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And seeing as you'll get hit more than once in almost any battle, this can be pretty handy. In addition to just being a general all around challenge, you get to see what a Druid with 3 skills plays like, or just how badass the Barbarian can get with points in all of his skills. Knights of Pen & Paper 2 is a turn-based, retro style, pixel-art adventure full of danger, intrigue, death, and saving throws! So early on that he can easily end up as your 4th or 5th player even on your first playthrough. Shred some stuff up! In practice, it's hard to make it work well, and hard to keep up the MP. Furthermore, as you start picking off the enemy, one by one, this skill gradually becomes fairy useless even maxed out. Or level Backstab so your basic attack on new enemies will actually be pretty good and your high Initiative will have you going first most of the time. If someone finds an instance let me know; it's not worth going through the bestiary and adding it up for each monster, comparing to each skill. Once again, kind of like the Warlock, if there were twice as many skill points to go around you could take advantage of this "I can do it all" attitude, but there aren't, so you can't. Someone needs to be the Hipster for the Weapon and Armor goodness, and the Cleric is the one who suffers least from 1 point in each Attribute, especially as a Human. Thing is, both Fireball and Lightning are perfectly serviceable even against single targets, so if you're looking to be hyper efficient you'll likely invest in one of those and your boosting skill. However you feel about the whole "Investigate" mechanic in this game, you're gonna need many of the items you find this way, especially the immunity items. Your standard Jock Dwarf Warrior starts out with 4 senses. The whole game feels more complete with it, it's more fun and challenging if you start it at level 14 as designed (not level 25 or whatever), and at the end of it you get the Monk! Prepare to inhabit a world of chivalry, class warfare and off-beat pop references. Good thing you can play through this game more than once! This will all of course be a little anti-climactic because, really, once you've dispatched the heinous Blue Dragon at the end of that miserable Crystal Cave, not even the White Dragon is much of a challenge. Max out Smoke Bomb first, then level Shadow Chain so the Ninja can contribute for late-game boss fights. But anything I cover later on that requires a little basic explanation will have it. Threat is relative, so if everyone gets Threat -X, yes, okay your Mage at 10 Threat will go to 9-5 and your Warrior with (in battle) 50 Threat will go down to 49-45, so it's a bigger difference for the Mage. Digital Deluxe Edition The Deluxiest Edition of Knights of Pen & Paper 2 includes the following bonus items and expansions:. Including Stun, so 1 time out of 7 this is, in fact, the Frostbite skill (although better, 'cause the Stun can't be resisted). In theory, great. This is the "I like causing criticals" skill, shared in basic form with the Thief and Barbarian and Ninja. Similar to its predecessor, this turn-based RPG title comes with retro-style graphics, an odd roster of characters, and tons of immersive quests moderated by a game master. ), but just with in-game gold. In addition to helping the Ninja disintegrate anything he gets a crit on, he's the Thief's new best buddy as it's his Weakness infliction that makes Barrage of Knives glorious instead of just really good. I have to go on a little rant now to explain why: The only way to get charms outside of this is to find them in dungeons (I've read, although I have not ever not once found one there in all my hours of gaming) and by combining 3 "Pound of Rock" items (pound of rocks can be brought at shops in certian places mostly getting lost but if you have no luck try investatgating outside of the castle DLC), which gives you a random charm. After a resist roll, of course, which is the only reason this skill isn't profoundly godlike. And that's the downside of this skill. You might remember I alluded to this way back with the Paladin, about the benefits of group Condition infliction re the Monk. You know, after all the quests at the tail end of the game when you can get two skills to level 24. It used to be the only way of inflicting the Confuse condition. But still, often useless. Most of my teams need other perks though, but still at 5 per battle that's only 6 (or 3) fights and you'll know all there is to know. The Hunter's Hail of Arrows is also stuck in this no bonus zone, although at least his own Initiative based skill kicks in with it (unlike the Thief's Backstab for Barrage of Knives). Use your health instead! "Lowers enemy resist roll with 1 per level" - up to 5. Oh the mysterious Warlock! But what makes a Monk a Monk? Now, if you look at the damage, here in this game, you may well be disappointed at first. And the dragon fights are something else. About though, not exactly. But basically, kill things so long as they give you a solid amount of XP. Basically, this table is the only way to make charms a real part of your game. Why'd you do that to him!? But outside of sudden death it's not that useful. But stun, once inflicted, cannot be recovered from: the turn is always lost. No other class can do this. "At the beginning of each battle, 5% per level to inflict Confuse to enemy" - up to 25%. Okay, it's not really anything like that skill - not sure why I mentioned it. Or, if you're a Monk, it gives you +27 instead of just +18 damage using bare hands with the right skill maxed. So what this means is that you are literally going to torch all the weaklings facing you to ash. It turns on automatically at the start of battle, makes you a little less threatening and gives a little boost to critical. He's essentially a different kind of Mage, focusing largely on damage (but more ineffectually), with one protective skill just to mix it up and the super cool seeming ability to move monsters around the battlefield at will. Especially with the Knight and Druid (more on that later). Use this table. 1 point in shadow chain for the triple attack. However you use this, with his single damage skill, protection skill, or shuffle-the-enemy-like-a-deck-of-cards skill, it's worthwhile, effective, a good combo, and the animation is about as cool as it gets. And shrugging off 1 condition per turn is pretty good, although sometimes a little superfluous. No resurrecting, interestingly, but then again Phoenix Feather. But ultimately, as in any team without a purging Cleric, your greatest challenge is going to come from late game Conditions falling on you all the time. Plus his skill reaches the back row. Red Icosahedron, spiked rings for trinkets. I think there's a delectable ridiculousness to that, which also happens to fit the spirit of the game. Click to install Knights of Pen & Paper 2 from the search results. Turn into a bear! So, it's all pretty straightforward, and really if you don't want to there's no reason to worry about the hows and the whats, just follow the story and you'll be leveling up nicely and regularly as Gary intended. And if you can manage to kill some high level monster before you're really supposed to, you get a healthy chunk of XP. The secret ingredient is double damage when used on an enemy that already has a Condition. What about the Hunter's skill, that's the same and is only great? If the Confuse is resisted (against a -9 Mind roll like, for example, every time you use this on a Boss), Rage is automatically inflicted instead. I'll take Frostbite over that, thank you, even with the resistance roll. Second thing: "Does this mean I have a Thief who can't actually Backstab?" He's kind of awesome. Well, not really. "Consumable restore +15% more health and energy per level" - up to +75%. And you could also do a 3 or 4 person team, but I like extremes. So really, it's a waste, and the other two active skills are better options. 1. As now this section of the guide is nigh unusable by those playing the PC version, for whom it is designed. To illustrate with the XL size, the programming determines the first of your 3 monsters end up back where it was, which was a 33% chance. Install the game and go to the emulator's app drawer or all applications. Main quests lead, when completed, invariably to new quests until you reach that last quest that ends the main story. Before you get there, this thing will feel extra weak, and like you aught to be spending your skill points elsewhere. Knights of Pen and . This is the hat trick skill. So if you do want a Paladin, you're not really going to want to bring him for this. Team types: AoE:This build is able to dish out lots of area of effect damage and includes Shaman, Bard, Warrior, Wizard, and Cleric. But the real magic here is the swap. Nothing quite like building a team that blasts through almost everything in one or two turns. DnD players have built parties around this idea for years. This is smart, unlike the Paladin who needs to nearly die for his skill to kick in at all or the Warlock who blows through energy like a crack addict does with his crack, and then starts drinking his own already small reserve of blood to do more crack (I mean, use magic). Kind of like the Druid, the Psion has some truly original skills that look and act cool, but they are ultimately less impressive in practice than in theory. So you will always want at least one skill point in this, because Conditions happen even if you're not trying, and now and then the enemy will waste an attack. So, yeah, if you'd like that +2 War Axe instead of the +1 War Axe (which is a 4 point damage and Threat difference), and better armor, something like 5 levels sooner, then yeah. I wanna say thorns, but it looks a little more like ivy. And all weapons come with perks that your fists don't. There are main quests, and side quests. Thing is, the bonus isn't that much. But still, even so, it's nice to see it in action, it's "free", and putting 3 points in it is doable with just about any build. A straight up attack from the Knight is pretty lackluster. And again, if you do a build where you can cast this twice a turn, it's a major MP suck but also something of a waste to cast on the same row twice. This is very good, necessary even to make this skill worth it, because the Stun, even if they don't resist it, goes away after one turn so you only get one 56 HP hit out of it. You can hit the back row, and maxed out you're doing 104 damage. I'm not sure why I had to lay it all out like that. The Smoke Bomb is the focus here, as it'll cripple the opposing forces, often before they get their first hit off - if they even get a hit off. Start with a good tank: A Warrior has amazing regeneration abilities, as well as decent . How this becomes a good thing is when you have a low Initiative player as your Condition delivery system who goes last or close to last out of everyone (including the enemy), thus setting up the whole field with Weakness (that would only get the initial resistance roll here) or Fire (that will get no resistance roll at all) for the next turn, when the Thief will strike first and lay waste to your hapless enemies. But even if you add all that bonus-ing up, including the Arcane Flow, that's a +46 damage bonus. The most recent departures are Bertuzzi, who made his Red Wings debut during the 2016-17 season, and Hronek, who made his debut during the 2018-19 season. In theory. For when you wanna play support, but still be someone you'd hate to meet in a dark alley. Your glass cannon, your bedazzling spectacle, the guy that - deep down - you really want to be because, let's face it, Gandalf is the shiznit. opinion) attached. Max this out and you're healing 80 HP for everyone, every turn. While the Panthers reportedly made a call to the Packers, the decision is out of their hands. A game about a game. Granted, it would be a little peculiar of you to bring a Druid with Grappling Vines just so you can do 50% more damage to Beetles. As boring as the Paladin is, seeing as this is the only build of the Paladin worth playing, there is simply no substitute for spamming Weakness all the time. Also, you'll either want a high Senses score or a really low one. No biggie, fine. I'm not about to lay hands on the abomination that is the mobile version to find out though, so proceed at your own peril}. To be competitive by the higher levels in this game, you really need your skills to be maxed out, and this means each class is always better off focusing on just two skills. Anyway, as far as the general MP suckage almost any Druid build will want from you if you use this skill, you could bring the Cleric to help with that, which means your Druid can focus on damage or incapacitation. Be warned, not all Game Room items are deserving of a description beyond my rating. He kinda likes to be the only bad boy (read: fighter type) on the team though, which is fine, but it does mean he's dictating who you're bringing along with you to slay those dragons. Light one handed weapons get +1 Damage and Threat per upgrade, heavy one-one handed weapons +2, light two-handed ones (staves and bows) gain +3 of each, and the heavy two handed-ones gain +5. Now, if you want the wounding itself to actually make a difference, you really aughta max out this skill (which gives you Wound 32). Bard - upgrade mostly AOE + group heal (10/7 or so) Knight - go tanky as fit. Also a decent choice for the specialists. The Ninja will always have at least decent initiative, so you're likely to be one of the first to strike, and it's not uncommon to go through a regular battle this way without the beasties getting even one shot off. A few suggestions on building a great team.. Login Store Community Support Change language View desktop website . And then yes, your Lab Rat could max out at +9 spell damage from trinkets, so long as he's fine with not having any other items in his trinket slots. Touch of Blight is well established as a solid spell, and unless the irresistible Condition it inflicts is Stun or Confuse, the target of this will likely go for the Monk next turn and do no damage. And lo! About this game. This is very not true. So you could easily cast this and cause zero damage. Making Life Transfer a little more appealing, but still basically a wasted skill, and only getting Touch of Blight up to 150 Damage, which will start to feel a little weak late game when most everything you encounter has 300 HP or more. Mage's 'burn' from fireball cannot be resisted, keep that in mind when aiming for this strategy. First, this is as strong as the Warrior's Power Lunge, damage-wise (324% weapon damage). DLC Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Deluxier Edition Upgrade-75% $9.99 $2.49. Which means after 3 turns you're on par with the Paladin and Cleric at their most healing-est, and after 4 or more turns you're crowned the new healing prima donna. The twist is that it increases the maximum effectiveness of Damage Reduction, which I didn't even know was a thing but I'm guessing has been part of the game mechanics since the get go. The enemies need to do more than that much damage to actually bring your non-enraged HP down at all. So it's all about Barrage of Knives which, along with the Paladin's Weakness and Mage's Lightning, provides the group control half of this team. This is your high damage single target smashing skill. Put one point in Black Arts for the Wound perk, then start with just the 1 point in Shadow Chain and follow that by maxing out Vanish. And just because they aren't efficient doesn't mean they can't be effective, and every once in a while all the stars will align and they will lay waste to their pitiful foes in the (you guessed it) coolest way possible. In no gaming universe ever created does the Paladin not have this skill. Make this the heart of your Monk's tactics though, and you'll think the enemy forgot their spiked clubs at home and brought over-cooked spaghetti instead. Anyway, you'll be doing this pretty exclusively for the satisfaction of getting another 5-15 levels out of your game (depending on the number of players in your team). I don't know what it is, but Druids just have this thing with vines. Well, actually, not so extraordinary. The obvious choice for any of your casters (Cleric, Mage, Warlock, Psion) with the 3 in Mind, which ensures they'll have enough MP to blanket the world of Paperos in spells. And you'd be right. So, you're one of those eh? It's not like you can spare the offensive power a vine-loving or bear-becoming Druid could bring, but trust me, you'll want the extra defense. And actually, with the advent of the Knight, other players blocking increases his potential critical percentage. Or level Stealth so your basic attacks are critical a third of the time. I could have said stunningly impressive, but really it's all about the burn. Feel better! Ah, to gloriously be purged of all your sins, through every combat. Plus there's some glorious synergy with the Thief's Barrage of Knives skill. Toss a bunch of arrows in the air, and they fall down for up to 56 damage, to a specific number of enemies. Something to consider. Meaning, if you want to bring someone who's going to use this kind of skill, the Warrior (or Barbarian or Monk {or Ninja or even Thief and Hunter if used right and it's not the Threat you're after}) have slightly better (higher Damage) versions of this skill. Except of course if your target is stunned. This means you can use a Paladin spamming Weakness or a Knight or Barbarian (or Thief maybe) complimenting those 5 with their own Stun critical. So, just to give the Warrior and Barbarian an official edge, this does the same damage as the Paladin's Guiding Strike (308% weapon damage). And that "1 point ward" build is, of course, the best combo here, but unlike with the bear situation it doesn't make up for a weakness (the lack of bear toughness), so even though this skill is best used with that build, it doesn't change the value (or rating) of Grappling Vines. More useful than you might think. But Wound that Caveman a couple times and he will literally bleed out. Leave him in the game room with the Goth, I say, so they can exchange existential love poems and kiss violently behind the pinball machine. "Skills cost 20 less Energy per level" - up to 100. I've actually kind of spoiled the reveal on this skill having explained the healing magic you can get with it back in Anger Management, but suffice it to say that, no matter your build, this skill is likely gonna be your priority. Meaning your fighters (and certain specialist builds) are going to get better faster compared to their peers. If I find anything about this build that makes it unplayable in the late game, I will edit. Just point him in the right direction and SMASH. Knights of Pen and Paper 3 is a free turn-based RPG set in a 16-bit world of endless adventures, absurd quests, ridiculous bosses and 'hilarious' memes. And your base critical chance with all the perfect items, weapon, and a Rich Kid Elf is 22% (19% if you stick to Almighty Rings, but that's a whole other story - and 15% if you're hunting for Sudden Death and have all the condition trinkets). As long as the Druid has the MP to keep it up, there's no appreciable difference though. Three actually. Download the game for free: video is a paid promotion by Paradox Interactive for Knights of Pen & Paper 2, free to dow. Good thing though, as most of the game will be a non-challenging slaughter-palooza - and gratifying as that can be, it can get a little monotonous. Alright, so with all the classes and their skills covered, and the details of the Game Room that can (and usually do) have a profound affect on your party dynamics, and a better understanding of the types of damage, we can get into actually putting 5 of these weirdos together and seeing what they can do. A few suggestions on building a great team. In my opinion outside of that can't compete to raw stats for your whole party. Thing is there's always five of you (well, almost always - doesn't have to be that way and I'll get in to that, but for the sake of argument), and not always five (or seven) of them. Now, if you wanna get crazy and have a Rich Kid Elf Warrior, your senses will be 8 (or 9, thanks to the new game room item), which you can boost, conceivably, to 14 by the very end of the game, which means riposte will work almost 3 out of 4 times. Brink of Madness (Passive) - good okay, yeah, also not that good. By the middle of the game your Ninja will be striking out with about 80% critical 3 times every turn.

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