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"I had a ton of dialogue with [her doctor], probably even more than she knows," Jermaine said. A video surfaced online Tuesday night of O'Neal's 13-year-old daughter, Me'arah O'Neal, dunking on a regulation 10-foot hoop in what appears to be a home gym. Amirah has committed to LSU with her elder brother Shareef O'Neal on April 16 of 2020. That was unacceptable. Holding her mother's hands tight, she remembered how this hurt after her first surgery, and the tubes were bigger this time. As I wached another of those endless run of commercials this morning featuring Shaquille O'Neal speaking to a cartoon general, with the ex-NBA player hawking auto insurance, I was struck by not only how many commercials Shaq makes, but the wide, random, range of companies that he has endorsed.. O'Neal has spoken on behalf of -- to name just a few -- a sleep apnea mask, a sugar substitute . "Seeing little girls come up to me and they're not just of one background, not just white girls, and they're like, 'Oh my gosh, I'm so inspired to be you. In Asjia's case, Najm made an unusual decision. Website:, Youtube:. TSU did finish last season with a 5-10 record during the pandemic-ravaged season. Shaquille O'Neal's 2009 divorce to ex-wife Shaunie O'Neal played out in the headlines and surprised many fans. * Daughter of Shaquille ONeal and Shaunie ONeal; Dad played for LSU from 1989-92 and was the No. "She has the ability to change [the team's] personality, maybe more than anybody on our team," Elliott said. ", When Jermaine told her that they'd have to fly to Cleveland, Asjia's first reaction was, "Wait, am I going to miss my next game?". I'm positive everything will go well. He led several teams to championship victories during his career . Powered by BizBudding, Shaquille ONeals Children: Meet All Of Shaqs Kids. Disney world includes the daughter and grandson of Walt . Shaquille O'Neal . * Daughter of Shaquille O'Neal and Shaunie O'Neal; Dad played for LSU from 1989-92 and was the No. ON THE MORNING of Jan. 14, 2020, two months before the pandemic shut down the country, O'Neal was wheeled into the operating room, with her parents, her brother, Koehler and coach Elliott by her side. She was previously a walk-on at her fathers alma mater Louisiana State University, but is now the second family member to bring their talents to Houston after her younger brother, Shaqir, announced in May that he was joining TSUs mens basketball program. Any long cardio exercises -- running on the treadmill or pedaling -- were out of the question. LSU Athletics, Louisiana State University, 2023. In Newark, New Jersey on March 6, 1972, Shaquille O'Neal was born to parents Lucille O'Neal and Joseph Toney. The Basketball Hall of Famer's daughter, Amirah O'Neal has committed to play basketball at Texas Southern University. She would have to be awake, no anesthesia to numb the pain. Award-winning gospel singer and songwriter Yolanda Adams, television personality and former NFL player Michael Strahan, and U.S. Rep. Al Green all call the HBCU their alma mater. She needed a ring placed around her mitral valve to stop the leakage. The cookies is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Necessary". "I had tears in my eyes," Jermaine said. The NBA legend sat down with The Pivot Podcast last week, and he dished on how he has different requirements for his sons and daughters once they reach adulthood. She was no longer 13, and they were reopening the same incision and using a bone saw to cut open her chest. While they're no longer a couple, they still share five children. Little did she know that her chest would be sawed open again. "Was there anything that we should be looking out for or pulling her back on? In terms of height O'Neal is a . "What she has, she's had for more than a year now.". Jermaine stopped her and said, "Asjia, you need to settle down and study for the spelling bee if you're going to have any chance of winning it." She had a congenital heart condition, but she didn't want to use it as an excuse, so she pushed herself, sometimes to the brink, before Koehler noticed her struggling and made her leave the court. Unsurprisingly, a few of Shaq's kids are following in his footsteps by succeeding on the court. She doesn't care what the score is. Shareef O'Neal, Me'arah's older brother, originally posted the video on Twitter with the caption, "So my 13 year old sister is a cheat code.". ONeal, the daughter of former NBA All-Star Jermaine ONeal, wrote on Instagram that countless tests and appointments revealed that her only option was to have surgery. Recognizing the mannerism ways to get this books Shaquille O Neal The Inspiring Story Of One Of Ba is additionally useful. O'Neal took a deep breath, her lungs filling up with fresh air, unhindered by the tubes. It does not store any personal data. For more high school stories, stats and videos, visit So instead of the heart pumping at five liters a minute, [it] would be pumping at 20 liters a minute for an athlete," said Dr. Hani Najm, who performed O'Neal's surgery. Monique Welch was an engagement reporter for the Houston Chronicle. Projecting the NCAA men's hockey tournament field, College baseball 2023 Golden Spikes Award preseason watch list -- favorites, sleeper picks, Women's college hockey: Top players, key storylines, Frozen Four picks, Men's college hockey: Top teams, best players, Frozen Four picks, A dad's hunt for an Orioles prospect's unique baseball card. O'Neal has become a leader for Texas, the national runner-up to Kentucky a year ago. Dr. Najm replaced it with the "biggest ring" he's ever "put on a woman before," Mesha remembered Najm saying. "I know her lifestyle and her career, and if I replaced her valve with a prosthetic one, she would have to commit to subsequent surgeries," Najm said. "College coaches are already calling about her. Nobody expects them to be as large or as dominant as their dad, of course, but Shaq's 13-year-old daughter is making quite the name for herself at a young age. Shaquille O'Neal said on his podcast, "The Big Podcast with Shaq," that he was a "serial cheater" and the affairs cost him valuable time with his kids. Cassy Athena/Getty Images / SSJreef/Twitter, NOW WATCH: NBA ref explains why the James Harden step-back jumper isn't traveling, Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Shaquille O'Neal and Shaqir O'Neal attend the 2019 NBA Awards presented by Kia on TNT at Barker Hangar on June 24, 2019 in Santa Monica, California. PERSONAL Shaquille O'Neal, aka Shaq, is a retired professional basketball player who is currently serving as a sports analyst. What supplements should we really be taking? She wrote that she was facing the possibility of never playing volleyball again; now she expects to be back on the court come August. She has a leaky valve that's making her heart work too hard. After two heart surgeries, Texas volleyball star finds her power and voice, Previewing the 2023 college baseball season: Teams and players to watch, key storylines. O'Neal looks at the official who made the call, her face scrunched up, her palms wide open, What was that about? A fan walks over and interrupts our conversation. "We have a purpose and that's what we're standing by, and if that offends you then you're entitled to your opinion, but get on the train or get off the train.". "I think it's important to tell my story and acknowledge that it happened. Source: Instagram. "She's not going to give up," Shaunie explained. " She watched Koehler's mouth move, but couldn't process a word of the urgent conversation her trainer was having with her doctor. RELATED: See The Rock's 19-Year-Old Daughter, Who's Climbing Up the WWE Ranks. Asjia needed to get to Cleveland as soon as possible for an MRI. As a child of NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal, great height and basketball are two things that are almost certain in life. Shaquille O'Neal 's sister Ayesha Harrison-Jex died three years after being diagnosed with cancer on Thursday, his colleagues announced on Thursday's . While watching O'Neal on the volleyball court, it is easy to forget that just 22 months ago, she could not sit up, let alone elevate her entire body to make a kill. Southlake Carroll junior Asjia O'Neal spikes the ball during a match on September 20, 2016. Shortly after she was cleared to return to the gym, the coronavirus pandemic shut down sports. Amirah ONeals brother Shaqir will be playing for head coach Johnny Jones, who coached Shaq at LSU from 1989 to 1992. He finished with a season-high seven rebounds and season-high nine points on 4-of . . Dallas Cowboys want another playmaker on offense. The doctors operated on Asjia for five hours, stopping the leak and then closing her chest. One of the parents said, "We flew down here just to see your daughter." The 16-year-old stands 6-foot-3 and has basketball in her blood, obviously. We ask that you consider turning off your ad blocker so we can deliver you the best experience possible while you are here. Me'arah O'Neal has so much of Shaquille O'Neal in her. As she waited on the exam table for her doctor, she made small talk with the Texas volleyball team's physical trainer, DeAnn Koehler, who had driven her to the hospital. "My daughter has a chance to be one of the best volleyball players in the country," Jermaine O'Neal told the Boston Herald at the time. Publish date: Aug 10, 2021 6:37 PM EDT. [I'll] guide them in the right path," the former player said. / The sister of NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal, Ayesha Harrison-Jex, died from cancer Thursday at age 40. Her voice helped spark important changes on campus. "All lives can't matter, until Black lives matter," she says in the video, looking directly at the camera. "We're going to get a second opinion," Mesha said forcefully into the phone. And that empowered athlete would become an ever more influential person in arenas that matter far more than the Longhorns' Gregory Gymnasium. Hook Em!, Asjia O'Neal (@asjiaoneal) April 27, 2016. ONeal monitors her health but hasnt been restricted or been unable to participate due to any heart-related problems. The doctors told her that she would be discharged when she walked around the hospital, once, with a walking aid. "This is it? The sports royalty proposed to Shaunie on 30th June 2000 and exchanged their nuptials in an extravagant ceremony at the Beverly Hills Hotel on 26th December 2002. Shaunie O'Neal - (1998 - 2009) Shaunie O'Neal serving Monday goals. But today, she embraces them, both on her social media and in real life. * Likes to drawing, painting and cooking. He will pass it on to his kids; besides that, his children will feel the impending pressure of carrying that last . From vegan to keto, which diet has the highest carbon footprint. Wearing No. She hadn't had a sip of water in almost a day (doctor's orders), and she couldn't for a while longer to prevent fluid buildup in her body. After a day of exhaustive tests, which included injecting dye into her heart to see the direction of the blood flow, and other athletic tests to monitor her heart at the highest exertion levels, her doctors confirmed the O'Neal family's fears. Even before she knew the game's nuances, Asjia's hand-eye coordination was impeccable, and her height -- she was 5-10 at age 12 -- made her an immediate powerhouse. The teen notes in her profile that LSU was one of her top choices partly because her dad played there from 1989 to 1992. This 2020 season yall gone feel me.. She brought 152 kills and 95 blocks into this year's NCAA tournament, and Elliott said the Longhorns will need her in order to end the title drought that dates to 2012. I just know how to do it, it just happens,'" Mesha said. The L.A. event, which featured Zedd, Diplo and Lil Wayne, was a smash success. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Shaquille O'Neal's 13-year-old daughter, Me'arah, can dunk. She has a younger brother, and what happened to George Floyd could happen to him. Joseph covers SMU, college sports and the Texas Rangers for The Dallas Morning News. Getty Images O'Neal has rarely spoken publicly about being a Muslim, but in 2010 he did reveal he intended to take the Islamic pilgrimage known as the Hajj to Mecca, Saudi . Things had to change within the University of Texas, and in America, she said. "She will never know how bad she felt until she feels as good as she's going to feel now.". O'Neal's right foot had landed on the Sooners' side of the net as she nudged the ball over. I really want some of my hotties to come to my graduation . Shaquille O' Neal was born on 6 March 1972 in Newark, New Jersey, in the United States to Lucille O'Neal and Joe Toney. First she walked on the treadmill, then she jogged, then she jogged on an incline, building her cardiovascular strength. At age 14, she received her first college letter, from LSU. FILE: Amirah "Mimi" O'Neal, pictured third from left in 2018, the daughter of NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O' Neal and VH1's Basketball Wives' star and executive producer, Shaunie O . Joseph Hoyt, Staff Writer. His official bio notes that he only played 10 games during the 2020-2021 season because of a fracture in his foot. Shaquille O'Neal, commonly known as just Shaq, 49, . And for more entertainment and celebrity news sent to you directly, sign up for our daily newsletter. It would have been impossible to know then, but that bleak hospital visit actually would be cause for chocolate cake. But when she returned to campus in July 2020, she could see how she compared to her teammates. She's majoring in Agricultural Business and plans to start her own business after graduating. And she did, sticking with her team until the Longhorns lost in the NCAA regionals against Louisville on Dec. 13, when she hit .778 with seven kills and five blocks. The former Lakers center who played for six different NBA teams and made over $10 million per season from 1999 to 2009 , said that he expected his children to go to college and earn degrees, and if they happened to establish a company that he could realistically . Ayesha Harrison Jex, the sister of basketball great Shaquille O'Neal, has tragically died at the age of 40. Monique reported on the trendiest news within the greater Houston region and across Texas, and occasionally contributes to the Chronicle's race and identity newsletter, HouWeAre. She is also the daughter of Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Famer and former Los Angeles Laker Shaquille O'Neal. 2021 Shaquille O'Neal is one of the most famous basketball players of all time. The former Ozen High star and 14-year NBA vet has more on his mind than basketball, offering essays on life, his family and America. During one of her first days at school, two girls asked her if she'd ever thought about playing volleyball. She pulls up her shirt and points to three healed holes spaced equidistant below her chest. 2023 MLB draft rankings 1.0: Which SEC slugger is No. By . A native Baltimorean and previous Tampa resident, Monique joined the Chronicle in the summer of 2021 after nearly four years at the Tampa Bay Times where she worked on all things digital, launched the newspaper's first race and identity newsletter, Regarding Race, and covered local news. Asjia was a "big baby," Jermaine said, recollecting her birth, when she arrived with a mitral valve leak, which would require regular cardiology appointments and monitoring. In November, just days after the family had sent Asjia's latest reports to Cleveland Clinic -- the evening Texas played Oklahoma -- Jermaine received an urgent call from Asjia's doctor. However, admittedly, the thought of the man asking his adorable daughter for it, and her begrudgingly giving it to him is a fun thought to have. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. 10:26 am. The four-time NBA champion went on to reveal the standards his kids must uphold if they want a piece of the O'Neal money pie. Amirah "Mimi" O'Neal, the daughter of NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O' Neal and VH1's Basketball Wives' star and executive producer, Shaunie O' Neal,has committed to play basketball at Texas Southern University, according to an Instagram post. I love watching Texas play," he says. As Asjia wraps up the story of her second surgery, she puts down her spoon, her gel manicure (with a white squiggly line design), glinting in the sunlight. She had fluid buildup in her chest, something that's normal post-surgery, but that meant she had to work her core to cough it up. At Carroll, ONeal played on varsity from her freshman season through her junior year. Shareef, Amirah's brother, is the second oldest of all the O'Neal kids and was the first to play college basketball. NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 26: Shaquille O'Neal (center) with his family attends the "Uncle Drew" New York Premiere on June 26, 2018 in New York City. So, we gotta change that.". In the 1% he isn't doing this, you can find him playing Basketball . . "It speaks volumes for our program and where we are, and were thankful that the ONeals have the confidence in us to trust us with their son and daughter. "[Asjia] was not able to perform because her heart was not able to [sustain] at that level.". And the intensity of volleyball was putting too much stress on her cardiovascular system. 2018 She was a middle schooler and didn't want to draw attention to her differences. Who will win nationals? "I remember just always saying, 'I'm going to do this, I'm going to do that,' and Asjia is the spitting image [of me].". He returned to The News in Nov. 2018. ", "He said, 'Look, she can go as far as she can take herself, she's completely fine to push herself.'". For six weeks after her surgery, she was home in Dallas, slowly building up her strength. "Honestly, growing up even, you didn't go to girls' games. Amirah just finished her freshman year at LSU, where she plays forward. The No. Functional cookies help to perform certain functionalities like sharing the content of the website on social media platforms, collect feedbacks, and other third-party features. Me and her mother are talking about surgery, but she's talking about volleyball.". But more important than anything, she wants to inspire young girls -- young Black girls -- that anything is possible. The topic came up when O'Neal was asked about Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka's one-year suspension for a reported affair with a team staffer and singer Adam Levine's DMs to models.. O'Neal said he wouldn't criticize Udoka because he had . Me'arah is still too young to commit to play in college, but given her height, her basketball genes, and her ability to dominate the post and drain shots from range, there's little doubt she'll have offers rolling in soon. By WFAA | O'Neal could be a big-time addition to the LSU Tigers basketball program. (@shaq) That includes his second eldest daughter, Amirah, who's a basketball star at her father's alma mater, Louisiana State University. During her junior season she had 509 kills and 121 blocks to lead Southlake Carroll to the Class 6A Region I final. We got to spend a day with Shaqir O'Neal at his insane Atlanta mansion where we also got a few surprises from Shaq himself! I remember recovering so quickly and going out there and playing and feeling great.". (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images) Me'Arah O'Neal, the youngest daughter of Shaquille O'Neal and Shaunie Nelson is the latest basketball sensation in the O'Neal household. Jermaine had set up a home gym, and she liked training on her own timeline. Her hair blazes behind her as she walks over to her teammates for a high-five. Shaquille O'Neal's daughter has now received two scholarship offers from Division I programs. 2020 ONeal is transferring from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge to play at HBCU Texas Southern University in Houston, beginning in the fall. Midway through a cartwheel, Asjia said, "Dad, I'm going to win it." His tenure in the NBA stretched for nearly 20 years. All the while, Asjia was hooked up to a heart-lung machine to keep her blood flowing while her heart was stopped so Najm could repair her valves. O'Neal's voice grows louder toward the end of the sentence, like she really wants people to hear her. I see the doubt in they faces, they didnt think I would make it, she wrote in the caption. She changed into a hospital gown, lay down, and a nurse administered an echocardiogram and an EKG, tests to check the rhythm and structure of her heart and its electrical signals. The athlete shares his oldest daughter with his former girlfriend Arnetta Yardbourgh, whom he dated for four years in the 1990s prior to . Practice lasted four hours, and at least once a week she couldn't get through it, sometimes feeling so dizzy that she had to be pulled off the court. O'Neal had outgrown the ring that was placed in her mitral valve during her first open-heart surgery. "Weve positioned ourselves to attract high recruits," he said. . "She's a master," said Ping Cao, Asjia's club coach. Jermaine, who had been diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat in 2013, called every doctor he knew in the NBA to get his daughter the best treatment he could. The O'Neals immediately sprang to action. She knew of Texas' success and she wanted to be a part of it. The doctors signed her discharge papers. In her free time, Amirah also enjoys cooking, drawing, and painting. "I'm gonna try my best to rally people, put it on social media, get people out," Shaunie said. There are no statistics available for this player. The oldest of seven children, Harrison explained the violence by saying his Jamaican father beat him . In order to monitor O'Neal's heart and to compare her to people without a heart condition, her teammates wore heart monitors during practice. 1 overall pick of the 1992 NBA Draft by the Orlando Magic won four NBA Championships with the [] Now, she could perform the entire routine on resting heart rate. Three tubes were inserted into the holes during her surgery to help collect fluid buildup that occurs during an open-heart surgery. After the death of George Floyd, O'Neal felt a similar need to be heard. In silence, she stood up and walked with Koehler to the car. Also, Shaq has a daughter called Taahirah, with whom he had with his ex . "She's the biggest hype man on the court -- you can see every emotion on her face," Eggleston said. The news sent Jermaine and Mesha into a spiral, but Asjia had a much more direct approach. Me'Arah O'Neal, a four-star prospect in the Class of 2024, is one of the top Stay up to date with what you want to know. Myles O'Neal (8 May 1997) is an American television personality who was one of the main cast members in the VH1 reality series Shaunie's Home Court. The 72-year-old Toney played high school basketball and received the All-State guard title. "The documentary series chronicles Shaq's ascent to superstardom, as a dominant force who won four NBA championships, league MVP honors, and changed the game." "It also encompasses his life off the court, from his upbringing in a military family to his deepest personal . Sign up for Yahoo Lifes daily newsletter, See LeBron James' 16-Year-Old Son, Who's Already a Basketball Star, See The Rock's 19-Year-Old Daughter, Who's Climbing Up the WWE Ranks, Dennis Rodman's 18-Year-Old Daughter Just Made Sports History Twice, Women who had ovarian cysts share their stories, A sugar replacement may be linked to heart attacks and strokes, but don't throw it out yet. Alex Murdaugh found GUILTY for murder of wife Maggie and son Paul. Took a red shirt in her freshman season. In addition, she built her core strength, and did band work and mobility exercises. On Texas' second set point -- with the fans on their feet -- Gabriel and O'Neal connect on a perfect slide attack, and a smile finally creeps across O'Neal's face after she gets the set-clinching kill. "It's not safe for you to play volleyball anymore.". She joins a team, led by former WNBA Houston Comets star Cynthia Cooper-Dyke, that finished 20-10 in its 2019-20 season and was headed to the SWAC Championship as the No. Who is available? Her father put it mildly. At her peak, she could run 10 minutes before she started to feel light-headed. Shaquille O'Neal's sister, Ayesha Harrison-Jex, died of cancer Thursday at 40, and the TNT 'Inside the NBA' crew delivered a touching tribute. Keisha Lance Bottoms previews President Bidens trip to Selma, Tom Sizemore Dies At The Age Of 61 Following A Brain Aneurysm, Singer Juanialys music brings positive vibes, Songstress Melba Moore continues to pave the way for the next generation, Anslem ElumogoGardner shares the top 3 skills a future executive needs, Dr. Dana Laughlin gives advice for finding a therapist. Their . This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Photo: @shaunieoneal5. Child's father is her now ex-husband, Shaquille O . The two have three sonsMyles, 24, Shareef, 21, and Shaqir, 18and two daughtersAmirah, 19, and Me'arah, 15. NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal is a proud father of six kids . New on campus as a freshman on the Ohio State women's volleyball team in the summer of 2020 . "Let's get it over with," she said. Shaquille O'Neal's Ex-Wife- Meet Shaunie O'Neal. Her doctor entered the room, holding her results in his hands. 2023 The University of Texas at Austin Athletics, J. Dan Brown Family Player Development Center. Their younger sister, MeArah, is also getting Divison I offers, but has not yet committed anywhere. (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for . Texas' lead shrinks to one, 22-21. I found this story on USA TODAY High School Sports and wanted to share it with you: He had dated Shaunie for four years since 1998 before their marriage which was held on the 26th day of December 2002. At 13, she needed open-heart surgery. Basketball world mourns loss of the Orlando native. are unconfirmed rumors. ONeal redshirted her first year in Austin but made her Longhrons debut this past season, finishing her freshman year by playing in 26 matches. BEFORE TEXAS. Author: Benjamin Royer. Her siblings appear to confident in O'Neal's eventual commitment decision. And that would lead to another open-heart surgery and an agonizing rehabilitation. "Regardless of my accomplishments on the court, I think just having that imagery for young girls is incredible.". Analytical cookies are used to understand how visitors interact with the website. Unlike the rest of the Shaq children, Taahirah isn't involved in basketball. Asjia ONeal has been a national volleyball star since middle school. Caleb Asberry lifts Oklahoma State past Texas Tech, Spring training cuts are incoming, but these Rangers prospects have impressed in camp, Woman arrested in killing of 3 children at Italy, Texas, home in Ellis County, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones defers comment on revival of sexual harassment lawsuit, What we know after 3 children killed, 2 wounded at Ellis County home, The Cowboys are closer than you think to a total makeover at running back, Mark Wahlberg pours tequila for fans at Dallas restaurant during thunderstorm, Ex-Cowboys OC Kellen Moore opens up on Dallas departure, shows gratitude for Mike McCarthy, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones defers comment on revival of sexual harassment lawsuit, Q and A: How MLBs streaming, TV options will impact Rangers fans ability to watch team. A HOUSTON CHRONICLE INVESTIGATION:A history of funding failures at Texas HBCUs. 10,768 talking about this. Like many other vocal athletes, O'Neal faced backlash on social media, with comments on her profile like, "I'm never going to buy a ticket again. Advertisement cookies are used to provide visitors with relevant ads and marketing campaigns. It's literally one more month. 2 seed until COVID-19 nixed the tournament. Asjia's mother, Mesha, sitting in the bleachers behind the Oklahoma side of the court, says, "She looks upset." Took a red shirt in her freshman season. "I was so young. Now, it is anybody's set. At every level of basketball, Shaquille O'Neal dominated. It was on that last day of spring training that O'Neal's doctor told her that she shouldn't play volleyball anymore. Shaquille O'Neal keeps it old school when it comes to his children turning 18 years old, and his daughters have a considerable advantage over his sons!. 2 recruit named to the USA Junior Nationals All-Tournament Team for three consecutive years (2015, 16, 17) 2017 USA Open National Champion 2016 7-6A MVP of Southlake Carroll High School . We wish her the best of luck.. At 13, she had undergone an open-heart surgery so she could play the sport she loved at the highest level. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Next up is Rice (20-6) on Friday. When the team began doing conditioning and agility training in the sand, she was "blowing through it, beating people in races," O'Neal said. She committed to the Longhorns during her sophomore year. Unsurprisingly, a few of Shaq's kids are following in his footsteps by succeeding on the court. While speaking to BallIsLife, Shaunie was asked if she thought her daughters could help raise the profile of women's basketball. The two have three sons Myles, 24, Shareef, 21, and Shaqir, 18and two daughters Amirah, 19, and .

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