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Particularly contested were proposals to add two new disorders (i.e., paraphilic coercive disorder and hypersexual . Paraphilias are persistent and recurrent sexual interests, urges, fantasies, or behaviors of marked intensity involving objects, activities, or even situations that are atypical in nature. the judgments made for human behaviors by the society in which they occur. Thise attracted to males prefer older boys, Sexual activity with a child aged 10-13 years old, Sexual activity with a child displaying secondary sex characteristics (usually 14-18 years old). -clinicians use plethysmorgraphy + photoplethysmography to measure sexual arousal (in order to measure efficacy of the interventions). Mark's behaviour is characteristic of, Bobby likes to masturbate while peeking at a woman through a window while she undresses. A) It is the submissive partner who uses a safe word when his or her limit has been exceeded. Imagine that you are asked to create a television commercial to sell a new product. . Use implicit differentiation to find the second derivative d2ydx2\frac{d^2 y}{d x^2}dx2d2y. - sometimes uses aversion therapy, psychotherapy in which unwanted sexual behaviors and images are reduced by associating them with an unpleasant stimulus such as electric shocks or noxious odors, a type of aversion therapy in which, instead of actual shocks or bad odors, the client repeatedly fantasizes the unwanted behavior and adds an extremely aversive event to the fantasy \text { Net income, } 2012 \ldots \ldots \ldots \ldots \ldots & 47,000 \\ The method used by professionals to treat a paraphilic disorder depends on the type of disorder, the characteristics of the client, and _____________. Issue 12. 2) advise individual to seek professional help -usually the person fantasizes about a positive emotional relationship with the victim -their behaviors, occupations, + hobbies are those typical of other heterosexual males -drugs inhibit lutenizing hormone secretion, which lowers testosterone levels C) Obscene phone callers are often hoping that their victim will express shock. The technique being used is called, The use of SSRIs to treat paraphilias is based on the assumption that paraphilias might be a. Grubin reported that SSRIs may be helpful in the treatment of which paraphilias? Perpetrator is at least 18 or 5 years older than the child, What are the most common behaviors of pedophilia, 60% boys. c. Dutifulness. - sexual arousal and gratification that are associated with acts or fantasies of being hurt, humiliated, or otherwise made to suffer -less likely than others to see their behavior as harmful to the victim, -recurrent + intense sexual arousal in the form of urges, fantasies, or behaviors that involve touching or rubbing against a non-consenting person No drug/surgical treatment can eliminate paraphilic ideas, TRUE. A) The prevalence of paraphilias is unknown. - Although such drugs do decrease paraphilic behavior in most men, they also inhibit sex drive and sexual functioning altogether, and they have the potential for other side effects - However, in adulthood, the theory maintains, those repressed traumas may exert powerful forces on your behavior and cause you to engage in socially unacceptable behaviors, rests on the various components of classical and operant conditioning. A paraphilia is considered a paraphilic disorder when it causes distress . - Nonconsensual paraphilic behaviors are likely to be illegal, A behavior entered into voluntarily by all parties, harming no one, with the possible exception of the person performing the action. 2) Higher than normal sex drive In addition, body uneasiness psychopathological symptoms were assessed using Symptom Checklist 90 Revised (SCL-90-R). Ninety-five percent of transvestites perceive themselves, without hesitation, as male. Elliot Aronson, Robin M. Akert, Samuel R. Sommers, Timothy D. Wilson. The differential assigned to depreciable assets should be written off over the following 10-year period. B) Bob, who becomes erect when his partner smiles approvingly as he takes off his clothes. Volume 36. -***measures levels of arousal before and after intervention, -measures changes in penile tumescence (when blood vessels are enlarged)/blood flow when the man is shown sexually arousing or non-arousing stimuli \text{Cash \& Receivables} & \$\hspace{13pt}81,000 && \$\hspace{6pt}65,000\\ Initially, this paper notes that treatment for the paraphilias has been most thoroughly described and evaluated within the context of treating sex offenders (i.e., child molesters, rapists, and exhibitionists). \text{Accounts Payable} && 60,000 && 20,000\\ Pizza has used the equity method in accounting for its investment in Slice. Transvestic disorder is a complicated condition. 25 B. Formed in childhood, this template is called a. that transvestites are gay men. A 20 year old female pedophile exhibiting multiple paraphilias and who had been both a victim of incest and an active participant, undertook extensive clinical, psychometric, endocrine and laboratory sexual arousal studies. 5) Cognitive-Behavioral treatment, -involves exposing the person to the arousing stimuli + continuing that exposure for an extended period until the stimuli no longer produce positive, erotic feelings \text { Accrued liabilities payable } & 17,000 & \text { Accounts payable }&32,000 \\ 2) empathy training, when distorted or faulty cognitions are identified + more adaptive positive thoughts are substituted, teaches offenders to recognize the harmful aspects of their behavior + put themselves in the place of the victim to build empathy toward him/her, Examples of ways to enhance appropriate sexual interest + arousal (2nd step of learning theory), 1) Social Skills Training People who become sexually aroused through the experience of pain or humiliation are sexual, The only paraphilia that is found with some degree of frequency in females is. \text{Canada}&\text{CAD3.75}&\text{CAD1.08 = USD1}\\ -System desensitization to terminate the connection between stimulus and inappropriate response In each case state wether the currency would need to appreciate or depreciate to equalize the prices. - relationship distress (generally mome form stable, long term relationships, very motivated to change) On that date, the fair value of the non-controlling interest was$40,000, and Slice reported retained earnings of $50,000 and had$100,000 of common stock outstanding. Estimating the bad debts expense by aging accounts receivable generally results in smaller errors than the percentage of credit sales approach. Robert is a depressed, obsessive-compulsive librarian who also has paraphilic urges that are beginning to overtake his daily life. Post all three entries to the Interest Receivable account. -few data supports the role of genetics, Psychosocial Theories for the Cause of Paraphilic Disorders, -commonly held belief is that people who abuse children were abused as a child themselves Only $35.99/year. - included in DSM 5, a term often used to refer to strong compulsive sexual behavior - more correctly called "hypersexual disorder" The following accounts and December 31, 2012, balances of New Jersey Optical Corporation are arranged in no particular order. - is victimizing ItemCash&ReceivablesInventoryLandBuildings&EquipmentInvestmentinSliceProductsCostofGoodsSoldDepreciationExpenseInventoryLossesDividendsDeclaredAccumulatedDepreciationAccountsPayableNotesPayableCommonStockRetainedEarningsSalesIncomefromSliceProductsDebit$81,000260,00080,000500,000188,000120,00025,00015,00030,000$1,299,000Credit$205,00060,000200,000300,000314,000200,00020,000$1,299,000Debit$65,00090,00080,000150,00050,00015,0005,00010,000$465,000Credit$105,00020,00050,000100,00090,000100,000$465,000. A) Exhibitionists are often thought to be sexually repressed. C) People with paraphilias are highly likely to be motivated to change their behaviour. - recurring pattern of engaging in such behaviors and voluntarily seeks them out During the DSM-5 revision process, proposed changes in the DSM-IV 16 paraphilias engendered a great deal of spirited debate in regard to their forensic implications. Significance for Practicing Psychiatrists. -Sexual Sadism Disorder, -recurrent + intense sexual arousal involving exposing one's genitals to an unsuspecting person \text { Cash } & 41,000 & 5,500 \text { shares issued }&71,500 \text{Notes Payable} && 200,000 && 50,000\\ Leuprorelin has been used as one of the therapeutic methods for paraphilia. Though he has not crossed the line to forceful demands or harassment, he knows that after 10 years of these obsessions, something is wrong with him. -people with the disorder typically have limited social skills, limited sexual knowledge, + problems with intimacy, -recurrent + intense sexual arousal that occurs as a result of being humiliated, beaten, bound, or otherwise made to suffer 4) Focus on safety and crisis intervention, 1) Many do not seek help A) Transvestite men are often otherwise stereotypically masculine. -the scene is presented to patient for a period of time and over repeated sessions until the patient's urges to engage in the deviant behavior have been eliminated, -pairing of unpleasant, but harmless odors (ex. -humiliation from wearing a diaper, licking shoes, urinated on, self-mutilation, etc. Round percentage calculations to the nearest 0. Some have willing partners, other will stalk and attack non-consenting victims. -"high victim" crime - When a culture or society looks at any human behavior, it does so through a lens of broadly shared norms and standards. The payouts Catholic dioceses have had to make on behalf of male victims of child sexual abuse by priests has led to their bankruptcy. Ellen and David typically engage in very ritualized behavior in which they make agreements about the acts they desire, assign specific roles to be enacted, and carry out scripted sequences of behaviors and a wide variety of painful or humiliating acts. A) The eroticization of mild forms of pain falls within the normal range of sexual variation. B. coronaries. - the church scandals are related to a culture of homosexuality in the church, in that men with homosexual tendencies are drawn to the all-male culture of the priesthood, which in itself is not typically based in fact for most priests, and the crimes of child molestation have been attributed to more situational factors by many, being bound, tied up, or otherwise restrained during sexual activity; typically a consensual activity, a form of sexual masochism involving depriving the brain of oxygen, usually through some form of strangulation or hanging; also referred to as asphyxophilia - commonly experience marital difficulties These practices can include anything from having sex with animals to dressing up in latex clothing. This is an example of. Lenny is sexually aroused by wearing women's underwear. C) They are usually also exhibitionists. -Muscle relaxation in the presence of arousing stimuli, -terminating undesirable sexual behavior by repeatedly pairing it with adversive stimulus until person develops a conditioned aversion, Form of aversion therapy in which thoughts of engaging in an undesirable behavior are repeatedly paired with imagined aversive stimuli, - Strengthening connection between sexual arousal and appropriate sexual stimuli D.Reduce exacerbations and re-hospitalizations. - falls under sexual assault laws -reduces recidivism (chances to re-offend) rates compared to programs that use other approaches or compared to offenders who do not receive treatment due to lack of financial + therapeutic resources. - included in DSM 5, a paraphilic disorder in which a person has repeated and intense sexual urges, fantasies, or behaviors that involve being humiliated, beaten, bound, or otherwise made to suffer, accompanied by clinically significant distress or impairment ammonia) with either sexual fantasies or sexual behaviors Paraphilic Disorders. Given the information available, which theory offers the best explanation for Jonathan's fetish? The usage of antiandrogens, such as cyproterone acetate (CPA) and Provera, is a prominent form of treatment for paraphilic disorders. - A critical analysis of the available literature indicates that, in a broad sense, some form of treatment is better than no treatment in reducing unwanted behaviors. Exhibitionistic disorder is a condition marked by the urge, fantasy, or act of exposing one's genitals to non-consenting people, particularly strangers. Check no. - majority of members in a given society apply those criteria in making a judgment about whether or not the behavior, in the eyes of the broader social context, is normal, moral, and acceptable, criteria for when a paraphilia is more likely to be judged negatively by a society, 1. behavior is harmful or destructive to the person engaging in it What type of paraphilia does he have? D) Some cases of paraphilia are harmless and victimless. initiating and maintaining conversations, using assertive behavior, + developing dating skills to establish relationships with appropriate adults, Chapter 12 Paraphilic Disorders Treatment, General Background Information/Symptoms of Bu, Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified (EDN, Defining Abnormal Behavior and Early Theories, Developmental Factors + Etiology + Treatment, Contact Lenses, Coding, and Care of Ophthalmi, Infection Control, Cleaning, Disinfection, an, SAP Cert Chapter 10 Valuation and Account Det, PSYC 371 Week 8: Cortical Plasticity and Memo. D) Tom, who masturbates while scanning the condominium across the street with binoculars so he can watch people having sex. 3) Increasing victim empathy He now holds a chocolate bar next to his nose when he masturbates to achieve orgasm. \text { Inventory } & 103,000 & 125,000 \text { shares authorized, } & \\ C) S&M becomes pathological when it is non-consenting and harmful. B) Obscene phone callers usually target a woman they have seen but not met. \textbf{Item} & \textbf{Debit} & \textbf{Credit} & \textbf{Debit} & \textbf{Credit}\\ 1. -the events actually occur and are not stimulated - However, these acts, though appearing to be paraphilic in nature, are done as sexual play, usually with strict rules and agreements to ensure that the activities never cross any undesired pain or comfort boundaries for either partner - victimless The way to prevention the uprise of any paraphilic behavior often involves taking away the psychosocial risk factors for its development. Laziza Restaurant borrowed $80,000 on October 1 by signing a note payable to First State Bank. Appears to be desire to completely posses an unresisting & non-rejecting partner, Individual commits murder to obtain corpse for sexual purpose, sexual arousal from being treated as an infant, piercing, scarring, or tattooing of sexual body parts, Arousal from filth or filthy environments, Actual contact with animals is preferred over sex with human partners, incorporation of insects or small crawling creatures, arousal from introducing liquids into the rectum/colon via the anus, sexual activity that involves male imagining self as female, fantasizes being a more attractive male body, 1) Hormone/Nervous system involvement -the shock of the victim is sometimes the sexually arousing component - cravings may become so strong that they can harm the person or others Those attracted to females prefer 8-10 year olds The level of severity, distress, and impairment (up to and including criminal behavior) resulting from these disorders also are highly variable. Which of the following individuals would fit the definition of a voyeur? Individuals who _____ show the most successful responses to treatment for paraphilic disorders. D) Women who make obscene phone calls are more likely to be motivated by rage than by sexual arousal. - has been shown in some cases to be effective with certain paraphilic disorders, including exhibitionistic disorder and sexual sadism disorder, a type of therapy for paraphilias in which a person is conditioned to become aroused and have orgasms in socially acceptable settings that bear no resemblance to the paraphilia The significant changes in DSM-5 include the change in nomenclature from "paraphilia" to "paraphilic disorder.". -they do not seek out pain/humiliation in other types of activities Women more motivated by rage. - focus primarily on imbalances in two biochemical systems: hormones and neurotransmitters Viewing sexual activity involving multiple partners (ceiling mirrors, sharing partner with a 3rd party. People engaging in chat scatologia are sexually aroused by, sending obscene emails and instant message. A) The typical obscene phone caller is a heterosexual male. A) Alfredo, who likes to wear tight fitting shirts to show off his pecs. \text{Investment in Slice Products} & 188,000\\ PizzaSliceCorporationProductsCompany, ItemDebitCreditDebitCreditCash&Receivables$81,000$65,000Inventory260,00090,000Land80,00080,000Buildings&Equipment500,000150,000InvestmentinSliceProducts188,000CostofGoodsSold120,00050,000DepreciationExpense25,00015,000InventoryLosses15,0005,000DividendsDeclared30,00010,000AccumulatedDepreciation$205,000$105,000AccountsPayable60,00020,000NotesPayable200,00050,000CommonStock300,000100,000RetainedEarnings314,00090,000Sales200,000100,000IncomefromSliceProducts20,000$1,299,000$1,299,000$465,000$465,000\begin{array}{lrrrr} Sam is married, and is also undergoing treatment for exhibitionism at the recommendation of his marriage counselor. - Some people are sexually aroused by bondagetying up or being tied up by a partner (with consent); disciplinedominating and humiliating or being dominated or humiliated by a sexual partner (with consent); or light sadism or masochismgiving or receiving minor pain such as spankings. \hline \text { Total assets, } \operatorname{Dec} 31,2011 \ldots \ldots \ldots & \$ 501,000 \\ Becomes pathological when destructive, dangerous or distressing, psychological is just as common. There is one additional source of data, other than self-reports of paraphilic disorders, that allows researchers to collect data on paraphilic behavior, and that is ________________.

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