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As we know, the Saint Germain Foundation is the modern heir to the truly evil legacy left behind by Guy and Edna Ballard. There is also a facility in the Capitol Hill neighborhood in down A Way to make contact with the Light, Its All-Knowing Omnipresence, and Unerring Activity was revealed to me, and I give It to the reader in these pages. Its waters had been known and used for their magic and medicinal qualities since antiquity; legend credits the waterfall and springs as being created by the Great Spirit. I held steadfastly to a great dominant desire from Within -, to see, to hear, and to know, infallibly, the Truth of Life. There is also a facility in the Capitol Hill neighborhood in downtown Denver, Colorado. The standard idealization of the fountain is fairly consistent: old people, often carried or hobbling along on crutches, strip off their clothing and enter a pool on the left. Northwestern Native Americans traditionally revere the regions great rivers, lakes, and springs as sacred and holy places. Disappointed former disciples came forward with accounts of how the organization promised to restore the eyesight of a blind senator, but failed. The Saint Germain Foundation owns hundreds of perfectly manicured properties in extremely desirable locations, does no active recruiting, and is just generally incredibly creepy. Guy Warren Ballard (July 28, 1878 - December 29, 1939) was an American mining engineer who, with his wife Edna Anne Wheeler Ballard, founded the "I AM" Activity.. Ballard was born in Newton, Kansas and married his wife in Chicago in 1916. Snippets are a new ", Livestream Special Video Event - Central Time. Greeting Cards; Mount Shasta; Mount Shasta. How the first pyramids were built Compare. Without this effort the knowledge of all of the messages given by the Ascended Host, as part of the Bridge to Freedom Dispensation of the 1950s would have been lost. By Its use, any human being can Free himself or herself from his or her own human discord and imperfection of the past and present. Mother Mary describing the last embodiment Of Jesus In 2007 the goal was accomplished to arrange the original text of 13000 pages into different subjects and to publish the result in both English and German. Godfre Ray King . Saint Germain revealed many things which have been held in secret, and sacredly guarded for many centuries. (530) 235-2994 Add Website Map & Directions 2431 Stagecoach RdDunsmuir, CA 96025. Sacred Waters: Holy Wells and Water Lore in Britain and Ireland. Quick Shop Explanation of the Chart 1 . It was estimated that only four persons had a complete set of the original texts and those individuals refused to share it. Yeats famously said that an old man is but a paltry thing; a tattered coat hanging upon a stick. ", The need of protection and help for the children of Earth is so great at the present hour that the Great Ascended Masters and Legion of Light have released this Inner Understanding of the "Mighty I AM Presence" into the outer Life of mankind., All who want the Light and will make conscious effort to attain their own Freedom and Mastery may have the Assistance which will give them the Eternal Victory., This Book not only carries the Ascended Masters Understanding of the "I AM," but is charged with Saint Germains Ascended Master Consciousness and the Ray of Light and Love from His Heart , - Godfr Ray King, Messenger of the Ascended Master Saint Germain. The general public is now offered 24 AMTF-titles in German, 15 titles in French, 2 titles in Portuguese and 4 titles in Chinese. Saint Germain's 12-Week "Lecture and Music Series" - June-Sept. 2008. An ancient primordial connection between water and spirituality has always existed in some form. After meditating by a mountain stream and flowers. Saint Germain Foundation Metaphysical Non Profit Organizations Saint Germain Foundation Visit Website 1120 Stonehedge Dr. Schaumburg, IL 60194-1323 (530) 235-2994 Welcome New Members! Therefore, in 1980 the AMTF was founded with the goal to gather all of the discourses, compose them in own words and to re-publish them. In addition, several books have been translated by Grupo Serapis Bey in Panama into Spanish. Count Saint Germain, also known as Comte de Saint Germain, or Saint Germain, was an enigmatic figure of the 1700s who achieved notoriety in European high society, attracting kings, playwrights, and followers. A year after what skeptics insisted on calling his death, the I AM movement almost--but not quite--dissolved, when guru Edna, her son Donald and eight others from the inner circle were indicted on 18 counts of fraud for collecting about $3 million from followers. Saint Germain Foundation. A live presentation of various scenes from this year's Pageant of the Angels. 2017 Ascended Masters Bless Australia Approving Agency. Liane Schroeder gave lectures in Hong Kong. . S Saint Germain Foundation 1120 Stonehedge Dr, Schaumburg, IL 60194, USA Watch this year's presentation of the "I AM" Pageant of the Angels live from the . These legends, however far-fetched they may seem to people today, carried the full weight of thousands of years of occult belief and religious conviction in the reality of their existence behind them. Along with his wife and Twin Ray, Edna Wheeler Ballard, he founded The "I AM" Activity. What did Disney actually lose from its Florida battle with DeSantis? Mount Shasta is a center of mystical, paranormal and metaphysical activity like no other in America. Ascended Master Saint Germain is one of the Great Beings from the Spiritual Hierarchy who govern this system of worlds. Weirder still, the parts of this person's story we've been able to verify do check out. Then, two things happened: either Chaos or Gaia created the universe as we know it, or Ouranos and Tethys gave birth to the first beings. ( CC BY 4.0 ). It took thousands of hours to achieve this result. There is also a facility in the Capitol Hill neighborhood in downtown Denver, Colorado. Find 7 listings related to St Germain in Mount Shasta on Quantity. What is the web address (URL) for Saint Germain Foundation? For information on the teachings of the Ascended Masters and available books in English, German, French and Spanish Featured Products. After returning from the East, the Ascended Master known as Saint Germain, initiator of the Aquarian Age, materialized before him in Muir Woods, near San Francisco, and told him to go to Mount Shasta where he would meet the teacher. Answering the 3 Fundamental Questions of Life please visit this website and the following websites: Today, the I AM Foundation is based at Mt. SHASTA. Voluntary selfless service necessary to gain the ascension A Blazing Weapon: Unraveling the Mystery of Greek Fire, The Evidence is Cut in Stone: A Compelling Argument for Lost High Technology in Ancient Egypt. When Roots Go to Pot, Its Time to Repot Plant : Transplanting: How to recognize when plants are root-bound. (Public Domain). The Seven Initiations necessary to gain the ascension top of page. GOD'S PURIFYING FLAME OF DIVINE LOVE By Its use, any human being can Free himself or herself from his or her own human discord and imperfection of the past and present. Our Organization is the guardianand protectorof the authentic"I AM" Teaching, theSacred Knowledge given to mankind by the Ascended Master Saint Germainthrough the Messengers Mr. and Mrs.Ballard. The Protective Pillar of Light and help from Archangel Michael, Subjects, Vol.11 21 Essential Lessons Part 2 Throughout the history of civilization, the concept of the apocalypse has been ever present, in one way or another. According to Ballard, St. Germain had purified himself and became a member of the Divine Spiritual Hierarchy, which controls the lives of individuals and the universe. Creek Falls before reaching the now-verboten falls Roughly another 30 minutes drive north of Dunsmuir was the town of Mt Shasta, . A bubbling mineral spring located along the Upper Sacramento River, south of Mount Shasta.. https:www.ascendedmaster.orgMr. Very much like the lyrics of the famous She may be ancient Egypts most famous face, but the quest to find the eternal resting place of Queen Nefertiti has never been hotter. Ancient Chinese Earthquake Detector Invented 2,000 Years Ago Really Worked! I opened my eyes and i was covered in snowflakes. Read the Books (free E-Books) The mountain was worshipped for millennia by the Wintu and Hopi and other Native American tribes, but over the last century and change, they have been joined by believers in aliens, UFOs, Bigfoot, and lizard-people. These early explorers kept detailed journals about the lands flora and fauna, and they collected intelligence during their interactions with different tribes who they established trading relationships with. (530) 926-4798. THE AGE OF AQUARIUS Saint Germain is regarded as the "Chohan of the Seventh Ray". In order to give these publications the best possible distribution, the AMTF is looking for additional distribution centers in Germany, Switzerland, England, Portugal and Brazil. Current Stock: SKU: 7451 Category: Card Type: Greeting Size: 5.25 x 7.75 inch Details: with envelope. For AMTF-Books in English see, For AMTF-books in German and French, see The Story Behind St. Germain on Mt. Boilard Engraving - Crowds of old and infirm people arrive at the fountain of youth to pay an aristocrat for the privilege to drink from the rejuvenating waters; to the left are a group of youthful people dancing and singing, rejuvenated by the healing water. Join over 20k audio creators and earn $$. THE ASCENDED MASTER TEACHING FOUNDATION (AMTF). The Great White Brotherhood is the name given by various 19th and early 20th century occultists and Theosophists to a supernatural communion of enlightened spiritual teachers. The Fountain of Youth: Lucas Cranach the Elder (1546). These giants were represented by the Wa- As Greek mythology goes, the universe was once a big soup of nothingness. My experiences were the results of applying the knowledge Saint Germain had previously revealed in Unveiled Mysteries., The purpose of this Book is to reveal to the individual the whereabouts of his own Divine Self, God, the "Mighty I AM Presence," that all who desire may return to their Source, receive their Eternal Inheritance, and feel once again their Divine Self Respect., In the various Retreats of the Great White Brotherhood which we visited, I was shown the Tremendous Work They do for mankind through Their Messengers who are sent into the outer world., May the Great Love, Light and Happiness of the Ascended Masters flood the Being and world of everyone who reads this Book! The age of mankind and its early, unrecorded history If you're not familiar with the The Nonsense Bazaar's Saint Germain lore, go back and listen to episodes 23, 24, and 52, otherwise this is going to make absolutely zero sense.

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