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Airlines let it fly for FREE because its a stroller. Were independently supported by our readers and we may earn a commission when you buy through our links. Since they are constantly seeking to improve and innovate, hopefully they will add one to the Wonderfold Wagon accessories section soon! The Wonderfold wagon: the most economical stroller-wagon out there, but it doesn't compromise on quality. I am the last of my girlfriends to have a baby by about 5 years, I dont have a relationship with my mother, my mother-in-law is not my style (to put it nicely), and at some point all of the books people recommend start to contradict each other. -All-terrain XL wheels with suspension and bearings for a smooth ride and easy maneuvering 2 Seater. With the handlebar swiveled down, the Wonderfold is very easy for toddlers to push which kids obviously love. Be sure to wipe off any remaining water with a dry cloth. The Wonderfold Wagon W1 Original Double Stroller Wagon can comfortably fit two children with extra space for bags and necessities, as well as extra storage on all sides of the basket. Unfortunately, theres no option to purchase all-terrain tires separately. M Series. Well go through what you should look for and then review each stroller wagon in detail, so youll know whether either one of these will work for you. It comes with a full canopy that you can slide open or remove completely. -Seats up to four children with 5-point safety harnesses with pads for added comfort *X4M comes with magnetic 5-point safety harnesses Just follow a few simple steps: If you have any questions outside this Wonderfold Wagon strollers review, you can reach the brand via: Your email address will not be published. One of the biggest advantages of getting a stroller wagon is that its so much more versatile than a traditional stroller. We will be doing a little vlogging while using our W4 so you can see it in. If you have more questions about theW Seriesvs.X Seriesdebate, feel free to contact us at480-442-9433 or customercare@strolleria.com, Earn 10% back in points on every purchase, then redeem for a discount, Talk to an expert via phone, chat or e-mail to find the gear that's right for you, Find answers to questions about shipping, returns, compatibility and more, Join our e-mail list for promotions, product releases and more, Double wagons range in weight from 32 pounds for the X2 up to to 55 pounds for the W2 Luxe. This Wonderfold Wagon strollers review discovered a promotion where you can get $20 off your first purchase if you sign up for the brands email list! You may be wondering at this point: How do I know if these products are right for my family? Add to Cart. Baby Products Strollers & Accessories Strollers . W4 Elite: 300 pounds (99 pounds per 2-seat bench) X4 / X4M: 180 pounds. All Terrain Wheels. The biggest pro of Wonderfold is that the whole thing gives the kids a 360 view and is tall enough for the kids to stand/sit and safely see those 4ft tall exhibits and fences at zoo, museums. Sometimes, taking our little ones on the go with us is nearly impossible! Material W4 Luxe Quad Stroller Wagon: 4.8/5 stars out of 56 reviews. Material Make every moment matter. Does the Wonderfold W4 fit through doorways? Care Underlining considering the size, because lets be real: it doesnt maneuver as well as a single stroller or a twin double stroller. The Keenz 7S can hold 2 kids and up to 110 pounds. -Removable canopy with adjustable canopy poles to accommodate growing children Buyers can change or cancel their order by contacting [emailprotected]. Add to Cart. -Easy to fold and stands when folded, X4 Push + Pull Quad Stroller Wagon (4 Seater), Removable Canopy with Adjustable Canopy Poles. While the Keenz wagon doesnt have tires that will never go flat, it actually offers you the option to purchase all-terrain tires separately, making it a more suitable option for families who plan on hiking, going to the beach, or visiting otherwise rugged terrain. The Wonderfold Wagon comes with regular wheels that wont work on all terrains. The Keenz wagon is 44 inches tall, 34.6 inches long, and 19.4 inches wide when its unfolded. WonderFold's W Series wagons have more features and upgraded seating compared to the X Series, though the X Series includes some features not included with one or both W Series models. The push on the Wonderfold wagon is very smooth, but it really only excels on completely flat/level surfaces. In addition to the size and weight, youll want to make sure your stroller wagon is easy to collapse and expand. Recline: Remove the seats and create a playpen or bassinet for napping. The handlebar height on the W1 is somewhat maneuverable with a swivel, which is a plus, but gosh I wish it swiveled farther. Another downside to the Keenz wagon is that its only rated for children 12 months and older. W2 Elite Double Stroller Wagon (2 Seater) $489. I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for your emails. X Series wagons fold in one motion, with one hand after you remove the canopy. W4 Elite Quad Stroller Wagon. Sheridan is a writer from Hamilton, Ontario. Most double strollers even the best top out at about ~90 pounds max in terms of weight limit, but the W1 affords up to 90 pounds per seat. A Wonderfold Wagon can carry between 150 to 350 pounds. The company has been mentioned in popular media outlets such as Fox21 News and Vogue. Depends. -1-step foot brake system It may put some families in a tight spot when it comes to fitting all of their kids and cargo. X Series. The wagon folds up for easy transportation and weighs only 33 pounds. Care Optional sun cover. It turns on grass, city streets, sidewalks, and its all easy to maneuver considering the size. 16 16 reviews. The W2 Elite and W4 Elite have the same features as the LUXE except the wheels are slightly smaller, the harness buckle is not magnetic, and the handlebar is covered in neoprene for a comfortable grip. Perfect for on the go, now your family can cruise the world with ease. You can obviously use some of the wagon for storage, and theres actually a decent amount of side-pocket storage and saddle storage bags, but theres nowhere for a big bag or larger items (again, unless you have available wagon space). How heavy is the Wonderfold wagon W4? Some are easy to collapse while others may not be. Free Shipping on orders over $75. View sample plans. Ive had my Wonderfold Wagon for almost two years now. X4M Magnetic Harness Push + Pull Stroller Wagon Shop. Can You Put a Car Seat in a Wonderfold Wagon? You can say goodbye to juggling extra bags, baby items, and your necessary morning coffee. Would it fit in Europe? And most other 2-seat stroller-wagons, like the Veer Cruiser and the Keenz, have a weight of 110 pounds. There are stroller wagons of all different sizes and shapes. Its not easy, but its wasnt unbearably hard you will get there I will say. Havent used it yet. The only difference between W4 Elite and W4 Luxe is slightly larger wheels, leather handlebar and magnetic harnesses. Wonderfold offers an assortment of stroller wagons, including some 4-seaters. Today we're reviewing the WonderFold stroller wagon and comparing it to the Keenz. Stroller-wagons have been all the rage the last few years, and though there is SO much to love about them, they might not be the best fit for every family and most likely wont replace your day-to-day stroller. My oldest is 15, but Autistic and I still have to pay close attention to him while we are out. 2:17 . Wheels: Clean stroller wagon wheels regularly with water and remove any dirt. We find every excuse to use it. Basically, they promise versatility and longevity. The all terrain tires make it easier for the wagon to move with you, and you can also decide if you want to push or pull the wagon depending on the handle you use. X4M Magnetic Harness Push + Pull Stroller Wagon, X2M Magnetic Harness Push + Pull Stroller Wagon, Folding Pet Stroller with Zipperless Entry & Reversible Handle Bar. -Easy to fold and stands when folded, W4 Original Quad Stroller Wagon (4 Seater), Removable Canopy with Adjustable Canopy Fabric. However, youll want to make sure it fits in your car. Its overall weight capacity is higher, carrying up to 300 pounds. 100% Polyester ); Multiple kids at a time who like to interact with one another. 98 followers. -All-terrain wheels with suspension and bearings for a smooth ride and easy maneuvering Be sure to wipe off any remaining water with a dry cloth. X4M Magnetic Harness Push + Pull Stroller Wagon Shop. My kids who are currently in the wagon are 5,2, and 1. Here's how some of Wonderfold Wagon 's bestsellers are rated on their website: W1 Original Double Stroller Wagon: 4.9/5 stars out of 23 reviews. If you have an infant, youll want to look for three or five-point harnesses. -Easy to use, one-step foot brake Storage Organization . Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. W2 Luxe Stroller Wagon Shop. I will say: the WonderFold Wagon is not for everyone. It works perfectly for a newborn, but sadly it does take the entire wagon and I honestly wish that it would only take half of the space of W4. Required fields are marked *. It can also be used to strap down any items you dont want falling out. Keenz Stroller Wagons are designed with the active family in mind - use the 7S pull/push wagon stroller for trips to the park or beach, sporting events, family outings, and more. Yes, the Wonderfold can be an economical option the base models ($289+) are priced somewhat more reasonably than the available competition, such as the Veer or Keenz, which start at $649 and $449, respectively (though some of Wonderfolds higher-end editions are $$$). Overall, the Keenz 7S is the easiest stroller wagon to operate, while the Wonderfold W4 has the largest capacity. So convenient, so easy to use, and is so helpful with 4 kids. $369.99 - $389.99. . Ms Informacin del Producto De WONDERFOLD. City Select Double Stroller. Wagon has lots of room and steers easily both ways. The X Series wagons have fewer features, with built-in backrests that allow your child to sit on the bottom of the wagon. . (For additional details on the quad wagon offerings, see here, and you can also review this product comparison chart for more.) However, if you have one child and plan to have more, you want your stroller wagon to last through all of them. It's just absolutely amazing. $584.99 WONDERFOLD Wagon. As your tots grow, the wagon can hold Halloween candy. We use our own and third-party cookies to improve your experience and our services, and to analyze the use of our website. Wonderfold Wagon believes in making the lives of parents easier with innovative products that can last a lifetime. Its also easy to fold and unfold, despite its bulky size. I cant explain how much we love this wagon in a short review like this! WonderFold'sW Series wagons have more features and upgraded seating compared to the X Series, though the X Series includes some features not included withone or both W Series models. Watch on. However, these days the rule is being strictly enforced. Other tall parents complain about this, and one father even said dont buy this stroller if you are taller than 5 9. Some users ~56 reported this problem as well and its reportedly an issue with the W2, too. Get in Touch. Free Shipping on orders over $75. So, is Wonderfold Wagon worth your money? Wonderfold M1 single-rider stroller wagon. I am short and still kick the break peddle when I walk. The Wonderfold Wagon X4 Woodland Green Push + Pull Quad Stroller Wagon can sit four people comfortably, but the seats are removable if you want more space for storage. Look for safety harnesses and seat belts in your stroller wagon. X2M Magnetic Harness Push + Pull Stroller Wagon Shop. As with the W2 (above), the W4 Elite (~$699) and W4 Luxe (~$899, eek!) Bearing and raising kids is hard, but we're here to simplify everything. This is a rather average weight capacity that may only work for small families or smaller children. All-Terrain Stroller Wagons can hold either 2 or 4 passengers and can take on any outdoor adventure. Article created 2 years ago. All Terrain Wheels. We were able to bring it on the airplane as a stroller which helped us move our kids and baggage around the airport. We knew about it because our daughter had already purchased one at their home in Vt. We used it 3 times in the last week and could not be happier. See the W LUXE, W Elite, and X2M wagons up close and explore differences, how to fold, and more in this video comparing the WonderFold W Series and X Series Stroller Wagons: Depending on which model you choose - and which size - there are a variety of price points within the WonderFold line. W4 Luxe Quad Stroller Wagon (4 Seater) $999. While only you can decide which one is just right for your lifestyle and family, here are some benefits and drawbacks that we see between these models. Standard shipping is $8 for any orders less than $35, but free for anything over that! There are also 5-point harnesses for all children. Folding the Wonderfold W4 Luxe. FREE SHIPPING + FREE RETURNS & EXCHANGES EVERY DAY. They also have seat belts, and safety harnesses to make everyone even safer. Thanks so much! However, every airline has its own size and weight limitations for gate-checked items, so verify with the airline first. Shop the latest luxury fashions from top designers. -1-step foot brake system The Wonderfold Wagon is rated for children 6 months and older, whereas the Keenz is rated for children 12 months and older. My boys are 3.5 and 1.5 and theyre very skinny and still wish they had more arm space between them. It also easily folds up so you can travel with it or tuck it away when its not in use. Wonderfold officially markets the stroller as suitable for 6+ months, assuming the baby has strong torso control and can sit up independently. This keeps it 100% reader supported and free of ads or sponsorships. Yes, the W4 has raised seats. This large and multifunctional wagon is available in deep navy, amber orange, or classic black or gray for $595. You can also upgrade to either the Elite (~$529) or Luxe (~$659) versions for more features, such as magnetic harness clips, all-terrain XL wheels, raised seats, and reclining seat backs. BEST INVESTMENT EVER. The handle on the Wonderfold W4 allows you to push or pull it with ease, giving you more options and maneuverability. Does it drive on sand? So, lets dive into some popular products that parents and their tots have been adventuring in. This Wonderfold Wagon strollers review strongly recommends the brand! Out of Stock. Wonderfold is built for storage! Pros & Minor Cons of Wonderfold W4 Luxe. To compare thatwith a couple other double strollers with similar all-terrain functionality, theVeer Cruiser Wagonweighs 32.5 pounds, and theBumbleride Indie Twinside by side double jogging stroller weighs 36 pounds. When your child doesnt like being strapped in, a traditional stroller wont work for very long. I also wrote a blog post with my top favorite . There are currently no brick and mortar locations as the brand primarily functions as an e-commerce store. While a durable stroller wagon may be a bit bulkier, some parents decide its worth the extra size and weight. Top Rated Plus. It also has a canopy with UV protection that you can move around or take off depending on your needs. The W1 2-seater doesnt come with much (read: any) extra features, but you can purchase any number of add-on features (such as a bug net, 4-sided rain cover, wrap-around shading, premium seating (lol), add-on storage nets, snack/activity tray, parent console with 4 cupholders, etc., etc. The only exception is American airlines because they require that all strollers that weigh more than a compact stroller need to be checked at the counter. However, theyre also more expensive.A stroller wagon is well worth the cost for many people, especially if you have multiple children. With an adjustable push handle, foot brake, and removable canopy, this wagon can also be converted to carry utilities. $60.99 . WONDERFOLD W4 Original Quad Stroller Wagon Featuring 4 High Face-to-Face Seats with 5-Point Harnesses, Easy Access Front Zipper Door, and Removable UV-Protection Canopy, Gray . View sample plans. This Wonderfold Wagon strollers review can be your leading guide. First, fold the handlebar down, and unlock the canopy rods at each of the four corners. Will order the W4 once in stock. For all-day events its pretty handy, as long as youre not heading to Disney World. And the heavier the load (whether kids or kids and stuff), the harder youll have to work to stay on track, especially on more hilly/bumpy/inclined terrain. (Note that some other versions offer raised seating.). If you want to use it as a stroller one day and as a grocery cart the next, the adjustable handles and optional pull strap make it super easy. I'm here to tell you it's not hard! This wagon is useful for plenty of different things, like walking to your closest grocery store with the kids in tow, and then having them walk back with the groceries in the wagon! Disclaimer: I received the Wonderfold W1 Original Double Stroller Wagon to try out. The mesh paneling helps to keep things cool, especially if there are four little ones in there together. Wonderfold wagons offer solutions to these problems so your life can become easier. The seats are attached via big strong clips to the top bar frame. And they have a lower weight capacity of 180 pounds for a quad and 150 pounds for a double. If you want to noodle around on our site, our 3 most popular articles are: And, if you haven't already, find us Facebook and Instagram. Ubbi vs Diaper Genie: Which Is The Best Diaper Pail? *Exclusions apply. Alternatively, if you care for the amount of space you can get the Wonderfold M1 single-rider stroller wagon. The Wonderfold W4 can hold up to 300 pounds. -Optional pull strap for extra rough terrains We purchased and tested two 4-passenger wagons, the Gladly Family Anthem4 and Wonderfold W4 Elite. Lets take a closer look at all pros and cons of Wonderfold wagon stroller. Heres how some of Wonderfold Wagons bestsellers are rated on their website: Wonderfold wagon strollers are a popular choice among many, and for good reason. I use this wagon everyday for my 1 year old twins and 2.5 yr old toddler. I personally witnessed a crash a few times and all the kids flew out hitting their heads on the sidewalk. Both the Luxe and Elite models have these features: New for 2022 is a special edition Volkswagen version of the W4 Luxe designed to look like a vintage VW Bus, complete with wheel caps and working headlights, for $1,499. (**Some of the other/later Wonderfold wagon versions have an add-on handlebar extender accessory (~$49) that some say do fix this issue, but it wasnt compatible with the W1, and I didnt personally try it out.). Wonderfold Wagon X2 Features. Similarly to Keenz and Veer wagons, WonderFold Baby Wagon can be pushed or pulled. Wonderfold W4 4-Seater Multi-Function Stroller Wagon. View sample plans. . This wont happen with Wonderfold its extremely stable. I'm 5'3 with a Yukon XL. Wheels: Clean stroller wagon wheels regularly with water and remove any dirt. -5-point magnetic safety harnesses with pads for added comfort 20 20 reviews. Here are the basics on the different series: This 2-seater is similar to the W1 but comes with removable seat backs, a front zipper door, and a little extra storage space. She's taught and written on the history of womens health, pediatrics, parenting, and motherhood. Your kids will really feel like theyre on safari when they go to the zoo; just give them a pair of binoculars that they can store in the front pouch and a bucket hat, and theyll have the best day ever.

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