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Age of empires 3 Mod to make it similiar To AoE 2 - Age of Empires III Otherwise, their navy is fair. A very good complement to Paladins are Skirmishers, who can deal tons of damage to Mangudai while Paladins tank arrow fire. and our Units in bold are good options or better than average units for the fight. With update 35584, Hunters work 40% faster. , Lyrics, Song Meanings, Videos, Full Albums & Bios Halberdiers can support them to deal with Hussars, who deal 10 damage to them. They pretty much have no real weakness. Mongols match Goth army with their own FU champs and Scorps. 2- Boar save. Steppe Lancers fare good against Hussars but die miserably to Mangudai fire with only 1 base pierce armor. They do everything. Super Fast Castle Drop into Mangudai | Aoe2 Arena Build Order Read the post and I remembered this joke: So a Mangudai walks into a bar and goes up to the counter. But Onagers, Trebuchets and BBCs can be useful. You are free to do the same. Thats why they need something in front of them (probably a gold unit, although again your own Hussars could work). That means that they should try to avoid Mongols to get to Imperial Age and upgrade their units freely. No spoiler here, Italians have a great answer to Mongols in Genoese Xbows. I'll take it as a compliment. Cavalry Archers and Mangudai fire 20% faster While these stats make them more vulnerable to ranged units than FU generic Hussars, they are much tankier against melee units, and are used as a meatshield for Mangudai and siege, while these are firing from behind. Then additional in depth advice will be given. < Mongols (Age of Empires II) Edit Civilization Technology tree Strategy Contents 1 Overview 1.1 Civilization bonuses 1.2 Unique units 1.3 Unique technologies 2 Tech tree key 3 Military 3.1 Barracks 3.2 Archery Range 3.3 Stable 3.4 Siege Workshop 3.5 Castle 3.6 Dock 3.7 Monastery 4 Defensive structures 5 Research 5.1 Blacksmith 5.2 University The 18 population Mongol scout rush is one of the fastest rushes in the game, capable of derailing your opponent before they have even reached the Feudal Age. Mongols can follow with archers (dont have any bonus towards them, but it may be interesting for small walled enemies, and to start researching techs that will later be useful for Mangudai), or skip Feudal wars and go to Castle Age. Their Light Cavalry have extra hit points and line of sight, making them very effective as scouts and raiders early in the game, and compensating somewhat for their lack of Plate Barding Armor later. Serjeants and Champskarls get 8 pierce armor, but that only means soaking a higher number of arrows before dying. A true Labour of love. But the Gold medal here goes to Genoese Crossbowmen, who have a huge bonus attack against both Mongol units, while tanking hits a bit better than Arbalesters, Longbowmen or Chukonus. Le grand dbat : Le variant Omicron bientt majoritaire, campagne pertur To engage Mangudai, nevertheless, you need NUMBERS. Brilliant work and I hope you keep enjoying the game for many years to come. Press J to jump to the feed. When the first Castle is up, it is the time to start massing Mangudai and decide where to start raiding. Mongolian script ( ), derived from the Old Uyghur alphabet, was used to write Classical Mongolian (the one spoken around the 13th century) and has been used until modern times, before being replaced in the Republic of Mongolia by an own version of the Cyrillic alphabet, which also adopts an orthography much closer to the current pronunciation (but Mongolians in China still use the traditional Mongolian alphabet and old orthography). Here, infantry meatshield in front of Longbows can work well, since theyll still be out of range of Mangudai. This is not as effective in earlier ages, as weaker units (such as skirmishers and onagers) can outrange them.The Mangudai is like all archers most effective when used in large masses. Returning to another chess analogy: everyone knows the Queen is the best piece on the board. As a primarily Teuton player, I can't help but feel like Mongols were designed specifically to fuck us over. Still other feudal strats is perfectly fine aswell like m@a and or archers. In late Castle Age, youll need to be massing Mangudai, so they need somehow to transition from your Feudal army to the Castle unit. Is there any good way for us to fight them? The bonus can also help with a Scout Cavalry rush, since it help detect defending troops faster, but it is almost useless in the later game. Alot of people use this food for the Mongol Scout Cavalry rush. Monks will have a limited use. We also get two tanks that can be a nasty surprise for Mongols: War Wagons and Elephant Archers. 13 villager builds mill on berries. The use of Battle (or War) Elephants is too situational in 1v1, and should only be considered in closed maps like Arena. The Mongols are an offensive civilization that focuses on its ranged units and emphasizes guerilla tactics. I wont consider mirror matches. Nothing feels better than overwhelming everyone with a Mangudai tsunami. the Huns civilization bonus of starting at maximum population is incorporated in the Age of Empires IV Mongols). Am I right in feeling this way? However, several Chinese units, such as the Steppe Rider and Keshik, represent the Mongols under the Qing dynasty (abeit the units themselves speak Chinese with a Mongolian accent). Lets take a look on them. They are actually more vulnerable to arrows than many other civs' Hussars because they miss the final armor upgrade.You want to handle enemy archers with your Siege Onagers or Mangudai, who are your prime units units, anyway. THE MONGOLS BONUSES AND UNIQUES Cavalry Archers fire +20% faster Light Cavalry +30% HPs Hunters work +50% faster Team Bonus: Scout Cavalry +2 LoS UNIQUE UNIT: Mangudai: super buff anti-Siege Cavalry Archer UNIQUE TECH: Drills: Siege Weapons move +50% faster WONDER: Pleasure Tent? This is the first example of how well Mangudai and Hussars complement each other. Regular Cav Archers are way too expensive. I'm planning of playing some games with mongols after a looong time (I've just finishied Netflix's Marco Polo) but the thing is that every game I play against them the only thing my opponents seems to do is go either scouts to mangudais or fc mangudais. It's format is heavily inspired by Philippe le Bon's work in Age of Empires 2 HD, so I decided it was fitting to . Turks artillery for a longer range and Houfnice upgrade for Bohemians could help with the survival of BBCs. Mangudai train time increased to 26 seconds. Hussars and Mangudai are very reliable eco raiders and with little micro can harass vill working sites. The first three have more than 2 pierce armor, and Huszars, apart from beating Mongol Hussars 1v1, have a huge bonus attack against siege that could give an end to the Mongol push: Tarkans and Keshiks have a similar performance, with the former resisting a more arrow fire while attacking a bit slower. Build your barracks before clicking up, and either force them to respond to your army (M@A skirms trushing their gold), or fend them off to go for castle age. Mongols benefit from the Huns' faster stables bonus, which are helpful for massing Light Cavalry. Age of empires ii 1 viewers gadzookzzz. I tried it for the last couple age of empires 2 hd persian strategy of days and winning rate was very low at around 40% with broker cedar finance. In 1294 Kublai Khan died in China, and Mongol power began to decline in Asia and elsewhere. I do like Mangudai as a unit, but the FE buff which made their bonus only apply to rams was absolutely necessary imo. What is it like to play Mongols in AOE2? - Quora Age of Empires 2 is a complex game where each military unit has a role to play in battle; each military unit is a counter for another unit and may. Play as goth get to late imp, mass huscarles and pointyboys sett the Spawn point in the middle of the mongol city. On the water, the lack of Dry Dock is really unfortunate, since it means their ships miss out on an important speed boost. Mangudai are a bit more expensive than normal Cavalry Archers, but also perform a lot better than Cavalry Archers as they have more hit points, attack, firing rate (after Thumb Ring is researched), and an attack bonus against siege units. Without further do here is the build order: First 3 villagers build houses and then harvest sheep. As their hunters work faster, they have an advantage in maps with more huntable animals than average, these include, Scandinavia, Yucatan, Black forest, Valley, and others, especially maps in which players can find more than 2 Boars or their equivalent near their initial Town Center. Watch out for enemy Onagers, who can shred a whole Skirm army. A wise decision is to consider your own Light Cavalry, who are fast, cheap and arrow resistant against an army composed of Cav Archers, Light Cavalry and Siege. Welcome to the AoE2 Strategy Center. Also, they can counter slow-moving melee units (like the Champion, the Slavic Boyar, the Persian War Elephant, the Southeast Asian Battle Elephant, the Teutonic Knight, etc.) Mangudai Rate of Fire increased (made slower) to 2.1. 7, 8 and 9th villager chop wood. What it essentially means is foreigners. Anyway, theres room for a surprising Battle Elephant rush with Malay in mid-Castle Age, when Mongols are the weakest. Cavaliers (except Sicilians) and Celt Paladins are less dangerous because of the many less shots for a kill, but here and there we can find a bonus that can become painful for a exchange of units (upgrading Hussar and Mangudai is much more expensive than upgrading Cavaliers even with Stirrups, Farimba, Hauberk or Szlachta privileges). As their Light Cavalry and Hussar gets noticeable more HP, Mongols have an advantage at trash wars, especially against civilizations that lacks the Halberdier upgrade or more buffs for the Pikemen. Age of Empires II, the classic real-time strategy (RTS) game, has been remade and released in a Definitive Edition for its 20th anniversary. Answer (1 of 10): Mongols is an absolute delight to play with. Of all the maps available in Age of Empires 2, Arabia is the most popular. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. I hope our content helps you feel more confident in your games. This page was last edited on 11 August 2014, at 02:21., the Mongols were subjugated under Qing rule,, East Asian civilizations (Age of Empires II). Wagons are also outranged by Mangudai, so theyre less effective. The difference can be huge and may become the result of killing a treb or not: Now well get to the knight-line. The Mongols' major advantage are their strong Cavalry Archers and fast siege weapons. In contrast, Civilization is a slow-paced , turn-based strategy (TBS) game. Except Goth and Mayans, when you've to go a bit out of style and start champions, perhaps. Your Hussars will die (unless you use exclusively Scorps) but so will your enemy's units. They do not have much defensive abilities to hold off an attack since they cannot upgrade their towers beyond the Guard Tower upgrade and cannot build Bombard Towers to take control of captured territory effectively. Hunters work 50% faster Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! It took me a while to gather all information and present it to you in an understandable way. This last advantage also applies for their faster-attacking Cavalry Archers. These include Turks, Italians, Malians and Saracens. In Budapest map as every player have double start up (2 town centers double villagers and 2 scouts) they also get an advantage as of course they get 2 Scout Cavalry with enhanced LOS enabling for them and their allies to explore the map astonishingly fast. Well delve into different army compositions for each of the civs that could give you a chance of victory. Mangudai have a train time of 21 seconds. Your Trusted AOE2 Guide Players can Mongol flush with 22 population and then create one or two stables (one will work if the wood is tight), this flush will be mostly a standard scout rush with the only difference that the player will have more line of sight for those units allowing to prevent ranged attacks from archers as they can spot them at a longer distance. Mongol Monks are some of the worst, and they do not have Halberdiers, which means that the Mongols have no concrete answer to elephant units. This page was last edited on 9 July 2014, at 16:48. It can beat almost all civilizations in style, Mangudai and rams! In general, any melee unit that is slower than Mangudai or ranged unit outranged by Mangudai will have a hard time countering them, and their use will become situational against Mongols. This leaves Arbalesters and Champions without Supplies as their only reliable foot unit options, and their Heavy Camel Rider without Plate Barding Armor as their only anti-cavalry option. I used to play this back on the disc when I was like 10, today I learned you are suppose to take the boars for food. by hit-and-running them. Mangudai are difficult to hit due to their speed, so can quickly eliminate dangerous siege weapons that can pose a threat to buildings or fragile units. r/aoe2 - OH MY GOD THE MONGOLS STRATEGY DISCUSSION IS COMING RUN FOR The map is Ravines where hunting is aplenty for the ravenous. With equal numbers, Mangudai will always win, but Hussars are easier to mass and gold unit replacement will always be more punishing. Hi there. Light Cavalry have 30% more HP Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition 'Fast Castle' strategy guide Conquistadors can be microed, but Mangudai outrange them, and both Mongol units are faster than them. When it comes to ranged units, we must not forget that both Mongol units get only 4 pierce armor when FU, so theres room for some units to shine against them. One thing they will never say about you is that you lack passion, or work ethic. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Age of Empires 4 Mongols Strategies and Tips - GameRevolution A Battering Ram filled with infantry will be able to move at the same speed as cavalry, allowing them to demolish buildings and flee before the opponent can muster a counter-attack. You get Onager and Siege Onager if you can afford it if you're facing an Archer civ or Heavy Scorps if you're against a Cavalry civ. Hi all! The five campaigns revolve around a powerful leader in history: Check the table of contents to begin reading the walkthrough and strategies for each mission. I've been playing Age of Empires 2 for almost 2 decades, and consider the game to be not only the greatest real-time strategy game of all time, but the greatest video game of all time. Age of Empires III Heaven Forums Modding Discussions Age of empires 3 Mod to make it similiar To AoE 2. This makes the Mongol army very mobile. Unite the fractious tribes of the Mongolian steppe and lead vast mounted hordes to the edges of the known world. Their economy is not great after the Feudal Age. Their economy is great early on, with their 40% faster hunters, but it drops off significantly during the mid-game. High Level Mongols Gameplay | AoE2 DE - YouTube You have to scout your enemy and keep checking what they're doing. Since it spans a greater time period and covers a much wider area than Age of Empires, the game play takes a long time and can easily become boring. Battle Royale for Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition follows a similar theme to other battle royale games, but with its own tasteful and in-character flair. Strategy in general describes a plan to reach a certain goal which is for AoE2 building up a strong economy, train military and defeat your opponents. Ive been working on a while on how to deal with late game Mongol army composition, knowing that there are many situations where, if microed effectively, the Mongol player will still beat our army. Verteidigung in age of empires ii: Source: Hello everyone, and welcome to my guide a community effort I'm undertaking, to move some of the best works of the original Age of Empires 2 (Steam Edition) to the Definitive Edition. Still unable to produce advanced siege weapons, the Mongols must first kidnap some Chinese engineers. See the Table below: As we can see, now the Paladin upgrade becomes very important (except for PBA lacking Celts) due to the 3 base pierce armor of Paladins (Cavaliers have just 2 pierce armor and -40HP). +50% hunter efficiency? This page is a stub. Put all together, these units form a very threatening and very mobile force. Hunting bonus - This is the best, specific bonus in the game. Age of Empires II Civilizations | Altar of Gaming . They focus on cavalry archers. The light cavalry is good as a "meat shields" or to do suicide kills on enemy siege. Mangudai become in handy very well when the opponent is trying to attack with siege weapons. Like most Age of Empires II strategies, there are plenty of versions of the same build order that people try out depending on civilization, enemy, and map layout. and our Mongols would need to micro Mangudai so that they aim for Halbs while Hussars deal with Huskarls. Mongols can answer Goth Flood with their own FU Chanps and zoom Scorps, but its not a super favourable matchup at that point. UNIQUE UNIT: Mangudai: super buff anti-Siege Cavalry Archer, UNIQUE TECH: Drills: Siege Weapons move +50% faster, ARCHERY: no Hand Cannoneer, Ring Archer Armor, MONKS: no Redemption, Sanctity, Illumination, Block Printing, Theocracy, DEFENSE: no Keep, Bombard Tower, no Heated Shot, no Treadmill Crane, no Architecture, ECONOMY: no Crop Rotation, Two-Man Saw, no Guilds, UNIQUE UNIT: Mangudai have bonus vs Rams and Trebs only, UNIQUE TECH: Nomads: Population is raised permanently by Houses, so destroying Houses does not lower it. They have many bonuses that allow them to move fast and hit very hard when used effectively. Mamelukes are still weaker (0 pierce armor), and even with their amazing performance against Hussars, I havent considered them. With 12 attack, a bonus against Cavalry Archers, and discounted FU Hussars, Berbers become the anti-Mongol in late game. Team Bonus: Light cavalry have +2 line of sight. I wont delay much with infantry units, because they are mostly shredded by this composition. The biggest issue when it comes to heavy cavalry is that both Mangudai and Hussars are faster than them (except Cumans!!!). Look no further and find out all about the standard Age of Empires 2 strategies popularised over the decades. Because the Mongols were subjugated under Qing rule, they do not appear as a playable civilization in Age of Empires III. Arguably the best siege in the game with drill. Age of Empires II: The Genghis Khan Campaign - IGN Update 47820 slightly nerfed the speed of Mangudai, making it a bit harder for them to kite enemies. Clicking on the icon links to the corresponding page. AOE2:DE 20+2 Castle Drop | Mongols unbeatable strategy on Arena ", Try to retreat and get your towers to do the work? Mangudai have a train time of 21 seconds. This makes them probably the best units for hit and run tactics. Siege - You generally want to get some Siege Rams because they're very strong. Index @ Age of Empires 2 Strategy Center Plumed Archers will resist better arrows, but their low attack will leave them vulnerable to Hussars. In update 37650, the Mongols lose access to the Supplies technology, which is meant to balance out their strong early-game hunting work bonus, and adding a counterplay to the Mongols' late-game army composition of Mangudai, Hussars, and siege (for example, the Goths). Since the Mongol team bonus improves Light Cavalry Line of Sight, they can make a good synergy with the Poles, who give Light Cavalry +1 attack vs archers. A couple of discounts in units (Berbers, Magyars), techs (Chinese, Burgundians, Spanish) and not needing to research some of the techs (Turks, Indians, Cumans, Franks, Hussar lacking civs) can be considered, but, all in all, it is an army composition that, with Hussars/Light Cav alone, is difficult to counter, if theres not a huge number advantage. His name was Timur Leng (Timur, the Lame, or Tamerlane to Europeans and the Prince of Destruction to Asians). The criteria for HCA consideration include Thumb Ring, Bloodlines and Husbandry, and only lacking one of these (Bracer, Parthian Tactics, Ring Archer Armor). AboutPressCopyrightContact. As it can be seen, a mass of 20 of these units can one shot kill Mangudai. Huskarls are also great at soaking arrows, but Hussars are already prepared to deal with them, so Goths should include Halbs on their composition and flood them constantly. Skirms, as arbs, can also be used under your Castle to kill Mongol units trying to snipe your BBCs or Trebs. Cookie Notice Eagles would take the same time as Boyars to chase Mangudai, while being much weaker to both Mongol units (especially Hussars). His ambition was to rule all lands between the oceans (Pacific and Atlantic) and he nearly did so. History fan - I want a Campaign for each civ. They would fare excellent against Hussars and Siege, but Mangudai just would outrun and kill them (2 pierce armor). BBCs can be used also to hit the mass of Mangudai from longer distance. Mongols also have access to all siege weapons except Bombard Cannons and can fully upgrade their Champions, when Mongols reach the Imperial Age they must start to combine their Cavalry Archers, Mangudai and Hussars with siege weapons and some infantry, the Drill technology allows to their siege to move a lot faster than normal, so their siege weapons have a chance to retreat or attack sooner than expected.

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