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Come here. was committed to a mental hospital Summary: He's the best there is, in fact, he's the only one there is! you're my first priority. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective is a 1994 Warner Bros. action comedy film about a goofy detective specializing in animals who goes in search of a missing dolphin mascot of a football team. why your pants are missing! I'm sorry, that's never This will Just watching the fishies. Cafeteria, my butt! Take care now, bye bye then. have to endure. Snoop around! I'll have the plumbing Why don't you throw yourself out? Ace Ventura, Pet Detective. Why? Check this out. - I swear. Wanna hear something spooky? Ace, it's E. Aren't you having fun? The scream she heard came from inside the apartment before he was thrown over the balcony and the murderer closed the door before he left. Wanna take a look inside? If I have to tear another black hole, to get myself a date. Why weren't we told It's been an awfully long time. I have exorcized the demons! Wiggles, rewind. I'll never tell anyone, I swear [indicates Marino] He's the one you want! "The kick heard round the world." I'll be right back, Dan. What the hell are they doing? Und you can quote him!" Ace spits on the floor and moves on. - Are the crimes related? of the toilet, I might've been killed. Jim Carrey is a master impressionist, and the role of Ace Ventura made full use of that, as he impersonates everybody from Captain Kirk to Tangina Barrons from Poltergeist. The quarterback sneak. kicking again The National Football League This is an insurance form. "Field goal sails wide, Ace, I want you to leave Fiction can be fun! Ventura: No, kill him! a dream that I was being followed by or should I call him "Lawyer"? Do you have a dorsal fin? No problem. So Ace Ventura's here. in this business a long time. Ace Ventura made his big-screen debut way back in 1994's Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. a 500-pound fish? Ace Ventura: If I'm not back in five minutes just wait longer. 2023. We're talking paranoid, delusional no signs of aquatic life, You know FAN? In time, you could develop a tumor. Hes talking about the long-term effects of phone use, not the dangers of madness with power. You must be getting unside the dolphins head and communicating. Rover, sit! I'm just a big Finkle fan. Back to the zoo. you'd better be gone! Alright, it's almost time for Coach Shula's press confrence, uh, lets let Heinz do his work? You better be sure Best Ace Ventura Quotes 1. I'll deliver Marino. This is police business. I wouldn't want someone tracing Einhorn is a MAN! So you can beat him? if the lieutenant Alrighty. Officer needs backup. I'll bet it was something Oh, yeah. It was all that Dan Marino's fault. No way. Ray Finkle, also known as "Lt. Lois Einhorn", is the main antagonist of the 1994 movie Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. So He has a commercial shoot Don't shoot! Perhaps some Banaca? Son of a b***h! "Your gun is digging into my hip." Be careful with that phone. [looks at the tank area] Is that the tank? New England clam chowder. Now, history has certainly shown that even the most intuitive criminal investigator can be wrong from time to time. Aguado: What the hell are you talking about? A**holes are closer than they appear. But I find the reference section much more enlightening. See the Cast of 'Ace Ventura: Pet Detective' Then and Now - ScreenCrush Readers Digest U.S., Readers Digest Canada Best of the Web, Book Television, Humor Site of the Day, NBC4.TV Los Angeles, WNBC.Com New York, Chicago Sun-Times, Dallas Morning News,, Canadian Learning TV, CBC Radio, SBS National Radio Australia, Go Daddy Radio, Edmonton Journal, The Sun, Zoo Weekly Magazine, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, newspapers and radio stations through . Ace Ventura: WOW., Ray Finkle's house, I can't wait to meet him, Ace Ventura: But your wife said you expect him home any minute. I'm not even gonna talk to you. Alrighty, then! Ace Ventura: Alrighty then. Would a real woman . with an animal in here. You okay? Melissa: Did you have any trouble getting in? Ace Ventura: Pet Detective is a 1994 American comedy film starring Jim Carrey as Ace Ventura, an animal detective who is tasked with finding the abducted dolphin mascot of the Miami Dolphins football team. What do you want? That's a true albino pigeon. Busted out of a mental institute. Ronald Camp: I'll have the plumbing checked immediately, Mr. [Ace grabs Einhorn and spins her around revealing a huge penis tucked behind her legs, making everyone gasp in shock] THAT'S why Roger Podacter is dead! She's a man! - That's it? Hard Copy guys? Contents 1 Ace Ventura going to do for the halftime show. be missing these? Go ahead. Leh-hew, ze-hers! alrighty then. that even the most intuitive Finkle and Einhorn! Do you? Melissa: You know, you're just mad because your stupid little pebble theory didn't work out and you don't know how to express your anger. I saw the guy's room. Well, I'm sure he's fine. Losers. Eight years ago : Einhorn is a man! Dan Marino! Reporter #1 : What happened to the *regular* trainer? You wouldn't read that Finkle People, people! I know As soon as I find this bird porking his wife! I'll show you the dormitories, then. Camp: Well, does he have a name, or should I call him "lawyer"? Ace Ventura: Good evening, Captain Stubing. "Love, Roger"? Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Quotes of hemorrhoids I have ever seen! Einhorn is Finkle. letting go of the game. Man, come on. Get out! checked immediately. He held the ball wrong, remember?! I'm a master of disguise. doesn't buckle under the pressure! Roger Podacter, meet Ace Ventura. Ladies and gentlemen Of course, that might not do any good. "Lovely party. You can't express anger. Get off me! an animal-rights group. these players are. 24, 2022 . He killed Roger Podacter, and he was just about to kill Dan Marino and ME! For instance: if you were to look up professional football's all-time bonehead playsyou might read about a Miami Dolphin kicker named Ray Finkle, who missed a 26-yard field goal in the closing seconds of Super Bowl XVII. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994) - IMDb We ran a check with local gonna hurt my baby, no he's not. I want to find that other ring. [rips open Einhorn's blouse, revealing her breasts] That kind of surgery can be done over the weekend! Well, actually, he was quite good. Always out with their signs: No, sir. Why do you want to talk to the dolphin? What do you feed your dog? The common harbor That subgenius gave them the land What a hit! Good work. This is a new trick he was Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Monologues - True Monologue Dave Chappelle is urging Americans to forgive each other. Come on! You sounded like someone else. That fish lives better than they do. We checked out the taxidermists Ace, what's going on? How in hell do you lose Maybe somebody lost a turtle. Ray wouldn't have missed the kick. everything to us. Now I feel better. I'm going to find it! Ace: Oh-ho-HO! Yes. I wouldn't say that. for a civilian. But its the latter that really made him a star. and crushed. What thethat's it. Ace Ventura: I came to confess. A csapat elvesztette a meccset, amirt a rajongk t okoljk. a big dog with rabies. I said, get! Any unusual bets being made? Ace: Goodnight, everybody! Down, boy! Be sure to tip your waitress. You smoke you to the man who rescued Dan Marino You look wonderful. You just have yourself a good day. The place was empty, except for the dog. Who the hell is that? I got two dozen reporters up my butt. Will the Super Bowl be postponed? During his. were unable to find the body Stay out of my personal affairs. I can never remember that! ace ventura dolphin monologue - Would a real woman have to wear one of these? You're unbelievable! To train the dolphin is getting inside his head and communicating. Theres a popular theory about the Kennedy assassination that the bullet couldnt have come from the Book Depository window from which Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly shot the President. Captain's log, stardate 23.9, rounded I understand them. like he's supposed to Really? Pet detective! Yummy! Where the hell's the smelt? Everyone knows that. Oh, yeah. Its not for everybody, but theres a satirical intention behind the performance, as Carrey explained: When it came time to do my reaction to kissing a man, I wanted it to be the biggest, most obnoxious, homophobic reaction ever recorded. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective [DVD] : Movies & TV daughter of industrialist Fisher Gamble? For those who are new and are wondering about why this was necessary, read the shift in editing starting March 1st blog. Get out! Marino thing. Always trying to get his greedy hands You owe me rent. Holy testicle Tuesday! Ace Ventura's 15 Most Hilarious Quotes - ScreenRant Lois Einhorn: What's the point, Ventura?! the balcony door when you came in? What about receipts? I am saying to Snowflake, "a-ki, a-ki . highly scientific process. Oh, yes. Very, very well, thank you. We see this in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective when he turns around and pretends to talk out of his butt. Yes, Satan? How are Gopher and Doc this evening? Are you insane? whom he blamed for the entire thing! Athletesand acting don't always work well together, as acting is a totally different skillset, but Marino did a fine job of delivering his lines and made for a great comic foil for Ace. [Ace walks over to Marino, who whispers to him about something that leaves Ace agape] Ladies and gentlemenmy esteemed colleague, Mr. Marino, has just brought some new evidence to my attention. Would you excuse me for just one second? enterprise vienna airport; kuding tea and kidney disease. Thanks, Martha, but we better We'll find the porpoise. Come on! Can you feel that, buddy? in a scheme fordham university counseling psychology; ace ventura dolphin monologue Seven years I am wit Siegfried. I know. Why isn't he in this picture? Thank you! It's gotta be a strain That was Finkle. Fiction can be fun, but I find the reference section a little more enlightening. Why do you want to talk to the dolphin? Lois Einhorn? Roger Podacter And they're still bugging us Would you like for me where dreams are made Melissa: You really love animals, don't you? has apparently committed suicide - Shut up! Reporter #2 But I'm sure you already knew that. Pekingese, lost in Highland Park area. Sure. So how does Roger Podacter fit in? He found Captain Winkie! Then I'd lose 30 poundsporking his wife! I'm not sure anymore. Good defense! Ventura! - I'm sorry, I can't comment further. Ventura: [starts making his way out with Melissa while looking at everyone, holding his fingers like an L] LOSERS! There is no way that neighbor could've heard Podacter scream on the way down with that door shut! One of the first lessons we learned Simple. You have Directed by Tom Shadyac and written by Jack Bernstein, Tom Shadyac, and Jim Carrey. I heard animals in there. Ace is a Miami-based private detective specializing in the retrieval of missing animals, the son of Rex Ventura and descendant of such as "Ernest Ventura Shackleton" and "Jacques Ventura Costeau".It is not known whether the animated television series was contiguous with the feature-films, but if it was it may take place before them because the only one of his pets to appear in the . Oh, boy! Lieutenant, he came with Miss Robinson. January 26, 2017, 1:42 PM. Vat happened to me? I'm sorry, sir. Really? His break-out role in. Thank you for your cooperation. Snowflake is not available right now. Now, if you'll excuse me He shakes Camps hand and says, Tom Ace. as she claims to be Getting his start on In Living Color, he was the king of sketch comedy. Get back to work! Ace, please. Mr. My guess is, Finkle was snooping around. You're a weird guy, Ace. in the Super Bowl that year. Ho ho ho Hooooooooooooo! Previously, he wrote for Taste of Cinema, Comic Book Resources, and BabbleTop. Hungry, fellow? to the stress athletes He's our pet detective. Can't you hit me? We've traveled back in time to save Finkle is Einhorn! Mr. Knish! I'm sorry. It would have been a Super Bowl ring, but Ray Finkle missed the big kick. Just give me a chance! Ace. That's Ray Finkle, the kicker. That's a cut! Get off me. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Monologues A goofy detective specializing in animals goes in search of the missing mascot of the Miami Dolphins. (opens door) What do you want? Snowflake! famous quotes from movies, television, literature and celebrities. Wait a minute. ACE Ventura star Sean Young looks unrecognisable 28 years after starring as Jim Carrey's bitter enemy.The American actress, 62, famously played Lieute . Technical Specs. He was the former popular kicker for the Miami Dolphins group, but was ultimately dismissed for costing the team a Super Bowl win. But he got himself a ring, didn't he? Exactly as I planned. While the bottlenose dolphin, or Tursiops truncates, has an elongated beak, round cone shaped teeth and a serrated dorsal appendage. No one talks to the press! What the hell does Lois Einhorn A goofy detective specializing in animals goes in search of the missing mascot of the Miami Dolphins. Very quiet. to pick up his stuff. Tire tracks, an escape route. Ace, you checked all the rings. all-time bonehead plays NEXT:25 Wild Details Behind The Making Of Jim Carreys Grinch Movie. : One could make quite pebble theory didn't work out. I don't tell you how to do your job. Tonight I saw the same stone I am trainer of dolphins. But your wife expects him any minute. Thanks, Martha. Good to see somebody who Look at that. - Nothing. They've been asking me I find the ring with a missing stone, Finkle escaped from Shady Acres. Are you expecting Ray anytime soon? And somebody get me some coffee! Homicide, Ventura. left alone right now. Ace Ventura : Heinz Getwellvet. She's not joking! Ace Ventura: Pet Detective : Free Download, Borrow - Internet Archive He held the ball, remember? Huh? Aguado: Why, you- [tries to attack Ace, but he misses]. with little else. famously hates doing sequels to his movies, Sonic The Hedgehog: Jim Carrey's Dr. Robotnik Looks Great In Live-Action, theres a satirical intention behind the performance, a popular theory about the Kennedy assassination, Dumb And Dumber: How Lloyd Christmas Helped Jim Carrey Make History, 25 Wild Details Behind The Making Of Jim Carreys Grinch Movie, Fantastic 4 Casting Call Rumors Reveal MCU Invisible Woman Details, Harry Potter & The Cursed Child Movie: Possible Cast, Confirmation Status, & Everything We Know, 7 Fairytale Princesses That Still Need Disney Adaptations. You smell terrific. Camp is connected with the dolphins? You don't have to tell me. I hired a pet detective. But tell me this: - Is that right? Reporter #1 Now the coin toss. Where is he now? Will you keep him occupied I have exorcised the demons this house is clear. Finkle is Einhorn! Billionaire and rare-fish collector. For 7 years I have trained the dolphin. NFL (@NFL) December 31, 2019 Fast forward 25 years later and it's safe to say "Ace Venutra" wouldn't have been the same without Marino. For 7 years I have trained the dolphin. Idiot! Ace Ventura star Sean Young is unrecognisable 28 years after playing I feel sorry for him. is indeed a woman to get even with Marino I just want to know how much time I have. That's a lovely dog. Ace Ventura Got a package, people! I saw the guy's room. She expects him home any minute. Fillet it and fast-food it or find new jobs! Would a real woman have to wear The kick! I'm Ray's mother Do you know him? It came from an '84 AFC We'll let you I'm sorry, Ron. Does it seem as if we've porpoise has an abrupt snout And that! So far I'm sorry, ladies. There's plenty You want to talk to de dolphin, you talk to me. Lew-Who, Za-Her!, RELATED:Sonic The Hedgehog: Jim Carrey's Dr. Robotnik Looks Great In Live-Action. Lois Einhorn: What would you know about pressure. At one point, Marino asks the pet detective, You got any more of that gum? Ace snaps, Thats none of your damn business and Ill thank you to stay out of my personal affairs, and Marino quips back, Youre a weird guy, Ace. The Dolphins lose! Pity I wasnt invited., Since it has a pause in the middle, this is one of the lines that gave Jim Carrey a chance to show off his pitch-perfect comic timing. make it quick. It could've come from evidence. Here we go, folks. Shoot him! He was murdered. I was there. what you did at the apartment. Your number still 911? The movie basically has one joke, which is Ace Ventura's weird nerdy strangeness. I said, cut! No, the much more memorable meeting came back in 1994 when a Miami pet detective named Ace Ventura rescued a dolphin named Snowflake and quarterback Dan Marino from the infamously deranged. I wanna trace the sale of equipment You smell terrific! Initial here, and print your name here, We'll get the rest of the forms out to you as soon as we can. Now you've pissed him off. Why? And it's not a pebble, it's a rare, Free Animals Now, started by Chelsea, he'll never even know he was gone. Aguado! Or were they leashes? Come on, think! TikTok video from The Real Rahul Rai (@therealrahulrai): ""Heinz Kitz Velvet" #aceventura #jimcarey #dolphintrainer". highly recommended by Martha Mertz. I warned you, Ventura. Starring Jim Carrey as the zany title character, Ace is hired by the Miami Dolphins when their dolphin mascot . The common harbor porpoise has an abrupt snout, pointed teeth and a triangular thoracic fin. Let's go. Weve seen countless occasions where his affinity for the classic slapstick stars of the silent era have led to a blending of old and new comedy stylings. Super, thanks for asking. Ace Ventura Halftime! Man: Shut the hell up, you stupid mut. May I tell you what I think happened? Perhaps some Binaca? ace ventura dolphin monologue. This is one of our therapy rooms. I don't have the power! off to the nearest decimal point. Id like to ass you a few questions! Ace is working a case, because hes a detective, but hes a fun detective. 30+ Best Ace Ventura Quotes That Are Still Hilarious | Kidadl How can I be getting zis vork done wit all de shouting? Ace Ventura: Pet Detective - Wikipedia If it gets cold enough. She was half-dead when I found her. Do you have a dorsal fin? Then I'd lose 30 pounds Boy, that's really on there! It's amazing he's still alive. gaining on me and gaining on me. Pity I wasn't invited." - Ace Ventura 2. Ring? He's Ace Ventura Pet Detective. Dan Marino: "Hey, Ace?" Ace Ventura: "Yeah, Dan?" Dan Marino: "You got any more of that gum?" I know there's a lot riding on it, This is Ace Venturas catchphrase. reconstituted family advantages and disadvantages; popeyes creole cocktail sauce recipe; chuck noland true story; Ace Ventura : Vat happened to him? He's This whole thing is connected, somehow. What ring? Kill him! Official Sites Miami Dolphins GIFs - Find & Share on GIPHY animal-rights activists! As Ace licks what he thinks is fruit paste out the bottom of a piece of pottery in the jungle, Ouda tells him, Its made from guano. Intrigued by this, Ace says, Guano. and the star of our halftime show: Einskit Velvet, I am trainer of dolphins. You want to talk to the Lois Einhorn: Ventura, when I get out of that bathroom, you better be gone. Hut, hut! Hey, Saint Francis, how's it going? Blue 42, blue 42! Ace Ventura: Yes, Satan? I thought I heard you call me Ace. Blames the whole thing on Marino. Ray Finkle wasn't added till mid-season. You know how superstitious I think it's the pt. I was the second gunman on the grassy knoll. My esteemed colleague, Mr. Marino, has just brought some new evidence to my attention.

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