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Dutch Shepherds are multifaceted and can work in various fields. The Dutch Shepherd is a medium-sized, well-proportioned, well-muscled dog. . This Breeder's Tests. Proper exposure and socializing is very important and helpful, but sometimes it just takes maturing before their brains and confidence kick in. Generally, Dutch Shepherd puppies will be fed a specially formulated puppy food until they're around 6 months of age. Dutch Shepherd puppies. To me they are the absolute perfect dog for our family and farm. Our dogs make a great family dog! They crave a job, learning and burning energyand if they are not given a good structured outlet for their drive they will make trouble finding their own job. 33 Incredible Rottweiler Mixes For Every Rottie Lover. This good dog breeder is a member of the Dachshund Club of America, Inc., Florida East Coast Dachshund Club, Florida Gulf Coast Dachshund Club, Fort Lauderdale Dog Club, and is an AKC breeder of . Find Dutch Shepherd puppies for sale. However, Dutch Shepherds are definitely among the tallest dog breeds.One thing you need to bear in mind is that overfeeding Dutch Shepherds doesnt do good to them or their owners. Phone: 336-279-3134. e-mail: cookfarmkennels@gmail.com. The original-type purebred Dutch Shepherds have a below-average predatory drive and were bred to get along with and work alongside other dogs. They were born on September 5th. Rescue Me, RescueMe.Org, and the paw logo are registered trademarks of WO. While the breed survived, the Dutch Shepherd remains relatively rare even today. However, they are socialized from an early age, too, which means that this is not an aggressive dog breed by default. The Dutch Shepherd is a herding dog of Dutch origin. I will never get tired of hearing those stories from happy people who have gotten the dog they want; those that are simply after a good dog! Since its first breed standard (dating back to 1898), this dog has changed very little, unlike their Shepherd cousins who have been mixed with many breeds. Even though this is not one of the most expensive dog breeds in the world, Cher Car Kennels prices for Dutch Shepherds go from $500 up to $6000. That does NOT make most great for small children. Join our 131k+ Followers. This breed remains an excellent watch and guard dog to this day, as they alerted farmers to strangers for generations. East Coast Shepherds has a litter of Dutch Shepherds up for adoption to their forever homes!! The Dutch Shepherd is a lively, athletic, alert and intelligent breed, and has retained its herding instinct for which it was originally developed. Purebred Belgian Malinois Puppies. Reserve your Dutch Shepherd puppy today! Generally, UKC and FCI members put more effort into breeding, and they follow a breeding program, which is not the case with many backyard breeders or puppy mills. 2020 fall litter. Book and reserve your choice puppy NOW, so that when the time comes, your puppy is already paid for and you can take home! AACHEN DUTCH SHEPHERD ACCOMPLISHMENTS ~ too many to list, but heres some highlights! The Dutch Shepherd has three different coat types: long-haired, short-haired, and the wiry or rough-haired. And about everything in between. We train and compete in French Ringsport, but our dogs also do K9, IPO, SAR, Agility, Obedience, Dock Diving, Herding, PSA, and Conformation. I do live on a farm and I still prefer the working temperament but I may not need some of the extreme working drive that are bred for specific tasks per say, such as herding, police, etc. Posted on Published: November 2, 2022- Last updated: February 6, 2023. Copyright 1999-2018 World Organization. Cook Farm K9s is a long-time breeder of Belgian Malionis and German Shepherds, too. If, by any chance, you dont succeed in reserving a puppy, your deposit will be transferred to the next litter. I would suggest anyone interested in this breed really dive deep in the research and be sure you want and can handle this much dog. German Shepherds For Your Family. These are wonderful dogs, I hate to sound like Im trying to talk people out of them but i want eyes open and no false expectations. They require two to three hours of exercise a day. PennHIP. Theyre known as the Hollandse Herdershond in Europe, They were originally sheepdogs, and were also used by Dutch farmers as a general purpose farm dog. Yet the Dutch Shepherd is distinguishable by their brindle coat. (We also have a few of the KNPV Dutch Shepherds, also from documented bloodlines). Dutch Shepherd Breed Info. These canines are recommended to people who are engaged in law enforcement, as well as to active sportsmen. They are very active and enjoy going for hikes or walks. These purebred beauties of brindle pattern make excellent family dogs, and they learn new tricks easily. The puppiesat Kingdom Kennelsare allworking prospect dogs for law enforcement, military,personal/family protection, search rescue ,agility and other sports. They absolutely need to be raised with the firm understanding they are not the boss. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. but I do believe there is a happy medium to have an energetic, smart, alert, crazy athletic-ability dog. Since this breed was a working dog throughout its history, the FCI has a working trail for this breed. We specialize in European working line German Shepherds,Belgian Malinois & Dutch Shepherds. They wont mind being on their own for hours. Dutch Shepherds were the original herding dogs of Holland, who are very similar to the Belgian Malinois, the herding dog of Belgium. Ausczylwik was instrumental in getting the Dutch Shepherd breed recognised with the Australian Canine Council. Dont forget I emailed tons of breeders and they could barely send an email back, and when they did it didnt answer any of the questions I had asked. Countryside Kennels, LLC dog breedings goal is to provide you with the all-around dog that is the Lassie type, not in look but in loyalty and protection. We only produce working bloodlines and dogs balanced in mind, body and correct drive. Take a look at our facility. Our Dutch Shepherds have won natural awards in both AKC and UKC for rally and obedience. **This does not pertain to our training clients, Bill will still be doing some training on the side.**. President-elect Joe Biden named Denis McDonough, who served as White House chief of staff under . He is the grandson of Nico Van Neerland. We know you both are destined for great things! Available and ready for your home this month! It is quite challenging to find good, reputable Dutch Shepherd breeders in the United States. View more. from 957 reviews. Still, there are a few outstanding Dutch Shepherd Breeders in the USA that you need to consider if you are a fan of this wonderful dog breed. Initially, the Dutch Shepherd's coat could be any color. Our ambition is to breed mentally strong and capable dogs, with good health and exterior that are proficient no matter if theyre used as competitive dogs, police dogs, search & rescue dogs or any other area of expertise. Featured Listings. Dutch Shepherd Knoxville, Tennessee, United States. *Green started K9s up to 1 year of training start around $7500.00 depending on your needs. The reason why their price is so high is because these canines were subjected to dozens of hours of obedience, agility, and protection training.The advice is definitely dont buy this puppy for less than $1000! Their height will tend to vary between 22 and 25 inches. Home; Contact Us; . They all have same functions. 6-10 puppies: Puppy Prices: Average $1000 - $2500 USD. Again I hate to sound like Im trying to talk people out of them, but I do want folks to know what they are getting into. These old-fashioned working-stock dogs are generally amiable with everyone. Weaned, dewormed & has . Dutch Shepherds were first bred in the Brabant province of the Netherlands in the early 1800s and in nearby Belgium. Tiffany puts hours into early socialization and obedience training. We take thisextremely seriouslywith placing our dogs in lifetime homes where everyone is successful. Default Sorting. This is a very reasonable offer, considering that the puppy you will get will be perfectly healthy, socialized, and well-behaved. Dutch Shepherd. I have been breeding and training Dutch Shepherds and Malinois for over 30 years. The latter will perfectly fulfill all of your expectations and more! All rights reserved. The breed is known for their intelligence, athleticism . The deposit is a standard procedure in the overall purchasing process. Carpe Omnia Working Dogs is another amazing Dutch Shepherd breeder. If you pick up, we take cash, debit or credit card payments. Ausczylwik was instrumental in getting the Dutch Shepherd breed recognised with the Australian Canine Council. German Shepherd Puppies ready for your family! Consider one of our Dutch Shepherds if you have enjoyed a German Shepherd in the past, like what you hear about Malinois but . Males are between 22.5- 24.5 and females 21.5- 23.5. Ben gets to greet all the clients and their fury friends. Where you arent just getting a Dutch Shepherd~you are getting an AACHEN DUTCH SHEPHERD. We're a Dutch Shepherd kennel, working and breeding Dutch Shepherds for 17 years. They crave a job, learning and burning energyand if they are not given a good structured outlet for their drive they will make trouble finding their own job. I get puppy inquiries weekly, I send out a standard first reply that pretty much says the following information. This is one of the oldest and most reputable Dutch Shepherd breeders in the United States, for sure. Give a Dutchie an inch and they will roll right over the top of you. Puppies ready for their forever homes on March 1, 2020 ASK US HOW! We have puppies available right now and ready for your home! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. The reason why there is such a big difference in the price between puppies is mostly based on their trainability. Born December 17. The three varieties are . We do not recommend nor knowingly will sell a pup to a R+ training home with this breed, they need correction.so again a trainer with breed specific experience is so helpful. Cook Farm Kennels is located in Brown Summit, North Carolina. The breed's first standard dates from 12 June 1898. Malinois and Dutch Shepherd Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Having an independent nature, it . Dutch Shepherd. They can, and do, excel at anything their owners wish. This is certainly one of the greatest Dutch Shepherd breeders in the USA, and if you are Oklahoma-based you are more than welcome to visit the amazing Aachen Dutch Shepherds team! You will get a one-year guarantee on genetics, hips, and elbows. Welcome to the official website for North American Dutch Shepherd Rescue (NADSR), an organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing of Dutch Shepherds. We feel we have produced some very nice exceptional dogs during our time and want to thank everyone who entrusted us with their Dutch Shepherd needs! They take daily training, exercise and leadership to be the dog you want and one you are proud of. Select the area where you would like to locate rough-haired Dutch Shepherd breeders. Find a Dutch Shepherd puppy from reputable breeders near you in East Providence, RI. Dutch Shepherd Rescue Information: The Dutch Shepherd is a competent, intelligent working breed. The breed tends to grow to about 50 to 70 . Puppy Deposit & Payment. Many have no idea how much work and training these dogs take on a daily basis. Dutch Shepherds are good companions for children and make wonderful guard dogs and watchdogs. They absolutely need to be raised with the firm understanding they are not the boss. Not many breeders are involved in Dutch Shepherd breeding. They have better health than most GSD's, most Dutchies are just a step down from the Mals in drive and intensity, they have the loyalty and love of family that I always enjoyed from my German Shepherds, and they posses the speed and athletics of the Mal. Florida Residents: A COPY OF THE OFFICIAL REGISTRATION CH63229 AND FINANICAL INFORMATION MAY BE OBTAINED FROM THE FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE AND CONSUMER SERVICES BY CALLING TOLL-FREE WITHIN THE STATE 1-800-435-7352 OR VISITING WWW.800HELPFLA.COM. Size. Browse thru our ID Verified puppy for sale listings to find your perfect puppy in your area. All material, logo's, and pictures are under copyright and belong solely to Impact K9 USA LLC. She is clear headed. If your Dutch israised correctly with educated handlers the future is waiting to be taken. She makes sure that all puppies undergo regular health exams. This is a high drive working breed asking $2000. Our dogs have had zero health issues and minimal shedding of the coat. We here at Kraftwerk K9 care for and teach these world-class dogs to live up to their full potential. Hip testing reduces the chance of passing down hip dysplasia, which is primarily found in large breed dogs and can cause hip pain and the eventual loss of the function of the hip joint. When the first breed standard was written in 1898, the coat could be any colour, but in 1914, it was decided to allow only brindle to . After 7 years, we had to make the extremely hard decision to dissolve Impact K9 USA. Even the lower drive pups in a litter are still a lot of dog. Tiffany stands behind this beautiful dog facility. Proudly created with Wix.com. these dogs are high energy working dogs with quirks and aren't for everyone! So I came across the website and it was exactly what I was looking for. For complete information visit: Aachen Dutch Shepherds is featured in the very FIRST BOOK ever written about the breed as being the #1 REPUTABLE place to get your Dutch Shepherd from! They are extremely high prey, toy, food driven, high energy and a lot of dog. All puppies are subjected to Early Neurological Stimulation. Our furry best friends need more than they deserve for all the love theyre giving unconditionally. Ausczylwik Kennels is located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. At Kingdom Kennels we believe great dogs start with the best pedigree, intelligent minds, correct conformation, high drive and strong nerves. Dutchies are being seen in police work and IPO/Schutzhund bite work, S&R and other nose work venues, herding, dock diving, lure coursing, agility and obedienceto name a few. Dutch Shepherds have a happy disposition and are friendly and affectionate. If youre trapped in a Belgian Malinois Vs. Dutch Shepherd dilemma dont hesitate too much. Get Notified. For more info, check out our about us page. I have success with my dogs but it is a LOT of work, this lifestyle is not natural to the breed.many can absolutely do it, but it takes training and commitment. 58 certified breeders. 2022. We are not a big kennel operation here at, 2023 by PleasantDreamsFarm. Their first litter was born June 26. 4. Many of our dogs end up in sport homes or Law Enforcement but they also make excellent family companions. Their first litter was born June 26. His owner said the judges were coming up to him after the show to remark what a PERFECT dog he is. We also ship anywhere in the United States. That said, this breed is a LOT of work, and does not fit well into all homes. Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue (SSR) was founded in 2017 and is a 501c3, all-volunteer rescue focused primarily on the rescue of German Shepherd Dogs.We are based out of the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, but expand our reach and work to save German Shepherd Dogs in heavily populated areas throughout the country. We've connected loving homes to reputable breeders since 2003 and we want to help you find the puppy your whole family will love. Bill makes sure that you get a high-quality life companion. Dutch Shepherd Rescue Information: The Dutch Shepherd is a competent, intelligent working breed. These dogs should be able to fit into whatever situation they find themselves in, and will not require a gifted handler. Contact us at aachendutchshepherds@yahoo.com or 405-899-4438 about YOUR Aachen Dutch Shepherd puppy! Aechen Dutch Shepherd dogs are involved in law enforcement and police tasks, but they are also high-drive dogs specialized for military services. Our Aachen Dutch Shepherds can be competition Sport K9s, to police dogs, Search and Rescue dogs, Therapy dogs, Agility dogs, Service/PTSD dogs, personal protection dogs, children and family guardians, livestock herders, etc. The Dutch Shepherd is not yet an American Kennel Club-recognized breed. It's fast and easy. It's easy and free! The Dutch ones are also pretty trainable!The breed can live both indoors and outdoors. Nulla sit Our Aachen Dutch Shepherds lineage represent the rarest, original and purest variety of the Dutch Shepherd available in the world, bred from the imported European working Dutch Shepherd stock~ from our FCI Dutch Shepherds, WHICH IS WHAT WE HAVE AND WHAT YOUR PUPPY IS BRED FROM, with documented bloodlines and pedigrees. The breeder requires a $500 deposit prior to purchase. We import quality Dutch Shepherds from KNPV bloodlines. There are some breeders who sell Dutch Shepherds for just $500.On the other hand, the price of K9 protection dogs, or law enforcement dogs, can go from $5000 to $6000. Dog for adoption. Contact us (540) 764-4158. 4.5 stars. amet tellus imperdiet, fermentum quam id, tincidunt metus. Alicia said Ben has the sweetest personality and most wonderful temperament. Find rough-haired Dutch Shepherd breeders near me. Very enjoyable experience and i would recommend her to anyone and everyone looking for one of these dogs. Limited puppies for sale. This is a 100+ year old breed that pretty much looks the same as it did 100 years ago. Location: 21301 N.1050th Rd, Adair, Illinois. The short-hair types will only need occasional brushing. Size. All rights reserved. The average price of a Dutch Shepherd puppy revolves around $1500 to $2000. Proudly created with. Welcome! It can be done, but again is best for families that are savvy with high drive breeds and training. Contact us at aachendutchshepherds@yahoo.com or 405-899-4438 about YOUR Aachen Dutch Shepherd puppy! We are located outside of Orange County Upstate NY/ NJ area. With over 36 years of experience, our Aachen Dutch Shepherds excel at a variety of K9 tasks and settings from family guardians, to the sport enthusiast, to professional trainers, to law enforcement. All rights reserved. Welcome to what we call our Countryside Blend! metuchen school district calendar Many of our dogs end up in sport homes or Law Enforcement but they also make excellent family companions. Anyone considering the breed please know what you are in for. Puppies in this kennel are FCI-registered, well-behaved, health-tested, and socialized from their first day. Hi animal lovers, I see you are looking for Belgian Malinois Breeders East Coast. ( Imprinted tracking, obedience, detection and protection). Dutch Shepherds are considered multipurpose working dogs. Phone number: (405) 899-4438. (540) 764-4158. Happy Clients and puppies; Fall 2022. A professional balanced trainer with working dog experience at the ready is a must. Contact. Bill is a long-time Dutch Shepherd trainer and breeder. Dutch Shepherds will stop intruders but will welcome people they know. Life span: 12-15 years. Im sure that you will be pretty amazed. Quite simply, we have the finest and best bred 100% European imported FCI-KNPV titled, registered and bloodline pedigreed Dutch Shepherds and their puppies available anywhere on the North American continent. These dogs are trained to protect, defend, and be on alert. Specialties: With over 30 years experience, Aachen Dutch Shepherds has the North Americas finest, best bred European- FCI-KNPV titled, registered and bloodline pedigree Dutch Shepherds. Do make sure you research true Dutchies many rescue Dutch Shepherds are giving people a false picture of the breed. If you are on our waiting list and need recommendations on other breeders, please reach out, and we will help as much as we can. East Coast Shepherds. pine hills plymouth, ma hoa fees; mmcc after school program; how many tornadoes in michigan per year; rod arquette age; jennifer guy newfoundland; canadian battery recycling companies stock. Anything less can screw up your dogPetCo classes dont cut it. The name has an interesting meaning behind it. Please submit a form and let us know how we can help you! Call us and we will help you get the right K9 puppy in your budget. The response from past puppy homes have been overwhelming positive. Then I discovered the Dutch Shepherd. Upcoming Litters. (I screen every potential Owner anyway and will be flat out honest if this breed is for you or not!) or simply a dog that just gets it with a zest for life. The breed is highly reduced and almost extinct since farming technology has advanced and these athletic canines services are no longer as needed as they used to be. This breeder has European-imported Dutch Shepherds of outstanding bloodline. The "Dutch Shepherd" or "Hollandse Herder" as it is known in it's homeland, the Netherlands , is an FCI registered breed. They have cute and cuddly Mini Aussies and beautiful Standard Aussies. High drive is a serious need and want to do something with all their energy and brains. We specialize in European working line. They are athletic, spirited, and highly independent. Not every dog that is brindle with pointy ears is a Dutchiemost in fact are German Shepherd X Pit mixes that are obviously nothing like the real dealwe see this a LOT. You must email us to schedule a visit. They look after our children. He also helped shepherd the Veterans Choice Act to passage. If you plan to get a dog from our kennel, you should have a very clear idea of what you wish to accomplish. **This does not pertain to our training clients, Bill will still be doing some training on the side. If you're thinking about getting a German Shepherd puppy, we have put together a list of German Shepherd breeders from across the USA. Those are dogs that have the human connection to succeed at any task to where dog and human succeed. Ben resides is Georgia with his owner Alicia Dunkin, who takes him to work with her everyday at the veterinarian clinic where she works. Pearblossom, CA.

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