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After youve handled all the details that weve discussed above, youll want to take a deeper dive into the craftsmanship of your cedar chest. Many people love the smell and look of cedar today, and have a great nostalgic feeling when they open them! As such, there were physical signatures, engravings or trademarks to aid identification. Sadly, this led to the accidental entrapment and tragic death of some children who got shut inside the chest and suffocated. The Lane company was famous for this. The following names are the most popular cedar chest manufacturers (especially during the 1900s): The Lane Company Cavalier of Chattanooga Caswell-Runyan in Huntington Ed Roos of Forest Parl 2. Possibly missing pieces? ANTIQUE CEDAR CHEST OF DRAWERS AUSTRALIAN COLONIAL CIRCA 1890 SIX DRAWERS AU $1,100.00 Local pickup or Best Offer Antique Australian Colonial Barossa solid red cedar filing cabinet campaign 1870 AU $1,975.00 Local pickup or Best Offer 11 watching antique 1880's CEDAR CHEST of Seven Drawers AU $980.00 Local pickup or Best Offer 20 watching Going on a trip with friends is always tempting. It is well worn, the paint has faded, leaving only glimmers of the once vivid colors, and the metal work shows some rust. Our website provides every possible inspiration and tip that gives a perfect way to lead life. We carry top brands, Looking for the best revitalise pukka tea? From the 1960s-1970s, they expanded into bedroom furniture and recliners and maintained production until they filed for bankruptcy in 2014. Then, you will need to combine these factors to get a good grasp of the possible market value. But more then likely you will need to use a locksmith to open it for you. Antique cedar chests were produced by virtually every furniture maker. So how can you tell if a cedar chest is a fake or a reproduction that looks almost perfect? Interestingly, there's a seal branded on the inside that refers to a National Association of Cedar Chest Manufacturers. Good luck! This is what impacts the value of an antique cedar chest: A post shared by Antiques aficionado (@antiques_aficionado). Cookies and similar technologies are used to improve your experience, to do things like: Without these technologies, things like personalized recommendations, your account preferences, or localisation may not work correctly. Unfortunately, this type of locker had led to some tragic situations, when some children locked themselves inside and suffocated. Reproduction is common nowadays, so pay attention to replicas. You cant expect well-finished wood to carry these marks. . If you can accurately determine your antique cedar chests age, youll be one step ahead of the competition. Antiques, Collectibles and Auctions resources. Antique chests and antique blanket chests were important storage pieces for early American settlers as well as wealthy Victorian people traveling by train and boat. Established in 1912 in Virginia, the Lane Furniture Company began production of their cedar chests in 1920, and would continue production until their factory was closed down in 2001. Carolina Cottage Antique Black Camden Blanket Chest. Antique Travel Trunks, often called Steamer Trunks, date to the mid 1800s to the early 1900s, largely corresponding with the Victorian era. (15% off), Sale Price 35.88 Of course, antique chests and trunks typically stand as fixtures at home, rather than pieces we want to travel with. I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me. For antique chests, cedar chest manufacturers frequently burned on these dates as a sign of both quality and authenticity. The Lane Furniture Company and the Ed Roos Company of Forest Park. So these are the principal distinguishing features that will help you recognize an antique cedar chest and make a wise purchase: The first and easy way to determine whether a cedar chest is antique is by its origins and manufacturer. . We carry, Looking for the best avery printer? If the wood is sealed and polished, then most furniture polishes should work fine. We carry top brands and 7429, Looking for the best stick corded vacuum? Choose colors and styles that will brighten up the office and make it feel more welcoming. Consequently, the companies called for a recall of these locks for safety reasons. This identification guide will help you learn to identify and determine the value of an antique cedar chest. Chests made prior to 1987 had lids that would automatically latch shut when closed. When it comes to the antique chest or newer high-quality models, these marks are usually either burned or stamped onto the wood. Best place to sell is through a vintage resale shop. Therefore, the most common ones and appreciated were these styles: A post shared by Zivley Knoll (@zivleyknoll). Painted Antique chests are so unique and beautiful to behold! You may see drawers and multiple compartments inside Saratoga chests, as well as very serious hardware. With this type of artful decoration, these types of chests often served as dowry or wedding chests for newly married couples. Not only does this make them a true antique, but it ups their value significantly. Provide additional protection by wrapping fabrics in white cotton or washed unbleached muslin sheets, and store papers in none porous containers such as glass jars, or metal and plastic boxes. Try using a different browser or disabling ad blockers. Just on its own, the Lane company is estimated to have produced more than 14 million of them, the last rolling off its North America production line in 2001. Where to Sell Your Antiques and Collectibles? During those times, chests were mainly portable storage devices that contained the goods of a whole family. These worn out lines can be detected on the surfaces of the antique cedar chest or on the inside. 221.00, 260.00 antique cedar chest manufacturers. Make sure the antique cedar chest manufacturers is visually appealing. (15% off), Keep collections to yourself or inspire other shoppers! Make sure you check the seller reputation first before making the purchase. Keep in mind that: A post shared by Sweet Southern Accents (@southernaccents225). The best known maker of chests of this typeLane, located in AltaVista, Va.never quit making them. Dovetailing refers to the connection joints of two perpendicular angles. Make sure to quickly dry of any water streaks that may be left behind as this could cause water staining. The truth is that there are no replacement keys for these old locks. 295. You've already signed up for some newsletters, but you haven't confirmed your address. Or fastest delivery Fri, Feb 10. (20% off), Sale Price 170.00 Vintage Lane Cedar Chest Box Desktop Sample Alta Vista Virginia Miniature w/ Key. I just want to know how old it is;since it was my Grandfathers. Companies like Lane have their mark showed with a small brass plate. Coaster Lift Top Cedar Chest in Textured Black - 900004. We carry top brands, Looking for the best personal organiser refills? They fell out of popularity however as we found other ways of managing months. Antique Immigrant Chests often have carved, painted or unique details that help collectors trace them back to the country of origin. By storing linens, blankets, fabrics and papers in these chests. Doing so can help you date them more accurately. Captcha failed to load. His son, Ed Lane, was 21 at the time and had little manufacturing experience. Some unique models of cedar chests come with upholstery and stuffing, a genuine sign of their origins. But, although several people took out the locks, it is estimated that over 6 million of the 12 million cedar chests produced within that timeframe still did not safety locks installed. If you love antique furniture and collectibles, youve likely dreamt of having a fully intact antique cedar chest. Noted as . Wring out a soft cloth so that it is damp, not wet and gently wipe down the surface. Pro-Tip: If you get an antique cedar chest (with the original catch-and-shut lock) to be used long-term, it is advisable to get the lock exchanged or removed for safety purposes. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Notice the intricate patterns of exotic woods which makes it a breathtaking statement piece! However, uneven and roughly cut joints are signs of hand-crafted piecesand these are priced at higher rates. They may have the happy couples initials on the top or side. Our Company History. By austinxamanda, 1 December, 2013 Category. Antique Cedar Chest . Manufacturers 2. The first faux painting was born! Finding a gorgeous handcrafted cider chest that was made before the 20th century, would be a lucky find indeed. A serial number such as 2865110, also indicates that the production date for this piece was January 15th 1968. ILS 91.31 shipping. cedar. This is especially true if the cedar chest comes with the original hardwares and is in excellent condition. Likewise, cedar chests can still serve as their original purpose today! So start analyzing each metal feature to look for imperfections which are a tell-tale sign of wrought iron. . We get this information by reading the serial number from right to left which gives us the date 01-15-68. Finally, make sure you are aware of the return policy of the site you are buying from. Then, they mimicked the look of these grains with dappled paint and brushstrokes! Isho-dansu were clothing chests covered with glossy lacquer and adorned with iron hardware. These great pieces can still be found for sale today on the net and in antique shops. If the antique cedar chest manufacturers is for a small business with only a few employees, then a smaller antique cedar chest manufacturers may be the best option. It was easy to set up and use, durable, and handled day-to-day use well. Here are ten antique cedar chest manufacturers that have received high marks from users. Read . The lane company manufactured cedar chests in the. Decorative trunk that is great for coffee table, Old fashioned design adds to antique look. Rustic Wood Vanities. When trying to establish the value of an antique cedar chest, safety locks are an essential factor to consider. A simple cloth or a custom made padding, that can function as a cushion would be better then leaving the chest bare and exposed to everyday wear and tear. Dovetailing is a term used to depict the meshing joints of two perpendicular angles. Sale Price: $299.00. Springmill Cedar Chest Price: $1,399 Free Shipping Yarmouth Oak Steamer Trunk Price: $999 Free Shipping 13 Finishes Available Glennwood Cedar Chest Prices: $899 - $999 Free Shipping Available in 3 Sizes Richwood Cherry Chest Prices: $1,299 - $1,449 Free Shipping Available in 2 Sizes 14 Finishes Available Berryville Cedar Chest Price: $799 Manufacturer's Mark 2. The Lane Company expanded from cedar chests to other lines of furniture in the 1950's through the 1970's. The Lane Company is now part of the Heritage Home Group along with other well-known furniture brands like Henredon, Drexel Heritage, Broyhill and Thomasville. The Lane Company, one of the most popular manufacturers back in the day, used to manufacture cedar chests in the Chippendale and Art Deco styles. One way to try and help narrow down the era, would be to look at the craftsmanship used to assemble the piece. On the other hand, rough and uneven cut joints are a of hand-crafted pieces. Sellers looking to grow their business and reach more interested buyers can use Etsys advertising platform to promote their items. The following were top competitors of the cedar chest manufacturing industry in the 1900s: Check the various wood components if they are by the same manufacture and possess the same features. Yes! Both companies had marks that indicated which factory the cedar chests were manufactured in. Generally, antique cedar chest can value at $99 to an average of $300-$400. Additionally, the unique qualities of cedar made fabrics smoother and more pleasant to the touch. Wood 3. Search Google Images using keywords that relate to your chest to receive similar results. We are refinishing my great grandmothers cedar chest. (Cedar is a natural insect repellent. Tons of possible repairs could be needed, and many minute signs of authenticity to look for with antique cedar chests, so be ready to put in some hard work! Distinguishing marks. In some cases, your chest may have a date marked on its surface by a manufacturer. Along side their cedar chest, the company produced television cabinets and occasional furniture during the 1950s. If the business is larger, or if there are a lot of different types of work that need to be done, then a more versatile antique cedar chest manufacturers like an all-in-one antique cedar chest manufacturers may be a better choice. They included locks that could catch and lock automatically when the lid shuts. However, you should pay attention to where you purchase this antique furniture from. Choose antique cedar chest manufacturers that is durable and will last for years. For hundreds of years, newly weds would continue to use these cedar chests to store items that were susceptible to being damaged or destroyed by moths. Another major sign you would need to concern yourself with is cracks. Companies like Ed Roos have variations in their manufacturing marks. View Etsys Privacy Policy. Sometimes, you may see that the inside of the antique chest is rougher than the outside. Sometimes, there might be an extra number seen above. Thanks. How Much are Antique Cedar Chests? Consequently, these six digits reflect the day, month, and year they were manufactured. Tools & Supplies to Refinish a Cedar Chest 220 Grit 80 Grit This invariably means that a serial number would either be six digits reflecting the date, month, and year of creation. Thank you. To say I've painted a lot of cedar chests would be an understatement. Hello Select your address Select your address. Check for similar cedar chests. 35.88, 46.00 2023 VIP Art Fair Collectibles - WordPress Theme by Kadence WP, How to Identify, Value, and Buy Antique Liquor Bottles (2023 Updated), Antique Telephones Value (Most Valuable Sold for $60,000), Most Valuable Antique Dolls: Identification, Price Assessment, and Buyers Guide, Most Valuable Antique Washboards (Rare One Worth $400+). I like cedar chests because they're multi-functional. They began by producing curtain rods and wooden boxes. Choose antique cedar chest manufacturers that is comfortable and ergonomic. no deposit82"H x 12"D Real Wood Bookcase 82"H x 12"D Real Wood Bookcase $399.00 . Are there any other adaptations? The kind of bottles with intricate designs, unique colors, and, Read More How to Identify, Value, and Buy Antique Liquor Bottles (2023 Updated)Continue, If youve ever visited a hold home, a home design show, or an antique store, youve probably, Read More Antique Telephones Value (Most Valuable Sold for $60,000)Continue, Dolls are an intriguing invention that has enjoyed centuries of popularity and value. While Etsy and eBay are excellent sources for authentic antiques, Amazon has great deals for newer or already used replicas. This page is devoted to Antique Blanket Chests, Antique Cedar Chests and Antique Trunks. Therefore, you may need to check them in-depth and look for those areas out of sight like underneath the lid and on the bottom of the chest. Often perceived in the West as decorative antiques, kaidan-dansu () comprised drawers and doors. Lane Cedar Chests out of Lane, Virginia were quite popular, as were Cavalier brand chests. If you just bought an antique cedar chest with the original locker (the one with the standard catch-and-shut lock), it is wise to exchange the locker or remove it for safety reasons. If you can find this information, it would provide clues as to the value of the item. It has a convenient latch closure and is portable Dimensions: 26" x 15" x 15.7" (L x W x H). (Video), Antique Chests : Types of Antique Trunks (Video), Identifying Antique Chairs : Antique Chair Style Names (Video), French Armoire, French Armoire with Mirror. On the other hand, companies like Lane have a small brass platemark visible. As a young lady approached marriageable age, her family would gift her a chest containing items standing as contributions to the marriage. Original Price 46.00 Sometimes, you may hear the term, Six Board Blanket Chest to describe very simple early antique chests that were made of very large single boards on every side. The name or mark of the brand would usually be located on the underside of the lid. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It is unclear which year they began the production of their cedar chests, but by 1916 the youngest son Edwards, created the Roos Cedar Chest Company, before changing the name to Ed Roos Company of Forest Park in 1918. ILS 983.94 shipping. Unfortunately, even some experienced sellers might get bumped by these scams. But how do you know if the cedar chest you passed by is precious and rare or just a cheap replica? Another way to save money is to shop through a site gives you cash back on your purchases, and sometimes the cashback amount can be quite large. Check out our top best revitalise pukka tea comparison! Our cedar chests are . Consistently earned 5-star reviews, shipped orders on time, and replied quickly to messages, Looks like you already have an account! 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