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We offer our condolences to John, Windi Grimes, members of their family, and the countless lives that Anne touched through her generous philanthropy and stewardship in the arts. She is the daughter of Anne Burnett Windfohr Marion, known in Texas oil circles as "Little Anne," daughter of Anne Valliant Burnett Tandy, "Big Anne", heiress to the legendary Burnett ranching and oil fortune. When Burks father, Jerry Burnett, suggested his son act as trail boss and take another herd for him, Burk was ready to go. Burk recognized very early that his Longhorns didnt produce the best beef quality, so in the early 1900s, he introduced Durham cattle onto his Longhorns. In 1905, the Burnetts hosted a wolf hunt in the Big Pasture and invited both President Roosevelt and Quanah Parker. Her generosity knew no bounds and will have an impact on Texas and the nation for generations to come For nearly 40 years, she served on the board of the Kimbell Art Foundation and supported the museum munificently. Friends with Theodore Roosevelt, Cpt. Burk developed a close relationship with Quanah Parker despite Quanah having terrorized the plains in the early 1870s when he led the Comanche on raids against white settlers. An art collection worth an estimated $150 million that belonged to the late Texas oil and ranching heiress Anne Marion is going up for auction this spring in New York. She was so impressed with what she had seen that she kissed Mr. Ando when we arrived at his office in Osaka, much to his great surprise.. Windi Grimes, Jim Crane (Photo by Michelle Watson/ 16. By 1936, about 20,000 Hereford cattle stocked the Four Sixes ranges. Women Of The Land - COWGIRL Magazine George started building a herd by purchasing 20 good broodmares and putting them on a stud that Tom Burnett sent over from the Triangles. Anne Marion was a prominent Texas rancher, oil heiress and patron of the arts who helped fund the Georgia O'Keefe Museum in Sante Fe, New Mexico. Funeral arrangements and an official obituary will be shared on when the information is available. With the help of his father-in-law in the mid-1870s, Burk moved his cattle on land he purchased in Wichita County between the Red and Wichita rivers. Also among Marions titles were president of the munificent Burnett Foundation she as great granddaughter of the maverick cattleman Captain Samuel Burk Burnett (1849-1922) which to date has gifted $600 million to charities, notably arts and humanities. But, it doesnt bother her one bit. That honor belonged to a dun stud that George liked from the first time he saw him. Burnett and Ruth later divorced, and he married Mary Couts Barradel in 1892. Marion, who founded the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico, died last year of lung cancer at the age of 81. She said that growing up on that ranch was one of the best things that ever happened to her because of the discipline, work and experience it provided. Burnett, who started out herding his father's cattle along the Chisholm Trail to Kansas, ended up running an operation which owned some 20,000 livestock in Texas, Oklahoma and even Mexico. by Susan L. Ebert August 14, 2017 Life changes a lot when you move from the city to the country at the tender age of six. I went to New York with her several times. One phone number is associated with Windi: (858) 488-8360 (Pacific Bell) Main Address 5174 Chelsea St, La Jolla, CA 92037 Single Family, Detached Garage, 3 spaces Six bedrooms, Nine bathrooms Lot Size - 0.29 acres, Floor Size - 6,504 sqft There is also a round pen, dog kennel, two laborer houses and about 20 employee houses. To house the ranch manager and entertain guests, Burk decided in 1917 to build the finest ranch house in West Texas as his headquarters. Can you share a few details of how she lived with the artwork. The answers to most any question aboutMarionmay be obtained through 1-800-CallJulie, according toAnne. Anneand I explore the world together. Fort Worth Business Press We have traveled from Africa to Vietnam to China to the North Pole and back, he said. The lower valley areas of the property have a variety of trees including soapberry, willows and hackberry. She bought a lot of art on trips. Suddenly, the Four Sixes horse operation became a major force in the industry. When Miss Anne took over the Four Sixes and the Triangle ranches after the death of Tom, she moved the breeding horses off the Triangle division at Iowa Park and put the studs and mares at the Triangle at Paducah and at the Four Sixes. And, she makes strong decisions as far as that ranching operation is concerned. WG: Right, timeless is a perfect word for almost everything she did. Is the Four Sixes a Real Ranch? - Ranching Heritage Association Their marriage came eight years after Marion inherent the Four Sixes ranch in 1980, following her mother's death. He said it gives comfort to everyone who works for her. The couple hadthree children together, two of whom died young. Featured in the auction, "American Visionary: The Collection of Mrs. John L. Marion," Wednesday, May 12, 2021, at Sotheby's New York, the Kenneth Noland set a record at $4.25 million; the Morris Louis went for $2.19 million. 25. . Burnett befriended President Theodore Roosevelt and turned the 6666 into 'one of the largest cattle empires in Texas history' - even having a local town renamed Burkburnett at Roosevelt's suggestion in 1910. Anne Windfohr Marion (November 10, 1938 - February 11, 2020) was an American heiress, rancher, horse breeder, business executive, philanthropist, and art collector from Fort Worth, Texas. I said, Yes Maam, I can. Grey Badger II was by Midnight Jr and out of a daughter of Billy The Tough. The listing marks the first time in the ranch's history that it has been put on the market. Anne Valliant Burnett Tandy 1900-1980 "Miss Anne" was the only daughter of Tom Burnett and Olive Lake. Windi Grimes - Historical records and family trees - MyHeritage 'Taken together, the collection reflects myriad developments that took place over the course of the Twentieth Century, and testifies to its creator's extraordinary vision. Anne Marion devoted her life to numerous causes, notably modern and contemporary art and championing museums, in Texas and beyond. Taking into account various assets, Windi's net worth is greater than $499,999; and makes between $20 - 29,999 a year. Anne Grimes Anne Windfohr Grimes (born Phillips) Anne, Windfohr Grimes was born to Bill Meeker. 'Unpretentious and proud of her rancher legacy and lifestyle, Anne was a boldhearted Texan through-and-through. As a result, George Humphreys had plenty of good Joe Hancock daughters to cross on Hollywood Gold. He first leased the old Burnett ranch in Wichita County and then established his home and headquarters on a ranch eight miles east of Electra. We simply cannot imagine doing anything that would be less than satisfactory to her. Fort Worth Business Press recognizedMarionNov. 5 when she received the Great Woman of Texas Award, honoring her generosity and philanthropy, as well as her guiding hand as the chief executive of business interests that include ranching, oil and numerous investments. He was able to sell his herd for a $10,000 profit the next spring after an extra years growth. They also bought Special Effort. Burnett and Ruth later divorced, and he married Mary Couts Barradel in 1892. In the Texas Panhandle near Borger, Burk bought the Dixon Creek Ranch from the Cunard Steamship Line. 'It kept my feet on the ground more than anything else.'. Only their son Tom lived on to have a family and build his own ranching business. Born on October 15, 1900, in Fort Worth, she was named for her father Tom's little sister, Anne Valliant Burnett, who died young. Only their son Tom lived on to have a family and build his own ranching business. The ranch, in Guthrie, Texas, was owned by Anne Marion, 81, for 40 years after she inherited it from her great-grandfather. Compared with other collections, it also stands apart because it spans archetypes of the two defining movements of post-war American art history, namely Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art.. Perry's Pals, Cont'd. - Texas Monthly The listing marks the first time in the ranch's history that it has been put on the market. In last 24 years, Gates has topped the list not one or two but 18 times. How high? and as a script writer for Red Steagall Is Somewhere West of Wall Street. He is a graduate of Texas A&M University and a recipient of numerous writing and photography awards. She also served asdirector of Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital in Fort Worth, later becoming the namesake of the Marion Emergency Care Center at the hospital. She is conscious of her heritage, of course, and she always wants the best. That same year, she was the Fort Worth Exchange Club Golden Deed Honoree. Other honors over the years include the Fern Sawyer Award from the National Cowgirl Museum in 1994, Texas Business Hall of Fame recipient in 1996, The Governors Award for Excellence in The Arts, Santa Fe, N.M. in 1996, The American Quarter Horse Association Merle Wood Humanitarian Award in 1999 and the Golden Spur Award in 2001. It was bought by Captain Samuel 'Burk' Burnett, who went on to became 'one of the most influential and prosperous cattlemen in the history of Texas' after starting with 100 head of cattle that he branded '6666'. Windi Grimes: My grandmother (Anne Burnett Tandy) built the I.M. (The daughter of art patron and philanthropist Anne Marion, the great-grandaughter of 6666. She doesnt need to do those things. She married Mr Marion in 1988. American Visionary: The Collection of Mrs. John L. Marion featured a mere 18 lots but what works of art these are, coming from the walls of her I.M. Marionrecalls a happy childhood, being raised by her mother and stepfather in Fort Worth, spending her summers at the 6666 Ranch in Guthrie with her nanny, and later with the ranch foreman and his wife. Marionis genuinely concerned about the people who work for her. A Trio of Historic Texas Ranches Are Selling For a Staggering $341.7 Anne Marion Obituary - The Desert Sun Marion, the great-granddaughter of Capt. Following her death, former President George W. Bush described Marion as 'a true Texan, a great patron of the arts, a generous member of our community and a person of elegance and strength' in a statement. Miss Anne was active in the cattle and horse operations of both ranches. The ranch also features multiple barns, pen areas and stalls for the horses. She takes the time to care, Phillips said. Despite her four-decade marriage to John Marion, the former chairman and chief auctioneer of Sothebys North America (her fourth husband the couple wed in 1988, and co-founded the OKeeffe Museum in 1997), it was not a given that the collection would come to Sothebys. Check Background Get Contact Info This Is Me - Edit Reputation & Background View All Sotheby's said Wednesday that Marion's private collection consists of more than 200 objects, Franz Kline's Mister 1959, Oil on canvas has an estimate of $15-20 million. By the time Burk died, Tom had already established himself as a respected rancher and cowman. Obituary. Explore historical records and family tree profiles about Windi Grimes on MyHeritage, the world's family history network. Anne Marion, Fort Worth fourth-generation ranching-and-oil heiress, couldnt have differed more in her collecting interests, family background, and demeanor from the understated European Dominique de Menil, heir to the Schlumberger fortune and co-founder of The Menil Collection in Houston. The government reserved 488,000 acres for grazing use by the Kiowa, Comanche and Apache tribes. WG: There was a big entry hall that was made for entertaining, and then there was a very wide hall that went back to the residence, and the art was in those two spaces. They brought Dash For Cash to the ranch, repurchased some shares in Streakin Six (he was bred by the ranch) and brought him back. Through the years, there have been just five foremen at the ranch headquarters in Guthrie. Would you like some of that candy? the visiting rancher asked. There are two bunk houses,several horse sheds and a shop building. Email Address * Password * As well as the O'Keeffe museum in New Mexico, which grew from having 50 paintings when it opened in 1997 to some 2,500 items today, Marion was also a benefactor of the Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art in Texas. She tells it like it is, but on the other side, she is more than willing to listen to the opinions of others. Yet, she makes me and many people I know become demanding of ourselves. Burk had his men move the herd the next morning with half of the men horseback and the other half walking. Relationships Interlocks Giving Data . Rachael Bunyan For Mailonline Gibson saidMarionhas a presence and that there is no doubt as to who is in charge, but that she is never intimidating. Scooter did a good job, but he wasnt the horse that George liked to talk about when he was asked about horses on the Four Sixes. This made him the first permanent banker in the city. In December last year herlegendary6666 ranch went on the market for $192.2 million. GREAT WOMAN OF TEXAS : Anne W. Marion - Fort Worth Business Press And she was chairman of Burnett Oil Company, built upon oil strikes in 1921 and again in 1969, which made the grand patrons largesse possible. Friends with Theodore Roosevelt, Cpt. Annealways told me that growing up on the ranches has grounded her and helped her identify with people. Marion has one daughter, Anne "Windi" Phillips Grimes of Houston, Texas. Its everything from beautiful, amazing Taos founders to current Cowboy Arts Association artists. Many of the pieces have not been seen by the public for decades, Barrons reports. Windi Grimes Records *Windi Phillips Grimes, investor, Houston, $20,000. He and his wife, Mavis, live in Amarillo, Texas. At the time of his death his wealth was estimated to be $6million, which is roughly the equivalent of nearly $100million today. WG: She was very good at picking works that had the elements of color, contrast, boldness, theme, and line. The Warhol achieved the status of top lot in the Anne Marion "American Visionary" auction with its final figure of $37 million. By then he had made one trip up the Chisholm Trail from Texas to Abilene, Kan., with a herd of Longhorns belonging to rancher Wiley Robbins. 1 of 3 Verdura owner Ward Landrigan, left, joined Windi and David Grimes at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, where the couple hosted a private dinner soiree previewing the Verdura exhibit . Mike succeeded his father and managed the ranch for 17 years during the phasing out of Hereford cattle and replacing them with Angus. In a 2019 Western Horseman article, Anne Marion said that the time she spent on the ranch as a child and young girl was one of the most important and life-forming periods of her life. She reads Danielle Steele novels. Her contributions to the cultural world require perfection as well. Burnett's father-in-law, the banker Martin B. Loyd - whose daughter Ruth married the rancher when he was 20 - also named Burnett to his First National Bank of Fort Worth. After he died, there was an article that he only ever designed three residences. , updated In 1982, Anne hired Dr. Glenn Blodgett to be a veterinarian for the ranch and make the horse operation as efficient as possible by artificially inseminating the large band of broodmares on the ranch. When oil was discovered in Burkburnett in 1918, Burnett saw his wealth increase even further - with 56 oil rigs swiftly installed to exploit the land's resources. He serves as a consultant to the American Quarter Horse Journal and as a script writer for Red Steagall Is Somewhere West of Wall Street. He is a graduate of Texas A&M University and a recipient of numerous writing and photography awards. The slogan of the ranch is Horses with a history Brands with a background. The 6666 brand has a background that closely parallels the history of Americas westward expansion and the rise of cowboys in cow country.

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