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): how we like to say that we couldn't care less about something . Theres a lotof different Irish slang for drunk or to describe someone thats had far too much to drink. 26 counties in Republic of Ireland and 6 counties in Northern Ireland. If someone says "the craic was 90" it means the fun, laughter and joviality was amazing. It might sound derogatory to some, or might be a term of endearment for others. Your man that I bought the car off is a serious Gombeen. For example, Im going to call in sick. It was bang on only cost a tenner. Another word for eejit. You could refer to someone thats annoying you as That yoke over there or you could also say Here, pass me that yoke there on the counter. But a chancer is a person who pushes their luck, They are commonly risk-takers or, sometimes, daredevils. gwan oura dat ye bleedin' mad ting. To the Cockney, the phrase "steps and stairs" describes the idea of gradation. Act the maggot is a verb that means "to mess around," by behaving foolishly, for example, or by avoiding work. For example, Here. Having the craic means the person was out having fun, for example, Ah, man, Im dying. But no need to get too intellectual! Its a handy conversation starter and its generally the topic of debate in shops and pubs alike. Houl yer whisht in there. Suzanne Ridgeway (author) from Dublin, Ireland on June 23, 2012: rajan jolly, Thanks so much for your lovely comments! A personal favourite. If you're behaving foolishly, you'll be told to 'cop on', if you solve a difficult problem, you'll be praised for having good 'cop on'. Take it from this Irishwoman though: you shouldn't go around Dublin calling people "eejits" anytime soon. Scundered/scunnered - different meanings depending on your location. A country that had been a part of my life since I was 14 because of my love for Irish music and bands. Youll generally hear people use this when describing how long its been since theyve seen someone, or how long its been since theyve done something. It stems from the English noun. (Term of endearment). Or something along those lines? Here are top Irish sayings that you will love: 1. During your trip, if an Irish local or your best friend calls you their acushla, dont be too flattered! This was one of the most enjoyable posts that Ive written in a while. But in Ireland, when you say someone is, it means they are at the edge of something agitating. Chancers, like you and your friends wont have a hard time finding the, Depending on how you use it, boyo (plural: boyos) can refer to a boy or a lad, who is usually younger than the speaker. I use slang ever day. You could refer to someone that's annoying you as 'That yoke over there' or you could also say 'Here, pass me that yoke there on the counter'. Irish slang can differ depending on what part of the island a person is from, but most of these phrases can be found throughout. Amadan - Generally refers to a fool or a buffoon. The etymology of this fun Irish word remains unknown until today, but when you say something is banjaxed, it means they have been shattered or were broken. Grand: means good and is used up North and down South. I heard the shebeens in Dublin at night are great places to enjoy good jazzand fresh drinks. Act the Maggot. .thank YOU for your kind comments as well. This Irish expression gets more than its fair share of use and isnt specific to any particular county. Dive on in below! 24 of 30. For example, We went to the new club last night. A lot of it seems to be similar to Essex slang but, then I'm not sure that's necessarily a good thing lol. Or yer woman a saying that is heard all over Ireland, sometimes because they simply can't remember the person's name or then again just because. Pronounced kware, this word can be used in a variety of ways to mean great, very, and terrific.. Voted up, funny, and awesome. It was minus craic altogether. Very interesting and useful as well. Wise up Mon well . Cheers, thanks a million. You are destined for success in writing. Listen to Niall's n. For example, She passed her exams in the end. Suzanne Ridgeway (author) from Dublin, Ireland on July 01, 2012: Hi annart, Thanks so much for reading and voting, appreciate your comments! And it has further connotations: a, is regarded as a strange person, a strange. The word originates in from the Irish 'maith' which means good. Congrats. I turned scarlet when he saw me picking my nose, ugh! It shows on your cheeks. A nasty ciotog he. - common prostitute, Means sorry and also excuse me, pardon me, Now you're talking, now you're doing well. :-). For example, He got a taxi home with us and hopped out without giving us any money towards it. "Jaysis, it's quare warm today isn't it?". Im giving the word craic its own section, as there are heaps of different ways that it can be used. Weather type: Light rain. Tell them to wind their neck in. When to use these words will be up to your discretionand that makes learning and using Irish slang words more fun and exciting! It's baltic - commonly heard in winter. !LOL what an idea!! Yer man. Do you know these British insults, slangs and phrases? 18. It usually refers to two thingsthe first is a heavy accent of a certain dialect or a shoe made of untanned leather. Did you go to Trinners to do your degree? Hope this helps! Minus craic is the polar opposite to Having the craic and is used to describe a situation when there was absolutely zero fun being had. It's for a poem and I can just see the look on people's faces in the workshop. Like a pulled piece of cloth from a tenterhook, one can imagine the stretched agitation of a person, So, the next time your trip advisor mentions that your trip to a certain destination is, In Irish and UK slang, a dosser is someone who prefers to relax all day, a lazy person, in simpler terms. For example, How ya doing hey?! The part of the body joining the head to the shoulders or trunk. to use these words will be up to your discretionand that makes learning and using Irish slang words more fun and exciting! I had a wonderful laugh to begin my day withthank you! May the luck of the Irish enfold you. Thanks Made, I had fun writing this one!Hopefully it gives a brief intro into the popular words visitors will hear and not run a mile!! This is another Irish expression for describing kissing. LOVED IT. You coming out for a few pints later?!. Too bad April Fools' Day is past. 'So you were out until all hours last night, show up late for work, took two hours for lunch and now you're leaving early! It stems from the Irish Gaelic word cuisle, which means darling, or more literally vein or pulse. This word is as pretty as it sounds. It, again, is Irish slang for good. I use this about 20 times a day. Voted Useful, Interesting, and Up. If youre chatting to someone and they reply with Sure look it tends to mean it is what it is. I said like alllllllllll of these to people I know and they were soooooooooo confused. and never thought of it being another "Irish" saying or phrase but it obviously is one! Brutal. Theyre a pair of dryshites. For example, Declans been in there for the past hour faffin about the place.. Some of these words are familiar to native English speakers from the USA and UK but used in a different Irish context. Reas our list of some of the most commonly used Irish sayings, phrases & irish slang along with their meanings to help you on your travels in Ireland. If someone told me they were shattered, I'd think they were drunk not tired! No one is entirely sure of its origins, but its most probable origination is from the slang to doze-off, meaning to sleep for a short time, or take a nap. theyre not doing what theyre supposed to be doing. This is fantastic!! Tenterhooks are hooks used to fasten cloth, either on a wall or a frame, for drying. Its used to describe something (or someone) thats not working/broken. Tory: Irish: Bandit, from the Irish Tory Island, a noted have for bandits and pirates. It generally means house, and more often used by Irish, Scottish, and English teenagers and young adults. Kenneth. It is amazing how us Irish pop up everywhere, happy to hear a community are thriving in Massachusetts!!! So glad that I found YOU on Hubs. It basically means a long time. For example, Got food from that Indian place. A two-day short trip around the. For example, Shes after being f****d out of the nightclub. Grand generally means "OK" or "fine". You might befriend an Irish local or a tourist who is a. and he or she will take you to the wildest places you could imagine. It was some Ogeous handling. Jo Maxi simply means, In Ireland, if you have to use the toilet, you might need to go to the, Whenever somebody feels embarrassed or flustered, some peoples cheeks turn red or. Roon - Round. Youll hear the craic was 90 used when someone is describing a situation where a serious bit of fun was had. For example, Hes a gowl and a half that boy. If you hear someone saying that theyre Going to the jacks or maybe someday someone will ask you Where are the jacks in an Irish bar somewhere in the world, theyre referring to the toilet. "Gas" in Irish slang means funny. Yer wan or Your one is used to refer to someone whos name you do not know or a person that you do not like. For example, I got tickets to the Aslan gig. This term is used to describe something that is very small. Listen, mates, we got ourselves on tenterhooks for a while. With the United Kingdom (UK) falling behind second, and a percentage of 94.45% native English language speakers. Thanks for sharing and passing this on. , meaning illegal whiskey. meaning loud, bragging conversation. If you value children for the stroreen that they are, or any animal or anything small that you value highly, then storeen might be an appropriate word to use. meaning leg covering. For example, He spends his day going between the bookies and the pub. For example, Ross, ya pox! Example - "My wee lad is doing his eleven plus the day". Must be interesting teaching our slang abroad! It's funny, though: the thing that wrong-footed me when I first arrived in Ireland isn't on this list. Someone thats boring. Learn something new or share one or two that we . I cant hear the radio!. These meanings portray left-hand people as weird outcasts of or Irish society. It was minus craic. You will just have to make a return trip!! Someone who is driven by anxiousness, waiting for something to occur. Cuisle was sometimes paired with ma, giving us macushla, or my darling a term of endearment youll never forget. For example, Did you get it printed? No, the things banjaxed sure or The f*cking car wont start again the engines banjaxed. Hopefully you will get to visit us over this neck of the woods and have a head start in the speech! This guide to British sayings, funny British phrases, dirty expressions, slang words, and more will not only help you understand what the people of England, Wales, and . :P Reall fun and great craic ;). Suzanne Ridgeway (author) from Dublin, Ireland on October 02, 2012: Like your use of a bit of slang, your are coming on grand and soon you will be suckin diesel me ol' flower! Scrumptious! The term is derived from a teenage Irish entertainment show that commonly reported teenage issues. It refers to a young Irish girl, or a, is derived from the old Irish Gaelic term. On your next hiking or rock-climbing adventure with your buddies, you can use this term however you want. The only way you got those types of correspondences was to get them from the post office which would normally be in your local shop (in rural areas anyway). Oh, and "it's bucketing down" comes up semi-regularly in winter (you know, when it actually rains). It commonly refers to chips or other potato-based finger foods. Translation: I did not. Learn how your comment data is processed. Suzie from Carson City on August 23, 2012: I really LOVE this hub!! And we're gonna teach you some English slang. Feck is a polite way of saying f*ck. Quite possibly Irelands greatest linguistic achievement, this phrase is the perfect way to curse without technically cursing. I may have to pepper my States language with these soon, especially "not the full shilling"! Howve ye been? For example, I clipped the wing mirror off the pillar yesterday. Boyo. Ireland is the only European nation that has the highest percentage of citizens who speak English as their mother tongue or native language at 97.51%. You can have "good craic" at the pub as well as hear the "latest craic". Wise up ill set . Faffin - a comical Irish phrase. More of a clich to be honest! Another tame one. Quare. Now, for our American readers when we say dope in Ireland, were not talking about anything dodgy. That gentleman is a member of the terrorist group called Irish Republican Army On jest terroryst z IRA. I have never been to Ireland but if I am lucky enough to get the chance to visit, your hub here will come in quite useful! Thanks so much for input! Another way to say youre feeling delighted. For example, He had a bag of skittles and three bottles of Coke an hour ago hes been up to high doh ever since. Yet, still, it is used in a mocking mannerwith a hint of affection. or my darling a term of endearment youll never forget. There you have it. For example, All them lads do is sit in and play the Xbox. Example: 'Thon shoes would look . Actually, its used to describe anything. Craic - a good time. Translation: Face. This is hands-down one of my most-used Irish sayings. That young lad was in here last night acting the maggot. Translation: The name given to dung heaps/dirty people. Another one thats fairly tame. HEY. Thank you for sharing those great Irish slang words with us :) Brilliant. Based on recent reports, about 99% of the Irish people actually use English than the Irish . In an attempt to discover more Irish expressions, lingo, and slang that may be causing people trouble, I asked the 250,000+ Irish Road Trip community what their favourite bit of Irish slang was. For example, Sure, yer one was caught shifting yer man last week!. For example, He used cooking oil on the lettuce thinking it was salad dressing what an eejit. Definition of a farmer a man how is outstanding in his own field. Gamers actually use this term quite a lot, with the same meaning and context. Translation: Embarrassed. For good fortunes and well wishes for Johnny! The selected samples of fruit and vegetables . So in the days of the telegraph and before everyone had phones. So you would go to get your messages and pick up any shopping you might need. For example, Theres your change. E's . Mainly when Im speaking to a non-Irish person and I forget that the words Im using actually areslang. An exam you take when you are 10/11 to determine which secondary school you will go to Egzamin dla 11-latkw. The act of getting the messages has over the years just become the act of getting some shopping in as apposed to getting your telephone/telegraph messages. I was mouldy drunk last night. The slang is much similar to the Irish word ciotach, meaning clumsy. Annie and Agatha took a gander at the glassed jar that contained thering of the late Pope John Paul II. For example, She was down here last Sunday. I havent heard this one used much lately. Now, if I can just figure out how to afford that trip to Ireland I long for. lol. We all went back to Sharons after. Example: 'He's not feeling the best today, he was locked last night.'. For example, The hostel were staying in as a kip and a half!. This is another one for describing someone thats stupid. For example, Do you remember the time Micky got caught moving the cow in the back of his Ford Focus? Oh, I do. Suzanne Ridgeway (author) from Dublin, Ireland on June 24, 2012: Delighted it gave laughter to start the day, billybuc!! The second use of this Irish phrase is used when you want someone to listen to you, for example, Cmere to me for a minute and Ill tell ya. At a dinner party one should eat wisely but not too well, and talk well but not too wisely. Depending on how you use it, boyo (plural: boyos) can refer to a boy or a lad, who is usually younger than the speaker. The jammy hoor!. I heard the waves are great at Inchydoney Beach, honey. I was hammered last night. When you first hear the word "yonks" used in Ireland, you might be a little confused. Arseways - To make a complete mess of. In Ireland, if you have to use the toilet, you might need to go to the jacks. Banjaxed. Sure its only spitting. The pubs right in front of our gaff! So, it does your nut in, doin' my nut in . Pronounced wayne, this word means child.. Yoke more or less means 'thing' but it's use and meaning can very ambiguous. LOL maybe due to the fact us Irish are a wee bit mad at times! How ya getting on? However, it can also be an indication that the person youre speaking to is either 1, uninterested in what youre saying, or 2, has no idea how to respond to what youve just said. Fair play to her. For example, Sorry pal can you tell me where the jacks is?!. And who said Strine was an Australian invention? The most comprehensive online dictionary of Irish Slang. Here is the ultimate Irish slang dictionary. Funny reading that as I have taught Irish slang to students abroad :). Leg it refers to moving fast. Appreciate your input and votes!! To help you get started, we are sharing with you three types of spoken slang which we believe can help you: Irish slang words; Irish phrases; Irish slang swear words; If you are up for that, then off we go into the lingo. There are no strangers here, only friends that we have not yet met. 10 Yonks. Sorry, cant stop. If you value children for the, small that you value highly, then storeen might be an appropriate word to use. For example, Did you do that thing for yer man? Did I fu*k. Ireland Travel Guides aims to help travelers to find their way for the first time in Ireland. Glad you enjoyed it was fun putting together! On your trip to a nearby pub in Ireland, you might hear most young Irishmen refer to their fathers as their gaffer. A great fun hub, really well put together, great stuff, well done, thanks for sharing, voted up, Lee. In Ireland, dope is another way of describing someone stupid. 18. Example, "Tara, I'm going to the shop", and . Slagging means to make fun of. Like a pulled piece of cloth from a tenterhook, one can imagine the stretched agitation of a person on tenterhooks. Boxin' the fox : - Robbing an orchard. Its pissing down out there., Weather type: Rainey. Let me know in the comments section below! Translation: Excited. Common Irish Phrases. Theyre unreal. Their accent didn't help one bit - especially after a few drinks. This has been a bad aul dose. Appreciate your votes and sharing MK!!!! Look at him pulling a beamer. Caleb, help me find the jacks in this bar, quickly. According to Ireland Calling, its most likely short for the phrase cat on a melodeon. We have to go to Clonakilty. Synonymously and practically, it refers to a person who is over-fatigued from a long, tiring day. It could also denote a place where cheap entertainment can be availed. Craic is an Irish word that can be translated to mean "fun," "enjoyment," or "good times.". Rattletrap. One day I will get over there and look up my ancestors, the O'Dowds.greatly enjoyed this hub! A state of discontentment, envy, or sometimes, wishing of ill will for those who achieve success on a friend or a person of higher power or authority. Lets watch? This is yet another tame one thats used to describe someone dense. The slang is much similar to the Irish word, meaning clumsy. Youd be safer eating in the jacks. But most of them are creations of literary geniuses and everyday Irishmen who strive to make the English language as dynamic, engaging, heartfelt, communicative, and fun as possible. It was a fun hub to write and laughs all the way!! It is also used as Irish slang meaning "throw" (e.g. It could also denote a place where cheap entertainment can be availed. Its pure shit out. Thanks again for commenting, it is much appreciated! We use it all the time but foreigners would not know it is the slang for our police, Shared on Twitter and voted awesome and useful. Acting the maggot - Acting in a particularly foolish manner. Used to describe someone thats annoying. For example, Ill see you in 20. No one is entirely sure of its origins, but its most probable origination is from the slang to doze-off, meaning to sleep for a short time, or take a nap. These Irish slang words can range from tame to offensive, so use with caution. E nglish is the de facto national language of Britain, but that doesn't mean you'll take to the vernacular like a duck to water. Suzanne Ridgeway (author) from Dublin, Ireland on June 25, 2012: Thanks viking305, The good old garda, thanks for that, a good one! Should be framed and in a pub. I was in a hoop after Foleys last night. Born in New Ross, County Wexford but we most commonly used the word craic. For example, Shite man Im running late. For example, I saw you chatting to him for about 4 hours. For example, Eh, is that Karen up on that table? Shes on her 17th vodka. Speechless Kenneth! Irish Slang Word #22: Deadly or Savage What it means: A more extreme way of saying awesome in Irish slang is deadly or savage. If youve had a few too many pints of Guinness (also known as the black stuff) in Ireland, you might be described as langered, or drunk. It's easy enough to see the words now, but to hear them - that's a whole different story. (no correlation to the collie, Lassie, on TV), just waited to say that word. It stems from the English noun grudgeand as you can hear from Irish conversations, the persons who use this term usually hold a grudge towards the persons they are referring to, or, they just simply are complaining about their rough situation in life. When it comes to A shot, you could say, Gimme a shot of that kettle there. Ill never forget my stay in Ireland. Circling over Shannon : - To be really drunk. Nice work :). Weather type: Fine. 4. On your next Irish trip, you might hear quite a few locals complaining about their state of begrudgery. 2023 Minute Media - All Rights Reserved. Craic - A word with a few meanings. Whats the craic can either be used as a greeting, for example, Ah, Tony. For example, Cmon. For example, Ah, nice one! said Karen, as she took the bag of chips from Kate. Irish Slang Words, Jokes, Funny Irish images, Irish memes, Irish Sayings, Irish Slang Terms, Irish Phrases and more. I wish I'd had your list before we traveled to Ireland in 2010. However, youll also hear people describing someone as Sound when theyre giving that person their approval, for example, That chap from around the corner fixed the engine. Black stuff. I met a local once at a pub during our extended trip in, This word is as pretty as it sounds. And I made perfect score too. Lina, please order a chicken salad with some Tayto for me. This one can be offensive, depending on the context. On your next Irish trip, you might hear quite a few locals complaining about their state of. Fergus, my lad! you are very welcome to hear the truth about your amazing writing from me any day. And it tends to cause a bit of confusion, at times. For example, Dye see me new runners. The word Culchie is used to describe someone living in a remote part of Ireland. Bad dose. And now, it is an official slang in the modern Irish scenes. For the first day or so, I thought I might be coming down with something. Great hub and I enjoyed reading it. While it might be confusing, yes means hello. Glad you enjoyed Gypsy Rose Lee! Im starving!. Hi ya oh he from the Samui isle!! Father, buy me one of those brogue shoes! This word is used as a verb and it means to make a joke at someone elses expense. Drinking Age In Ireland: Drinking Laws And Tips. Suzanne Ridgeway (author) from Dublin, Ireland on June 29, 2012: Ha!! If youre looking for a new way to say I have no idea, try this phrase on for size. dangerous. Had no idea those words were common in Australia. For example, Did you see what she posted on Facebook?! It can refer to a person, "He's gas!" or a situation "That's gas!". LOL Check out my other Irish hub sometime for a real "flavour" of warped Irish humour! If Americans have fries, and English people from the UK have chips, in Ireland, you might want to order a. as a side dish. You are so right, and I am forever using it! That basically means that you did something EXTREMELY embarrassing and should probably be disowned. Glad you have been getting some mileage out of the jacks at work!! Or mor ya or mauryah in Irish English, it is a derisive interjection that can be properly translated as, in the UK. And a new book offers those who aren't . Jo Maxi simply means taxi. I recently went to Newfoundland, and they have a lot of different slang words also. What a fine way to raise your mugs! LOL Glad you enjoyed this insight into us Irish a wee bit!! Some instruments commonly used for trad music are the fiddle, the flute and the whistle, Uilleann pipes, Have you heard of the new band from across the block? For example, Martinas youngwan was in working with us for a few days last week.. So much of this looks like Australian slang to me. The verb "nick" can be traced back to the late 16th century meaning trick or cheat. Madeleine Salin from Finland on June 21, 2012: Very interesting and it's always nice to learn new words. You could actually use lash here as well, for example, Give me a lash of that. nb: Use a verb to mean make fun of someone in a nice way or else it has the same meaning as elsewhere i.e. Ah, deadly. Appreciate your interest and comments Elle Bee! LOL It's funny that you mention dating an Irishman. Hes a sound lad. Sure you can find that vacation time, your hubs may suffer though!! Thanks a million means Thank you very much. For example,She won money down the bingo again this week. It only took her 4 years. Now, you tend to hear this used in a vulgar manner quite a bit, but its also used in everyday conversation, also.

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