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Fredbears Family Diner and Chicas Party World close. After the first Freddy Fazbears Pizza location was closed down, William Afton transformed his underground robotics lab into an animatronic manufacturer and rental facility known as Circus Babys Entertainment and Rentals. SHARE. 21 - FNaF 7 is Aftons special hole in hell meant to make him relive all of the horrors he caused and suffer indefinitely for the rest of eternity. Despite the immediate closing of Circus Babys Pizza World, the first Freddy Fazbears Pizza location continued to be a massive success. Every purchase you make puts money in an artist's pocket. Since the original Five Nights at Freddy's in 2014, the timeline and lore have grown exponentially. However, William had a sinister intent with these new animatronics. The place burns down and Springtrap Escapes. There is no murderer behind the animatronics behavior in the beginning, just the animatronics malfunctioning. st valentine church bethel park bulletin. Timeline as far as I'm concerned is 4,2,1,SL,3 . Welcome to the full series of FNAF Explained! 8-9) Clearly you've chosen MatPat's "crying child is Michael" theory yet I take issue with Michael's age. After the last night, the voice on the cassette recordings reveals that this location was created in an attempt to lure the existing Fazbear animatronics into a central location in order to destroy them all. There would be no second guard to receive the book after him. Michael agreed, presumably because William told him that his sister, Elizabeth, was still inside the facility. 14 - FNaF 1 happens. While he loves the gameplay, for the most part, it is the lore, and indeed the fan-fiction that has kept him engaged with the series this long, and he can't thank Scott Cawthorn enough! However, the rain damaged the Puppet, causing it to break down and deactivate just as it reached Charlies body. Since Ennard is the endoskeleton inside Spring Bonnie, Springtrap is the only real, moving animatronic in the game. But i still think that golden freddy/cassidy was one of the original 5 murders done by Afton. (Totally didn't just rip this off the Rick and Morty copypasta.) Admittedly, it is difficult to place theSurvival Logbookon the timeline. Baby and the rest of the clown animatronics were retired and presumably stored in Williams underground robotics lab. William Afton, disguised in his Spring Bonnie costume, began luring children into the hidden safe room of Freddy Fazbears Pizza. How Long is Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach? (He is also fired because of general unprofessionalism which can be inferred to be him being nervous/shady around customers.- FNaF 2 location gets shut down shortly after (Due to the 5 murders from Afton and the bite of 87 Toy Chica does the bite; the evidence can be found by analysing her post-jumpscare voicelines) and the toy animatronics get scrapped - souls released. UCN: The One they should not have killed traps his murderer in an endless purgatory/hell as revenge for what they did to him. The way that FNAF reveals its narrative often depends on the events shown in the games that came before, and its really interesting to see everything unfold in the order it was originally presented. (The soothing of the souls is shown during the happiest day mini-game and the final image if you get the good ending of FNaF 3), 19 - Henry opens his own restaurant and he is secretly planning to burn the place down when all of the remaining possessed animatronics are there. In the book, Afton was described as a plump man, who then suddenly gets much thinner, his skin gets saggy, and he moves inhumanly. I knew you could do it My Blog. I would like to point out 2 things; that there is no blood coming out of the Fredbear suit during the cutscene and that the motions of Fredbears twitching are very similar to how Springtrap twitches in the FNaF 3 trailer. Baby somehow splits from Ennard and now we have scrap baby (Elizabeth) and molten Freddy (Mrs. Afton - previously Ballora). This explains why he is able to ask such personal questions because it is the older brother communicating with the younger brother. It seems that well not only be playing as a new kid in this DLC but that Gregory has gone missing as well. We also know that Fazbear Entertainment is owned by Afton and Henry. The game plays a cutscene, showing a video of the pizzeria burning down with the animatronics trapped inside and cuts out as the fire consumes the building and its contents. So, while many fans don't agree on the true Fazbear Pizza timeline, the main series games are the only ones considered canon by creator Scott Cawthon and other developers, and these games have fairly straightforward time stamps. However, the Crying Childs tears activated the animatronics spring locks, causing it to bite down and crush his skull. Michael Afton, still pursuing his father after Williams disappearance, was hired as the locations night guard/entertainer. The next five murders, at Fazbears Family Diner. Its possible that Fritz Smith, the guard hired for this final night shift, was Michael Afton using an alias to avoid revealing that he was related to William. After this, Baby was locked in the Afton Robotics lab underground (the location of Sister Location). Connection terminated. 61. The animatronics can do many kid-friendly things, but as Baby tells us in Sister Location, her code is also programmed to count the children in the room, and when there is only one child in the room, she is coded to lure them in with ice cream and kill them by . On high alert because of the history of the brand, Fazbear Entertainment buys new animatronics, with facial recognition software. Between the combination of financial and sanitation issues, the once-popular restaurant had no choice but to close its doors. To me, it indeed seems like a convo between 2 brothers but from opposite perspectives. Its also possible that William used the Remnant from the victims of the FNAF 2 Missing Childrens Incident to possess the Funtimes before Michaels shifts in Sister Location, then returned to the FNAF 1 location later to dismantle the classic animatronics and collect the Remnant from the first Missing Childrens Incident. Hopefully. During his first week, its possible that Michael encountered the spirit of his little brother, the Crying Child, who is likely one of two spirits haunting Golden Freddy. Afton Robotics gets shut down as a company due to the unsafe animatronics. It seems that William made Baby for his daughter, Elizabeth Afton, since one of her voice lines asks her father, Didnt you make her just for me?. Bonus points if you read until the end. As their business grew, Henry and William created two spring lock suits, which were designed to double as both mascot costumes and animatronics. He also placed a walkie-talkie in the Crying Childs golden Fredbear plush and used it to speak to his son from the office in his robotics lab, validating his sons fears and encouraging him to grow more and more afraid. Call Us Today! Now 1987, a new Fazbear restaurant has opened: Freddy Fazbears Pizza. My responses will be based according to your points, not an in order timeline so apologies for any confusion. Even disregarding real world trademark timelines, SL's earliest possible placement would be '86 with older bro as Mike and cutscenes in '83. Since police never found the missing childrens bodies, it seems that William was able to avoid spending much time in jail, if any. When Baby says Ballora is following you, and that she doesnt trust you, and then tells Ballora that youre here to help, Baby is really just convincing Ballora to go along with the plan. Sister Location. They use their new disguise to carry out these murders, using the Spring Bonnie and Fredbear suits to lure children to their death, leading to the closing of Fredbears Family Diner. Around this time, children began to mysteriously go missing in the Pizzaplex. This child stays in their bed for the entirety of the game and is armed with a flashlight. Hidden in the source code of Scott Cawthons website were lines of code that can be read as Client Directory: Chicas Party World, private birthday booking (5 or less) children, service log: Afton Robotics. William kills 5 more children but instead of them possessing animatronics, Afton steals the remnant from them and uses it to further his life. Players learn that the animatronics roam freely around the building and are programmed to seek out noise, even at night. We know this because phone guys favourite character is foxy and the older brother is always represented wearing a foxy mask. However, they are unconnected to the Purple Guy. I'd like to read your response to my assertions and theories. Though unconfirmed, it is most likely that the bite of 87 happened during this birthday party. Thanks. Five Nights at Freddys is a massive franchise, spanning 11 games, 15 books, several spinoffs, and now, a budding fanverse funded by Scott Cawthon himself. After Elizabeths death, the restaurant was immediately shut down, though the companys official statement cited gas leaks to protect its image. This is just my opinion, but I believe that the ghosts of the children that forced Purple Guy into the suit werent actually there, but instead symbolized Babys regret over killing the children, since she said in Sister Location that she didnt want to nor had control over her killing the children. TheFive Nights at Freddystimeline begins with the opening of the original Fredbears Family Diner. I could not have done this without him. Some fans theorize that William deliberately manipulated Elizabeth into getting killed by Baby so he could make her immortal as a robot. 7 - William rebuilds him (puts him back together) like he said he would at the end of FNaF 4 and Michael becomes a robot. It all started in fredbear's family dinner, 2 animaltronics called fredbear and springbonnie, they were golden one was a bear and one was a bunny, a while ago couple of kids came wearing animatronic masked of freddy bonnie and chica and foxy. 12 - Michael gets fired because he smells and the management team finds out he was tampering with the animatronics. It's your time to shine! So, here how Sister Location ties into all of the other games, in the form of a timeline. January 2022. The simple explanation of the gravestone ending is that it is Scotts way of showing that the six souls of the original kids he killed (Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy and Golden Freddy (the one hidden behind the grass) and The Puppet) have found peace. Fazbear Entertainment is formed and buys the characters (Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy and Golden Freddy) from Henry and William Afton. I was shocked too.). The Puppet, which had been trapped in its box, broke free and left the diner to search for Charlie. 11 - FNaF 2 happens, Mike is trying to get to the animatronics to free the souls in them from the foxy gogogo minigame. Lastly, my theory interprets Golden Freddy as an aged Spring Freddy, the next gen incarnation of Fredbear made for Fredbear and Friends along with Spring Bonnie. However, due to their own incompetence, they accidentally scan a "virus" into the characters, making them go haywire. "To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Five Nights at Freddy's. The lore is extremely complex and deep, and without a open-minded grasp of scary . Answer: TheFive Nights at Freddysseries spans several decades, and its difficult to say exactly when the story starts and when the more recent games are taking place. 1st January 2022. I'm certain Spring Bonnie is created later for Fredbear and Friends (more on that in my conclusion). While the burning of Freddy Fazbears Pizza Place and Henrys awesome speech marked the end of an era for FNAF, William Afton wasnt kidding around when he told us he always comes back.. Anyway.For years, many have pondered and debated one simple question. Players find themselves in the shoes of Mike. We know this is the older brother because there are no other people that it can be and he would be the only one that could have died in the golden Freddy (Fredbear) suit. Its unclear exactly when the third Freddy Fazbears Pizza location opened, but at some point, the classic animatronics were refurbished for this new, lower-budget establishment. The way it fades out during the cutscene means that the souls unrest is fading away as well. I believe it was self sabotage/suicide. Five Nights at Freddy's Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. This would also explain what became of the victims of the second Missing Childrens Incident since they should have been gathered in the FNAF 6 Pizzeria as well. William takes the form of a mascot spring Bonnie and tempts the player into merging with him which is only partially successful and results in the player (Vannessa) becoming Williams Reluctant Follower and his apprentice! Baby killed her. Afton helps out with work at Fredbears Family Diner. When the circuit boards were scanned into the game, a malicious virus known as Glitchtrap was set loose, presumably containing some part of William Aftons soul or consciousness that was still lingering in the Springtrap animatronic. As the two lay together in the rain, Charlies soul entered the animatronic, allowing her spirit to possess it. The company sent the games development team several old circuit boards and other relics to use for this new VR game. uso promiscuo abitazione medico. There are several spin-off games in the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise, and those spark constant debate in the fanbase about each side game's place in the timeline. Aaaaand thats the end of that long, convoluted plot line. modern curtains for living room 2021. So, here how Sister Location ties into all of the other games, in the form of a timeline. Though Afton is previously shown as the Purple Guy, he was still human while working at Fredbears Family Diner. 17a Side note, the Phantom animatronics are just hallucinations of animatronics Michael has seen in his past. This first Freddy Fazbears Pizza location struggled to operate for several years before inevitably shutting down. Fans find themselves as new franchise owners of a Fazbear Entertainment restaurant in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, tasked with furnishing and preparing the restaurant for a big party on the upcoming Saturday. 10 - After a week of Ennard being in Michaels body, the skin is completely rotted and turned purple. I must say, I did not anticipate such a traffic boost at the end, but with Security breach releasing, perhaps I should not have been so surprised. r kvd auktoriserad bilhandlare. Henry designs violent animatronics. It's time to rest - for you, and for those you have carried in your arms. Anyways that's my detailed analysis on your timeline, I hope you enjoyed it. Footnotes) I truly don't understand the meaning of "jumping in to protect a childhood friend" and the the spirit of the logbook not being Golden Freddy, so please elaborate on these points. This no real evidence of this being the case except that he's humanoid, and there's no real rule that FFP can't have humanoid robots. The Death Coin Easter egg can be explained like this; MatPat said that it was Golden Freddy turning into Fredbear to jump-scare you and that this proves that Fredbear and Golden Freddy are one and the same. However, I think he is wrong. Despite the retirement of the spring lock suits, the Spring Bonnie costume in Freddy Fazbears Pizza notably continued to move, signifying that the Missing Childrens Incident was still ongoing. All of the animatronics are scooped before night 4, and between night 4 and 5, Ennard puts themself together from the mass of endoskeletons left over from the scooping room. We play as Mike Schmidt. (yes, the 3 before 4 thing was intentional. William likely murdered at least two more children before he was caught on camera and convicted. You need to vent. This theory is my idea that they are simultaneously the same and different from each other. No Help Wanted, or Security Breach. FNAF1 Phone guy says the animatronics were being used for 20 years. You don't even realize that you are trapped. Eventually, Jeremy learns that there is an ongoing police investigation surrounding the restaurant, mostly like the "Bite of '87" mentioned in the first game. 3 - Charlies murder (Midnight motorist minigame + Security puppet minigame and save him minigame) Charlie becomes puppet. 10b - Meanwhile, Michaels purple body sac suit has been reanimated for whatever reason and now he is going to the FNaF 2 location. The kids are William Aftons sons and at the end, Foxy Bully killed the BV with Fredbear. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Um, I actuawwy wowked in that office befowe you. My current interpretation of the FNAF timeline r/fnaftheories. A nameless employee on the phone speaks to Jeremy each night and reveals information about the location and the job. Afton accidentally triggers the springlocks due to a combination of both the room being wet and him not bring careful whilst getting into the suit and becomes Springtrap but survives due to the remnant that he consumed. They use a flashlight and strategic closing of closet doors to make it through the terrifying night. The event likely caused the spring lock animatronics to be retired permanently, and Fredbears Family Diner has probably closed shortly afterward as well. MORE: 15 Games to Play if You Love Five Nights at Freddy's, Explaining the Entire Five Nights at Freddy's Timeline, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC Expansion Pass, Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach Endings Explained. 20 years later, youre hired and nothing has gone wrong, no murders or anything. Fredbears Family Diner. As the child sits in the dark, they're visited by nightmare versions of common FNAF animatronics Chica, Bonnie, Freddy, and Foxie. You've saved up all your money; great! Expunged would been cheating bambi. Except, Springtrap isnt new--Its Ennard. Original pasta My name is Fredrick Fitzgerald Fazbear. Furthermore, we hear that phone guy is killed by Freddy Fazbear in FNaF 1 location due to the Toreador March playing just before we here the jump-scare sound. In 1987, Fazbear Entertainment opened a second Freddy Fazbears Pizza location several years after the first location had been closed. Five Nights at Freddys 1. Firstly my timeline differs slightly in which restaurants open and close in what order but I won't dispute that heavily because it could easily be seen as headcanon. Still, its safe to say that were far from seeing the end of Fazbear Entertainment. The events are ordered in chronological order where event 1 happens then events 2 happens etc. Between the sheer amount of content and the incredible detail baked into every installment of the series, theres a lot to unpack before getting to the actual story of Five Nights at Freddys. This represents whoever is in it has been satisfied by Williams suffering. There are now seven games that are canon to the main series timeline. For more information, please see our Phone Guy tells you to make sure that none of the animatronics hurt anyone during the party, since theyve been acting weird. Aside from the Puppet, which was placed at the Prize Counter, the classic animatronics were kept in the back and used for parts. Unlike other games in the franchise, the player character is not a security guard at a pizzeria, but instead a child in their own bedroom. Damien is a keen gamer and an esteemed writer within the industry, sharing his time equally between FNAFInsider and GameRant. 16 - Afton is sealed inside of the safe-room for 30 years. It's time to take your career into your own hands. We're always happy to help. Henry was Fredbear, and William was Bonnie.

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