is snape harry potter's real father

Severus Snape is one of the most intriguing characters in the Harry Potter saga. This thread is archived Harry Potter named his son after the character Professor Severus Snape in tribute to him dying for for Harry out of love for Lily [Potter],JK Rowling revealed on Friday. Professor Severus Snape was the head of Slytherin house. Despite being rivals in the backstory of the Harry Potter series, James Potter's rescue of Severus Snape was a quietly vital moment. I guess alot of those who read the book know nothing about movies and how thay make things appear to be something their not and oh yeah EVERY DETAIL is not included in a movie from a book and important details get left out. I did not read books 5-7 so I'm not sure what they say. As a result, he refuses to help bring down Pettigrew and tries to arrest his old enemy. Latest answer posted December 07, 2017 at 11:40:19 PM. ", Rita Skeeter is a journalist and author in the Wizarding World known for her sensationalized tell-alls, including "The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore.". i mean he evn has ta same patronus as her. He'd have been mean to Harry deliberately to prevent anyone from guessing the truth from favouritism then, I guess. Snape did confront Harry about the missing ingredients for the potion. For example, why is Draco Malfoy acting weirder than normal? Somehow, Rowling is telling us that even the nicest people are capable of committing reprehensible acts. James is the one who ended up with Lily and married her thus conceiving Harry. New Movie News, Movie Trailers & upcoming Movie Reviews, Harry Potter: How Harrys Father Saved Snapes Life, An Iconic Harry Potter Role Was Nearly Played By Successions Brian Cox, Harry Potters Most Powerful Potion Might Be The Reason He Ended Up With Ginny, Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Star Fired Over Misconduct Allegations, REVIEW: Frank Miller Presents Ancient Enemies: The Djinni #1 Crafts a Compelling Origin Story, REVIEW: DC's Shazam! Severus Snape's Entire Backstory Explained. eNotes Editorial, 7 Nov. 2011, Also, he's compared to James all the time, saying that they're practically identical other than eye colour and scar. What made the fans who didnt read the book think that way ?? Although some fans grew to love Snape, others still felt he was one of the worst Harry Potter characters and didn't deserve vindication. It is 100% obvious that James is Harry's father because Sirius is his godfather because Sirius was James's best friend. The only thing that made me think otherwise is the JAMES that they picked for the movie. Dumbledore calms him down in front of Fudge: "That will do, Severus," said Dumbledore quietly. We know that Snape has the dark mark, an indication that he was once a Death Eater. This. We dont doubt that James was a good man, but its true that, during his adolescence, his mocking of Snape shows an unpleasant and cruel side to his character. go to, It can happen, but its rare and always seems tied to tragic or unrequited love. If Snape was jealous of James, it would make sense such jealousy could result in disabling James, who essentially persecuted Snape during Hogwart's schooling. He married the pure-blood witch Eileen Prince. James Potter, as is mentioned several times throughout the series, is Pureblood. The Harry Potter novelist shed light on Twitter over the epilogue to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which revealed that Harry named his son Albus Severus. While Snape and Lily try to remain close despite their differences, Lily disapproves of Snape's friends all of whom later become Death Eaters under Voldemort while Snape can't stand James Potter, one of Gryffindor's most popular students, who's clearly carrying a torch for Lily. Maybe Voldemort is Harry`s father. Ok so I'm one of those people who haven't read the books (not because I didn't want to but because I'm bad at reading). Rickman was Rowling's first choice for the role. Ultimately, the tension between Snape, Lily, and Petunia comes to a head when Petunia, jealous of Snape's and Lily's respective magical abilities, spies on the two friends. But based on the description of the position on Wizarding World, it seems like Snape was destined for the role. Already a member? You see your self in DH 2 James making a fool of Snape and James looks just like harry for a REASON!!! I mean, peaple brought it from films where actors have a certain hair color. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Surprisingly, less blood is shown than in the book. In honouring Snape, Harry hoped in his heart that he too would be forgiven. Well for one, some make fanfictions and theories about the story. However, this didn't relieve the rivalry between the two young men. At some point during his school years, he decided to reject his father's name entirely, giving himself the moniker "The Half-Blood Prince" with his mother's maiden name instead. Harry's Real Father Severus Snape was sitting on the bank of the murky river near Spinner's End like he used to with Lily Evans, his long time crush. In the film adaptation, Lord Voldemort slashes Snape's throat, then orders Nagini to finish him off. Following that incident, Severus Snape passed the counterfeit sword to Bellatrix Lestrange. 2, I hadn't read the books yet (i actually started reading them about 3 or 4 years later) and I still knew nothing, but I knew that man was NOT Harry Potter's father. Thoughts? Unfortunately, he left us prematurely without being able to keep his promise to be still reading Harry Potter at the age of 80. This time, however, she wasn't here. Despite his status as a Death Eater as well as implications that he had some form of status among them before Voldemort's attack on the Potters, Snape did not seem to be aware of Peter Pettigrew's role in the Death Eaters nor was he aware that Peter was actually the one who betrayed Lily to Voldemort as he seemed sure that Sirius Black was the culprit. Also looks can be deceiving as Harry's hair could've been a mix of Lily's and snapped to brown. Towards the end of the series you start to notice Snapes attitude discreetly change and in the last movie you could see he really did care for Harry. I mean seriously after years of "you look just like your fathers" and the fact that lily never was romantically interested in snape during the movie, only him towards her,you would think people would know James is Harry's dad. Theres no way lily would cheat on James. Their relationship seemed to be permanently damaged from that day on. The Potions Professor at Hogwarts despite his history as a former member of Voldemort's Death Eaters, Snape is shown to have a personal distaste for Harry specifically. Notably, though, it also adds to the image of young James Potter, who was kind of theworst. And maybe they thought that because of Snapes memories of Lily and how he really did Love her and still did until he died. Don't you think she could have squashed the idea if she wanted to. Snape's family lived on Spinner's End, which is shown as a run-down street in "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," insinuating that Snape's family wasn't very wealthy. What we see in someone else, or the image they project, may not be a true reflection of what theyre really like. Snape's adult life at Hogwarts is craftily disguised as a Professor who despises Harry, when in fact Snape loves Harry and has determined, at Dumbledore's request, to save Harry at all costs, including death. Tonks' patronus is another example of tragic/unrequited love changing a patronus. This partially influenced her decision to make Snape a hated teacher among Hogwarts students, especially Harry the Potions Master. One fan asked about what Snape smells like, and although the original tweet with the question has since been deleted, Rowling's reply is still up. He is the father of Harry Potter through genes and connected with him through blood. Yes, I like you. It used to belong to someone who went by the nickname of "the Half-Blood Prince," and this mysterious student scribbled quite a few notes in the pages that help Harry unlock the secrets of some truly powerful potions. Besides when watching movies some people like it to be a story they've never seen or heard and for the record movies don't always follow the book to the letter. I'm not sure where people have got that idea. Rickman's voice clip of the famous sentence ", Rickman had conversations with Rowling about his character and is one of the few Harry Potter actors that she spoke to prior to the completion of the book series about the future direction of the character. Rowling fooled us all, making us believe that Snape was a real villain and that all he wanted was for Harry to suffer. Of course, when Sirius eventually escapes, Snape is livid, creating even more tension between him and Harry. Fortunately, Rowling always seems eager to fill in the blanks for her readers. Throughout most of the Harry Potter franchise, Severus Snape was the Potions professor with a knack for bullying students he didn't like. It's likely however that he learned the truth following Voldemort's rebirth as he showed much less hostility towards Sirius than before (while still a significant amount) and he was made aware that Peter was alive and on the side of the Death Eaters. You can't make him a devil: he died to save the wizarding world. In the books though, Harry is described as strongly resembling James (the only differences are eye colour and scar) while he and Snape only have black hair in common really. The Harry Potter books and movies are filled with unforgettable characters, from students like Hermione Granger and bullies like Draco Malfoy to professors like Minerva McGonagall and the villainous Lord Voldemort. Suspicions were aroused at every turn by the level of enmity Snape felt toward Harry, but a piece of the puzzle was revealed when readers learned that Snape had a crush on Lilly who had eyes for no one but Harrys father. For example, Harry spends literally the entirety of book 6 relating to and identifying with the Half-Blood Prince. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. When he sees his Potter relatives in the Mirror of Erised in the first book, it's narrated that he spots relatives with pretty much every feature he has - even his knobbly knees. ". a patronus isn't a genetic marker, it is a self-conscious reflection of the person's personality. Furious, Snape kicks Harry out of his office and refuses to continue teaching him, but in the end, when Harry is convinced that Voldemort has captured Sirius, Snape goes out of his way to check on Sirius and alert the Order of the Phoenix about Harry's vision. Harry Potter Fandom: An Extraordinary Phenomenon, Bruce Willis and his Diagnosis of Frontotemporal Dementia, The White Lotus: The Secrets of Its Success. And that's whenSnape shows up and does the job himself. Be sorted, earn house points, take classes with our fine Hogwarts staff, debate which actor portrayed Dumbledore the best, and finally get some closure for your Post-Potter Depression. How does Harry change throughout the second book, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets? When we read The Philosophers Stone, we find a book for children, where evil and goodness seem to be the two extremes. Obviously from the books' standpoint James is Harry's father. As far as a crazy 'open-ended' plot twist, that's where my mind took it. Snape was not Harrys father. So the first time I say DH pt. He simply says "Look at me ," presumably, so he could see Lily's eyes one last time. No! Select from the 0 categories from which you would like to receive articles. How much he loved her. However, she had a huge secret prepared that change everything. Snape is harry's biological father Follow . 11. Was Snape Harry's real father? The ultimate dark wizard, Lord Voldemort, has the strongest villain-style charisma in the Harry Potter world. I'm genuinely curious as he was nothing but abusive towards everyone.. "It is my Hogwarts letter." Harry passed the letter to his mother and was smiling from ear to ear. In Half-Blood Prince, Harry states that Snape's mother, Eileen Prince, was Pureblood. Snape is pedantic, arrogant, and lacks empathy. During Harry's sixth year, the Boy Who Lived finds himself completely consumed by a few mysteries. A new professor at the school, Lupin's presence escalates the anger felt by Snapetoward the past. He mightve said "you're just like you're swine of a father" but when I heard that he said father as if in inverted commas. What began as a children's story has become a success story that has also won the hearts of adults all over the world. In a since-deleted tweet, the user asked @jk_rowling Why did you pick Snape to name Harry's kid after? James Potter who is good in quidditch. By using Fanpop, you agree to our use of cookies. His mother was a witch and his father was a Muggle, leading to the moniker "The Half-Blood Prince." Born to Muggle Tobias Snape and witch Ellen Prince, young Severus Snape has a difficult childhood due to a strained and often angry relationship between his parents, which Harry personally witnesses when he accidentally glimpses one of Snape's private childhood memories. Snape once made an appearance in an episode of the TV show. . and one final point: Snape and Lilly have the same patronus. The Snape that we get to know in the saga shows himself as a dark, cold, and frustrated man professionally, and probably also personally. Latest answer posted May 20, 2020 at 2:49:33 AM. As readers or viewers, were surprised that no one besides Harry and his friends is aware of Snapes evil. I am certain the cruel reveal of Vader as Luke Skywalker's father a generation ago has left a mark on pop culture's psyche so people always consider it as a possibility now. Articles and opinions on happiness, fear and other aspects of human psychology. 2012 2023 . Biologically: James Potter - the father who's blood Harry carries and respectively calls "dad". Oh I'm sorry HalgBloofAzaria. Unequivocally no. Continue Reading 347 Sponsored by Elated Stories For example, Harry spends literally the entirety of book 6 relating to and identifying with the Half-Blood Prince. I think people like your sister, given how you explain it, just haven't read the books and gotten the entire story, so they get confused. Snape may have been a villain throughout his life, but Harry made sure to remember him as a hero. While the primary focus was on Harry Potter and his friends' time at Hogwarts, sections of the story hinted at events from decades earlier involving Harry's parents. 2006-2023 Fanpop, Inc., all rights reserved. The answer is simple, though harry looks a bit like James, he has more of snappes features, as you see in the movie Lilly and James are very alike so just because they say he is like his "father " they might just se his mothers features instead. With our Essay Lab, you can create a customized outline within seconds to get started on your essay right away. As Harry begins his third year at Hogwarts, he receives an alarming piece of information. Snape is not Harry Porter's father but to make it clear, James Potter is his father. He names his eldest son after James and Sirius. Didn't you post this crap a week ago? Charley Gallay/Getty Images; Warner Bros. A 'Harry Potter' costume designer breaks down iconic looks worn by Voldemort, Bellatrix, and more of the films' villains, 18 little-known facts about Voldemort even die-hard 'Harry Potter' fans may not know, 28 major 'Harry Potter' movie deaths, ranked from least to most heartbreaking, 27 details the 'Harry Potter' movies got totally wrong, Severus Snape is one of the most divisive characters in the entire, His mother was a witch and his father was a Muggle, leading to the moniker "The Half-Blood Prince. Well what is it?" Lily asked. Snape loved Harry's mother Lily, so that is why he figures himself as the father of Harry. In contrast, his relationship with Lily Potter was quite different. 15 Books for Your Oscar Season Reading List, How We Can Learn to Live with COVID-19 After Vaccinations. I also find it insulting to lily because it implies she's a cheater. What a funny, but undeniable explanation. But even so, he sticks to his promise and helps Harry survive a harrowing first year at Hogwarts. It's asking what could give people the false impression that Snape is Harry's father. And before Snape can beg for his life, Voldemort uses his pet snake and horcrux, Nagini, to murder him. Despite never appearing in the actual events of either the book or film series, James' rescue of Snape -- although a pretty bad indictment on the kind of person he and his best friends were as teenagers -- is quietly one of the more important momentsin the series' backstory. The movie watchers are confused, just as I am, because when Harry is in the pensive with Snape's memories, Snape and DD are talking. After the big reveal that Snape was a double agent, fans started debating whether he was a hero or a villain. However, the roles of good and evil seem to blur over time. Rowling described him in one 2015 tweet as "grey," with both saint-like and devil-like tendencies. When Harry has difficulty shutting off his emotions to practice occlumency, Snape doesn't help anything, and their tension hits a breaking point when Harry inadvertently invades Snape's mind and sees a memory of his father, James, cruelly bullying Snape for no reason. Several factors combine to give him powerful charisma, from his eerie, snake-like appearance to his merciless attitude to his powerfully compelling ideas and force of will. Rowling fooled us all, making us believe that Snape was a real villain and that all he wanted was for Harry to suffer. Harry Potter Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Snape's first line to his class is actually symbolic of his love for Lily. Meanwhile, other characters, like Harry, try to unmask him. I can see why people who didn't read the books could have somehow jumped to that conclusion. Look again, the guy doesn't have black hair. Tobias was born sometime in the early twentieth century, into the Muggle Snape family. porbaly because harrrys mom was snapes crush. Snape had a doe as his patroness. And who is the mysterious previous owner of Harry's used potions textbook? In 2015, Rowling wrote on Pottermore (now Wizarding World) that chemistry, the Muggle equivalent to Potions class, was her least favorite subject in school. Having taught at Hogwarts for fourteen years in. Harrys plans almost always fail, and Snape comes out on top every time. No! As for Snape, we see that, behind his dark exterior, lies a devastated heart, a man whos suffered, but who still loves. The hair colours is a film issue only. I think the doe petronus shared by Snape and Lily can have another less sinister explanation than Snape is Harry's father. Harry asked about his mothers patroness also being a doe. Explicitly. I typed in "When Harry finds out" And the search engine top result was "When Harry finds out Snape is his father" Thank goodness it was wrong Ok, Snape was a death eater and if the death eaters and voldermont were the people who killed Harry's mum and dad why would snape help kill his wife and attempt to help voldermont kill harry obvioulsly guys THINK, I happen to know exactly how you feel since my DAD and sister feel that snape is the real father. Though Harry believes that Sirius James and Lily's best friend sold them out to Voldemort, the truth is that Peter Pettigrew, who was friends with all three, actually betrayed James and Lily and worked for Voldemort. Community content is available under. @ClaireVoyant: OMFH ROFLMMFAO Right on. J.K. Rowling stated that Lily Evans may have grown to love Snape romantically if he was not so drawn to the Dark Arts. Harry paid him tribute in forgiveness and gratitude. Now having to deal with being the father of a man old enough to be his own father. oh com eon this is just stupid youre seriously gonna vote this as the best answer just because it is silly and "funny" and dumb? Although we know he wasn't always this way, Snape seemed to have grown into the position quite comfortably by Harry's first year. Who has ever heard of Severus Potter anyway? Though Snape is handed the truth about Sirius on a silver platter, his hatred of the wizard clouds his judgment, as Sirius was once his schoolyard rival. Not Snape thats for sure. It's also why Tonks' patronus had changed into a wolf form in the sixth book, because she loved Lupin. Their shared feelings for Lily Evans had only escalated their rivalry, and Snape's impulsive lashing out at Lily over her Muggle-born status strained their relationship. Snapes story moves us deeply; hes the repentant mortal who sacrifices his life for the son of the person he loved. Thanks to Lupin, we sense more about his past, discovering that the bad relationship with the Marauders comes from his stay at Hogwarts. Who faced Voldemort without a wand do her and their son could escape. One might consider Snape as a covert operative under deep cover, as the reader learns of his ultimate mission in the final book of the series. Im genuinely curious as he was nothing but abusive towards everyone wrote a Twitter user to Rowling. Nevertheless, Snaperepeatedly proves himselfthroughout the series as a surprising protector for Harry. You have reached your limit of free articles. Which side is he on? We know from the Goblet of Fire a person can maintain disguise via polyjuice potion for as long as they have access. It's nearly impossible to think of any actor other than Alan Rickman playing Snape, but he almost didn't. Dumbledore just said that this patronus mirroring wasn't that weird. Why did you pick Snape to name Harrys kid after? Snape waves his wand producing his potronus and it's the same as Lillies. In 2015, the series' author began answering a slew of fan questions on Twitter. Not this shit again! Our summaries and analyses are written by experts, and your questions are answered by real teachers. (I did read the books awhile ago and recently watched the movies). Not that the love had been mutual or that he was Harry's father. As Rowling sees it, Snape eventually sacrificed himself in order to save Harry at the Battle of Hogwarts, so Harry felt the need to honor him. Alan Rickman, the actor who brought the character to life, was the only one privileged to know the truth about the Potions professor. He appears to do something wrong and yet, in the end, it turns out that he was acting in Harrys best interests. Snape's actor Alan Rickman's first and middle initials -, Snape and James Potter's respective actors - Alan Rickman and. The name Severus translates to "strict" or "stern" in Latin, which seems to match the professor's demeanor quite well. The only reason snape's pstronus is a deer is because he loved lily, and she died. The Harry. He named Albus Severus because he admired Snape's courage in spying, and possibly felt guilty for having doubted and hated the man throughout his life. Upon their shared arrival at Hogwarts, Lily is furious at Snape for sabotaging her relationship with her sister, and matters only get worse from there. However, Snape's life takes a turn when he meets a young Lily Evans, who lives nearby. For years, he seemingly tortures Harry at school, but their last moments reveal the character's true nature. To contain his transformations, Lupin was kept inside the supposedly haunted Shrieking Shack at the full moon. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Ravenclaw, Elder and Unicorn 10 1/2 inches unyielding, sparrow. Cookies help us bring you Fanpop. Ore they're just idiots. Ultimately though, James rushed into action andmanaged to reach Snape before he could be fully exposed to Lupin. A Member of Townsquare Entertainment News. I mean really!! For all these reasons and more, we can say that Severus Snape is one of the most complete and fascinating characters in the Harry Potter universe. Plus, Snape is the so-called Half-Blood Prince. But as some fans and even Rowling herself were quick to point out, he's neither good nor bad. Snape successfully fooled one of the most powerful dark wizards of all time, Voldemort, by convincing him that he was a devoted follower. In a 2007 interview with Bloomsbury, Rowling joked that Skeeter would probably have gone on to write a biography titled "Snape: Scoundrel or Saint?" After giving his life to defeat Voldemort, Harry is able to return to the realm of the living and face Voldemort one last time, and as the true master of the Elder Wand, he brings the Dark Lord down for good. Severus Snape's infamous line about Harry Potter's eyes in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 isn't actually a Harry Potter plot hole. Welcome to r/HarryPotter, the place where fans from around the world can meet and discuss everything in the Harry Potter universe! All his actions lead us to believe that hes on the side of Voldemort and the Death Eaters. One notable factor of the books was when Harry was speaking about Snape with Dumbledore, the latter would always ask Harry to address him as "Professor Snape". It's widely known by Hogwarts students and professors that Snape wanted to be the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, not Potions. Warner Bros. Well, he's clearly not very nice, and he's working both sides of the street. Due to the age difference between Rickman and Snape, as he is portrayed in the book, make-up was used on Rickman to make him look younger. Tobias Snape was a British Muggle and the patriarch of the Snape family in the late twentieth century. You mean you didn't notice the resemblance? We cannot make it any more clear that Severus Snape is not Harry Potter's real father. Wait, I don't follow. Snape takes out all his past frustration on Harry, whom he sees as a reflection of his father and, consequently, as an enemy and rival. In his dying moments, Snape asks Harry to look at him clearly a reference to Lily, in that Harry's eyes resemble his mother's and gives him a vial of memories. Even just from his name, Snape, it sounds like snake, usually associated with evil. At the end of POA, when Snape discovers Sirius is missing, he immediately suspects Harry and flies into a rage to accuse him. Voldemort might not be the dark wizard we thought he was as we see glimpses of his slightly happier childhood. Throughoutseven novels -- in turn, adapted into eight films --Harry Potterrevealed details about multiple eras of the Wizarding World. Even though Harry, Ron, and Hermione attack him so that he doesn't turn Sirius in, he shows up at the last minute and tries to protect our heroes when Lupin turns into a werewolf (hence the monthly potion) and attacks everybody there. The deaths at the Battle of Hogwarts would haunt Harry forever. And, in the same way, we understand that good old Dumbledore wasnt quite as good as we thought he was. It seems to me that your sister was trying to read inbetween the lines. Exploring your mind Blog about psychology and philosophy. ". In the horrible aftermath, Dumbledore convinces Snape that the only way to show his love to Lily is to protect Harry, the only part of her that survives, and make sure that her death and her sacrifice to save Harry's life won't be in vain, especially when Voldemort resurfaces to attack Harry. Snape and Lily go way back before their Hogwarts days, and Snape has been enamored with her for years. In the Harry Potter series, Severus Snape is long established as one of Harry's most consistent antagonists. Because Snape killed Dumbledore, Voldemort believes the wand will obey Snape, so he must defeat his right-hand man. Including the father. Is there something in the movie DH-part 2 made them think Snape is Harry's father ?? Mr and Mrs Evans and their daughters Petunia and Lily lived nearby. It's been many years since the first Harry Potter movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone made its way to theaters. Severus Snape is one of the most interesting characters in the world of Harry Potter.Initially, in the books as well as the movies, Severus Snape appears to be a cold-hearted and cruel potion . BOOM, People obviously don't pay enough attention and they are lost in the moment of the realisation of snape actually being a pretty good guy, because at first I felt the same way too, People think Snape is Harry Potter's father even though James Potter is Harry's because Dumbledore said "Make sure Harry is safe and pretend that you're is his father.". It isn't a doe which has changed gender. Because it seems like a interesting idea. I think people ask that because when you are going through Snapes memories in the last book it just shows how much love he holds for Harrys mother and some people might think that the pure love he shows her translates to love for harry as a father figure but honestly if one of you followed this logic please tell me what I just said because I have no idea. In a series of tweets, Rowling explained her reasoning. KEEP READING:Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Star Fired Over Misconduct Allegations, Brandon Zachary is a Senior Writer with Comic Book Resources and has written for CBR since 2018. Sometime before 1960, pure-blood witch Eileen Prince married Muggle Tobias Snape. Does this make Dumbledore a bad guy and Snape a hero? From the beginning I knew that the movies wouldn't do justice to J Rowlings masterpiece. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Get what I mean Its just so unbelievable! In the book, we learn that James Potter and his friends were bullying Snape, and Lily came to his defense. Alan Rickman was, without a doubt, magnificent as Severus Snape and a perfect guardian of Rowlings secret. 29. They weren't siblings though - we know their parents' identities and they're 2 different pairs. We all shed a few tears when we discovered that, after all this time, Snape still loved Harrys mother Lily and that, in fact, everything he had done was to ensure the young mans safety.

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