy and re-sell the snacks on sites like Amazon. Another crucial Texas souvenir or the perfect Texasgift. The selections of fresh coffees brewing and creamers and syrups are AMAZING! Buc-ees isnt that good but when youre on the road, you have to take what you can get. Youll be getting a Buc-ees before you know it. Buc-ees has shown me a new path. Today, you can find these stuffed rolls at a variety of bakeries, restaurants, and convenience stores across the state including at Buc-ee's. Fresh lunch meats? Coolers, knives, spotlights, BBQ tool sets, scent elimination field wipes, camo, axes pretty much everything but guns! Every tourist town in America hawks fudge and saltwater taffy and Ive never much liked either. Its in my head now. Can't decide between a sweet or savory snack? : if youre new to the world of Buc-ees you may have thought that I was kidding about the beaver-themed bathing suits for sale amongst all of these tasty Buc-ees snacks. An aerial photo of Buc-ee's shows construction progress at Exit 407 in Sevierville TN (photo by Daniel Munson/TheSmokies.com), There are a lot of factors for choosing the best restaurant, including price, aesthetics and food. Sure, the barbecue doesnt stack up to classics like Blacks or The Salt Lick (this is technically still a gas station, after all), but its tasty and well worth the price. Cal--Carbs. Locations also feature walls lined with a variety of candy and beef jerky flavors to purchase, including a beef jerky bar. Dried fruit is calorie-dense, which is great if you're going on a long hike, but not necessarily if you're sitting in the car for hours. Id be lying if I said my mouth wasnt watering watching them candy the walnuts and the pecans. So if you are heading south stop in! 1. Calorie Goal 1920 Cal. Subscribeto ournewsletterand we will instantly deliver the best area discounts to your inbox. Sizzlin' Saltines start with saltine crackers and add a variety of sweet, salty, and spicy toppings. Ah, pralines: so small, so sweet, so temptingly placed right by the checkout counter. We did not take home the neon llama, but I seriously almost caved. And many feature a mix of other snacks that you'll find on this list, like nuts and chocolates. Buc-ee's has surprisingly delicious hot sandwiches for a gas station. Buc-ee's Fudge. If you enjoy a good sandwich, also consider their Signature Club which has ham, turkey, bacon, jalapeo Jack cheese, lettuce, tomato and a spicy-sweet mayo. Im amazed at some of their deals, too! If a sign isnt your thing, they also carry mugs and books. The Buc-ees sausage on a stick which comes wrapped in a tortilla was difficult to navigate while driving and ultimately underwhelming in just about every way. For those with a sweet tooth, the Peanut Butter Blast Trail Mix features peanuts, honey roasted peanuts, peanut butter chips, peanut butter candies, mini peanut butter cups, and peanut butter coated pretzel balls. Thanks guys great job! raspberry cheesecake, dark chocolate, pistachio, etc.) Advantage price of gas? I suspect its because the pulled pork survives slightly better under the production limitations that Buc-ees must overcome. I certainly havent tried all the jerky varieties but my favorite so far is the cherry maple beef jerky. Theres a little bit of everything, from chocolate praline to blueberry cheesecake and more. I Love Buc cees!! It must be socially unconventional. She shared . But shout-out to my home state, Colorado! There are a few flavors of Buc-ee's Nug-ees to choose from. Any idea where the closest one to me would be located? Buc-ee's fudge counter had two dozen different flavors including chocolate, peanut butter, and white chocolate with caramel. Beef jearkey fans will be overwhelmed. Buc-ees features dozens of gas pumps, world-record-breaking food options and impressively clean restrooms. Alongside the jalapenos, you'll find an odd choice: pickled quail eggs. Of the many varieties of gummy foods available at Buc-ees, and there are a great many, the peach rings are likely my least favorite. There are different varieties. Stay Up-to-Date on All of Our Texas-Based Offerings. The most iconic grab-n-go snack to come from the famous gas station chain are Buc-ee's Beaver Nuggets. The Rhino Taco is similar, but with sausage rather than bacon. My favorite is Texas City. This sandwich comes on a pretzel bun topped with hot pastrami, crispy onion strings, and plenty of sauerkraut. I recently tried the Italian sub and it was really, really good. You'll find these bags of candies hanging on a rack. Find your favorite or a flavor you've never had and give it a try. And the flavors are endless there's lemon pepper, teriyaki, bohemian garlic, sweet and spicy,. Based on many, many trips to Buc-eesincluding one taste-testing trip where we sampled almost 20 Buc-ees snacks in one fell swoophere at the snacks that we recommend adding to your next Buc-ees food break. Its just that peach rings are not my thing. Buc-ee's cinnamon honey butter is another popular Southern staple. Sorbet Ice Cream. Step up the counter, and choose from row after row of jerky variety. Spend One Perfect Day in the Grand Canyon: Itinerary & Travel Tips. An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. Our family buys magnets everywhere we go, and Texas is no exception! They just announced were getting one here in Johnstown, CO. Bring home a cute Buc-ees magnet for your own Texas road trip memories. We also have fresh homemade grab and go items available 24 hours a day. Read the sites full Privacy & Disclosure policy here. No idea. Sweet, savory, and totally delicious! The brand's candied jalapenos are one great option. And somehow, inexplicably, multiple Buc-ee the Beaver childrens swimsuit options? From fancy serving platters to cute tea towels to sassy wine glasses, Buc-ees has something for everyone and more. However, the Sausage on a Stick is an easy to eat and largely mess-free snack that is also tasty and satisfyingly meaty. Feeling like you need to sample a healthy Buc-ees food after all these enchantingly unhealthy options? For instance, you'll no doubt find pumpkin there in the fall. But the chain also offers a variety of foods that are perfect for taking home, perhaps as a souvenir from your adventure. In addition to tons of breakfast tacos, Buc-ees also offers breakfast sandwiches and pastries. While I can order some offAmazon(scratch that, just ordered some! But while you won't find corn dogs at Buc-ee's, you will find a different kind of food on a stick. Sweet. In fact, it will be a half-hour drive from our house. Beaver Chips are homemade potato chips that are fried in-store each day. Other offerings on the Buc-ees menu include but definitely are not limited to coffee (both fresh cups and grounds to take home), pickled quails eggs, cookies, homemade apple pie, and cheesecake (by the slice or an entire cheesecake, your choice). While we went to the one in Temple, Texas, the majority of the locations are centered in Hill Country and the Dallas-Fort Worth area, with major locations in Houston, Katy (which has the worlds largest automated car wash! Please see our, Texas Food Guide: 25+ Tasty Things to Eat in Texas, Texas BBQ Guide: What to Order + TX Barbecue Tips, What to Buy in Texas: 25 Fun Texas Souvenirs, 21 Wacky + Weird Roadside Attractions in Texas, 101 Fun Things to Do in Texas (Bucket List Ideas! - See 349 traveler reviews, 90 candid photos, and great deals for Madisonville, TX, at Tripadvisor. Its just that as road trip food, cinnamon rolls can be a bit messy. Moist and yummy. The owners of the Southern chain, Arch Aplin III and Don Wasek, set out to attract travelers and only travelers, because commercial trucks aren't allowed at their pumps with clean bathrooms (via Forbes). Creeping a little bit into Schitts Creek territory, this small batch candle seems like it would be something that David would both love and hate and sell for a large margin. Homemade Fudge At Buc-ee's A lot of people fall for the fudge. They have anything from a spicy Southwestern mix to a chocolate lover's dream. My mom and I loved it plan on going back a lot as we travel the interstate weekly. Sale Sold out. Buc-ees was created by Arch Aplin III, a Texas A&M alumni. Beaver Chips Sure, you can pick up a standard bag of pre-packaged potato chips at Buc-ee's-but instead, opt for the fresh chips fried in-house daily. They have flavors ranging from traditional, like the chocolate peanut butter, to the curious, like a blueberry cobbler, to the downright reckless Im looking at you, key lime pie and also birthday cake. Raw Superfood Squares for a delicious, plant-based snack. It should not shock you that a deluxe convenience store with like two dozen beef jerky flavors has a wide selection of t-shirts to choose from. Buc-ees has a nice selection of fruit probably slightly better than your typical gas station, but probably not quite as good as a local supermarket. Sweet options include those stuffed with fruits and fruit jellies. If youre ever near Houston, any of the nearby ones are good! And of course, Buc-ees face is featured prominently in the middle. Sauces can go on pretty much everything and Buc-ees has plenty of flavors available so you dont get bored! Buc-ees specializes in walls of various treats. Luckily he dropped it and forgot about it. Rocky Road. Was wondering if I could order some cashew nuts from there. If you dont have a car and youre already near one, you can use an Uber or Lyft. Quail eggs not your style? So . Plushies, pillows, balls, magnets, toy guns, backpacks. Buc-ee's Nug-ees A savory version of Beaver Nuggets, with a powdery cheese-flavored coating. Buc-ee the Beaver is an icon. I hope we get a Buc-ees in Oklahoma soon! Pecans are grown in Texas, and we may as well be authentic on this road trip!if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[320,50],'officeescapeartist_com-leader-2','ezslot_11',132,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-officeescapeartist_com-leader-2-0');if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[320,50],'officeescapeartist_com-leader-2','ezslot_12',132,'0','1'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-officeescapeartist_com-leader-2-0_1'); .leader-2-multi-132{border:none !important;display:block !important;float:none !important;line-height:0px;margin-bottom:15px !important;margin-left:auto !important;margin-right:auto !important;margin-top:7px !important;max-width:100% !important;min-height:50px;padding:0;text-align:center !important;}. Especially in the south where fresh fruit is available for most of the year, I cant imagine targeting Buc-ees for the fruit. Will they put on up here soon? Imagine walking into a convenience store and smelling freshly roasted nuts, Not something youve ever seen, right? Sodium 2300 mg--/2300mg left. But at that point, I hadnt tried the pulled pork. Is it possible to mess up caramel corn? When on the road, I like meats and cheeses and Buc-ees has a fine array of choices. The Hippo Taco. I recently came back to TX and can not find the plethora of souvenirs. TCU grad Chris Koerner founded the store to give Texans and Texpats a more convenient way to get their hands on Buc-ee's famous snacks and apparel. They always think its weird that Im dragging them to a gas stationbut then they have the same reaction you had! If youre taking a road trip and come upon a Buc-ees, it is a stop you just cannot miss. A very addicting, sweet and crunchy dessert. Regular price $54.96 Sale price $54.96 Regular price. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. For a spicier mix, opt for the Southwest Trail Mix, which features spicy peanuts, jalapeno cheddar sesame sticks, corn nuggets, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds. For just a few dollars, you can have a super-filling breakfast. Buc-ee's also sells every other kind of candy you could possibly want, from chocolates to peanut brittle to old-fashioned pecan logs. AtBuc-ee's, you'll find atray lined with individual bags of hot, fresh potato chips on the same counter where you'll also find thebreakfast tacos in the morning and pre-made BBQ sandwiches in the afternoon. If you like sugary, peachy flavor, adjust accordingly. At our travel centers, made to order lunch items are available starting at 11:00 AM. These crackers are a fun addition to a meat and cheese plate made up of a mix of beef jerky, summer sausage, and smoked cheeses from Buc-ee's, of course. We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. No. While you'll find plenty of road food staples like bags of chips, candy bars, and fountain sodas, Buc-ee's also offers a variety of unique snack foods and meal options to choose from. Its an entire road trip experience. Once customers used the facilities, then they could take advantage of the store's wide range of snacks. Look at these mouthwatering breakfast tacos! Grab a pre-packaged sampler! Nug-ees are the savory alternative to the classic Nuggets. Had the brisket sandwich and it was great. Even if this post didnt convince you that Buc-ees is next-level amazing, Im going to insist that you stop and see for yourself. Their Classic Trail Mix features nuts, chocolate candies, and dried cranberries and raisins. If you want to avoid getting overwhelmed in their massive stores, find out the best things to do and buy at Buc-ees here. But you'll also find a pastrami Reuben on the menu that has a bit of a cult following. There are several fudge flavors to pick from and you purchase the fudge by the pound. Coming in at under a dollar, you really cant go wrong giving a Buc-ees Icee a chance. Thats not my real lede. You won't have any trouble satisfying your sugar rush here. Their yogurt and/or chocolate-covered animal crackers are also tasty. I just wish there was a Buc-ees closer to home in South Florida. Real, Vegan Chocolate Top. Like everything Buc-ee's does, it's gone above and beyond with flavors, so you'll probably find a combo that suits your taste buds. So, I like to think the reenactor a champion of jerky tradition and pride is looking down from somewhere ethereal at the Buc-ees jerky counter and pleased that their lifes work wasnt in vain. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Buc-ee's From texasislife.com See details WELCOME TO NGINX! Cool . I have a friend who has had beaver nuggets shipped to her through Amazon! I corrected that mistake recently. if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'officeescapeartist_com-mobile-leaderboard-1','ezslot_19',133,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-officeescapeartist_com-mobile-leaderboard-1-0');Buc-ees offers the BEST coffee bar I have ever seen. Food reviewer @TamiDunn bought a pack, which she said cost about $14 and included 24 blocks of fudge. And there are always at least a couple of festive flavors around the holidays. There us one in Ennis on I-45 and I believe one in Terrell on I-20. Their snack cousin, the Ranchin Saltines, are also tasty, but the Sizzlin Saltines are my personal favorite. If you're feeling particularly daring, try the boudin-stuffed kolache. Many of the hot sandwiches and the BBQ options are made-to-order. Im partial to the 1982 heritage tees, but its by no means your only option. All rights reserved. Its not my favorite thing but many people swear by the puffed corn nuggets. We finally stopped at a Bucees to get deisel fuel for our truck. It's also a breeze to make! so good luck making your decision. To me, theyre a cousin of the cereal Honey Smacks. What makes the garlic Bohemian? T-shirts? The place is a must visit! Let us know in the comments! Buc-ees candy corn can be purchased any time even on your summer vacation. In my experience, any one of those has better fruit than youll get from a large chain. We won't judge if you choose to eat them straight from the jar either. Buc-ees has a variety of breakfast tacos. Read Also: Why are people so obsessed with Buc-ees? Well, at Buc-ees, one of the best things you can buy are their sugar roasted pecans! If you show up looking for a Buc-ees breakfast, dont skip the breakfast tacos! I first encountered one busting our daughter in GA & saw the billboards 130 miles out. Anyway, the only cultural relevance left is a meme of two muscular arms one white, one black clasping hands as if ready to arm wrestle. And we are counting down the days for Buc-ee's to open the world's largest convenience store at Exit 407 in Sevierville, TN. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. But with more caramel flavor. Texas Snax has birthday cake fudge, habanero pork rinds, pia colada pecans, toasted corn nuggets, and so many more delicious specialty items. If you love the El Arroyo memes, why not bring home a sign for your house! Is it even Christmas without a gas station mascot on your tree? Their cinnamon rolls are quite the contender. Below I list my favorite Buc-ees finds, but here are some tips for surviving your experience (and I do mean surviving). Buc-ees has both available hot and fresh! However, I think drifts closer to the realm of burritos but were not going to quibble over technicalities. Get product info and explore all the flavors and varieties of our icy treats! ), Temple, New Braunfels, Baytown, Luling, and Forth Worth. It is like the meat case at a grocery store but instead of selections of steaks, chicken and ground beef, its just different flavors of dried meat piled high.

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