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Also, New Haven engineered many very clever features into their movements. "If you are in the need of a watch or clock repair, definitely try them out." more. While we can offer ballpark ranges, we cannot offer exact quotes before the work commences and often details are not known until the project is nearing completion. There is always wear, and it must be addressed. If customers read that information and answer a few basic questions, well be able to quickly ship them the correct motor so theyll be back in business very soon. machines operating by providing a high quality source of original Telechron rotors. Proper shipping and insurance can amount to a great deal of cost, so be sure you have a legitimate problem (and contact us for assistance) before returning your unit. // Telechron & G.E. It is possible one of the gears has worn to the extent it no longer meshes. RADWELL 2-YEAR WARRANTY INCLUDED. This work is a labor of love, and we do not wish it to become otherwise. Rudeness as stated above in our Policy on Rudeness, Bullying and Abusive Communication cannot be tolerated, nor will baseless negotiations be engaged. The Timesavers site shows various gear sets for the motor, but they don't list mine which is a C5 Rear set. Radwell will beat any competitor's written repair rate by 10%. These Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. Temporarily place the minute hand over the "I" shaft as illustrated and rotate the hand clock-wise until it is pointing at the "12" on the dial. Runs clockwise. Includes a 10 tooth pinion. 29.74 20% off + 37.67 Postage . While we would love to help (and will), if you are set on a piecemeal repair, there are probably other houses that will engage in this folly. The Warren rotor design also provided for self lubrication via capillary Important: Standard policy is to bill at time of shipping. Yes, we do restore rotors and motors for customer clocks here in our own shop. If you are considering restoration of low cost alarm clocks, please first consider our alarm clock forward. If the mech is just a bit larger then the motor footprint, this is not the motor for that mech, NLA new. 3. Our extended warranty covers materials and workmanship for 5 years and includes one maintenance oiling during that period. And how can this do any less than foul the rotor and stop it eventually? $1?, $2?). If you wish us to quote your project and then you refuse the project, we are happy to safely return your clock to you, but we will need to charge $50 for estimation, handling and associated work. Carmen Dimond on Sep 1, 2015 8:30:00 AM. (Originally made in the USA, professionally restored in the USA), *********A few examples of early clocks powered by Telechron Motors*********, A few examples of early clocks powered by Telechron Motors. If an M5 rotor is still operational, it may benefit from oiling. Experience has proven that alligator clips are NOT a reliable way to connect a self winding clock movement for the long term. Read on! CLOCK MOTOR; 110VAC; 60HZ; 3WATT; 4RPH; FACTORY WARRANTY MAY NOT APPLY. COMES WITH SYNCHRONOUS, BRUSHLESS, CAPACITOR REGULATION. All movement restorations are backed by a two-year warranty. It is assumed that the clock has been disassembled and the motor assembly removed: If the rotor still runs, measure the temperature rise of the motor as it is: Use an IR thermometer and/or attach a thermometer: Run the motor until it has reached its full operating temperature, and note it. Self winding clocks are generally powered by relatively weak springsor no springs at all, so they tend to wear slowly. AC timing motor with precise synchronous speeds ranging from 0.50 revolution per hour to 360 rpm. Please call us at800-328-8996if you have any questions or if we can help you order your correct motor replacement. World O Appliances/Household/Plumbing/Irrigation/HVAC/Hardware Runs at 1rpm, 60hz, 110 volts, 3 watts. The movement is needed for this rewinding service since we must design and produce a custom winding bobbin for each movement. Compensation for this level of effort is industry standard. Another, a variant of the methods above, uses vacuum to assist pulling out whats inside the rotor. Telechron motors powered numerous timekeeping applications starting in 1917. Ive had better success with a run-of-the-mill coffee warming tray: This ones a Bunn model BCW (which im taking a wild guess is an abbreviation for Bunn Coffee Warmer). Basic service/repair $150 to $200. Find Your Clock Visit our AllSync Plus Replacement Clocks page to find the right option for your building. Once plugged in the little gear on the front always rotates to the right or clockwise. The model number will also be listed on themotor. Please keep in mind that its up to you to follow up with us after being added to the waitlist. Because Radwell is not an authorized distributor of RQAUS1 products, the Original Manufacturer's warranty may not apply. Unless youre ready with more oil, the supply around the gear shaft will be exhausted before you know it., I usually go through the heating-cooling sequence twice to insure getting enough fresh oil inside the case to last.[]. This is not the most economical restoration, so please contact us for typical pricing and lead time if you are interested in having your beautiful Hammond Bichronous electric clock restored. The little gear will be up; and if you watch closely around the shaft, you will eventually see hot oil bubbling up around it, driven out by the expansion of the heated air inside the case. Can someone tell me when Synchron went out of businessif it did. Push the rotor assembly out of the stator frame to separate the two. Thats the rationale behind why we generally recommend full restorations. 610 by SYNCHRON - Buy or Repair at Radwell - Home > Controls & Indicators > Timer/Counter > SYNCHRON > 610 610 Manufactured by SYNCHRON representative photo click to zoom Weight: 0.29 lbs Estimated Value - 200.00 Save as much as 45% Last Value Update: 11/22/2021 Have you seen this for less? These seem to fall into a dead zone between clocks and watches where hunting down parts can take almost as much time as the restoration itself, unfortunately. Usually the shaft sits down in a small depression that will hold a small amount of oil. This is (or should be) straightforward, so will not be covered on this page, beyond mentioning that i like to use a strong solvent (im presently using Fedron) to remove the old lubricant, followed (once dry) by a good Teflon-based light oil (i am presently using Tri-Flo). When the rotor is shaken side-to-side, the inner gears should rattle. 23. If you are anxious, we want to be attentive to your needs and will be more than happy to help you. With the thousands of requests we receive, we cannot possibly reach out to you when the stated queue time has elapsed. A44RA / A43RA motor. 266106185485 This includes the proper alloys of brass, bronze, beryllium copper, steel, precious metals, resin plastics, copper and resistive wire, other electrical components, etc. Once the rotor is accepting no further chemical when running, unplug the motor and let the rotor. RADWELL 2-YEAR WARRANTY INCLUDED . Unexpected problems crop up that are nearly impossible to foresee. Any information on this tall case Grandfather clock with wood movement plates. Watches. Worse yet, leaving worn holes unaddressed is a sure path to unreliable performance. Revised several times, including 22 January 2019, having found an old paper note. Some eligible products may ship within 24 hours. Click here for instructions on enabling JavaScript in your browser, 24V 1 RPM 3 WATT 24 VOLT ELECTRIC CLOCK MOTOR, FACTORY WARRANTY MAY NOT APPLY. They have proven to work fairly well on the Hansen electric clock motors. 5.5 mm pinion diameter . MINIPEEPER UV SENSOR, 1/2 IN SIGHTING PIPE, 8 FT LEEDS, 1 1/16 IN. The only opening is the very slight clearance between the output gear shaft and its bearing. As well, it may help to shake the rotor assembly in various different planes whilst holding it in your hand, to further agitate the liquidy innards. The unit will go through Radwell's Quality Assurance review; Radwell's engineering team offers services to upgrade or replace RQANS2 products to RPMFN1 lines; In stock items ship in 2-5 days to ensure Radwell's Quality Assurance inspections. These are for the TYPE C movement and #610, 143R, A43RA, A44RA and 288-003. Yes, we service cuckoo clocks, contemporary and vintage. So, simply file the minute hand hole with a needle file. This site is dedicated to the Telechron Electric Clock Motor. Their unusual feature is that if power is lost, the movement continues to run on mainspring power for up to 30 minutes! It might even refresh the existing oil sufficiently that the full lubricant change procedure might not be necessary. Weve learned our lesson over and over on taking a piecemeal approach, and it ultimately doesnt make sense for either us or the customer. Reproduction replacement silk power supply cord @ $4.50 per foot. This editions column was How To Service A Clock Radio. Responds in about 2 hours. Restated, for clarity: Customer pays for return shipping and handling in all cases, including warranty returns. These are for the TYPE C movement and #610, 143R, A43RA, A44RA and 288-003. One way to test a synchronous clock is to hold it facing you with power applied and tilt it to your right for about 4 seconds and when the hour hand begins to move, immediately rotate the clock back to upright. And there are good ways to clean a movement and destructive ways, and the line is very fine between them. Obviously, there are bound to be exceptions, but this is what we have found to be the case in a very high percentage of the vintage clocks and clock movements we see.

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