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(LogOut/ And I should not lose my job and I should not be threatened with less pay. At an intellectual level this woman is carrying this country. Serene Teffaha, a senior tax technical specialist of 12 years standing, is suing the ATO in the Federal Magistrates Court under the Fair Work Act 2009, alleging eight adverse actions as a result of lodging a whistleblower complaint she was entitled to make under the Public Service Act. I will leave no stone unturned to ensure justice is achieved. Hall & Wilcox partner Jacob Uljans has been appointed by the board to manage the litigation and has taken over the operational responsibilities for Ms Teffaha's Preston law firm, Advocate Me, the board said. The lawyer and her Preston law firm, Advocate Me, had been seeking clients for a class action that includes people affected by any form of detention, mandatory vaccination, business closures, residential aged care isolation, cross-border rules, contact tracing, compulsory testing and various other measures. Ms Teffaha has vowed to fight the decision. 7:06 Is the corruption happening in the magistrates and the country courts or the family courts? Please share this article, to help defeat the draconian and unnecessary measures taken by the Victorian Government. It became apparent during the hearing the VLSB have an agenda for Ms Teffaha presented in Mr Scotters defence upon which Ms Teffaha on many occasions counter attacking credibility of the VLSB brief. We are also spearheading a number of actions to protect whistle-blowers including police officers and health professionals. I am currently writing a workshop series called 'Pathways to Conscious Health' and am the author of 'The Wounding of Health Care - From Fragmentation to Integration. Serene is very good but she has a lot to learn about these Treasonous Political Party, Australian Courts created under the Treasonous changing of the Constitutional Definitions, in 1973 without a Referendum. I surmise that they would then face some sort of discipline for not following this government directive! It does not make sense to me. In court, VLSB lawyer Nicole Papello did not outline the specific reasons for the cancellation, but said Ms Teffaha had made repeated public comments about "corruption" of Family Court judges. She says a client in Western Australia, a former nurse and now disability pensioner, was unlawfully served criminal prosecution by WA police for refusing a test.Teffaha says so-called surveillance testing only applies during an outbreak and even when directed to test, the right to refuse still applies, especially when coercion or bullying is involved. Ms Teffaha said she intended to contest the action from the Victorian Legal Services Board. I have no COVID symptoms. Teffaha got on the wrong side of the Powers That Wish They Could Be Except They're Too Slow (PTWTCBETTS). With all that said, this is the time to stand in our truth, in our faith, in our logic, in our rationalism and in transparent science.. By watching this video you'll know about the immoral family court system in Australia. 'We swear by the Southern Cross, to stand truly by each other, and fight to defend our rights and liberties'. "He doesn't know where the premises of the law practice are, he doesn't have the files, he doesn't have the names of the clients, he has no information that will enable him to fulfilhis current responsibility of managing the law practice," Ms Papello said. They re gonna take another four months to appoint. Were working to restore it. Shes vulnerable, they re robbing us if our time. The True Story of the Fascisti Movement Hi. But the feisty Serene-in-name-only said in a briefing on YouTube losing her licence would not affect the class actions against the COVID lockdown tyranny. In Queensland the Political Parties put Magistrate Diane Singleton in jail, for crossing the Line. Try : Australia Act 1986 instead . Last year she blasted OCD hypochondriac bosses including police, doctors, hospital staff and others who have been acting unlawfully by demanding that people get a COVID test in order to work, attend some place or receive a service, when lawfully, any medical procedure requires informed consent. The Judicial Function in an Age of Statutes, A new kind of common law evolves derived from many decisions applying the same broad, We do so against the backdrop of the supremacy of Parliament, *DAWSON J. time in jail. I pulled her up twice, fr forcing her, so now they re dehydrating her. Once your details have been submitted we will contact you. We have now two cases we are leading.. Previously, Serene was a Nutritionist At Serene Nature House at Serene Read More Contact Serene Teffaha's Phone Number and Email Last Update 11/8/2022 9:22 AM Email s*** Engage via Email Contact Number +61 * **** **** Engage via Phone Mobile Number matter is being made worse by a belief that asymptomatic people should be tested, which produces many false positive test results, more panic and more money for those doing the testing. We have to make tough decisions and take our children out of schools and our elderly members out of aged care homes. For many years we lived next door to a VicPol Sgt, who even became close family friends even after we stopped being neighbours. (LogOut/ Money has become their God. Not sure how you accumulate such booty when every case youve ever done has been pro bono. Cloud phenomenon over Turkey earthquake site before it started, Introduce the rattan and exit rampant car theft and property crimes, Bombshell Report: Romanian Senator Diana Sosoaca says people had to die by premeditated earthquakes triggered in Turkey, NSW Premier Perrottet admits again mRNA jabs do not prevent virus transmission, Queensland Police Service Super Recogniser facial recognition network helps crack 1,000cases, Introduce the rattan and exit rampant car theft and propertycrimes, Sydney gays terrified as Catholic men march onstreets, Thousands of vaxxed Canadian children dying suddenly as MSM looksaway. Lawfully, any medical procedure requires your informed consent and in the case of epidemics under Commonwealth legislation, can only be ordered by authorised government officers. NO TESTING > NO VACCINATION ! (See Cairns News latest report on the highly effective ivermectin, proven in dozens of studies worldwide, and misrepresented by the US FDA). Lawyer Serene Teffaha, who has been leading the charge against the Covid scamdemic violations of Australians basic human rights. Advocate Me is taking action in relation to the continuing Declaration of a State of Emergency across Australia and specifically in the states. Sargent Koranflusher, the Jewish MSM tells lies, dont believe everything you hear on TV. Copyright 2021 ANR News. Immoral Family Courts System In Australia By Serene Teffaha | TheInformer - Part-2's Human Rights Failure: The Australian Government Roles To Handle Pandemic | Serene Teffaha P1 Betrayed By The State Government During The Pandemic - April Brodie | TheInformer Business Pain Continues During Pandemic By Sydney Councillor Angela Vithoulkas | TheInformer Potential Reform For Victim Survivors By Cathy Oddie | TheInformer Subscribe to our channel: Website: Find us on social media: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: #NewsBroadcaster #GeorgeDonikian #AustralianMedia #AustralianJournalist #AustralianNews #FamilyCourts #SereneTeffaha #ImmoralFamily '. Mackay about to transform into a smart city raises ire of residents. "I've had my mailbox broken. I will bring my extensive experience in practicing in a variety of areas of Law, to People for Safe Vaccines. Everybody wants to test everyone else, and now, everything apparently becomes a criteria for testing, she says. March For Serene Teffaha 1,170 views Jul 4, 2021 March for the unfair treatment and license cancellation of the people's lawyer Serene Teffaha, corruption in the family law courts must end. They dehydrated gher and then put toxic medicine in her water and cos shes thirsty she drinks poison. Interesting legal antics played out at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) on Tuesday 25 May 2021 where Victorian advocate lawyer Serene Teffaha presented her case to stay the decision of Victorian Legal Services Board (VLSB) canceling her license to practice. A spokesman for the Victorian Legal Services Board said it could not comment on ongoing investigations. But we are now thinking outside of the box and we are looking at establishing and connecting as communities through cooperatives to pool our resources, skills and abilities together to create better systems. We are asking for pledges meaning that you will not transfer any money to us until we incur costs appropriately and proper invoicing has occurred. *: It may be observed that a legislature wishing to enact a statute ordering that all, blue-eyed babies be killed would hardly be perturbed by a principle of law which purported to, *KIRBY J. We realise that we need to spearhead actions against employers and businesses who are taking the law in their own hands and as unqualified individuals are now mandating medical interventions on their staff. (LogOut/ What were seeing is employers, police, doctors, nurses have all gone mad testing. 1856, Aussie Cossack exposes Cowboy Cops of Coffs Harbour, View our extensive video library on RMBLE by clicking the picture or link, PLEASE ,,,, use this encryption for whistleblower information or similar, Do Not send comments or general chit chat go to contact on the menu bar .Thank you,, Click on the picture above to read all our publications about Port Arthur, APRadio, You need to read this factual inquiry of 70 year old farmer Ruth Downey who has her cattle slaughtered by the RSPCA and the nursing calves left without their mothers, NO FOOD. Emails seen by The Age confirm the Victorian Legal Services Board wrote to solicitor Serene Teffaha in March to provide her with a notice of proposed cancellation of practising certificate. Similar Profiles. Felicity Hempel of course is the inamorata of the insufferable legal showoff, Julian Burnside. Voice to force acceptance of massive land grabs by Aborigines and for compulsory rental payments by land owners objectnow! And if you've got any questions or feedback about this video topic, please leave a comment in the comments section.Check out our more relevant videos that you may be looking for. Victorias legal watchdog is threatening to cancel the practising certificate of the lawyer behind a class action launched on behalf of 3000 public housing tower residents who were compulsorily shut inside their homes at the height of the coronavirus pandemics second wave. And His glory from the rising of the sun; I grew up in Sydneys Sutherland Shire having migrated from Iran in 1992, escaping the destruction of the Gulf War. This is bullshit, she says no firmly. I understand that for many of you, you are in shock as it is the first time you are confronted by this irrational brutal adversity. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Ms Teffaha said she stood by the Family Court corruption remarks, which were earlier this year described as "baseless" by the Australian Bar Association. AdvocateMe is targeting individuals impacted by the COVID-19 vaccination mandates and/or directives, including mandates in Queensland for hospital related employees, workers and contractors, mandates in NSW on transport workers in airports, and imminent impacts on aged care workers and nurses as a result of the announcement of the mandating of vaccines in aged care setting by the Commonwealth. This service may include material from Agence France-Presse (AFP), APTN, Reuters, AAP, CNN and the BBC World Service which is copyright and cannot be reproduced. Former solicitor Serene Teffaha, who filed a class action lawsuit over the mandatory lockdown of nine public housing towers in Melbourne, had her licence cancelled by the Victorian Legal Services Board in April after the fundraising. Legal watchdog moves to cancel tower lockdown lawyers licence. The class action has not yet been listed for a hearing date. You talk to one you talk to 6 depts. Sir Percival Phillips, K.B.E. This was done while sitting in OUR Parliament and then, these Treasonous Political Parties created a Statutory Parliament, Government, Governor-. Ms Teffaha told the court she had been subjected to a "witch hunt" by the VLSB, saying none of her clients had complained about her and none of the allegations against her related to misconduct. Daniel Andrews will feel physically miserable for the rest of his life., How about you telling them direct better coming from you than playing third party . Required fields are marked *. Serene Teffaha was also behind a class action filed on behalf of Melbourne public housing tower residents subject to a hard lockdown last year. Also targeted are: (i) Individuals impacted by mandatory influenza vaccination mandates and/or directions that disallow employees from accessing their jobs and/or visitors from accessing their loved ones; (ii) Individuals impacted by mandatory hotel detention; (iii) Individuals impacted by mandatory masking and/or PPE directives; (iv) Individuals impacted by compulsory RT-PCR testing; (v) Individuals impacted by forcible and complete business, services and/or place of worship lockdowns; (vi) Individuals impacted by forcible separation from loved ones in residential aged care facilities and/or any other facilities. AdvocateMe is seeking to commence a complaint against their policy of restrict practitioners communication and discussion of vaccine safety and efficacy risks. Learn more at Website: Subscribe to our channel: today's video, Serene Teffaha shares with us her experience of corruption in the lower courts and family courts within Australia and the difference comes in what she sees wrong with the judiciary in the lower courts as compared to high courts.Family courts handle a variety of matters relating to the family, including juvenile matters, child abuse, custody, visitation, child support, and sometimes probate. Legal and Health Resources to fight against no jab no job, Recommended Independent Media News Partners, Click here to keep updated with the Covid 19 vaccine deaths and injuries, ANR Founder gives away his lifes work for only 2.5% donation, Original Source:, ANDREW TATE: A Medical Update Shows He May Possibly Have Cancer, Ukrainian Blogger Madyar Escaped from Artemovsk (Bakhmut) Ukrainian Armed Forces are Probably Preparing to Surrender the City, 6 Injections, Always Masked, and Pronouns in Bio. . Ms Teffaha, a sole practitioner and founder of Advocate Me, told the court her clients did not want to be identified or deal with the VLSB-appointed lawyer. Solicitor Serene Teffaha of Advocate Me says she intends to contest the action from the Victorian Legal Services Board. August 4, 2020 at 8:21 pm. MELBOURNE, Australia A lawyer collected more than AUD 650,000 ($502,573) for a proposed class action promoting unproven Covid-19 treatments and against hotel quarantine, contact tracing, and face masks. By watching this video you'll know a. Interestingly, the case has received predictably biased coverage worldwide. So am I, and a million others now going to be branded some kind of reckless maverick, simply because we show no feel l of a designer label sniffle? But she is a trained lawyer, after all, and that is why she is unable to comprehend that she is wasting her time. A senior member of the Family Court of Australia, deputy principal registrar Virginia Wilson, sent a letter to the Victorian Legal Services Board in January about Ms Teffahas conduct in a family law case when Justice Kirsty Marion Macmillan took the unusual step of restraining Ms Teffaha from representing her own client. I lead and promote an evidenced based understanding of child focused issues, promoting optimal development surrounding Family Law, Child Protection and Health and Education Systems. The real issue is that Serene Teffaha is too much of a threat for the Australian puppets of the global deep state pushing Chinese Communist Party-style lockdowns, destruction of small business in favour of global corporates, and mass harm of the population with experimental vaccines, that experts now say do not qualify as vaccines. Even if it is Lindsey Fox! We dont agree with ad hoc raising of money and ad hoc legal strategies destined to fail. MSM news on the Indian pandemic are pictures from a May 2020 gas leak. And you do not have the right to ask me to self-isolate and you dont have the right to refuse surgery for me.. Court documents filed by Ms Teffaha name two prominent Victorian Health Department officials Annaliese Van Diemen and Finn Romanes as well as Police Commissioner Shane Patton and the state as defendants. Because it is the PEOPLEs (renmin: people together) Republic of China. Cairns News has reported extensively on Teffahas outspoken efforts to expose and prosecute the COVID induced takeover of the nation by medical fascism. Supreme Court Judge Jacinta Forbes ordered Ms Teffaha to hand over the financial details of her sole-practice firm anddetails of any cases that needed urgent action to the VLSB-appointed lawyer. . The emails sent between Victorian Legal Services Board investigator Kimberley Anderton and Ms Teffaha do not specifically indicate the conduct under scrutiny by the board. Fascism is the opposite of this evil. Ms Teffaha accused the judges of perverting the course of justice. We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Australians and Traditional Custodians of the lands where we live, learn, and work. For January 1973 the debt clock was at $458, 231,678,732 with just 13.4 million people. Two related court cases are already underway. Serene Teffaha's website with contact details: Advocate Me. The illegal fiction the crown made from your birth name. CAIRNS News believes the deep state has dealt a dirty hand by using legal profession regulations and associated law to hobble one of the countrys leading freedom fighters Melbourne advocate and lawyer Serene Teffaha and her practice AdvocateMe.Serenes certificate to practice law has been cancelled by the Victorian Legal Services Board, which went to the Supreme Court of Victoria on April 21 in an attempt to strip her of her legal practice and hand it, its clients and all data over to Jacob Iljuns, a partner of the establishment law firm Hall & Wilcox, which has nearly 300 lawyer partners across Australia. Serene tribunal online hearing proved interesting. Thank you for being so on the ball! Not bad for just 25 Million people in the hands of a corrupt, duopoly system of government. Introduction by Dee McLachlan: This is Graeme Bell's reply to the video made by Solicitor Serene Teffaha regarding moves to have her struck off the roll of solicitors. I also do webinars on informed consent and the use of multiple vaccines in coercive government policies. The debt clock at mid-day 20 Jan 2023 was $ 8,793,694,584,359. Watch on. The impact of this has been significant. Why didnt Julian Burnside or his cohort Frank Brennan ,Jesuit and lawyer those great human rights defenders standup for the people locked in the towers ? These studies have contributed to a deeper understanding of health, and have gifted me with an insight into the spectrum of health care practices and health care consumer demands.I am currently writing a workshop series called 'Pathways to Conscious Health' and am the author of 'The Wounding of Health Care - From Fragmentation to Integration.'. She is trying to fight their system and she will lose. Get contact details including emails and phone numbers Advocate Me is a boutique law firm that specialises in providing complex taxation advice, resolving difficult civil disputes and guiding employees through tough crises. Ive since learnt the deadly vaccine is in the test, Pingback: Lawyer warns illegal testing con will lead to unlawful vaccination Cairns News Life, Death and all between. But the zombie apocalypse is visible now and there are many within our own families who have become zombies. I also do webinars on informed consent and the use of multiple vaccines in coercive government policies. Just the management your family business needs. Why are black swans becoming stranded in the ocean off WA? Privacy and confidentially laws being breached. If they cancel my licence, my clients will simply instruct someone else, she said. Intimidation, coercion, deceit, aggressiveness or bullying are NOT lawful means by which politicians can impose their personal beliefs or opinions about masks or vaccines upon others. This is the first I have heard of vic premier bashing .. wt ?? Justice Forbes ordered Serene to supply information relating to clients and about bank accounts linked with her practice as requested by the board. comes from pedalling Political Party Treason. 3 free lookups per month. I support everything you are saying and are really angry at the gutless betrayal of our people at the hands of these disgusting useless politicians. Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) Removed Common Law of England, all rights now belong to the Political Parties. Our present editorial panel of 1 is overworked and AI just made 4 typos in this reply I had to correct. The name of the Lord from the west, Serene needs to know she is fighting Treason and like she said, no other Barristers or others, are standing up to help her. A most welcome development! Mr Hassan said he had no concerns about the litigation proceeding. General for their Australia under those Treasonous Constitutional definitional changes. Once your details have been submitted we will contact you., Serene Teffaha is the principal Lawyer of Advocate Me and has over 8 years experience in challenging Governments, specialising in Whistleblower protections, Human Rights & Public Law and Administration. Please share this article, to help defeat the draconian and unnecessary measures taken by the Victorian Government. She said her previous activism included advocating for survivors of child sexual abuse and family violence, government transparency and whistleblowers. 14:28 Gag laws18:14 OutroWe hope you enjoyed this video. That Bob Hawke comment is Gold!!! document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Ms Papello told the court Ms Teffaha had also breached the Legal Profession Uniform Law by continuing to engage in legal practice after her licence was cancelled and by "obstructing" the lawyer appointed to take charge of her firm's work. (LogOut/ Ms Teffaha in a video that appears on the Advocate Me website. Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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