arctic white grout vs bright white

. disagree on the white grout. He not only dislikes the color, but thinks its going to be a total mess to use. Kelly Wearstler of course. Does anyone know a good epoxy white that is more like the sherwin williams completely white no color paint. But, everyone likes something different.. so no wrong answers.. Good luck. charcoal or gray with those counter tops. Unlike most design posts on the internet, this is truly useful, incredibly useful actually. I do love the slight contrast, but would have been happy with white/white too. Has anyone used Snow White grout on white tiles? Nothing is perfect. I chose charcoal. The grey blends seamlessly. Indem Sie auf Annehmen klicken, stimmen Sie dem zu. on my main bath. We didnt want to worry about white grout getting dirty and gray wouldnt have fit at all. agree about mixing the two different materials. Timeless bright white subway wall tile Ceramic tile for kitchen backsplashes, bathroom and shower walls Pair it with coordinating white mosaic and wall tile View More Details Color/Finish: Bright White Approximate Tile Size: 3x6 3x6 Pack Size: case Need a closer look? You would have to be a really big splatterer to stain grout on the wallsright? My friend did that, with classic white subway tiles, and it looks fab! I like Snow White, the gray looks like its old and dirty. Here is a male opinion. delorean has more of a lavender undertone. Our bathroom has white grout on the floor, and I regularly (every few months) have to use a white grout pen to paint it or it looks so gross and dirty. My husband and I run a remodeling/design business and we recommend light gray grout very frequently. Yes! But then I go back to the fact that a little strip of backsplash isnt going to turn someone off from buying a house. I was thinking that gray grout looked like NYC subways, black grout like the London Underground and white grout like the Paris Metro, but a quick look at photos shows examples of all three colors of grout in all three cities. There is too much grey being used in housing today and it is a color that many people dislike. I'm not a fan of Mapei's products but they do make the nicest white grout in my opinion. The HH liked this one. GO CHARCOAL !! AGREED, Tanya. Go to HD and ask what the most popular grout color is. As everyone who has lived with old floor tile knows, when grout ages it will end up a dull dirt color, so if you can be content with something close to that from the start on your floors, you will save yourself some grief. I vote charcoal. So, this was helpful to me. Lol. Snow white. I kept thinking how beautiful it would be with blue grout. I have white subway tiles in my kitchen with white grout and although I love the look, I regret going with white grout due to the practicality. No, the backsplash probably wouldn't keep someone from buying the house, but it might get you a lower offer. i think it goes with counter and looks fabulous. For more information, please see my disclosure policy. We almost took it all down and started over. My tip is to use the same grout colour as they used in the showroom where you fell in love with the tile. love the idea of this post! I am having a similar issue. Dal's arctic white has a smidge of gray in it. Thank you! My tile wasnt white, it was green but I plan on using it with white tile in the shower which is my next project. I want to add something howeverhoned marble can be cleaned with bleach/comet+green scotch pad and then be re-sealed. Remember the big crocodile tears over your trees?! I vote for charcoal. Ultracolor Plus Max High-Performance, Rapid-Setting Grout with Maximized Color Depth and Color Consistency Snow White just looks clean, clean, clean. The charcoal is too much contrast. The dove with dove is definitely the safer choice. Ive been painting all my grout. My thoughts on the charcoal for your kitchen: Your tiles are on the smaller end so your grout will play a larger role in the final outcome. A charcoal gray would look too harsh with white subway tile. Charcoal or grey. The whites are just BORING, not even safe, just boring. And for resale, Id stick with pale grey or a white shade. I think either of the two white options are bland and boring while also being a nightmare to keep looking clean. If you do a contrasting grout every little flaw (and there will be some, even with a professional) will be highlighted. Some of the reps say they are interchangeable. Very flexible and solid material for wall installation. White grout seems to be popular among my moms generation. We just did ours last winter and LOVE it. The Delorean Gray looks more custom and wont show stains. Charcoal pops the hardware on the cabinets, but your choice is what matters. Id love a post on that. Also with the charcoal any imperfections with show like crazy and look like a DIY job. Keep us posted! I am in my late 30s and reside in Central WA but am from Seattle. Charcoal is fine I dont love or hate it and I doubt it would be a deal breaker to the next buyer. I find most white grouts look off white and on the yellow hue. Iv love your advice. Charcoal grout. It will be a nightmare to maintain. But it looks off white and on the yellow hue against bright white tile. The floor tiles were Heath Olive #3, so the floors looked more monochromatic. Just get ground colorant and paint it. Fight it out, sister. Thank you for supporting One Hundred Dollars a Month. Ick! . I like the charcoal but I would go with the snow white because hubby has to live there, too, and you love him. I dont know that white on white or gray on gray would ever be something youd tire of. Copyright 2023 One Hundred Dollars a Month - Disclosure Policy- Design by Sharon Hujik, How to Attract Birds to Your Backyard {& Feed Them Right w/ Kaytee Bird Feed}, 7 Ways to Use Up and Preserve Fresh Cabbage, How to Remove Fingernail Polish From Practically Any Surface. Thats just what my eye sees. See our color card for truest color representation. I vote charcoal. The whites do not add any depth and dont tie the white subway tile in with the cabinets or counters the way the charcoal does. No brainer Charcoal. Arctic White. Mocking up like daisychain suggests is a great idea. And your question is what color your grout should be? The grout in the photos, above and below, look slightly darker more like a really light gray which is a good idea if you dont think you can handle it when your white grout gets dirty. Delorean grey I took photos but wasnt sure how to send them. Charcoal for sure. These affiliate links help support this site. Charcoalwe are about to do the same in our tub surround, I agree. They complimented it (and lightened it up) with a white and light wood vanity which helps both tiles and patterns work well together as the grout is not competing with the tile, but just adding texture and depth to it. Impossible to keep it like it starts out. Good luck! Still love. I used it myself in our house and it looks wonderful. It may say Snowbound, but trust me, despite what my husband says, it is white. The white grout REALLY makes it look like those cheap, stick-on plastic tiles. Basically I had to listen to him say what a mess it was going to make while he paced back and forth around the kitchen and out to the garage and back with his hands in the air ranting like a total nutter for about 2 hours. based on your countertops and hardware, I would go with charcoal. We have something closest to the Delorian grey with white tile in our bathroom and I like that it is softer than the charcoal but easier to keep clean than white. Ultimately I would want to give more specifics like, when using white tile you should use ________ color from ______ brand, and Id give you real takeaway instead of just choose the right grout. Anyway, I didnt feel like there was enough value in this post. It still feels light but is less resistant to stain as you mention (and Emily mentions this too), and also you dont have it leaning cream/beige which our clients just havent been as in to lately. It also wont show up any grout discoloration as much as the white does. Were installing little black hex tiles in our bathroom and we chose black grout, and we must have used too much water to wipe it off because it dried an awful streaky grey and white. I always lean to white on white but I can see the sense in a grey and the less stained appearance that will result. Grey or charcoal would make a wonderful contrast!! My husband got one of these products in white to go over our white grout (with white tile) in our shower. I also think if you use 2 different tiles on walls and floors, using the same grout color on both is a good way to tie the 2 tiles together for a more harmonious room. Ive had white grout. Good Luck. Im in the clear minority, but I say an emphatic no to the dark grey and charcoal. But what happens when we mix it up and put some black grout in between those simple tiles? Tbh, cleaning asaide, i think it shows off the tiles to greater effect. Emily! It provides contrast, but is much softer than charcoal. NOT white. Since you are planning on selling the house, why not contact a local realtor for their opinion? Why not meet the HH halfway and pick the Delorean Grey. I think it makes such a difference on the finished look as you have clearly shown. Good luck to you sorry that happened. We recently had a dog washing station built. White will not set well with the next person most likely since it will get dirty even if you clean it for them. The white was too stark for my taste. How wonderful! I love the charcoal, hate the whites, and figure HH would compromise on the grey? It does look good when done right but if its not perfect will always look not perfect and as a buyer I would notice this. Find My Store. Go with the gray you will be happy you did! Keracolor Sanded 25-lb White #5000 Sanded Grout. White is hard to keep clean and looks washed out. We are in the finishing stages of our kitchen remodel and are trying to decide on grout for our white subway tiles. And frankly, if you were going to do white on white, may as well of just painted the whole wall white. It looks too old and not in a good way. The charcoal is way too dark and the whites are not a good choice. Mount Carmel, IL. Agreed x2. There are even grout stains so you can change the color if you change your mind. thanks! Someone, mentioned they had used Delorean grey with their white backsplash in their kitchen and loved it. 6.8 lb (3.1 kg). Definitely Charcoal!! Our sites use cookies to improve your experience. Size: 2X8, 4X12 . Any advice is most welcome!! I like the charcoal, but would love to see the delorean grey. I realize you have white tiles, but here's what I did. This was so helpful. The tile washes well but white or light grout does not. Go team charcoal! The charcoal is too much contrast. True, you should not paint the whole house in lavender even if it is your favorite color. Delorean grey! We love it! It seems like the gray is a good compromise! 388. Erfahren Sie hierzu mehr in der Houzz Cookie-Richtlinie. Again, it is a very specific look which makes it a little less timeless than the other two, but when done well it can work and brings a graphic element to the space. Blech. Maybe the lighter gray would work too but I think I like the charcoal now that Ive seen it. We wanted to keep this mini kitchen update just that, MINI. I think you need the contrast. Want to vomit. The ground is currently covered with snow and all, Looking for something special to make for dessert, Some of my days on Fair Isle were more windy than, Homemade scones with clotted cream and jam. I like the Charcoal with your countertops and I think it gives some definition to the tiles. The white looks too white with your ivory cabinets. Love this post and love all the comments I moved into a house that I thought had grey grout kitchen tiles but haha, if I scrub enough it comes up white. The house is by Melbourne architect Clare Cousins {Remember, we bought this house because our last house sold unexpectedly and it was a better option than renting given that we only had 3 weeks to find a house. Grey just adds another color and white is lovely for a bathroom. Now there are endless colorseven metallic and glitter are available. QuartzLock 2 is my favorite. If you are afraid to commit to gray or black grout, you can grout it white and stain later to a darker color. Striking and so lovely. Let us all know what your final choice is. Tile is hard to choose, grout should be easy. Personalize your space with the MAPEI grout color collections Download full color palette Complete line Products Type SERENE 01 Alabaster 101 Rain 102 Mint 103 Cobblestone 104 Timberwolf 38 Avalanche 77 Frost 93 Warm Gray TRADITIONAL 00 White 02 Pewter 107 Iron 14 Biscuit 19 Pearl Gray 27 Silver 39 Ivory 94 Straw NATURAL 06 Harvest 105 Driftwood We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Definitely charcoal but the grey could be the compromise. Charcoal or the lighter grey, but definitely charcoal. This may sound weird but it really works. I went with a light grey. Wish I had this info 3 months ago. Our realtor recommended the dark grout as the popular option for the type of buyer (age and demographic) we were looking to market to, but I personally could not have lived in the house with it. #44 - Bright White #45 - Raven #46 - Quarry Red #52 - Toasted Almond #53 - Twilight Blue #56 - Desert Khaki #57 - Hot Cocoa #58 - Terra Cotta #59 - Espresso #60 - Dusty Grey Do you love the monochromatic of the white on white and black on black or do you think you could get behind mixing in some brown grout with your black or white tiles? Going with the most frequently purchased colour seems like a pretty good plan. I just think it would be better for resale, and if someone else wants to change the color, cant they re grout it? White grout is a nightmare to clean. So, even if darker grout isnt your first choice, it might be better than painting the white grout to keep it white. I would use the soft white or a light grey. Its easier to keep looking nice and goes great with all that new hardware you just installed. Thanks for the blogI agree that Custom Sisal Rugs is a practical and elegant flooring solution. And whoever is doing the most cooking should be able to choose . Ive had both light and dark grout and i would NEVER do light grout again. We nearly got divorced over the cabinet color. I agree with you. White will show stains. They are impossible to keep clean. We tried bright white {which let me tell you is the OPPOSITE of CHARCOAL on the grout spectrum}. Snow white is my vote. It is a mess when you are applying it and you think you are never going to get it cleaned off the tile but it looks great when done. If the future owners want more color they can always use grout paint. A dark gray that matches your countertops will also look awesome, but I did a white hex tile with black grout.It gets many compliments, it looks awesome, but it is visually busy, so it is something I think about and may get sick of in the future. I would go with the grey. Ha! Color: White #5000. Find My Store.

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