dana 24 circumnavigation

One reason for adding fibres is to give the glue more flexibility. My last boat was covered in varnish. With the Navico TP30 autopilot its rare when I have to take the helm. Moved Permanently. Its the down side of owning such a solid boat! a. Hello, All the water that collects on the deck runs out through two scuppers on each side of the hull. The Dana is also built to a specification and not to a price and because of this she could never be described as a cheap boat. The setees double as berths, and additional length is attained by extending the foot of the berths under the forward berth. I then use a telescopic whisker pole to pole out the jib or staysail (depending on how much wind there is). Again, practical but somehow out of character, cold and unfriendly. No doubt it was one of those things that just wasnt worth doing properly, after all, how many people would actually be showering in there? Nothing fell off the shelves, in fact the motion down below was actually rather mellow and well damped. In the US gas bottles are generally aluminium so a bit of salt water on them is no problem, however in Europe we have steel bottles and they tend to rust up quickly. They are all oversized and totally solid. Mobile Industrial Aftermarket Dana offers a number of aftermarket brands featuring genuine, all makes, and value lines. Enough supplies for a month can be carried with ease making the Dana much much more than just a weekender. I was looking for the perfect pocket cruiser and I have now found it. Of course, you'd see a lot less than you would on a 6-year circumnavigation like ours, but you get it done in a fraction of the cost and less risk. I was wondering if you had more pictures of your boat? The 60 litre fuel tank lives behind the lead keel under the floor and and is generally made of aluminium. Many people will not even consider the Dana because it has no aft cabin or is only 24 feet long. Worst features: Some light-air sailors may not like her low SA/D ratio. Jack and Zdenka Griswold. I apply the oil with a sponge and try to get as much as possible on. Its a sad fact of life that a yacht today needs a motor. There are no bolts to corrode. [3], The design has a PHRF racing average handicap of 221 and a hull speed of 6.2kn (11.5km/h). My last boat was simply dreadful and Ive seen many small boats rolling so badly one wonders how the occupants can survive with their sanity intact. The Dana is a heavy boat but thats a good thing in rough weather. | 24sata Ne zna to proputa! The Dana is completely hand made using a variety of different cloths and then hand squeegied to get the very best cloth to resin ratio. The interior is Crealock at his best. A Seven-year Circumnavigation. It says much for their foresight and quality of work that the same moulds they made 25 years ago are still in use today. The lead ballast alone weighs 1.4 tons, or about 40% which is quite a lot by todays standards. Starry Horizons' optimum point of sail is about 90 degrees on the beam. The Dana does come as standard with a swimming ladder whose bottom step goes far into the water making getting in and out of the water a doddle although it does make getting on and off from the stern at the quay rather inconvenient. Its simple things like this that make the Dana so excellent. The capping is now visible whereas before it disappeared under the platform and a nice boaty type feature was lost. The teak oil finish is still good on Doolittle despite living on her for almost 7 years now. Theme: Newsup by Themeansar. Or both. You can choose to opt out of Googles use of cookies by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy. Having sailed over 10,000 miles in Doolittle I can happily say that I would take her anywhere and she wouldnt let me down. Varnish would have done the same so there are no real disadvantages to oiling. As a boat builder of 20 years I can tell you that although she may have some issues, none of them are particularly serious and can be easily remedied. Shows the way the substantial bowsprit platform is fitted on top of the bowsprit. You wont fall off the Dana easily. I also noticed during my tour of the factory that no additives were put into the epoxy which leaves it hard and brittle. When he designed the Dana back in the early 1980s he was about 65 years old and he used all his hard earned experience gained from a lifetime of creating and sailing yachts. This is good news as it means that it can be polished many times before wearing through. The tank has a built in fuel gauge which can only be seen by lifting the floor. One annoying thing that PSC do for want of a simpler solution is to fit the steering compass on the starboard aft end of the cabin which sadly spoils an otherwise excellent place to sit. Depending on how the wood was cut and the direction of the grain will have a huge effect on how much and in what direction it moves. Another good bit of design that you might have missed is the simple fact that at anchor, the Dana does not slap her arse into the waves. Better glue lines on this bowsprit and much easier to maintain and inspect. Halberg Rassys new 35 footer has no chart table and Im sure that in the future very few, if any, small boats will have dedicated chart tables. In fact shes quite happy in nasty conditions like this but she would be better if she would just sit at 45 degrees to the wind. Very well writen and instructive! One thing that the Dana will not do is hove to and its a shame because being hove to is an excellent tactic in heavy weather or whenever you just want to stop. 11 METER OD ODR * (U)*. Fortunately, thanks to the good basic principals of PSC the tank is easily removed for replacement. Re: Dana 24. Over 6 foot of headroom and even a table that slides away under the V berth. Even the saloon bunks are fully 2 metres long and easily wide enough for bottoms and sleeping. Wherever a pipe goes through a bulk head, it is always protected from chafe by the use of a piece of larger diameter pipe in the hole. What an excellent review on a fantastic vessel. Your article has spurred me on! This boat can go anywhere. Quite a few Dana 24s are available on the used-boat market, from California and Washington to the Eastern Seaboard, and we found that prices ranged from $45,000 for a 1985 model to $115,000 for a 2004 boat. The bowsprit allows great anchor options but also makes a great platform for watching dolphins or just contemplating the universe as you sail along. I never did discover why they stopped using them but it was a mistake as they gave the boat a nice individual look that no other boats on the market could match. The boat has three sails in good condition, main, jib and another . Yet its big enough to offer real ocean crossing ability at speeds that can surprise. The Dana 24 is a recreational keelboat, built predominantly of fiberglass, with wood trim. This is something that almost no other manufacturer offers anymore but to my mind, a rudder is really important so it needs protecting and it needs to be strong. Nothing much. The list is intended mainly for cruising boats, but we are happy to note anyone whose circumnavigation was completed during the course of a race. Godinu i po dana se ekalo na ovako nisku cenu gasa: Evropa moe malo da predahne. It might be better to carry a spare engine fuel pump as they are very small and simply change it if it fails, rather than having a heavy, large and mostly useless electric pump in the engine bay. I googled Dana 24 after seeing an ad in my regional sailing magazine your review was the first result. Short film made with GoPro HD under and above water. A light boat might be faster but its more susceptible to waves and the quicker movement will tire you out quicker. This picture shows the Danas spacious oiled teak interior. Theres not much that can be done about this. Leica M9, 21mm Asph Cabin looking aft. I have owned 5 yachts so far and was looking for a yacht that was small enough for me to handle by myself or big enough to enjoy company. It slides under the bed when you dont want it in sight and is a very clever solution to the age old table issue on small boats. World ARC's minimum requirement for boat size is 27'. The cut away forefoot and all that freeboard means that the bows will get blown down and theres not much you can do about it. The Mark 2 Danas were about $70,000 which although still expensive for a 24 foot boat were more attainable and about 350 have been made over the last 25 years. Theres even a Yahoo group for the Dana and a lot of experienced sailors on it who know the boat well and are more happy to share their knowledge. I might not always agree that PSC chose the right way but they did at least consider it and then chose the best compromise that fitted into their philosophy for building boats. Luckily the bilge stays pretty clean as the cabin floor is sealed and there is a sump tray under the engine to catch spills. Why not? Its also easier for PSC to fit the seacocks centrally as they are easier to fit and connect. All I know is that I did get my boat and only a week late. What this means is that there are no streaks of dirt down the hull as you will find on many modern boats. I dont know what PSC were thinking about. (See website). The head door is a solid teak frame with teak ply panels held in place with a full length bronze piano hinge and a lot of screws. Beautiful photos too. Additional sleeping space is provided by the dinette settees, which extend under the forward "V"-berth for extra leg room. I totaly agree that the Dana 24 is the perfect little Big yacht. The gel coat appears to be about 2mm thick! Often heavy displacement boats like the Dana have a reputation for being poor sailors and it has been said that the Dana doesnt sail well in light airs. The sail also damps the roll slightly when anchored. For anyone submitting names for that category, please note the name of the race along with the date (s) and we will include that as part of your listing. How many other people have a metal pole in their living room? Doolittle in the Canal du Midi. The record for circumnavigating the world within our own atmosphere was set back in 1992 by Air France, who made the trip in the Concorde in a little under 33 hours. Mind you we had 35 knots of wind, two reefs in the main and the staysail. [1][2][3][4], The design was built by Pacific Seacraft in the United States from 1984 to 1999, but the company went out of business in 2007. Even the fridge lid is about three inches thick and because its a top loader it is even more efficient. The important things in my opinion are not size (within linits) but good design and sound construction. This little mizzen (Slocum called it a jigger) allows the Dana to hove to perfectly. It was because we had been knocked down to 90 degrees and a wave had broken over the deck. In the meantime I will enjoy my Graceful Exit on the Pacific coast. how to connect oculus quest 2 to apple tv; jd gyms jobs; There is a shower grate made of teak and a useful and deep sump to catch the shower water. This is more than just helpful, dirt and grime will damage gel coat given time so by staying clean, it stays good looking and shiny for longer. This was a Cruising Club of America sunflower raft three days ago . Theres no room behind the engine to get in and theres not much at the tank end either. It is a bit odd when you stop and think about it. The cockpit is over 6 feet long. Cleaning the bilge is one job that is practically impossible to do as there is no way to get to it. The lockers and cupboards do not have ventilation holes between them, they are all so well glassed in. The boat has a very nice spacious and open feel to it. I think this is unnecessary. dana 24 circumnavigation. Certainly, Slocum's cruise west about from New Bedford, Massachusetts . They even had the PSC logo embossed in the outside frames. Another nice feature that might not be obvious is that they are placed on the outside of the hull which has the advantage of making the decks wider and thus easier to walk along and also reduce the chance of deck leaks. Its just one of the prices that must be paid for that large open plan interior. The bloke who put the woodwork in the boat must have been half blind or incompetent. I am planning on purchasing a boat next Spring, and while I am still very open minded about what I will end up with, I believe that my top two choices are the Island Packet 27 and the Orion.

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