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During times of intense kundalini heat, when emotions are being . 1 0 obj As one begins to practice Kundalini yoga, the progress towards this realization is steady, continuous, relentless. Immune suppression resulting from prolonged high adrenaline/cortisol levels must occur for different reasons in both the peak and the exhaustion phases and that although there are periods of radical immune activity during die-offs and restructuring, the majority of the awakening probably involves immune overload if not outright immune suppression because of hyper-nervous system activity. Yogic Studies | Yoga History, Philosophy, Sanskrit The Lower Dantian. 0000000636 00000 n Kundalini is a Sanskrit word which in yoga is believed latent feminine energy represented by two coiled serpents. It represents the transformation of one element into another by a series of reactions. No.1 Shushupta-Vajrasana. More Gurdjieff quotes here: /gurdjieff/quotes/index-gurdjieff-quotes.htm, From PD Ouspensky's In Search of the Miraculous. Range is 768 to 6. Many claim that Kundalini is sexual energy. (Recommended for those seeking to learn about the Right Hand (White) path of becoming Resurrected.). To fulfill their many functions macrophages in their activated state are able to produce more than one hundred different substances. You can experiment with this theory of metamorphic catabolic breakdown by macrophages by eating something noxious to the body like processed cheese or processed meats which will activate the immune system. All rights reserved. The energy ocean both informs and creates our physical matrix. Clarity of being, purity of heart, without cause or condition, independent of time, a single abiding force of intelligence draws the mind inward into single pervasiveness, and in the process dissolves the mind's identity to thoughts and impressions. If you would like to recommend a book, contact me so that I can add it. Can we divert Kundalini energy into socially acceptable activities? Let both thighs be together. Considered female, this invisible energy is often symbolically represented as a serpent, a goddess, an ocean or a spiral. #chakra racine quilibr #sige de la kundalini #cerveau reptilien #besoins fondamentaux #scurit . The cells are activated, grow, carry out their function and die-off. I am convinced that it is largely the macrophages which do the catabolic breakdown of tissues in preparation to building the (more) spiritualized body capable of carrying deeper consciousness. 0000007057 00000 n Thus the stress response always activates the immune system." m0} g# ClN ^I0i,PdfZ"0;DScnPK [0fp0S. Involuntary laughing or crying, deep sighs. Christ Represents New Testament (The Divine Father and Mother) Age of Pisces. ', "You must understand that the 'astral body' is born of the same material, of the same matter, as the physical body, only the process is different. Sexual transmutation is a way of cultivating, directing and harnessing your sexual energy, rather than leaving its flow undirected and its true power untapped. The spleen symptoms of the Left-Brain-Freeze and the self-digestion (autolysis) sensation during the die-offs, convince me that it is the highest function of the immune system to dissolve the pupael body. 2 Transmutation By: George W. Carey Audiobook Animation #Transmutation #Kundalini - YouTube #Kundalini #Transmutation By: George W. Carey Audiobook Animation ~ Read along. . -oJYWMw_w_~Nq^ZBLe@>\&*",bD?7}k{]!W Sexual Transmutation: From Pleasure to Willpower. 0000001760 00000 n 103 0 obj<>stream rUwqD(jvU(7.=qEWQC|`p>mh$z(ls;';A8O|l,bwBG$&l``d5UP[4:fb$:m!f Because our own energy field is amplified during kundalini we have a far greater sensitivity to the vibrational universe. It is necessary to transmute sex energy, not suppress it. cW5OEgSJ>WcEBn$. I suckered a ton of people into having spontaneous Kundalini awakening. Snake's energy is that of old knowledge and ancient wisdom and is the dynamic experience of radical awakening and shifts in awareness. When you practice sexual transmutation, creative energy will fill the space where sexual thirst previously controlled and dictated your every move. %PDF-1.4 % ", Also see: Gurdjieff on the Abuse and Use of Sex: gurdjieff-on-the-abuse-and-use-of-sex.htm, Diagrams are from In Search of the Miraculous, chapter 9. Our EMF has more of a medium in which to flow and this ups all the energy exchanges in the bodymind. Where the studio meets the academymaking accessible the highest quality and most cutting-edge research on yoga for studios, teachers, and students. [Live] How to Transmute Sexual Energy Using Kundalini and - YouTube It seems that the more the macrophage eats the more active they get. 87 17 Function: The lower dantian is the original source of energy. Magdalene Mysteries: Secrets of the Left Hand Path of Christ. And this is the possibility of creating a new life within the actual organism, in which the si 12 has been manufactured, without the union of the two principles, the male and the female. This coherence significantly contributes to the informational exchange that occurs during contact between different electromagnetic fields. This contact activates the lymphocytes, which can then attack the foreign invaders. The capillary wall is only one cell thick, composed largely of collagen and can be as little as 3-4 mm in diameter, and red blood corpuscles are 7.5 thousandths of a mm. The macrophages that were grown and activated during the metamorphic initiation chemistry probably have a very different nature and purpose than those produced by the body under normal chemistry. Hyaluronidase, by destroying hyaluronic acid, an important component of connective tissue, reduces viscosity and thus permits greater spreading of material in tissue spaces. Macrophages can live up to 2-3 years and it is probably due to this that the main awakening phase also corresponds to this duration. avec qui nous aimons! This immune activation would explain some of the heat involved with kundalini and many of the symptoms, especially those during the die-offs. We don't truly see or hear the world, but rather we see through the lens of the mind darkly as though living our lives by the light of the moonlit night. While there is also an increase in endorphins and NO which reduces smooth muscle contraction, thus causing the smooth muscles in the arteries to dilate, increasing blood flow. Sexual Transmutation: 7 Best Ways To Channel Sexual Energy For those interested in a comprehensive guide through ancient to modern spiritual beliefs, origin stories, expanding spiritual knowledge, diving into a buffet of different subjects that may help you discover your personal blueprint interests, etc. Although macrophages are found all over the body they are found in the largest quantities in the spleen, lymph nodes, tooth sockets and in the alveoli in the lungs. She received her bachelor's in broadcasting and mass communication from State University of New York at Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York. The Divine Mother is that creative force or intelligence in nature that gives life to everything. The Origin of Life and the Transmutation of the Human Race Macrophages play a major role in acquired cell-mediated immunity. Andrew \u0026 Clelia *******************************************************~DISCLAIMER~Remember that Yoga is a spiritual practice with the primary intention of expanding consciousness and experiencing liberation. Sit in Vajrasan with both the Thighs together and lie down towards the back. But at a certain point of readiness the body just naturally falls into the groove, the flame ignites and we become a transmutation machine! In a sick, or a perverted, or a crippled organism, no transmutation is possible. As the overall energy vibration of the body continues to increase, it rises above the level of thoughts and impressions and you begin to experience yourself as a purely intuitive consciousness. Kundalini & Transmutation The Abuse and Use of Sex L. Ron Gardner Celibacy, the Great Aid to Meditation Carlos Castaneda Comments on Sexual Energy H.P. "The intelligence of the heart is the intelligence of the Universe to hold itself in unison." -Samael Aun Weor, Igneous Rose Candali or Gtummo: Safe Kundalini Awakening for Rapid Empowerment One of the first films to explore Kundalini, the life force that lies dormant within every human being. Transmutation Alchemy, a free Course - Glorian They clear abnormal cells and cellular debris and remove aged dead cells. The heart sense works by aesthesis, or by "breathing in." That is around moving water, in forests, in the country, the mountains and in sunlight. Once the body is charges the various centers begin to vibrate with a higher frequency, like the tightening of the drum or strings on a guitar, violin, or harp, and one begins to have a direct experience of the reverberation of chants and mantras that make up the many kundalini kriyas, and meditations, and with that, the awareness dawns of inner sound and light. Your email address will not be published. Free shipping for many products! It is the center of gravity in the body, both bio energetically and biomechanically. The body's EMF requires ions in the air through which to flow. Its manifestations should be . When this power is awakened, it releases a powerful potential for inner growth and . Any purported physical benefits are merely secondary side effects and may or may not happen for every practitioner. af Samael Aun Weor . Skin, and blood vessel walls are made from elastin, collogen and hyaluronic acid after all and during a certain phase of an awakening the tissues of the body could become so permeable that red blood corpuscles could squeeze out of the capillaries. First, it's important to understand what "transmutation" actually means. Tantra is More than Just Good Sex, Its the Art of Spiritualizing Everything in Life | Using Tantra Sex to Increase Sexual Energy and Intimacy, 4 Key Steps of Discernment Advanced Truth-Seeking Tools, with the error and suggested correction, along with the headline and url. However when the brain becomes the dominant organ and the heart is entrained to the brain, the heart begins to lose its coherence. Sexual Transmutation (A Complete Guide) | OptimistMinds Transmutation 1 h 23 m IMDb RATING 9.3 /10 13 YOUR RATING Rate Documentary A roving philosopher guides us through the striking forests, coastlines, deserts, and cities of the world, inviting us to embrace the intense mystery of our own existence. Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs2.5 License. For those interested in the White/Left Hand Path, Mystery Schools, Sacred Alchemy, Sexual Magic, Enlightenment, Self Mastery, Diving into abilities, Gnosticism, etc. Get in tune with yourself. The most famous Meditation is "Kundalini Yog". The wand of the Princess of discs stretches from heaven to earth and symbolises the Antakarana, an ancient symbol of Kundalini Yoga, which represents the tower, rainbow bridge of energy which flows through all your chakras from heaven to earth, when all energy blockages preventing that flow have been transmuted through the techniques of . A sheep which considers itself a lion or a magician lives under the power of Kundalini. For those interested in the foundation of Christ, Alchemy, Esotericism, Christianity, etc. From this omnipotent universal Pleroma our individual psyches coalesce around "attractor archetypes." Hippocampal activity increases significantly when the heart becomes the dominant oscillator. [1] If men could really see their true position and could understand all the horror of it, they would be unable to remain where they are even for one second. Though she notes you could also do this with the crown chakra or any chakra you want to work with, really. Director Niles Heckman Writer Neil Kramer See production, box office & company info Add to Watchlist This catabolysis probably through the activation of the reticuloendothelial system (RES), part of the immune system, consists of the phagocytic cells located in reticular connective tissue, primarily monocytes and macrophages. As the awareness of oneself as a conscious being expands and deepens through the practice of this yoga, That all-pervasive universal consciousness that lights, sustains and is the I of our sense of I begins to emerge. One of the principles was sexual transmutation, to which he devoted a whole chapter in the book, describing how many of these men channeled their sexual energy to achieve success and accumulate riches. <> Macrophages are large, phagocytic cells that engulf foreign material that enters the body and the dead and dying cells of the body. (Robert Sepehr) Meaning "to weave" in Sanskrit, the term Tantra implies a set of spiritual practices that direct the universal energies into the practitioner, thereby leading to liberation from the physical level of existence. The basis for sexual transformation is to take your sexual energy and channel it into a higher energy center. Chemical transmutation is the process of changing a substance from one form or state into another. Increased demand on hippocampal function from feeling the world through heart-centered cognition, stimulates stem cells to form new neurons in the hippocampus. It's meant to help a person "experience the truth and reality of oneself and the world." In simpler terms,. "Macrophages secrete not only cyotoxic and inflammation controlling mediators but also substances participating in tissue reorganization. Christ fully incarnated the So(u)n within as a magician of the White Path (Left Hand Path). This is one of the ways our cells are impacted by the vibrational Universe. The whole of the physical body, all its cells, are, so to speak, permeated by emanations of the matter si 12. For those interested in Egyptian History, Spirituality, Sacred Geometry, Controversial Star History, ET's, Merkabah, Meditations, Portals, etc. This transformation is called sexual transmutation, and it may be just what you need for your next big project. Glorian: Ask an Instructor No matter where one journeys away from ones Heart-eye, all roads lead back to itusually found again on ones death bed. The Incredible Power of "Transmutation" on the Spiritual Path Heart coherence also reduces cortisol production thus enhancing hippocampal activity as well as boosting the immune system. Cannabis & Kundalini. 0 For those interested in Christ, Gnosticism, Self Mastery, Ego-work, Healing, Meditation, Sexual Transmutation, Kundalini, New Age Info, Enlightenment. "In reality Kundalini is the power of imagination, the power of fantasy, which takes the place of a real function. You feel coolness, heat, electricity, an etheric illumination, and steady abiding awareness that expands beyond the body and in and through the arc of your aura. "Sometimes it is connected with sex, with sex energy, that is, with the idea of the possibility of using sex energy for other purposes. Interview starts at 35:10 Bec Mylonas joins us for a great chat about spiritual emergencies, accessing talents from all your past/concurrent lives, transmutation, direct initiations, trusting the ch.- Lyt til #584 - Bec Mylonas - Direct Initiation, Kundalini, and Spiritual Tech af The Grimerica Show jeblikkeligt p din tablet, telefon eller browser - download ikke ndvendigt. If we want spiritual life, we need to know our Divine Mother. Key to the transmutational ability of kundalini is that DNA is EMF sensitive, as is RNA and protein synthesis in general.

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