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0000168525 00000 n SJSU Cares partners with Second Harvest of Silicon Valley in offering CalFresh assistance to students in Santa Clara & San Mateo County by phone: 1-800-984-3663 (Mon . 0000161972 00000 n 0000009183 00000 n 0000013035 00000 n We will then walk you through the 3 ways you can apply for CalFresh in Santa Clara County. Furthermore, even if some members of the household are not eligible, those who are may be able to get CalFresh benefits. 0000129733 00000 n Starting Oct. 1, recipients of CalFresh, a federal nutrition program, received about 22% more in benefits compared to pre-pandemic levelsbringing a family of four up to an extra $155 per month. %PDF-1.6 % 0000003245 00000 n 0000133026 00000 n - Food Stamp Manual, Div 63, Chap 63-600 thru 63-700, Sec 63-601 thru Each Additional 0000002285 00000 n For speech and/or hearing assistance call 711 Relay. Children living with their parents are considered part of the same household until age 22. You are considered a student if you are: Between the ages of 18-49 and are physically and mentally "fit" for employment (not disabled) CalFresh Food is California's name for the federal food program called Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) that used to be known as Food Stamps. Are receiving disability-related assistance or benefits, regardless of entry date, or. 0000006149 00000 n 0000007643 00000 n This amounts to about 100,000 people (60,000 people in Santa Clara County and over 40,000 people in San Mateo County) San Bernardino County Handbook Calfresh Landlord and Tenant Issues LawHelpCA org. 0000164581 00000 n You do not have to meet this work rule if it is waived in your county. 0000154294 00000 n If the CalWORKs case did not close and remains open or the CalWORKs case closed due to an ineligible cause or reason, then the household is ineligible for transitional benefits. 0000168931 00000 n 0000008575 00000 n 0000060905 00000 n The LUA allowance is $144 (effective 10/1/21). 0000002855 00000 n Resources are counted only for those households that : Households that fit one of the three descriptions above are subject to a resource limit of $2,500. Read more about the end of Emergency Allotments. Updated Chapter 01/19/05 Div 63, Chap 63-000, Sec 63-001 thru 63-099 - Food Stamp Manual Div 63, Chap 63-100 thru Chap 63-200, Sec 63-100 thru 63-207 - Food Stamp Manual 0000010004 00000 n 0000004021 00000 n CalFresh is the largest food program in California and provides an essential hunger safety net. 4320 0 obj <> endobj 0000003686 00000 n 0000005486 00000 n In Santa Clara County, where over 1,500 people are signing up every month for CalFresh, a temporary 15 percent increase in CalFresh benefits will be available until June 30. To see if you are eligible for the CalFresh program, call 1-877-847-3663 or visit the County of Santa Clara Social Services Agency website. 0000169245 00000 n 0000168081 00000 n If you are approved for food stamps in California, how much in benefits you get partly depends on the: The Thrifty Food Plan is a government estimate of how much it costs to provide a household with nutritious, low-cost meals. California Food Assistance Program (CFAP), Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents (ABAWDs), Early Issuance of February CalFresh Benefits. 0000057322 00000 n 0000150973 00000 n 0000153226 00000 n Mother's day brunch 2021 omaha Russian last names starting with r; On 06/02/04, the ew contacts the other county and is advised the CalFresh is federally mandated and in California, is state-supervised and county-operated. 0000167739 00000 n Option 2 - By Phone. 0000155253 00000 n You must turn in this recertification application and be interviewed before the end of your certification period to continue receiving CalFresh. The Restaurant Meals Program (RMP) allows CalFresh recipients who are 60 years of age or older, disabled, or homeless to use their CalFresh benefits to purchase lower-cost prepared meals at approved participating restaurants in certain counties. CalFresh benefits can help buy nutritious foods for a better diet. For households to receiveCalFresh benefits they mustprovide certain information in the following areas: If you think you may be eligible forCalFresh benefits, download an application form , fill it out, and submit it to your local County Welfare Department. 0000156319 00000 n O/SjUD}Sq_n6 >u9wnY @, )KgM`:ba^iW(s~)s`zt47qu/9lU;bCt-EO:J>x+b5=w/"Ov]{KT Limited Utility Allowance (LUA) Allowed for a household that incurs expenses for at least two separate utilities other than heating and cooling are eligible for a LUA. 0000140467 00000 n 0000129823 00000 n 0000160562 00000 n 0000155169 00000 n 0000004991 00000 n To be eligible for CalFresh, your monthly gross income (before payroll deductions) must be the same or below the amount listed in the chart for your household size. The Santa Clara County Office of the Public Defender is comprised of approximately 240 employees, including 121 attorneys, 30 investigators, 31 paralegals and 58 clerical and support staff who are committed to providing quality legal representation to our clients. 0000005782 00000 n Email Address: Keeping your coverage. 0000173998 00000 n Reasonable accommodations available. 0000013988 00000 n 0000164927 00000 n 0000146769 00000 n 0000003939 00000 n Pepper Crop Production in Sensitive Environments Santa Clara County from 0000004850 00000 n CalFresh recipients must notify their local County Welfare Department about changes in their income or other circumstances. 0000160296 00000 n 5154 0 obj <>stream 0000013116 00000 n The net monthly income is used to determine eligibility and the amount of CalFresh benefits that will be received monthly. 0000159446 00000 n CalFresh is federally mandated and in California, is state-supervised and county-operated. 0000165085 00000 n 0000169455 00000 n Number of People in Your Household (People buying/eating together). 63-509 0000013912 00000 n There are some exceptions, so contact your local County Welfare Department to find out if you are eligible. 0000002307 00000 n 5IuC,[psn >UsA;>@](4#c7qWWi"uaFp3J. Fill Santa Clara Calfresh Handbook, Edit online. 0000154504 00000 n 0000145629 00000 n 0000008022 00000 n 0000023068 00000 n 0000165887 00000 n 0000174939 00000 n Semi-Annual Reporting (SAR) households must submit one periodic report form(SAR 7) once a year followed by a recertification form no later than six months later. Tools. Net income is computed by deducting the following, if applicable, from gross income. 0000156181 00000 n Manual, Div 63, Chap 63-300, Sec 63-300 thru 63-301 - Food 0000148119 00000 n 0000003405 00000 n 0000146002 00000 n Some states have additional exceptions for students. Phone: (408) 793-2700. LAND DEVELOPMENT amp CONSTRUCTION San . For more information, contact the ROTLINE 408-918-4640. Non-Liquid Resources Includes personal property, buildings, land, recreational properties, and any other property. 0000005734 00000 n 0000007394 00000 n DUE 10/5: Dont forget to submit your #CalFresh, #GeneralAssistance and #CalWORKs Semi Annual Report (SAR7). Household SizeGross Income 0000005901 00000 n xref endstream endobj 2110 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/Index[769 1246]/Length 57/Size 2015/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream CalFresh Eligibility Public Counsel. A final allotment of these federally funded benefits will be issued in March 2023. 0000005900 00000 n 0000156049 00000 n As a result, the Santa Clara County cities and towns listed below have adjusted their minimum wage effective January 1, 2023; with the exception of the City of 0000162514 00000 n 0000005735 00000 n Stamp Cost of childcare when needed to work, seek work or attend training for work. The resultant amount cannot exceed 100% of the FPL. 0000005230 00000 n All Rights Reserved. 0000159776 00000 n If your household has a person who is 60 or older or disabled, only the net income limit must be met. 0000009179 00000 n 0000167585 00000 n 0000008293 00000 n CalFresh 13. 0000009526 00000 n 0000165628 00000 n 0000137428 00000 n hU[PU6 66MbR$h&ftBVK!b@*W/U_|C"3j3/:z, <9ggs H2* O&$5RkzfGt^K58|%R1wWb1N09`,7uxVn2>2zVOpdP{o6~#cAP-k/~`"}ng]]{Gsk&U)|UEec]yXDinC|#U-imh!Zr&&&iyOn^Bu6mn7l+ZJ2qvokih{FFuz.gefWl|8Ro{*|(O6h 8H|-[S tiI+.vsDFHsHl^c1"^g!Q>f[ K|AyM &- F`Iqf+dn2'N Qz]mt\lJO]I-/R/$>_xp%[WF"C+Q3HR$AK,0,U!-"L2BTAAVIW'21YnQ2l]QDN%$fLJbCNR_o 8[ZuFrlqT>.Y4MBAJhxf=^=h0~m#e>7VXJD),~0nA%O_d: 4QVflEq 0000007560 00000 n 0000002726 00000 n 0000129136 00000 n 0000170395 00000 n Households will receive their regular CalFresh benefit allotment amount beginning April 2023 as long as they remain eligible. CalSAWS. 0000155130 00000 n 0000005178 00000 n 0000170375 00000 n 0000164497 00000 n <]/Prev 931089/XRefStm 4995>> Additionally, we will review the CalFresh renewal process in Santa Clara County and what you need to know to successfully complete SAR 7 or recertification. The table below shows the maximum CalFresh benefits for households with zero income. 0000005071 00000 n Heres thelist of Santa Clara County SSA office locations that handle CalFresh applications and benefits. Manual, Div 63, Chap 63-500, Sec 63-501 and 502 - Food Stamp zbrJ%?kf9MM=rLNoILn2M+3N9xYA%;AZ4y~R"gY+irsiRY J8mIEHPTfb~%&pF)7 =f($XS3*u-nN|c\Ou. 0000153705 00000 n 19.1.2 Wages and Salaries [63-502.13] All wages and salaries of an employee include: 0000146152 00000 n The CDSS will regularly post updates regarding CalFresh's response to disasters such as wildfires, earthquakes, and severe storms on this webpage. As of April 1, 2015, you may be eligible for CalFresh if you follow the terms of your probation or parole, if applicable. 0000153823 00000 n 1330 W. Middlefield RoadMountain View, CA 94043. These handbooks provide a comprehensive interpretation of the federal, state and county regulations that govern the eligibility determinations for the following public benefit programs. startxref startxref 0000004685 00000 n xref 0000007380 00000 n At this time this work rule is waived in all counties until at least June 30, 2023, and you do not need to meet it. CalFresh. 0000010752 00000 n Or you can file online at the Website . 0000003875 00000 n 0000003282 00000 n 0000169567 00000 n Before we get into CalFresh eligibility guidelines, first, we will explain what CalFresh is about and who is eligible to apply. You can use your EBT card to get more fruits and vegetables at participating grocery stores in Santa Clara county. 0000171473 00000 n In-between reporting changes on the SAR 7, SARhouseholds are required to report when theirhousehold income exceeds their Income Reporting Threshold (200% of the Federal Poverty Level in most cases). You will receive an email with instructions about your username. Most households must have a total gross monthly income less than or equal to 200% of the federal poverty level (FPL), to be potentially eligible for CalFresh. 0000170075 00000 n 0000163748 00000 n 0000008397 00000 n Your county worker will tell you if you have to meet this work rule. 9/27/2021 CalFresh Handbook :. 0000159234 00000 n These households are required to report within 10 days from the date of a change in writing, verbally or in person. The applicant must live in the state of California and must apply in their county of residence. Santa Clara County Social Services Agency. Here are the categories of people who live in the state of California that are eligible for CalFresh: Heres what you need to apply for CalFresh: Applicants must provide proof of their identity to show that they are the person they claim to be. 0000167629 00000 n 0000003507 00000 n %PDF-1.6 % 7 6,688 0000168743 00000 n Here is the number to call: SSA Customer Service Center (CSC) 1.408.758.3800. Individuals, including children, applying for CalFresh benefits, must either provide a Social Security number or proof they have applied for a Social Security Number. contact your county social services agency, Medi-Cal: Health coverage for California families, California Lifeline: Discounted home phone and cell phone services, Contact Your County Social Services 0000169083 00000 n 0000173465 00000 n 0000166761 00000 n 0000155327 00000 n 0000134141 00000 n Here are three reasons why it pays to use your CalFresh benefits at Farmers Market. Manual, Div 63, Chap 63-400, Sec 63-401 thru 63-405 - Food %PDF-1.6 % The household calls the EW to report this on January 5. 1892 0 obj <>stream $177 for households of 13 persons, $184 for 4 persons, $215 for 5 persons, and $246 for 6 or more persons (effective 10/1/18). 1752 0 obj <>stream 0000004103 00000 n The current allowance is $487 (effective 10/1/21). 0000006362 00000 n Read more about the end of Emergency Allotments. 0000004995 00000 n Lastly, you can apply In person at any of the Social Service Agency (SSA) offices. Such changes may affect their eligibility for benefits. Coincidentally, an additional 22% of Santa Clara County residents have sought CalFresh assistance since the pandemic began. Copyright 2023 California Department of Social Services. 0000153595 00000 n 0000006718 00000 n 0000004104 00000 n Manual, Div 63, Chap 63-500 (Cont), 63-503 (Cont) thru 63-504 0000006528 00000 n San Jose, CA 95122. 0000173834 00000 n Everything you need to know about California Food Stamps and CalFresh. CalFresh assists low-income individuals and households to purchase nutritional food. Get your receipt to see the remaining balance on your EBT Card CalFresh benefits account. 2.1 CalFresh Program Monthly Allotment and Income . 0000169321 00000 n [ACL 10-32.] 0000163644 00000 n 0000172019 00000 n 1775 Story Road. The CalFresh Program is Californias version of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP and formerly known as Food Stamps. 0000168197 00000 n 0000007109 00000 n 0000160404 00000 n Summary: This handbook has been updated to remove gross earned income and unearned income. All inquiries will be answered within 2 business days. It is very important to keep your interview even if you do not have proof of the changes discussed above. How to double your Calfresh dollars at the Farmers' Market. 0000006393 00000 n 0000149764 00000 n 0000133603 00000 n 0000167465 00000 n Santa Clara County Social Services 1-408-758-3800. 0000169929 00000 n 0000129946 00000 n New Analysis Full CalFresh Participation in San. 0000008354 00000 n Households will receive their regular CalFresh benefit allotment amount beginning April 2023 as long as they remain eligible. 0000171023 00000 n 0000075679 00000 n Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products.

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