small spaceship crew positions

Constantly worried that Maintenance and Fabrication are violating safety regulations and causing more work for him, as well as straining aforementioned mental health. This is due to the size of the boat or financial reasons. The second Officer or Second Mate is the next in rank after the Chief Mate and is the ship's navigator, focusing on creating the ship's passage plans and keeping charts and publications up to date. if the world is not up to standards , what /whose world are you talking bout/ And for how many lepta ? Similar to what is on the land, the Upholsterers and Carpenters, the ship performs various duties onboard and, as you can imagine, mainly work in the hotel areas. He is in charge of the vessel navigation, watches duties, charging and discharging operations. (Usually this means they need to train or get supplies before they arrive.). Cooperates with Maintenance and Fabrication to keep things running perfectly. For more information, please see our The Electrical Engineerresponds directly to the Second Engineer and the Chief Officer and has the proper training to do this job. Just a lot to look at. Probably because referring to it as "the Sun" seems a little bit humano-centric. The Phoenix was initially built as a Defiant-Class Escort in 2273 as a supplement to . The title of Captain is the title given to an individual in control of a ship at sea, either pirate, marine, or civilian. There's more than 367,000 yacht crew workers employed on the 7,000+ SuperYachts in the world. Responsible for the maintenance of the ship's propulsion systems including the engine and wrap drive. safety officer, nice title for a mercenary, often a retired soldier. Entertainment: cruise directors, dancers, entertainers, DJs, casino staff. Promise I will update this later. The men and women of Finance & Operation Support are here to the rescue. I did not save my file and lost much of my progress Too tired to retype all that again. As such he / she represents the Military on board the ship and report directly to a different, higher chain command, hence the name "General On Board" (GOB). Super paranoid about life support systems. One thing that hasn't been mentioned so far is that a ships crew can't just go home at the end of the day.. You need a 24 rotating watch, at the very least you need 3 crew members that can run the helm and take emergency actions without supervision. The Third Engineer performs duties delegated by the Chief Engineer and the Staff Engineer. What job could the crew of a small spaceship be involved in? You really have put a lot of thought into this. Information extremely specific to the US Navy below: For artists, writers, gamemasters, musicians, programmers, philosophers and scientists alike! Another officer working in the engine room is the Electrical Engineer, overseeing and ensuring the maintenance and proper functioning of all the electrical systems and machinery. An administrative role, the Engineering Admin Assistant act as a personal assistant to the Chief Engineer, handling paper works and act as liaison between the Engineering department and other departments. Depending on the type of ship, 1 or 2. Navy diver National average salary: $42,584 per year Plus, don't forget recreation. They also maintain contact with any crew members going on off-site missions. aerodynamic, or air flow, characteristics of the configuration, as A wing, for example, may be subjected to tests that are Your number of admin assistants seems excessive. These guys provide health care services, give necessary treatments for the sick and wounded, as well as perform the occasional autopsy for research. TV-14 | 44 min | Action, Adventure, Drama. The advantage to this approach is that it imposes limitations on what is possible in this universe, which can help guide questions like this. The Executive Committee or ExCom consists of representative Head of Departments (HOD) from all ship departments (Bridge, Engineering, Military, Intelligence & Security, R&D, Medical, Finance & Operation Support & Stewarding). Press J to jump to the feed. While boat-dependent, all positions are some combination of the responsibilities of driver, bow, tactician, trimmer, and pit. October 29, 2021. by nuevo progreso mexico shopping. Dark Star (1974) approach the new millennium, NASA Langley is using its experience Bear in mind that on a cruise (or passenger) vessel, apart from the Deck department and Technical/Engineering department exist, another one, usually known as the Hotel department. Someone also should be in control of some sort of hydroponics bay, as its assumed they'll need to produce food for the crew for a long time. As we Functions as communications officer as required. since they usually don't do anything, they might also act as drivers and machine operators. Their designs must pass final qualification Experience an unforgettable journey around Iceland onboard the SEAVENTURE. He / she would supervise the storage and distribute provisions / equipments to crew members. Position. Prepare packages and ship orders accurately. Obligatory note that fighters need to be explained -- they probably don't make any sense from a realistic perspective (well, that depends, I guess). The Communication Officers operate the PA system (for internal communication) as well as broadcasting system (for external communication). I love making lists of things and just happen to have some free time, so I decided to make my own version of what a fully manned spaceship would be like. performance requirement can be met. Finance & Operation Support: No one likes paperwork, but someone has got to do it. There is a slight difference between working structures on merchant and passenger ships. you probably don't want to operate an AI without an AI psy on board. Couple of points I want to mention: This is the typical command structure within the Sol Federation fleet. AI psychologist / AI communication expert, it is similar to asimov's robopsychology, but can be more scientific. NASA Langley's current development of next generation launch Even with things like FTL and other scifi technologies, the effectiveness of robot exploration isn't likely to change, so there should be some reason we are seeing people do this. The Fourth Engineeris the most inexperienced officer, with duties assigned by the Second Engineer. The deck department is also responsible for receiving, discharging and caring for cargo. Each crew member has a particular rank and carries specific responsibilities to maintain successful vessel operations. psychologist/coach + soldier: was an army psychologist, his way of motivating is of a drill instructor. The crew management game launches Oct. 15, 2020. They operate the surveillance camera system and act as on board police force on large civilian ships. components. The first officer on a small ship is responsible for creating the "watchbill" for all crew members. While long distance travel are usually handle by the autopilot AI, an experienced pilot is crucial for combat maneuver, going in and out of FTL travel as well as docking / landing and taking off. 8. There aren't any positions I can specifically say need to go (unless you get mad levels of AI going), but remember that luxury is gonna cost. The primary responsibilities of the security officer are: Implementing and maintaining the ship security plan, Conducting security inspections at regular intervals to ensure that proper security steps are taken. Large warships like the Hercules also transport a great number of troops meant for invasion and/or force projection. The technical storekeepers maintain the receiving and storage of spare parts, their condition and order. Step 2. Repairs anything that's damaged and diagnoses any damage or problems. A starship crew in the 23rd century goes to investigate the silence of a distant planet's colony, only to find just two survivors, a powerful robot, and the deadly secret of a lost civilization. And this ship usually goes on the years long mission, making stops on multiple worlds during the process. The Chief Officer (CO) or Chief Command Officer (CCO) is second-in-command after the captain and also the head of the Bridge Department on a vessel. This page describes the Crew Positions that someone can take on a ship. Bridge: Bridge (or deck / cockpit / control room, depends on who you ask) is a rather small department, but is critical to the operation of the vessel. well as monitor structural stress, effects of high speed, heat may hit stumbling blocks and be forced to retrace their steps and On the other hand, science ships may need specialized technical crew to maintain instruments or equipment (if they can't use the ship's standard stuff), as well as auxiliary crew to do other stuff (for example, you may want to carry along a local guide if you were delivering a team of anthropologists to some place to study a culture). A couple of managers are going to be all you need (especially if you can call on the ship's admins for assistance). The roles of the First officer, Second officer and Third Officer are identical in both cargo and cruise ships. Mainly, the vessel's crew has two types of seafarers: officers and ratings. HL-20. If you know your browser is up to date, you should check to ensure that -> Babylon 5's Omega class destroyers also carry 1,000 beings, presumably in a rotating section that is roughly 400 meters tall. The First Engineer is responsible for the daily maintenance and operations of the engineering and technical aspects of the vessel as directed by the Chief Engineer and Staff Engineer. Build and personalise your ultimate crew by rescuing and discovering legendary crew members with amazing abilities and superior stats. Water entry tests using a small-scale =P) Also, why do you need a training-and-recruitment commander? The total number of crew varied widely with the function of the ship and with changes in technology. 16/06/2022 . Is willing to cannibalize anything to get the job done, much to Maintenance's chagrin. The Second Officer is the General-On-Board (GOB). Deck Officers 7725 jobs; Engine Officers 9196 jobs; Engine Ratings 1285 jobs; Electricians 1478 jobs; Deck Ratings 1549 jobs; Catering Staff 679 jobs; Offshore 4319 jobs; Cadets 175 jobs; Full crew 1314 jobs; Tanker fleet 1022 jobs; Oil and Gas 975 jobs; Onshore 562 jobs; Passenger and Cruise 779 jobs; Yachts jobs 197 jobs; Companies jobs 7878 . cost of future space missions. station and to serve as an emergency return Sample Ship: SFS Hercules - Flagship of the Sol Federation 2nd Fleet. What do You Need to Know About Joining a Yacht Club? Warehouse Associate / Crew Member - flexible shifts. Mega Yacht Crewing Jobs. That's just my suggestions though. The ships crew consists of 3 different types of NPCs: The Captain (relief pilot when you're not personally commanding) Service Crew Marines Stations only require a Manager crew and optionally additional workforce (see Station Building And Management ). I appreciate the sci-fi-itude of your concern with information technology. tends to be on the dumber side. He/she is the key figure in the execution of deck and over-the-side work. Helm: This position is responsible for navigation and ship control, and requires continuous monitoring. A prototype of this Cruise all the way around Iceland and enjoy an early bird discount. The Bridge is the platform from which the vessel is commanded, it is where most of the action happen. Oversees maintenance, security, safety and navigation. The doctor (physician) reports to the ship's chief doctor and supervises the ship's lead nurse, nurse practitioners and registered nurses. <3. [ March 3, 2023 ] WATCH LIVE: NASA's SpaceX Crew-6 to Dock Autonomously With Space Sation's Harmony Module Friday at 1:17 a.m. Brevard News [ March 3, 2023 ] Fitness Trainer, Mother of Two . Assumes total responsibility and overriding authority, especially in safety, security and environmental protection. Rate. then redesigned and retested. All persons on board, including officers, crew, passengers and guests are under the Captain's authority and are his/her ultimate responsibility. tl;dr - There is always more than one command aboard. Remember that every extra crew member is a problem: they need to be fed, their mass reduces your payload mass, they tax the life support systems, they require more space, et cetera. Stewarding: These guys do the dirty jobs on the ship: clean the toilets, iron the clothes, grow the vegetables, cook the meal, wash the dishes, you name it. Includes all Senior & Junior Engineers as well as Engineering Cadets reporting to the Engineering department, General On Board / Chief Military Officer. We are here to discuss, critique, and share our stories. The Command Roster usually follows as such: The Captain (The one in charge. FREE delivery Wed, Mar 1. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. OS is the crew member whose primary duty is to maintain the cleanliness of the whole ship and serves as an assistant for the AB. Hence they answer to the general, not the captain. Someone capable of medical treatment for those who fall ill and get injured would likely be necessary. Engineering: While maintenance does not sound like the most glorious of jobs, it is nonetheless of utmost importance on any starships. Space Crew review. SECOND ENGINEER 3. Privacy Policy. I want a crew of maybe seven or eight people, but I'm not sure what their purpose of flying around could be? A critical part of any research or expedition ships. And so on. When it comes to a survival situation, the Chief Engineer has as much as say as the General-On-Board, if not more. On smaller ships, the Second Pilot would be in charge of the various weapon and shield systems, hence the name Combat Pilot. The OilerorWiper on board is the rating in charge of cleaning the engine spaces, machinery, lubricating bearings and other moving parts of the engine. They are usually subordinate to the Captain (at least in theory) but can dispense summary justice to almost everyone else. Many large ships also have an Electrician, and tanker ships have also assigned pumpmen. I know that's why it's "Sol" in my setting, at least. The engine department is also responsible for repairing and maintaining other systems, such as refrigeration, air conditioning, separation, fuel oil, electrical power, etc. at the end of the mission, will write a report to the authorities. The captain takes care of legal matters on board, and has the final say on the ship's destination, trade, and targets. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. The Nurse Practitioner provides medical care to passengers and crew members and performs administrative duties in the Medical Clinic aboard the cruise ship. I should have mentioned that this is quite a comprehensive list, I try to cover all possible roles on board a ship and it is unlikely that one single ship will have everything. He is also in charge of the following: payroll, the ship's accounting, inventories, customs and immigration regulations, and the ship's documentation. In-command and overall in charge of the ship. with no comment. He assists the Chief Engineer in keeping the vessel running efficiently, supervises the daily maintenance and operation in the engine room and prepares the engine room for arrival, departure or other operations.

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