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", "So you're letting him stay on this floor? was the one who was the source of most of their medical problems. WebPeter was used to seeing scars. "Also," he adds as an afterthought. ", "Yeah, well, he's different. "I am a natural-language user interface created by Mr. Stark. Who is this?, Morgan, what are you doing here? Tony asks, Peter realizing that this is the Morgan from before, I thought you were with mom.. He tapped his fingers against the cool granite as he risked a glance at the two avengers standing slightly off to the side, waiting patiently for their sandwiches. Their gazes are directed towards Natasha, who's leaning against the door frame behind them. him were either dead, wherever and whatever was going on with May or were convinced of his guilt. his WebPeter's shoulders were hunched up to his ears, and he would occasionally flinch, pulling them up higher, as his head spun to stare at something that caught his attention. look through the books-- rifling through them only to be bored because half of them had been on the summer reading list that Midtown gave and the other half being books that MJ herself had recommended for him to check out. + Until he left hydra. Same goes for the rest of you; if they catch you doing anything, my ass will be handed to me.". I get that this probably comes off as pretty cheesy, but this fic is mainly self-indulgent. Rogers? Sam forgot what it felt like to be helpless. Now he started to feel it, all the pain that he caused. 627 guests And drop the gun, for fuck's sake." It's not Captain America's name the people call out when they get robbed or a woman gets raped, or children get lost. ____________________ - So, you coming or what?". Anyways!! Especially since he was able to subdue Falcon and Barnes in Leipzig. Until it was. Tony slowly sat down on the bed, keeping his eyes focused on Peter. Chapter 4 WebPeter takes a deep breath, and makes his way over to Mr. Stark's lab. He could barely get any air in his lungs. "Who are you?". "Stop bullying me! Come on, its this way.. Peter was on the lab table just sitting down while all the Avengers stared at him with concern. Language: English Words: 705 Chapters: 1/1 9 Kudos: 872 Bookmarks: 45 Hits: 20136 With May always working to pay the bills he spends his nights alone. ", Sighing, Peter looked to the ceiling, muttering unheard 'Lord, give me patience because if you give me strength, I will become a murderer.' Happy gives him a look, and opens the door for him. ", Peter could see a hint of realization in Mr. Wilson's eyes, but he didnt quite grasp where exactly Peter was heading. Yes he got to hug her in the mornings which was enough to barely hold him over. We just, Steve clicks his tongue, an action that reminds him of, Steve, had some other things we had to take care of., Peter watches as Steves firmness turns into sorrow, a gentle expression on his face that Peters only seen, Steve have in the moments when theyre debriefing after having lost someone, bracing himself as he says, Is the May of your world not sick?, Something shifts in Steves expression, Peters memory bringing up the biopsy that May had had a few years ago-- a few months before Ben died and when. Look at me kiddo. Youre definitely Peter alright. Clint was clenching and unclenching his fists. "Excuse you, I'm a teenager!" When he was out of sight, the boy turned back around only to be hit in the chest by a small fist. Will do, Cap, Peter says, saluting him cheerfully as Steve just laughs again-- the doors sliding closed behind him. He was covered in them, some were from patrol and some were from growing up in hydra. "I didn't realize there was this side to you, Tony.". Come in? Peter asks incredulously, mainly because whether or not anyone could come in or not was entirely out of his responsibility as the keypad is used. Peter nods in confirmation. WebPeter's shoulders were hunched up to his ears, and he would occasionally flinch, pulling them up higher, as his head spun to stare at something that caught his attention. Though Tony and Mr. Rhodes already understood the point he wanted to make, and the others were still slightly confused, they knew there was a deeper meaning to his words; a certain type of gravity to them. am 7.3K 155. by StarkStevePeter. He can't miss out on patrol and laze around like the rest of them. 3. What did you think? Captain America: Civil War aka Avengers 2.5 3. ", "T-Tony Stark?" WebPeter didnt go to Manhattan very oftenusually only to visit the Avengers Tower whenever he received an invitation, which wasnt often. Peter looks around in slight awe, hearing Steve and Sams chuckle as he asks, Wait, what is this?. But all the secrecy just makes Peter even more curious, wishing more than anything that he could see May and get more answers but also not wanting to use up a favor he may need from the two Avengers later by pushing to meet her. He was back in his room. Whats wrong with her?, Peter watches as Steves firmness turns into sorrow, a gentle expression on his face that Peters only seen First, that this alternate self was accused of murder and second, that of the people in his life that he would think would fight + The first thing he noticed as he was limping through some country he doesn't remember the name of is how blank everyone's skin was. Aside from Tony, Happy, and the nice lunch lady that stops by often, he doesn't really have anyone else. I'll be fine over here, May. Should I expect door delivery around meal times?. Morgan shrugs, looking completely unbothered by Tonys worry as she stares at Peter and says, She had to take a call. Besides Not that we care to see him, either., Peters brow furrows, yet he doesnt ask why the animositysensing that despite Steves casual tone, the story there was anything but. scar "I figured you'd encourage me to go, so I've already phoned Tony about it, and he's agreed to allow you to stay at the Tower. She looks over Happy's shoulder. "Oh! Who is this? Peter nods in confirmation. Peter flinched hard, then awoke with a start and jumped on the ceiling. Peter's confusion is mirrored on his face, but he also feels the hairs on the back of his neck standing up. And here" Happy hands him an identification card with Peter's face and name on it. Thanks Sam, Peter says before Sam can say anything more, forcing a smile again as he says, For stitching me up., Sam looks conflicted, nodding once before saying, No problem, Little Pete.. WebPeter tried really hard. This Sam is clearly more guarded, clearing his throat before saying, Anyway, you wont be staying in Parkers room. The work you do is important, I get it. "I haven't changed my mind! 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However, after all the fighting he's done in the past months with the team, Sam realizes that he forgot what it felt like to be normal. "You know that you can tell me anything, right?". From inside the car, he can only make out the bottom of the massive 'A' that's plastered against the top of the Tower. Anti-mutant activists were a fringe group in his world, not enough that he had to be scared but it was always a threat-- the Tony and Steve in his world working together to make You have reached the maximum potential a human is able to achieve but I, on the other hand, surpass your potential entirely because my DNA has mutated to become a spider. Seeing people suffer around us and not being able to help but throw ourselves into the midst of battle to protect them. Morgan doesnt make another appearance either, which Peter cant help but feel is related. You save the world. What's up?". Not yet, Peters not gonna push his luck just yet, but its a good sign-- having his instinct confirmed when Steve says, I cant make that call but just-- sit tight.. Kid wants egg rolls for lunch.". "He's a special case. Not bad for a holding cell, Peter tries to joke only for his smile to fall when Sams eyes get cloudy-- realizing that its a profoundly bad joke to make considering that Parker actually You just happen to be on different sides. WebPeter Peter "Peter!" He glances down at his watch and stands up. Well, well see if theres anything else we can bring in to you. WebPeter Peter "Peter!" "That was so awesome!" Chapter 7 There may be more differences than we accounted for, Steve says, mostly to himself as Peter brings his attention back to the present-- more curious than ever now not just about May but about this world and just how Is she okay? "Even then, do you seriously think I haven't tried to quit? Sure, I help grannies cross the street or get cats off of trees. Peter was still a little out of it and his adrenaline was running out. It was quite a fight to get him to stay with another family, but he gave up eventually. When you won't be able to turn to us or Tony for help?" And will his loved ones deaths. WebPeter's breath hitches and his eyes fly open as he feels someone lift the bottom of his shirt. ), "The difference here? Or: After May leaves for a business trip, Peter finds himself living at the Avengers Tower for a month. WebVotes. , Peter thinks, Tony feels a light pressure beginning to contract around his throat, and he glances down to see Wanda's hands glowing a faint red. Even injured, one could tell by his body posture that he was ready for a fight. Don't answer that. He grunted softly at the impact. " "Welcome back, guys." When the supersoldier hesitates, he snaps harshly, louder this time, "Drop the gun, Barnes.". Heck, he rarely went to Brooklyn, and there wasnt even a river for him to cross to get there. How can I, in good conscience, sit back and continue my homework or try to go to sleep like nothing was happening when I could hear, vividly, someone else being traumatized at that moment?". I still want to meet them! Clearly, the Peter here-- Parker as they called him-- was accused of. If you want to put a lock on it or anything, just ask FRIDAY. What happens when someone dies because of you? It's Peter's. "No-don't do this. Was it that obvious?

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