do border collies get along with cats

Certain ways can help you introduce a border collie with a cat. Border Collies and cats co-exist? : r/BorderCollie If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Consult a professional: If your dogs chasing behavior is severe or you are unable to address it on your own, consider consulting a professional dog trainer or behaviorist. Will my border collie hurt my cat? Border collies are avid herders and may attempt to herd cats. To own a border collie is a bit of an undertaking as its a lot of work keeping these dogs occupied, but you will enjoy teaching your border collie new tricks. A good strategy is to purchase a ball launcher, like this excellent product on Amazon, and routinely play fetch with them in your backyard/garden or on walks. Perhaps the most intelligent dog breed, she's outsmarted . . each, 32 count, Rocco & Roxie Stain & Odor Eliminator for Strong Odor - Enzyme Pet Odor Eliminator for Home - Carpet Stain Remover for Cats and Dog Pee - Enzymatic Cat Urine Destroyer - Carpet Cleaner Spray, Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach Dog Food With Probiotics for Dogs, Salmon & Rice Formula - 30 lb. For some, that love can extend to cats. The owner of this website,, is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking review to Amazon properties including, but not limited to, (and 2 small dogs) No problems between the dogs and the cats. They get along great for the most part. While showing him about your house, teach your new cat where to go when he wants to be alone. 12 dog breeds that are good with cats - Betterpet When Border Collies do hate cats, of the most common reason is quite straightforward. You must be consistent when training your border collie to behave well with the cat and not allow the border collie to become bored as this can lead to trouble. At 13 weeks my puppy is full on into herding my three year old male cat. In short, yes they can be good with cats if they are introduced in the right way and trained where necessary. Many people might still be on the fence about this method of training. Tip #3: Brush Up on Recall Skills and Basic Commands. This will help to reinforce the desired behavior. Keep an eye on the borderas they engage with the cat. Although not all herding dogs live well with cats, collies are a bit mellower than some other herding breeds and generally can resist the instinct to herd when the behavior wouldn't be appropriate (such as chasing the family cat). Border collies can get along well with cats and dogs of any breed, so long as they're introduced at a relatively young age in a calm, secure environment. Border collies that have been brought up with cats as puppies are less likely to behave aggressively. This helps prevent competition and conflicts. This dog breed requires at least one hour of exercise each day; puppies generally need more exercise than this. Like the Bearded Collie, the Border Collie is a high-energy herding dog. Separate your border collie from your new cat, but allow them to hear and smell it before fully introducing them. My goal is tolerance between the two. Nope, they are mortal enemies, don't get along at all. 10 Best Dog Breeds That Get Along With Cats - The Spruce Pets Kind and empathetic, Golden Retrievers accept cats readily as part of the family. You may notice your border collie following your cat around the house, as if trying to guide them. Here are the qualities you can expect from raising a Border Collie dog, on a scale of 1 paw (low) to 5 paws (high). It is also important to remember that stopping your dog from chasing a cat is always better than trying to correct the behavior after it happens. Do Border Collies Kill Cats. Border collies and cats, anyone? - BC Boards Are Border Collies Good With Cats? 10 Essential Training Tips! Are Border Collies Good With Cats? [What You Must Know] - Pet Educate Ladybug had obviously been taught to not chase cats before we got her. This large breed is generally known for its calm demeanor and somewhat low activity level, so its size shouldn't be that intimidating for a cat. Brodie has been pretty tolerant as well. Once the dog starts to take the treat, say leave it and close your hand. This working farm dog is famous for his intimidating "eye" - a fixed, hypnotic stare as he crouches low and creeps up on the sheep. If you really do have to leave your Border Collie and rabbit alone together, unsupervised, make sure they are both secure. The Border Collie, a medium-sized dog at 30 to 45 pounds, possesses a seemingly supernatural amount of energy and stamina a hardiness that was developed when he was required to work all day in. Whether other animals will enjoy living with a Border is another question. However, cats have razor-sharp claws, and they will put up a fight when cornered. If both the cat and the border collie have pleasant personalities, the border collie should be able to get along with the cat in less than a month with regular repetition. When the dog stops trying to take the treat, reward them with a different treat. My dogs have better games to play, and it's not fair for the cat (the dog is bigger) or the dog (the cat has claws). Every border collie is different; some are likely to get along better with cats than others. The following are the four best breeds known to get along well with German Shepherds: Siberian Huskies. if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[250,250],'petcreeks_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_5',649,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-petcreeks_com-large-mobile-banner-1-0');All these issues can be resolved if you get both from a younger age. Physical Characteristics: Large, heavy-coated, powerful body; broad, massive head; small ears that lie close to the head. No matter the gender, they will typically weigh between 30 to 55 pounds (14 to 25 kg). Although the Border collie is not an aggressive breed, he has been bred to inherit the first few steps of the wolfs Predatory Sequence Eye, Orient, Stalk, and Chase. How big do Border Collies get? Put all of your border collies toys, bed, bowls, and other possessions away before bringing in the cat. Lets quickly look at some pros and cons. Golden Retrievers. The stigma that cats and dogs don't get along is a long-standing myth. The dogs, surprised, took off around the back of the house being chased by this little cat. Use positive reinforcement: Reward your dog when they do not chase a cat or when they come back to you when they see a cat. Owning a border collie comes along with a range of considerations and challenges. Puppies raised with cats are less likely to exhibit predatory aggression towards them when they become full-grown adults. It is important to remember that each pet is an individual and may have different needs. But if you have the patience and commitment, it is not impossible to reform your pooch. They blended so well together, you couldn't tell where cat ended and dog started. By Despite having a pet gate, you should not allow Border collies and cats to meet for at least three days, if not a full week. If your cat prefers to be left alone, dislikes excessive attention and shows low tolerance for other animals, he probably wont be a good companion for a border collie. However, you should not remove the barriers until your pup becomes less interested in your cat. Bear was raised around a siamese that would swat him on the nose regularlysometimes to keep him in line, sometimes for no reason at all. Physical Characteristics: Small, barreled body; round, wrinkled head; short nose; curly tail. Grab, bite, kill, dissect, and consume are already included in the program . How Do I Stop a Dog From Attacking a Cat?. Nevertheless, it is crucial for any owner to understand the personality and specific traits of a particular dog or cat, before having them coexist. Take your cat inside for a 3- to 4-minute stroll while your border collie is on a leash or in a kennel. They happily cuddle and co-exist, but in play, I believe the participants should be evenly matched - dogs with dogs and well, my cats seem to prefer to sleep. Make sure that your cat or cats have a safe place when they need to escape your dog. So, you need to keep a close eye on this behavior as herding can involve nipping, which might cause injury to your/ a local cat. He is 12 now and has not slowed down noticeably. As a result, if the cat is also playful and enjoys being on the move, they can form a close relationship. German shepherds are not only extremely intelligent, they love to learn, follow commands and have a great work ethic. To increase your chances of a happy multi-species household, make sure your individual animals' temperaments and personalities are compatible. Let us now take a closer look at how these two animals typically do alongside one another before we move onto some introduction, socialization and training tips. Are Border Collies good with cats? Bag, Purina Fancy Feast Grain Free Pate Wet Cat Food Variety Pack, Poultry & Beef Collection - 3 oz. So these fluffy little canines are rarely a threat to feline friends. If your collie turns out to be cat-friendly, think about getting a kitten rather than an adult cat. An excellent strategy to help your pets acclimate each other's scents is to exchange their toys, blankets, and beds at least twice a day. Teach your dog the leave it command: This command tells the dog to stop what they are doing and focus on you. At best, the Border Collie and rabbit will adore each other and spend lots of time together, while at worst, they will be indifferent to each other, and will ignore each other. It is possible to have both a dog and a cat as pets in the same household. Does your Border Collie get along with your cat? What's their - Quora Of course, regular walks and play are equally effective. Newfies are patient, calm, and protective of their family members. As previously mentioned, border collies are natural herders with a range of specific skills and behaviors. Border Collies can be taught to get along with cats. 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Physical Characteristics: Medium-length, silky wavy coat; adults have feathering on their ears, chest, legs, feet, and tail. As long as you foster them well and supervise their relation in the initial stages, you are good to go. Regardless, a Border collie may still attempt to gather indoor cats and other smaller pets to exercise his deep innate need. 2 border collies, 2 cats. Collies are generally very loyal to their owner and to anyone else they see as a part of their pack. Border collies are meant to be in tune with their person, but also to be aware of the movement of the sheep. This behavior is inherited from their ancestors, who were used to herd sheep and other livestock. HiQ Border Collies - Border Collie FAQs I am also the main writer and chief editor here at Pet Educate; a site I created to share everything Ive learned about pet ownership over the years and my extensive research along the way. Are you sure that it is not your cat who is initiating the confrontations? Are Border Collies Good With Cats? [2022 Updated] (2022) Massage your hands on your border collies back while drawing the cat closer with one hand to praise him for being calm. Make sure that you have a good supply of doggie treats; you can break these up into small pieces and offer them to your dog as a reward for good behavior. . Because border collies are friendly dogs that enjoy being around other dogs, it will be simple, yetyou have to beconsistent. Overall, it is possible to have both a dog and a cat in the same household. Out of sight, I heard a yelp from Meg and then both dogs come running full speed back to the car and jump in. It is easier to train a border collie when they are a puppy (as puppies are fast learners), preferably younger than 12 weeks old. Provide plenty of exercises and mental stimulation: A tired and mentally stimulated dog is less likely to engage in problem behaviors like chasing. Encourage your little collie to interact with the feline member of the household, but be sure to supervise playtime. 5 Borders, 4 cats. Though he's likely to get along just fine with cats, he also might try to herd them plus other dogs in the house, children and even you. Border Collies With Cats. She sees a dog, she flees to the nearest high place. She and Robin occasionally snooze near each other but not on top of each other. Border Collie, Poodle Height 15-22 inches Bordoodle Basics Also known as the Borpoo, Borderdoodle, Borderpoo, and Border Poodle, the Bordoodle is a fantastic family dog. On the other hand, a playful kitty who likes being chased and loves to razz your dog could be a suitable playmate. Shih Tzu. You want to make sure that Doggo will return to you regardless of what he is doing. And toy dogs were mostly bred to be loving companions even to other species. Can You Train Your Border Collie To Herd Cats? Border collies have lots of energy that needs to be channeled the right way. . Border Collies require a lot of . High protein formula, with real salmon as the first ingredient Thirty (30) 3 oz. But what about cats? Collies are athletic; they do best with a lot of exercise and companionship . At three months old, the border collie is still developing and obeying obedience training guidelines, as well as growing more affectionate towards any family members. There should be no problem as long as your Border collie finds him uninteresting. Breed Characteristics. Pugs are charming and happy little dogs that can get along with almost anybody. If so,, Are you at your wits end trying to stop your, Does your pup become possessive of their toys and rawhide, Does your pooch seem to be hiding under the bed, Is your pup traumatized after a spay? The dogs are taught that they mustn't chase the cats, but I do allow play if the cat intiates it. Adopt your border collie while he is still a puppy younger than 12 weeks old. Are Border Collies Good With CATS? - Oodle Life Also, it helps to provide your cat with a high place to run to. If your cat doesnt have a place to run to, they will likely become aggressive toward your border collie. 5: Border Collie. Collie Exercise Border collies need both physical and mental challenges -- agility courses, training, games of fetch and regular walks or runs. Both need rewarding for this behavior and you want to promote good behavior as much as possible. . He generally ignores them unless they initiate contact with him. I also use "that'll do" when I think she's over-herding the cat, or "leave it" when he seems like he wants to be left alone. They even sometimes snuggle together, which is pretty shocking considering that neither cats nor BCs are usually too enthusiastic about cuddling. It is wise to install a pet gate before you bring your Border collie home. If your cat and your border collie get along, and your cat likes mischievous fun, they can often have a stimulating time together. CERTIFIED GENTLE AND SAFE Chlorine free and color safe. Border Collies love chasing or herding things and can start chasing or herding this may be difficult for you and your cat. Yes, the Border Collie can chase the cat and vice versa, but with proper training and supervision, these can become great friends. Cats can live with some Border Collies, but the cat has to be pretty darn tolerant of being herded and checked on all the time. Firstly, before we continue it is important you know that border collies are not the best breed of dog for cats because they were selectively bred to be herding dogs. In fact, toy poodles are roughly the size of many cats and often will become close companions and playmates with their feline friends. Border Collies and Cats: Are They Good with Cats? - FurryHerders Hence, it would be best if you taught your Border collie that supervising the whiskered creature is not his job. if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'petcreeks_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_4',129,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-petcreeks_com-medrectangle-3-0');In this post, I will highlight some advantages and disadvantages of having a border collie and a cat, then I will discuss ways to introduce both of them. Because they are herding dogs, Borders usually get along with other animals. Cans - Purina Fancy Feast Grain Free Pate Wet Cat Food Variety Pack, Poultry & Beef Collection Made with turkey. Only positive training techniques should be used. And as long as he isn't in my arms, Meg gets insanely jealous whenever I pick up a cat. A natural part of herding is 'nipping' which will not likely be received very well by your cat. 10 Most Cat-Friendly Dog Breeds - Vetstreet | Vetstreet 05 of 10 Golden Retriever I did have a short-term (thankfully) foster who was on a mission to kill cats. Border Collies are a versatile breed. Getting a cat can assist a border collie in overcoming socialization and anxiety issues. So gentle its been Certified Safe for all carpets, earning the Seal of Approval by the trusted Carpet and One (1) 30 lb. Collie - Scottish Collie - Facts and Traits | Hill's Pet

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