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These shotgun cards are nearly universal and do not require any crazy installation procedures. And you will often find people selling the M4 with collapsible stock in different gun sell and exchange websites. It looks and feels well machined and the finish on it nearly matches the Benelli steel finish. Up to that point, few in the military had even seen a Benelli shotgun, which were all inertia-driven designs until the gas-operated Benelli M4 (M1014) was pitched to the Marine Corps. Multi Light Benelli M4 Mount-N-Slot positions thebezel of the light above the barrel and on your support side to eliminate all shadows, improving your ability to confirm the threat in no-light situations. Slowly build up your budget and upgrade the rest of the thing as soon as you can afford to. Federal FliteControl is one of the most effective shotgun loads on the market. Great home-defense firearm for this condo dweller. Good video on luckygunner. After all, the end result of your shooting session will depend on how well you control the gun. You'll now receive newsletters of our best articles on techniques, Important Consideration:Unlike other shotgun side saddle shell holders, the GG&G Side Saddle utilizes a solid rubber tube shell retainer versus a rubber tube shell retainer with sidewalls. With a different handguard that has mounting options, you can bring your M4 to its full potential. Handguard, also known as forend on a shotgun, is a crucial part of the gun. The Agency Arms Benelli M4 Handguard is the absolute best handguard I found. The aftermarket for the M4 is robust, albeit overpriced lots of options for magazine tubs, night sites, rails, handguards, and more. The Truckee 11-inch handguard offers not only a little M-LOK slots, but it pushes them further forward. You'll now receive newsletters of our best articles on techniques, Type your email address and well send I did change out the front white dot for a Chevron from a company called Blitzkrieg of all things. The first one is made by Mesa Tactical. Its designed to keep the tightest pattern possible through a specially designed wad. After, I polished the buffer and trigger; and put lighter springs in both. With an astonishing mil-spec hard anodized finish, this arm has no physical deformities at all. This is the best setup for any weapon mounted light. Click Here to check the current prices of the GG&G Side Saddle. One of our other writers, Travis, prefers the Strike Industries Hayl Rail. Travis Pike is a Marine infantry veteran, firearms enthusiast, and NRA certified instructor. So, you wont be surprised by the texture at all. This type of pattern is often one big hole inside of 15 yards or so and this previous errant pellets from becoming flyers. That over-molded pistol grip feels big and solid perfect for handling heavier loads. Taccom match saver. The job of this magazine tube is to increase the capacity of the gun. The second recommended choke tube is also from Carlsons. It was a little unexpected when instructors briefed us on the differences between the M1 (Super 90) and the brand new M4 semiauto that would eventually become the . Runtime in excess of 100,000 hours with solar and battery usage. Comes in real clutch when battery dies in the middle of shooting. I cant blame you, its a lovely gun that deserves nothing but the best. This specific side saddle also has the option of adding a quick disconnect sling swivel attachment. The Reason? To install the 11-inch handguard, you have to remove a snap ring that holds on the sling keeper. I Agree with the Bolt release Being undersized But I First added a FFT Oversized Charging handle to my M-4! purchase helps support my work in bringing you more awesome gun and gear articles. The Meprolight night sights are identical to the stock M4 sights, except for the addition of tritium inserts. There are a few that I recommend and they all are at different price points. I already like the stock sights on the Benelli M4 and didnt necessarily want to replace them. Did you send it out to have it done? ZEV OZ9 Combat Standard Gamma Bronze Pistol 17 RD Pistol NS. Get Our Top Shooting Drills and Zeroing Targets ($47 value - but FREE for a limited time). It's not a deal breaker for me since I don't plan on using it past hallway/house distances. The Benelli M4 shotgun is a good range gun, and that's it. Required fields are marked *. Gun upgrades! Dont worry, you dont need to go through that hassle. Well, the TLR RM 2 is a new light, but one Ive grown to appreciate quite a bit in the last few months. My team would mostly do 'hard hits' at night, in Blackhawks, landing in front of the target house and entering by breaching a gate/wall/door/sometimes a ceiling. It replaces the black fake extension that comes on the shotgun and fits the threading perfectly. Then check out our hands-on review of the Best Home-Defense Tactical Shotguns! These bright glowing sights are perfect for low light situations and as a backup just in case my optic dies. Today's example of the Benelli M4 began as the base model with the standard field stock and low-capacity 5-round tube. It threaded in without an issue and has remained tight over lots of shooting. What kind of shooter are you? Its a ridiculously simple design. From foregrips to magazine tubes to optics and lights, you can customize what you want. It is MLOK compatible and very light and slim, with a clean look that is streamlined. Here is something that you absolutely need for your M4, even if you dont buy any other M4 upgrades, this one is mandatory. They brake shit . Buy Benelli M4 online at Omaha Outdoors. The next handguard that I recommend is from Agency Arms. The sync mount has an innovative and fantastic system mounting system that uses a key slot design that goes under the mount to improve how stout the mount is. Since I removed the sling point, I had to add another. The GG&G Side Saddle will add an additional 6 shells on the side of your shotgun. This part is made of high-quality American milled aluminum. Johnny is a teacher, comedian, YouTube personality, and bona fide authority on movie guns. Weve got a dedicated section for the AR-15 here. The handguard is made out of 6063 aluminum. Full disclosure, I paid full pandemic price for mine buy once, cry like six times. Click to reveal The MRO HD is optimized for use with a magnifier, with a re-engineered objective lens to produce a refined 2.0 MOA center dot surrounded by a 68 MOA segmented circle reticle. Water wont get inside the battery either. The Benelli M4 comes in several configurations, including an NFA-restricted short-barreled shotgun, field stocks, pistol grip stocks, and even the H20 model with a titanium cerakote finish. The BFG Vickers padded sling is very well made and sports a quick pull tab that allows for instant adjustment of the sling to a tight hands-free design to a lose and mobile mode. Luckily it can be replaced with a real magazine tube extension. If you want to see the Benelli M4 in action, check out the video below. He is interested in helping folks protect themselves with firearms and shoot better at the range. Type your new password and hit button below to confirm it. The Agency Arms Benelli M4 Handguard is the absolute best handguard I found. Description: Strike Industries Benelli M4 Hayl Rail MLOK Handguard. Top 5 Benelli M4 Shotgun Out of the Box Modifications Freedom Fighter Tactical, LLC 7.85K subscribers Subscribe 3K Share 71K views 2 years ago ORANGE COUNTY I share with you the Top 5. It is 8.5 in length and weighs in at 8.6 ounces fully assembled. M4 Series. Onto the next upgrade. Red dots are also faster than iron sights, and speed is critical for CQB purposes. it was easier to grab the 870 with a regular buttstock since it rode higher - and put it back on after you used it - than it was for the Benelli with the pistol grip. In the U.S., the Benelli M4 comes with some form of fixed stock and 5 round magazine tube. The Stoeger M3000 and M3500 are clones of the M2's inertia drive. And I think most folks will want to swap out a couple of things on their stock Benelli. The cards run from 4 to 7 rounds. Sometimes, an intimidating looking gun can give you an edge in competitive shooting. It is both easy to locate by touch and manipulate, with or without gloves. With that being said, a premium red dot is what you should add when upgrading the optics. You do not pay Over time the shell becomes loose in the shell holder. I knew after I purchased the gun, I would be spending a whole heck of a lot more money on it. If so, by who? Can the Benelli M4 reliably shoot Mini-Shells (Buck & Slug)? An American gun accessories maker that often makes tons of accessories for various different guns. The Benelli M4 tactical for sale is the master of competition and home defense, with incontestable power and performance. For guard, get the Briley A&S Enhanced Trigger Guard and call it a day. ago. The way this light mounts is perfect for use on the Truckee and provides me an ergonomic optic via the simple push-button switch. Using an aimpoint t2 in a scalarworks mount on mine. Its the most recommended guard for me. Alright, time to get into it, here are the best Benelli M4 upgrades and accessories. Best Magnifier For Sig Romeo 5 [Finding The Juliet For Romeo], Best Mount For Aimpoint Pro [Aim For The Perfection], Best Trijicon Mro Mounts [Mount Without Wiggle Room], Best Scope Mounts For Sako 85 [Mount Fitted For A King], Best Sights For Winchester 94 [Get A Peep Sight Or A Scope. Aimpoint T2? I just know that if I spent my money on a "real" M3, I'd have none left for any kind of upgrades. Thats kind of lame. Why pay the expensive price to replace the magazine tube completely when you can just add this cheaper extension for the same capacity? The foregrip it comes with is so-so but is an easy replacement for something bigger. It lights a room up and cuts through darkness quite easily. These shotguns are really good bone stock but with these Benelli M4 upgrades and accessories mentioned below, it will make this the ultimate self-defense shotgun and home defense shotgun. The Holosun 507C offered me a variety of features that made it a better optic for my purpose. However, if paying $1800, I would want my shotgun to have that capability. Free shipping for many products! And that tends to be well worth the price, especially if you consider it for defensive purposes. Click Here to check the current prices of the GG&G Benelli Tactical Bolt Release. You will need something like a Streamlight TLR RM2 or SUREFIRE M600. Competition ok, give it to a grunt why ? I may earn a small part of the sale from links to any products or services on this site. To use this optic however, I highly recommend you to get a Scalarworks Benelli M4 Sync Mount. Tactical shotguns are favorites among the home-defense crowd, known for their reliable performance and ability to adapt to close quarters environments. Comes standard with see-through lens covers and hex bolt mount. It earns two huge thumbs up for me. There are channels under the mount to route the cable through. You believe everything you read? We'll only use the information provided according to our privacy policy. It allows me to pull the gun into my shoulder a bit tighter and increases my ability to control the gun and its recoil. I trusted the company and picked up their M-LOK QD port. Another minor upgrade that will make your shooting easier. A well balanced trigger and trigger guard can save you from accidental shooting. It will still have a button for constant on and off as well. You dont have to worry about the warranty and customer service of this product either. Like I said, they are a well-respected American brand that has fans all over the globe. Well, it's all right; we still won a pretty easy game. We already have an account registered for email address So yeah, its a crazy solid gunbut still sitting at a 4.5. The Magpul MS1 and the Blue force gear Vickers sling. Even with the stock iron sights, the M4 just works. I bought a mossberg 500, put all the gear you could want on it, and im in under 500.00. They are one of the biggest red dot sight makers in the world and they make good optics constantly for various guns. Click below for a FREE LESSON! We'll only use the information provided according to our privacy policy. The Truckee Handguard is not your standard steel handguard. Available in 2020 on select SBE 3 and ETHOS models. I couldn't afford an M3 (I always wanted a convertible shotgun) so I ended up with the Tristar Tec12, the good quality M3 clone and I need to bring it up to snuff but, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of aftermarket M3 parts and it will be an experiment to see what can fit. In this article, I will list all of the best Benelli M4 upgrades and accessories. It is a low-profile design and it has great cable management. Admittedly, thats a sweet Benelli, and owners now have a seven-round tube option to replace that foul stock five-rounder. At 15 yards, my chosen buckshot load patterns entirely in the 32 MOA circle. Theres no such thing as perfect, and the M4 has a flaw the capacity. If thats what you have, use it. I'm wondering what other people are using. I have a passion for firearms and enjoy writing articles on these topics. The included forend with the Benelli M4 is a simple two-part polymer handguard that is perfectly acceptable. I mean, I use these same slings for basically every gun build I do. It turned out to be a great choice. Weve built dozens of ARs and well cover all the best AR-15 upgrades such as handguards, triggers, BCGs, gas blocks, and more. This install process is not complicated, but the instructions kind of suck, as do the pictures. Quick question.what kind of finish is on your M4 pictured? A lifetime shooter from Appalachia, he enjoys steel framed pistols, WWII guns, and testing anything new. The aggressive look on this choke gives the gun a bit of more depth and character. The rotor wash from the helicopter jammed the action of my Benelli m4 on at least 2 occasions. Ive used one for almost a decade now, and I mean the exact same one.

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