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I like Cyndi Lauper Time after time makes me think of good times, but still cant pass true colors on the radio without thinking of seminars and Cat 2s. Mike, Im pretty sure I was there with you. Cameron had a running tab at the local bars. Staff worked us like slave labor chopping down trees. Hey, I remember Danny, Gabe, Eugene, and several othersI was part of the first group (the Genesis family) in January 1996. I kept in touch with Henry a bit. I was Jakes closest friend there and I tried to convince him not to run because I knew he wouldnt make it we all felt the same about busting out of there. So good to finally find some people who can relate to my experience. But I think it did more harm. Message me jamie_wilson_@msn.com. She was apparently walking the tracks and we had trains running at high speed through there. Walk to the chow hall heel to toe dont move your head to the right of left or your Jr. Staff is going to write you up saying you were trying to look at females and lose those points. John the one i remember was a cool guy, he was the one that talked to me when i got there. I was Lvl 1 for 6 months, in the Hobbit multiple times, and in Worksheet Daily, all these sob stories people are telling just got to show you that after years they are still stuck in their Shit, and Based on the Results, they have exaclty what they Intended On. I was at the Camas ranch 18+. We use to watch movies with u guys on sundays. Coach of the soccer team lol got to go to games in town etc. All my questions were answered after a few nights of internet research. Yeah I remember when you would break dance. Its mostly a blur to me but I do have flashbacks one of them is an alarm going off and upper levels having to run out of the cabin looking for a girl named Jessica and I was the one who found her running and I remember I tackled her and kneed her in the back and held her down in the snow and I remember both of us crying.. and exhausted and it was so fucking sad.. What the hell is going on. Yep, the essay pitI remember the Huck Finnand there was Call of the Wild by Jack London too. This is odd. Do you know it? I told the attendant to be on the lookout for her and to help her is she gets there. Site cast to trophy trout cruising the shallows of several productive lakes. My upper level family was Inspiration with Miss Amy. Consequently, It was very easy for me to lose points for being unconscious and neglectful, especially when all the girls in leadership positions used to watch us like hawks and consequent us for every minor mistake. I saw the special treatment given to girls that had been there too long in order to speed up their graduation. All rights reserved. The rest off us (a pretty wide cross section of folks at that) seem to see what went on in Montana as a simple get rich quick scheme by a bunch of Mormon carpetbaggers. Take a good hard look at the situation. It sucks but it is what it is you make the best with what life throws at you. Spring Creek Ranch. Do I still have anger issues? We considered it warm if it got above 10 degrees. Parents always care and sometimes care too much, that will never change. Your email address will not be published. I feel so lonely in these memories and trauma and talking to someone who went through it might help. Travis, what family were you in. Maybe the program was fine for you or maybe you were just brainwashed into thinking that the things they did were appropriate and all to just teach you to respect. The only man in the behavior modification program with the title Psychologist and we werent allowed to talk to him haha So telling. Id like all of u to realize if you got sent here its your own doing. 2015 O'Hair Ranch / Armstrong Spring Creek, Quality Spring Creek fishing in Paradise Valley, Livingston, Montana for over 60 years, 2015 O'Hair Ranch / Armstrong Spring Creek. The fresh air, mountain views and peaceful setting will make you wish you never had to leave. The more eyes on this the more this facility will have a spotlight on them. Until I got stampeded by junior staff. Holy shit, its Brandy! cason.trent@yahoo.com, For anyone trying to get their HS transcripts I have a contact! 257 Main Boulder Rd, Big Timber, Montana 59011, 406.932.4387 Certain units include a seating area for your convenience. He was from the East Coast somewhere like North Carolina. IT FELT GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank God!! She looked at me and she looked away. My brother had been sent to Casa by the Sea 2001-2003 so I knew what was happening right away. I was lucky that my parents were growing tired of for me to go there. He seems have first gotten involved in WWASP in 1996, when he opened Spring Creek Lodge with the Pullan brothers, serving as Vice President. Oh yeah, and every time I hear the song time after time I want to throw up until every blood vessel in my eyes have exploded! Its awful reading the comments. Let me start off by saying this place was shit!! But if a program does it, using staff that usually had high school diplomas at max and who were paid around minimum wage and poorly trained if at all, while charging tens of thousands of dollars a year, somehow it becomes okay? But if you struggle like I did that part alone is going to make your stay there miserable for days to months to years. While I try not to judge others, as I dont know the particulars of what theyre going through with their kids, I just wouldnt and couldnt ever do that and feel that sending your kids away is giving up on them. They talked about getting a translator. Do you honestly think Mike Linderman is all that bad? Then there was the eventual building us up near the end of the 3 weeks where they left us alone with a campfire for 3 days. So Diana, when were you there? Anyway, I just started his book because I have a little cousin well call D he is 11 years old and showing signs of being a sociopath. So in the name of reason and Christmas, I ask that those who work for, are involved with, or profit off of any of the places run now by the usual crowddo the right thinggive the parents what they think they are paying for, or close. Memories of my bunk mate losing his fucking mind and trying to kill himself. With many years of stewardship and over a decade of enhancement work, McCoy Spring Creek Ranch features some of the countrys finest spring creek fishing for wild trophy rainbows, browns and brook trout. I think I remember Eugene because he had a hearing aid that he used to let me wear for fun, and he was an awesome kid from California, too. Parr hall. This area is renowned for its stunning vistas, including the towering Tobacco Root, Ruby, Highlands and Pioneer mountain ranges. I fought it at first because I saw how ridiculous it was. I was in Wisdom right when i got there in July 1998, I soon transfered to Courage Family due to a letter I wrote home. Reading about Josh Lambert is crazy. I knew I was fucked. I could no longer socialize with kids in my normal high school, and it destroyed any chance of a normal high school experience. I remember Jenna, illiona,Jennifer My madanname Wilson. juch0784@cc.peralta.edu, ps. It eventually became clear that they had become almost as brainwashed as some of my peers. They had went from being a prestigious boarding school with a student body of over 500, to nothing more than a run down academy with very few staff and only a handful of students. Wow . Book Now Fish the private waters of our spring creek, limited to 6 rods per day. All of the outgoing letters were pre-read by staff, so anything defamatory or heavy on complaining was not allowed to be mailed out. Sold: Vacant land located at 25 South Fifty One Ranch Dr Lot B-4, Townsend, MT 59644 sold on May 18, 2022. I called it my Space Suit because the cold was real and deadly. Ive been in therapy and diagnosed with PTSD because of this horrible, awful place. I had to put my glove next to my skin and let my body heat dry out the glove and I had to keep moving fast to keep my hand warm with my body heat alone. They finally kicked me out but told my family it was because I wouldnt stop making myself throw up..which is true..but i think that mini riot pushed them over the edge. With over 3 miles of productive spring creeks, two fishing ponds and many other wetland sloughs onsite, the outdoor opportunities are endless. I kept my mouth shut, played their game, and got the fuck out. I still have moments where I age regress to the age I was in the program when I get really upset. Creek Wilderness Camp in the spring of 1989 for two months. 450 Beaver Creek West Drive , Big Sky, MT, 59730, Gallatin County DRAMATICALLY REDUCED! These images of that place in my mindlike a bad dream. Yeah you must be a staff member hahahahaha. To this day Im shocked I wasnt tackled after shouting that! .. my heart breaks that she felt no way out but she didnt have a way out. I was a lucky one considering the time I was there few were spared from atrocious violence. 0.92 acres lot - Lot / Land for sale. It was just beginning. Making sure to give out cat 3 violations to keep the numbers down on the 18+ trips to town. They have a program called Youth Foundation also doing business as Riverview. I hope to find a way to create something I can look forward to but for now I am trying to just get by. Have some more koolaid commys.. My advice when dealing with your daughter on this subject would be to try to sit down and talk to her. Eugene would give me all the answers, he probably heard those stories a million times! Was there some loop hole where they forced you to stay? I think the staff knew what I was doing and how I was making it bleed and so they wanted to put me in this position to make me stop. I was here in 2002-03. Finally they kicked me out. im no saint by any standards, but the hell that was spring creek definitely left its dark mark on my soul. We will help you hand pick the perfect lodge, design a great fishing program and help coordinate all logistics from airport transfers to meeting, Explore the world's most amazing fisheries with our destination travel program. even that lil Damon, half the reason i took my exit right on my bday. YEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Matt Rumple is actually the guy who asked me if I cook well under pressure and that was the birth of my email addy to this day PressureCooker . If I ever go back it will be to burn the place to the ground. They wanted my stepdad to shave his legs and dress as a female. View this $0 0 bed, 0.0 bath, sqft single family home located at Spring Creek Ranch Blm #50 built in on Zillow. It is like talking to a soldier and having never been in the military. You guys hurt me mentally, physically, and sexually. I feel like I need to go back and plant a tree, or something, for all the innocence lost on those beautiful Montana grounds. For some reason I have the discovery seminar in a binder I have yet to destroy. They did everything in their power to show they had complete control over you. Oh oh . All of you have BRVs lol remember remember the fifth of November!! It was shortly after this in 2006 that Spring Creek Lodge released a statement attempting to distance themselves from the reputation of WWASP. Did yall REEEEALLY need that 15 foot high pile of rocks moved to left ten feet? What up buddy! That would be my advice. We went through another long blur of trekking through the mountains. And second, you really should look up the people you are defending, and weigh positive praises of the wwasps facilities against the evidence against them: I.e deaths, multiple civil and criminal complaints, govt mandated closures etc. This included the confiscation of my black and purple polka dot underwear. We strive to provide the content you need in the format you require. Maximize your time on the water and make great memories on one of our deluxe overnight river camping trips. $10,975,000. tara I remember you I was in charity too. Fuck culkins but the one I hate was jeff colby. I am so surprised even now seeing the names of the girls from Serenity that I dont remember them. Beaverhead Ranch is home to 7,000 cow-calf pairs and 15 families who are employed on the ranch. Yeah its amazing how every parent got sold the your kids gonna wind up dead story. To those of you who bled and cried with us through gravel pits and focus seminars (lifeboat process ) I love you and if we unite against these bastards in a mature and orderly fashion, we can give them the coups de grace that they need. I get out calmly and walk to the back of the truck. And all of that sounds pretty bad. 1221 Spring Forest Drive, Rocky Mount, NC 27804. I stopped talking and listening until they didnt know what to do with me. All this while having this crackpot therapy shoved down our throats whether we liked it or not. Learn about the locale I was in mike lindermans adoption group. My name is danny I was the big guy that got sent there after military school. We never to knew when we would return home. So after that I just walked out to the street and tried my luck hitchhiking only to be picked up by someone who knew Cameron and his gay ass brother. luckycage2@yahoo.com, I was there when the place was called Spring Creek Community, I saw a comment somewhere up there from another one from those days. Fucking disgusting. I can go on about countless abuses, countless neglect, countless trauma. This has been going on longer then you think.I was taken to the Spring Creek when I was 16yrs old back then they called it a school for troubled teens ,that was back in the 80s same place older buildings some that you lived in we were made to build,it was school and work detail ( manual labor) forced on you , punished with all food taken shunned by other kids at the(community) verbal scare tactics.All payed for by our so called parents,its been going on for decades,and still is.The land and the buildings were spring creek is needs to torn down and let go back to natural forests nothing good ever happened there or ever will.I feel for all of you that were taken there I really do. Energy suck, emotional suck, attention suck! I was one of the few who got away. I decided that the level two privileges of butter, sugar, and a weekly candy bar were not worth it. They were found and brought back a few days later, and were beaten within an inch of their lives. He is literally the reason why I am here today. Ben broad, sorry I missed hate-ash. Hahayes we called Eugene Little 2Pac I forgot about that nickname. I got to Noxon and crossed the big silver bridge that leads from Noxon to Highway 200 on the other side of the clark fork. Anyone know a James Lothian or a Ryan Brown. That was the site of the slow realization that the nightmare was not over. Thats it, Im sick of breathing now. I would like a copy of it. Whats up everyone. He was always fair and in one particular incident backed me up for calling out a jr. Staff member for beating on a thirteen year old who had been sent there for being too fat. They are trying to lease the old Diamond Ranch property, but it seems that they are broke. We went to Discovery in Seattle and stayed on board with the staff. Do you remember me? Spent almost every day I was there in the hobbit. I hated it there. Please enable JavaScript on your browser and try again. Looking back we were just kids and the most important time of a young mans life his adolescence. RV Sites - 57 total After abusing hundreds, maybe even thousands of teenagers this man has finally been stopped. Shit all the trains out here unless commuter are moving slower than I can walk. I believe we all got something out of being in SCL, if even it is just strength. and helped me put my pack together. I hope the staff there burn in Hell. I stole a sharp kitchen knife for protection. But not worth letting them tear me down emotionally like that. I remember the harsh lessons of the cold. I wonder whatever happened to Atfield? I swung my truck around and headed east toward Noxon to get in front of her. Hey buddy, long long time huh? And I wished they would of just let me get through that part of my life whether I would of gotten arrested and had to do some jail time. It never goes away no matter how long in the rear view the experience was. I was there from fall of 01-March of 02. When not even the names of the people I lived with for 2.5 years ring a bell, then I am scared for what I still cannot remember. That was the highlight of my day.meanwhile all of this is heel to toe no talking ECT ECT. Thanks a lot you guys. To anyone who would like to reconnect with me or even just have another Spring Creek friend.Im at pressurecooker19@hotmail.com. Did it do anything but give parents an excuse to dump their children on someone else? WINTER FUCKING IN MONTANA! Dont even get me started on the seminars. We were tortured, abused, and traumatized. More Home About Photos Reviews Follow About See all 101 Nelsons Spring Creek Rd Livingston, MT 59047 1,189 people like this 1,426 people follow this 488 people checked in here http://nelsonsspringcreek.com/ I left late summer of 2003 when I was 17. No wonder my counselor at school had so many questions when I told her I went to Spring Creek. I hope you are all healing. I had good morals. Thank you, I was unaware that a website like this existed until a girlfriend of mine told me about it. dont let this be the impression you have of Montana! That place has haunted me for years.I was there about three months when the first of the girls began to arrive they would make us lay on the ground and put our face in our hands so we couldnt look at them.I remember the pit, the hobbit and all the bullshit we had to go through. Memoir: Thompson Falls Montana They wouldnt let me keep any of my belongings. Did I not have enough respect? He would have been in a completely different place and what happened to him maybe never would have. Did I fimd it Funny that only cute girls got to Work at Camerons and Chaffins Home? Everyone gave up on me o. in 2005 or 2004 when I was released from the program at age 16 but not welcomed to return home. Idk if anybody ever looks at this shit anymore, as 20 years in the past comes and goes. I dont remember if we were denied pads/tampons or if we were only rationed a certain number? Yo I was there in dignity my name is Matthew ! I was excited the whole way I couldnt wait to go snowboarding. Pictures of the Racist Chaffin Pullan! Whether you had a good experience or not, never discredit the pain of others because you have no idea what those kids had to experience behind closed doors. Destiny family 99 01, I just wanted to reach out to the guys I was at the Lodge with. I am the only one to ever escape Thats fucked up. 4,417 Total Acres. This place was hell and would not wish it on anyone. READ REDFIN'S, Do not sell or share my personal information. NOBODY INTERVEINED AND SHE JUST SHARED SOME VERY SERIOUS SHIT. They made me burn all of my cothes so I had nothing. Horror stories from the incoming junior staff from Samoaone guy said they locked him a trunk and floated him at sea, then threw rocks at the trunk while he was inside of it. If anyone can help guide me it would be greatly appreciated. We take care of all the gear and you just sit back and relax after arriving in camp. All I get is judgement and no matter what I am wrong and it is my fault. Mike. I have a burning hatred in my heart that I want gone badly. In addition to the nearby Beaverhead River, there are many other classic waters accessible by drift boat or wading within an hours drive from the ranch. Why? Bunch of liars here. We will have to transfer her to another level facility.. IF they came back, they came back even worse off than before and wouldnt even talk about what happened to themif they talked AT ALL. I think he walked out. Cameron Pullan first worked for WWASP at Cross Creek in 1991 and 1992.

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