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Had to make this because I know that I GOTTA HAVE CAKE feeling well even though Im not pregnant. I regretted not licking every beater of chocolate buttercream that had ever crossed my path when I worked at a bakery in high school. . And with that, I can hear the pitter-patter of my diets feet making itself scarce as I reach for more butter. The frosting was also too sweet for me and the kiddo, but my sister and brother-in-law didnt think so. It traveled well unbaked in the loaf pan, then brought to room temp and baked the next day, it turned out perfectly. Thank you! Confetti sprinkles: I got mine from New York Cake on 22nd Street but, of course, Amazon sells them as well. Thank you so much for all you do! You are a baking, cooking goddess. Great cake for V-day!! several times a year) and if anything, its on the sweet side. You can bake it in a 9-inch round. The outside was not dry and the cake did not collapse. Its hard to decrease sugar (more than I have) with a quick buttercream like this because the sugar provides the structure. Shouldnt matter, right? i got 12 standard size cupcakes plus one bigger one, made in a custard cup. Hi! Just made this with my gluten free flour blend. At last I have a chocolate cake recipie that tastes of chocolate! . Youll want the full yield of frosting for each layer, especially if youre covering the sides. My daughter wants cupcakes this year, how long do you recommend baking for as cupcakes? In a large mixing bowl, cream butter and sugars together until light and fluffy. #allhailpi! :) Its just the right size for when you dont want a larger sheet cake sitting around all week. It has drawn expletives from my family today (in a good way). How did it taste in the end? I also didnt have unsweetened chocolate so I used a couple TBS of cocoa powder in the frosting. Thanks for the doable, approachable, ingredient-accessible recipe. Thank you for the recipe and inspiration. All in all, not a problem. I want real cake made with real butter and real sugar and good chocolate, I just try to limit portion size. I always have cocoa on hand, but rarely unsweetened chocolate so I always go this route and it works well. Does the baking time need to be adjusted? This is so totally the wrong place for this, but I will ask anyway. Never thought of using wine in cakes before:-) and wine and coffee and chocolate together :-) It was yummy. Oops! I dont change a thing about the recipe. Just found out were having a second boy. For anyone who, like me, likes their frosting darker chocolate-y and less sweet, I melted an additional 1 oz of unsweetened baking chocolate and added that to the frosting. :-O. Thats what I get for making frosting while trying to watch the Downton Abbey finale. Cut into squares and prepare for your family/roommates to completely freak out when they spy it on the counter. Hi Deb, Rich as can be, uber chocolate-y, not overly sweet (an absolute hallmark of all Smitten Kitchen cakes, and why her cake recipes are THE BEST). Congratulations! The frosting was a bit sweet for us, next time I will use less sugar and add some espresso powder. Thank you so much. I made the chocolate buttercream with 2 tbs of melted butter and 6 tbs of unsweetened cocoa powder to sub for the unsweetened chocolate and it worked beautifully. Can I frost them while they are still frozen? Sorry for the late response, even after such a nice comment! For doubling the recipe, do you think three eggs or that two whole eggs + two yolks will be much better? For the last 4-5 years Ive been making one of your celebration cakes for my birthday cakes my two fav being the crepe hazelnut and the chocolate peanutbutter cheesecake. I have one question, can I use gluten free flour? fatty fat fat. I just made this! My wifes final verdict on the cake was We have no words followed by Next piece please!. So we havent had The Birthday Dinner (budget about $30 and just a _bit_ more than 16) yet. This is the perfect size, too. Looked cute, tasted great and since it was only for 3 people, it was a perfect size. I also recently had a strawberry buttercream that was delicious; I suspect they just took a quick vanilla buttercream and beat in a spoonful or two of strawberry jam. :). Even with the extra sugar, it was still bitter-sweet but in a good way. Its easy, moist, bakes in 25 min. I.e. Thanks for all the great recipes! It all came together rather quickly on a weekday evening too. Hi Deb! This looks wonderful! when I suddenly NEEDED brownies, so I feel you on this! I made this (in a Transformer-shaped silicone cake pan) for my sons 6 year old birthday party last weekend. You really should regulate your comments. (and tastes great). On the third round I added a 1/4 cup additional buttermilk to the batter. That chocolate cake is everything, the cake just looks so yummy and delicious. I made the cake a couple days ago, and served it only yesterday. File > Print on a Mac Directions. Perfection! Also I need the cupcakes to rise above and not be flat will these rise? The sweet frosting with this rich second batch hit the right spot. Or, what I do more often is if youre using a stand mixer anyway, just cut it into chunks and let the paddle soften it. Im going to triple the cake recipe but do you think I need to do the same for frosting? I made this pretty much as per the recipe (which is quite unlike me, but I had all the correct ingredients) and as a Scot with a love of chocolate, but who finds some American recipes very sweet, I found this was just right. Out of buttermilk can I add a bit of vinegar to some slim milk.think I will wait until I get the buttermilk hate to tamper with a great recipe. I made this in two 6 rounds and it was a perfect little layer cake. But now I want to make this cake again and again I am in a chocolate cake loop. Ive even had some photos Ive taken of your recipes published in our local papers, The Vancouver Sun and The Province. Also can you recommend a baking pan for this cake? And it is not smack-upside-the-head sweet. I would like to order it. Recipes. The cake itself isnt very sweet, in hopes to provide contrast. It will need to be softened and re-whipped, i.e. Looks delicious! Im thrilled on both counts. I am trying this right now but my cake is still chocolaty ( dippy ) from the middle. Thank you for this easy small cake! 2 tablespoons (25 grams) granulated sugar I was looking for a quick and easy chocolate cake recipe, so finally I tried this one and I am thrilled! Hi I was just wondering how much extra milk I would need to add if I added an extra 3.9oz of dry ingredients (chocolate jello pudding mix) to you recipe? Im a good baker, I know how to read a recipe and I use a scale. This is the MOST delicious and eye-pealing chocolate cake I have ever seen. I wish I could post a picture of the cake I made from your recipe! I agree that it can make a passable thickness for a 913, but clearly, I was going for excess here. Lovely cake though, one of my faves! RW x. The batter is a touch saltier but I like that in a layer against such a sweet frosting. Serving size I guess its just us that cuts cake into small pieces? Also the fact that its delicious and practically gone doesnt hurt!, Jenny Yes, you can make 2 6-inch round layers from this cake; the layers would be ever-so-barely-slightly thicker than the 8-inch square would be, but not a bad thing, as you can see the 8-inch square is very thin (maybe .75). Thank you for a lovely, easy cake recipe in the ideal size! thank you! Thank you for taking the time to let me know where to find the print and PIN links in the To Do line. Hope to help. This cake would feed one of them, maybe 2 if they were forced to share. thanks! I could kick myself for not getting one ages ago. I see many, many of these as birthday cakes in my sons future. Obviously, I had to test a spoonful or two. I messed up the icing (used four tbsp of butter instead of 8?! .. is that normal? Sneha If the knife isnt batter-free (i.e. I needed a piece of chocolate cake so badly that I began to regret every cupcake shop Id ever walked past and not gone in during the height of the mid-aughts cupcake craze. Kim Whooooops! Do I need to double the recipe and how long should I bake them for? I made brownies and was looking for a chocolate frosting for them, so tried this. We used m&ms instead. With lots of sprinkles, of course! I am frosting the bday cake with a double batch of the above chocolate frosting, and making the raspberry buttercream for the chocolate cake. I would triple the frosting, especially if you wish to coat the sides as well. In the recipe it states that 1/2 teaspoon sea salt is equivalent to 1/2 teaspoon table salt. Yum! A friend whos feeling low, had a birthday yesterday at 3:30 or so he asked to hang out and what is a birthday without a few sprinkles, so I started this cake at 5 and it was fully ready to go at 7 (and that was mostly cooling time). The results were excellent. (That said, I find whole wheat flour to clock in at 120 per cup, and flour is heavier than cocoa) As for how I got/checked my numbers, Hersheys cocoa clocks in at 80 per cup, King Arthur lists theirs as 85 grams, and I usually get about the same, hence the 41 grams here. Was there a brown butter-sugar glaze on it too? I decorated mine with Smarties! Or The I Want Chocolate Cake Cake. Cant wait to try the finished product. This is absolutely a keeper. There is a print icon that leads to a print template at the bottom of each recipe, where it says DO MORE: You can also click CTRL or + P [on desktop] from any recipe post and it will take you to a streamlined print template. We will definitely make the button easier to find when we next redesign. It came together simply and easily. I miss being able to download your recipes directly from your posts. I truly hope it will be me. Its fabulous and the husband pronounced it the best chocolate cake hes ever eaten. This cake looks so incredibly delicious and I adore the rainbow colored sprinkles thank you for sharing:). I frosted my cake and then covered it well with plastic and it was GREAT the next day. This was SO my recent pregnancy (baby is 10 weeks). Got a really nice, which 8 layer, which I topped with chocolate whipped cream and sprinkles. How is Jacob so grown up? And best wishes to you and your growing family! Your chocolate cake is super and good in look and mouth watering.I am not having enuf time to do it.can i buy this cake any where in baker can find more cake in this website : midnight cake delivery in hyderabad. Ive kept the sugar about as low as you can get away with and still have a frosting, so if you do try, Id limit it to 1 to 2T less. Everyone raved about it. And the Dutch process cocoa seriously made a difference. You can also type CTRL or + P from any recipe post to get to the same print template, or use the Print option in your browser, usually under the File menu. If you did, always start with the lower baking time and increase as needed. Its a problem, I hear you loud and clear! sunken black forest cake. This is a truly great cake!! Sweet Jesus this cake is so good that I have died and gone to chocolate heaven. blood orange, almond and ricotta cake. As soon as my daughter took a bite she said Mom, can we make this cake again? The only change we made was using regular non-Dutch cocoa because that is what we had on hand not sure how it changed the flavor because I have only had it this way, which was excellent. This comment is years late but I made this today and thank you for the easy frosting recipe! What a treat for a weeknight! This is amazing. Your safest bet might be more of a ganache, which doesnt need to be whipped, only stirred. That and maybe set it in a bowl on your warming stove!! I never would have thought of that combination. I only had one medium egg and yogurt instead of buttermilk. I was going to guess at it but you have saved me a bit of worry. Thoughts? Man, Deb I have made this cake about 5 times in the last two months. I made this about two hours ago, substituting normal chocolate for arabica-infused chocolate in the frosting and honey Greek yogurt in the cake because it was in the fridge. Its the perfect cake size for our family of 3. I have a large jar of Nutella sitting in a kitchen cabinet and was thinking it might be good mixed with marscapone as an alternative frosting. Ive made this multiple times before and its my definitely my go-to chocolate cake but I want to make it tomorrow for my birthday and I dont have any unsweetened chocolate. .And P.S. A perfect not too sweet cake with a cloud of fabulous frosting. I used a whisk to mix the not really lumpy cocoa. So, I made the cake. Thanks!! The first time I did it, I gave you a were not worthy bow b/c I had been stuck in a Swiss Meringue Buttercream nightmare. (The cake is good too, dont get me wrong.) I added the powdered sugar and butter to the chocolate at the same time, and while my frosting turned out fine, it took a decent bit of beating to get the lumps out. Any suggestions for cooking times for cupcakes? It feels suspicious to me. So much so, that I think I might name a few of my extra pounds after you . If round, 8. I only made the frosting part, but had to comment because it was fantastic and easy. This recipe is a keeper! 1 / 4 teaspoon fine sea salt or table salt. How did you stacked cake turn out? Spinkle on powdered sugar if desired. Its very forgiving as well, we are moving (hence stressed-out me really needed cake immediately!) Chocolate Cake. 450g mascarpone cheese 280g icing sugar Pinch of salt tsp vanilla extract Method Step 1 Preheat your oven to 160C (fan 140C/gas mark 3). YUMMMMmmmmmmm. This is one of my favourite recipes from my mom! Youll want to make 4x this recipe; it makes 1 dozen. Yum! Definitely needed the extra time, I was closer to the 35 minute mark than 25. They love it and I love that its simple and doesnt leave me with heaps of dishes! Thanks for another winner!! NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER A BON APPETIT and EPICURIOUS BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR The long-awaited new book from the best-selling and beloved author of The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook and Smitten Kitchen Every Daya collection of essential recipes for meals you'll want to prepare a. LOVE this cake! OH.MY.GOD. could i melt terrys chocolate oranges and add them to the batter, or maybe orange zest and juice to the batter to mix the flavour? It turned out amazing, just as advertised, and I enjoyed eating it a lot :p. I am a nervous cake baker but I would like to make this for my sons bday in a few days. Oh, and funny how I only noticed the s shapes after I read your notes on how to swirl the frosting ;), I made this last night and it is amazing. What do you suggest? Any tips for a frosting I could make with a whisk or does that just not work for frosting? I added slightly more salt just to bring out the flavour of the chocolate but all in all perfect! We still have to quarantine for a whole week anyway. Stir on low until just combined; scrape down bowl a final time. It was a little dry around the edges. Thank you, Deb, for all you do! Nailed it! I followed it exactly. Finally, this is my note to selfat 25 minutes the cake needed another few minutes, I left it in for 6 minutes, and that was too long, and maybe should have been 3 more minutes. The photos really drew me in mmmmm. I have saved the recipe and make it some time soon, for the moment I am enjoying some chocolate covered digestive biscuits to cure my chocolate cravings. It works but its better with an additional yolk if you want more of a golden cake. Have been needing something chocolate all week and this was it! 3 tbs cocoa and one tbs butter for one ounce of unsweetened chocolate). So the chocolate cake by itself is fabulous, but I went crazy and substituted the Barefoot Contessas peanut butter icingtwo fabulous ladies in one dessert treatI do not have a bunch of gays to invite over, just the boyfriendand I made it all to get me out of the doghouse. every mouthful is perfect. Its cooling but Im so nervous its going to be dry, *swoon* How hard was it to take those gorgeous pictures of the finished and then sliced cake without pouncing on them first?? Good luck! In thinking about cutting and layering..? xo. Dutch-process cocoa (the standard in European brands) differs from natural cocoa (what you have if your cocoa isnt labeled Dutch, or if its an American brand) in that its acidity has been neutralized to form a darker, nuttier cocoa that I prefer. In a medium bowl, whisk together flour, graham-cracker crumbs, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and cinnamon. Deb, how is it that you can take the most simple chocolate cake and make it look so amazing that I think that I will just die if I dont go make it right now, even though its nearly 11 p.m.? Thank you for being an inspiration to get me started.

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