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Manage Settings Plan Add-ons MMS Max Message Size: 1048576 APN roaming protocol: IPv4 Hence, you can now enjoy the services to your utmost pleasure. Assurance Wireless or T-Mobile monitors the network to protect against security threats, including spam, viruses, automated attacks, worms, distributed denial of service attacks, and other potentially malicious activity. We strongly recommend you insert or create a new APN Settings, instead of editing the existing ones, on a lower section of this page you will be able to find the details steps to add a new APN, in case you dont know how to do it, so dont worry. This page also includes links to other documents containing further information applicable to our Broadband Internet Access Services. Sprint LTE 4G If they denote special symbols like 3G/4G/VoLTE/GPRS, it thus signifies that you have been successfully connected. Is there anything anyone could do to help? MMSC (URL): http://mms.sprintpcs.com/servlets/mms Select Settings. "Broadband Internet Access Services" refers to services that provide the capability to transmit data to and receive data from all or substantially all Internet endpoints. Sometimes they are referred to Spring MMS settings, but they are the same! APN:cinet.spcs Now tap on Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Cellular Network. MMS Proxy: Your email address will not be published. Restart Android to apply new 1 APN settings. https://www.t-mobile.com/company/website/privacypolicy.aspx. Even within coverage areas and with broadband-capable devices, network changes, traffic volume, outages, technical limitations, signal strength, obstructions, weather, and other conditions may impact speeds and service availability. Also, as discussed below, data for customers on many T-Mobile and Sprint branded plansis prioritized before the data of Assurance Wireless branded or Metro by T-Mobile branded plans. And follow the next instructions. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You should also check first if your sim card or connection has an active internet plan because without having it you will not be able to use Assurance Wireless internet. If you're using a Samsung device, tap Settings, 'More networks', 'Mobile networks', then Access Point Names. Proxy URL = MMS Max Message Size: 1048576 All devices sold by T-Mobile (and many that aren't) support automatic configuration of your network and data settings. User name: If after following all the steps you still dont have your internet working on your phone, just leave us a comment and well get back to you as soon as we can and if things do work fine, Enjoy browsing and Sending MMS on your phone! Press Add on right top corner. T-Mobiles network does provide2G connections in many areas. Proxy: Go to App list, tap Settings Network & Wireless Cellular & SIM, In Cellular, select your SIM card MCC: 310 This service includes benefits such as unlimited texts, free monthly minutes, free monthly data, and a few more things. Not Working? Type of sign-in info: None The Assurance Wireless Fair Usage commitment is how we ensure that the highest number of customers have the best possible experience for the most common uses on T-Mobiles network. Similarly, while Assurance Wireless permits tethering pursuant to the terms, conditions and allotments of your data plan, significant tethering usage can affect on-device network performance for all customers. APN type:just use the default one Check My Phone Help Me Find My Device ID Choose your phone below for instructions, or see a list of compatible phones. WebMake sure you are connected to the T-Mobile or Sprint network or Wi-Fi. Data used for Assurance Wirelesss customer service applications do not count towards customers' usage for this calculation. Go back to save the APN and exit to the main screen. Net Neutrality You need to do the following actions on your phone -, Please enter the following values as mentioned below -, Also Check: SafeLink APN Settings || PureTalk APN Settings, You can reset the APN settings by going through the following options -, You can enter the new settings by going through the following settings menu -, If you have trouble receiving the MMS or sending one, then please enter the following values -. If you use both an iPhone and a Sprint mobile phone and thus want to install APN settings on your iPhone to use the MMS and Internet services; then there is another method for iPhone to install APN settings. Head over to Internet and MMS: Apple iPhone and we'll get you all set. There select the preferred SIM card to open settings related to it. Then Customers have a select amount of how much high-speed data they receive under their service plan, and, where permissible, may purchase additional data. So you can enjoy high-speed internet using Sprint SIM through this process. T-Mobileconstantly works to improve performance on its network and to pursue advanced and next-generation technologies and services. Tap Mobile Network. Where are these speeds available? The streaming video optimization process applies to all content identified as video regardless of the content itself or the website that provides it. MNC: 120 Prohibited network use rules and other restrictions apply. Tethering data is included in this calculation. Find out if you qualify for Assurance Wireless. In your Android Smart Phone Go to -> Settings -> Connections (or Network & Internet) -> Mobile Network > Access Point Name -> Add (+) Once you configure the latest 5G APN, you will probably able to boost your interment speed than before, Your email address will not be published. These are the Spring APN Settings you should use: Name:Sprint For any help or issues like being unable to edit APN settings or problems after you have tried APN for unlimited data free hack, contact Assurance customer care. You can configure your Assurance Wireless devices with the Virgin APN Settings if you use the Virgin Mobile services thus. If Mobile data is turned off, turn on Mobile data. Also, most of the unlocked Virgin-supported devices could be used in the Virgin network. Assurance Wireless offers mobile Broadband Internet Access Services for smartphones and feature phones, over T-Mobiles network. If you feel that APN settings on your phone are not working it may be due to -, A better thing would be to contact Sprint support, your wireless carrier for the information. Make sure you have the right data settings so services like the internet and picture messaging work. These steps will reset all network settings and remove any saved Wi-Fi Networks or Bluetooth pairings, as well as reset any app-specific data restrictions. WebHow to unlock from Assurance: Contact Assurance Wireless at 888-321-5880 to receive the unlocking code. Settings. Your email address will not be published. Change the other fields as below. Then, if your device has Menu option, tap on it to get the New APN options. So with these APN Settings applied, your issue related to Sprint APN Settings not working, or Sprint 5G issue will go off. The basic APN settings for Sprint on iPhone and iPad are the same for all iPhone models. Customers may notice reduced speeds in comparison to customers with a higher priority during network congestion. Name: MMS 3 WebInternet and Picture Messaging: Access Point Name (APN): fast.t-mobile.com MMSC Server: http://mms.msg.eng.t-mobile.com/mms/wapenc Short Message Service (SMS) SMS Occasionally, cases arise whereAssurance Wirelessmust make a judgment, determining that the value of protecting our customer base from malicious or other adverse, network-impacting traffic outweighs access issues experienced by a few. CTIA Whether you have an iPhone 11 or iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone Xs, XS Max, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, or even older iPhone 6S, these settings will definitely work. These are also the 5G APN for Sprint. Hold down the power button until the device turns off and restarts. Server: Airtime minutes will be deducted plus the cost of the International call. These Sprint APN Settings will help you to access high-speed internet and send/receive picture messages (multimedia messages or MMS). You can check your data plan usage at any time by signing in tohttps://myaccount.assurancewireless.com/my-account/login. To set APN in Sprint on iPhone, go toSettings> Cellular> Cellular Data Network> APN. MMSC URL = http://mms.sprintpcs.com/servlets/mms Customer devices also have varying speed capabilities and may connect to different networks depending on technology. to serve other publice safety needs. Visit Assurance Wirelessfor more details. However T-Mobile offers content providers a way to opt-in to a protocol to help identify video downloads and ensure they are not treated as streaming video. WebOnce your phone turns on, it will automatically connect to Assurance Wireless network or you may be required to enter the settings > network and try to connect manually. To configure Sprint APN Settings you should have to make sure that your mobile data is in on mode so that you can set to APN and MMS Settings for Sprint LTE 4G. User name: Assurance Wireless mobile service is designed to be used primarily on smartphones. So that's how you get Sprint APN Settings reset for Samsung mobile phones. MMS is dependent on your devices limitations. Name: 1 P.O Box 5040 Similarly, Wireless Priority Service traffic may preempt other traffic during times of extreme congestion, which means that in rare cases we may interrupt an active data or voice session to support public safety needs. This network works the same as other telecom companies such as Qlink, AT&T, Verizon, and many more. Now, also check and verify by seeing the signal bars. Important Service/Product Specific Terms, https://myaccount.assurancewireless.com/my-account/login, https://www.assurancewireless.com/help-center/contact, https://www.assurancewireless.com/legal/terms-and-conditions, Download speeds: Typically between 8 43 Mbps, Upload speeds: Typically between 3 18 Mbps, Download Speed: Typically between 4 35 Mbps, Upload Speed: Typically between 3 7 Mbps. APN protocol: IPv4/IPv6 Also, to check if the settings are working, look at the signal bar. Now, restart youriOS to apply new Sprint 2 APN settings. Heavy Data Users(customers using over 35 GBon Assurance Wireless plans in a bill cycle), will have their data usage prioritized below the data usage (including tethering) of other customers at times and at locations where there are competing customer demands for network resources, which may result in slower data speeds. The plans optimize data streams that are identified by our packet-core network as video; video providers may also choose to establish protocols to self-optimize their video. So, stay tuned and read on to know more and in greater depth. This page provides information about Assurance Wireless's Broadband Internet Access Services. Under Internet APN select Add an Internet APN, Profile name: 1 Required fields are marked *. advanced 5G use cases) may provide noticeable network experience benefits, like significantly increased speeds, lower latency, or other performance improvements. Based on internal and crowd-sourced testing, we expect Assurance Wireless-branded customers with broadband-capable devices during use of these older technologies to typically experiencedownload speeds lower than 100 bps, average speeds lower than 30 Kbps, and latency greater than 350 ms. Now, press + on the top right of your screen and also enter the settings given above already. For video that is not self-optimized by the video provider, T-Mobile adjusts the delivery rate for streaming video, which causes the video to be delivered in lower resolutions and to use less data. Proxy: Proxy port: 80 Im wondering whether anyone here has experience with Assurance Wireless (a no-contract Sprint brand), especially in terms of activating a new iPhone on their (Sprints) network. In rare cases you may need to set more than just the APN name in order for data to work. WebMake sure your APNs are set up by going to Settings > More > Mobile/Cellular Networks > Access Point Names (APNs). Touch Mobile network. Settings. Declaration:Updating yourAPNsettings does not guarantee that your MMS (multimedia/picture messaging) will work. Your plan may include video optimization features which, when connected to the cellular network, deliver a DVD-quality (up to 2.5 Mbps) video experience with minimal buffering while streaming. You may have temporary access to new services while they are being tested or made available for purchase. My associate has been with Assurance for a couple of years, using an Android device they originally provided, and wants to return to using an iPhone. Appalachian Wireless Plans - Unlimited Plan for Mobile . The APN for Assurance is the internet. Press Add on right top corner. Now go to Mobile/Cellular Data Network. But most of the time users update their Assurance Wireless APN settings on their devices to get better internet service. Android is a trademark of Google LLC. Follow the steps below to get it done: Go to Settings. Select More/Mobile Networks > Access Point Names Now, press + on the top right of your screen and also Proxy URL = : Walmart Family Mobile 4G LTE APN Settings, West Central Wireless 4G LTE APN Settings. ~~> ~~>. In Cellular, select your SIM card https://www.assurancewireless.com/help-center/contact, For information on resolving disputes with Assurance Wireless, please review our terms and conditions under the heading "Dispute Resolution and Arbitration" located in the General Terms and Conditions, applicable to your service. Assurance Wireless provides support primarily in English and reserves the right to provide English documents. If the Your email address will not be published. This is a service provided by Virgin Mobiles USA. Thereafter, leave all the empty fields as they are given by your phone. Username: Examples include Internet sources or destinations that are major sources of spam and sources that aggressively scan Internet addresses or those that have attempted attacks againstT-Mobileinfrastructure or customer end-points. At the start of the next bill cycle, the customer's usage status is reset, and this data traffic is no longer prioritized below other traffic. Thereafter, if your Android phone has the Menu option, tap on it to access the New APN option. If you were mailed an Android Smartphone (in most cases phones are mailed to applicable customers), complete the steps below to activate your Assurance Wireless device: Press and hold the Power Button to turn on your phone. Allow hands-free activation to connect the phone to our network and then allow the phone to check for any updates. Offer limited to eligible customers residing in selected geographic areas, is non-transferable, and only one wireless or wireline discounted Lifeline service is available per household. Scroll down. Depending on the extent of network congestion, these customers may notice more frequent impacts to some video streaming, file downloads, and other high-bandwidth activities. Navigate to Boost Mobile Access Point Names Option. So, in order to use its internet or MMS services, you have to install its APN settings on your phone. WebAssurance Wireless is a Lifeline Assistance program supported by the federal Universal Service Fund. Choose Mobile network. Multimedia message port: 80 We can't guarantee these settings will make an unsupported device fully functional on the T-Mobile network. Alternatively, you can reset Sprint APN Settings. Proxy port: Complete additional troubleshooting if the APN settings are correct, but customers still experience issues. Thus, your job is complete. Video optimization is not applied when a device is using Wi-Fi to connect to a non-T-Mobile network. Some applications like email or basic web browsing do not require a high-data speed to function very well, while other activities like high-definition video streaming or transferring large data files are better experienced with higher data speeds. Charleston, IL 61920-9907, Questions? Verify there is a circle next to the remaining APN. Customers who use data in violation of their Rate Plan terms or Assurance Wireless Terms and Conditions may be excluded from this calculation. Customers may notice reduced speeds in comparison to customers with a higher priority during network congestion. See this article for a closer look at how to manually set the APN. Choose your device on the Devices page, then click the Security drop-down to find Mobile Device Unlock steps. Username: T-Mobile engineered its network to provide consistent high-speed data service, but at times and at locations where the number of customers using the network exceeds available network resources, customers will experience reduced data speeds. In the new You have to fill it in the first section while you configure Assurance Wireless APN on your device. This information applies to Lifeline and prepaid services. Latency, also known as delay, is the amount of time from when a data packet is sent to when it is received. Now, restart youriOS to apply new MMS 3 APN settings. But, again with Sprints APN Settings. This will be the case in the vast majority of times and locations. APN: sprint Assurance Wireless customers with questions about network practices or policies may contact customer care directly from their device by dialing *611 from their handsets or by the methods listedon our contact page. Press the dots. Similarly, issues like Sprint MMS not sent will also be resolved. I can not even with it toggled in and been on the phone with sprint the last call was over 2 hours. APN Protocol: same, just leave it to the Default one. Awesome. If you have got an iOS device, then select Settings and then do this -. Certain features, such as data used by the federal telehealth VA video Connect app, do not count against high-speed data allotments when detected by our network. May 20, 2021. Enter values as mentioned above. Proxy: Password: Your email address will not be published. Password: APN: cinet.spcs State Fees. Authentication type: In some instances, video optimization may also identify and treat downloads of video files as if they were real-time video streams. Thats it! Slide your finger left on the display to open the main menu. In the new access point name, fill the blanks according to the following table (MMS Fields). Just fill in the bold items only and keep the rest of the fields unchanged. So when I make a phone call I have no access to data. T-Mobile provides service on its 2G and 4G LTEbroadband networks. https://www.assurancewireless.com/legal/terms-and-conditions, Assurance Wireless

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