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You can rent a car but You probably will not use a car in San Miguel unless you are staying far away from everything. Will be renting a van and will be driving an hour. Tijuana had a metro area population of 2,1240,000 in 2020, up from 2,054,000 in 2019. Hello Tomiko, Thisprompted the U.S. State Department to up the ante on its travel advisories to the country late last year, placing five Mexican stateson its highest Level 4 Do Not Travel advisory under its newly revamped system which is another reason why many are wondering is Mexico safe. Your email address will not be published. I got extremely sick in the Czech Republic last year and that was the one time I decided to forego travel insurance I racked up thousands of dollars in medical bills and they wanted their money before I would even be seen by the ER Doctors. I recommend staying in Cancun or Cozumel since you are older. Drive carefully to avoid. Although this warning appears to be focused around gang and drug violence, this August advisory included Cancun and Los Cabos, two of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. yes, but so does Memphis and it doesnt stop me from going home and it shouldnt stop you from traveling solo to Mexico. I hadnt visited in 10 years because of the travel advisories and I regret it deeply. Sometimes I that keeps us safe. In fact the police chief in Cancun area was recently beheaded by one cartel for taking sides with another. Keep spouting the political brainwash. you cant trust the American press. Trust people who are invested long-term in making your stay a good one, like booking agents and hotel staff, and be on your guard with one-off opportunities. See Entry requirements. To put things in perspective, consider that the murder rate in Mexicos Yucatan State is 2 per 100,000. if your family loves seafood you can have lobster prepared every way imaginable! I am trying to plan a trip to Cancun in September 2019. I get a lot of hate emails for the previous statement but whether readers agree or not it is true because you are here and you are researching is it safe to travel to Mexico and Mexico travel advisory 2023. Planning on visiting and backpacking across Yucatan Peninsula..Cities/Areas that Ill be visiting are as follows:- On Monday, taxi drivers blocked Kukulcn Boulevard one of the main roads to the hotel district in Cancun forcing some passengers to walk or even get police escorts. I look forward to your future blogs. Do you spend this kind of energy warning people about the U.S. and the dangers of being black or latino traveling to the states. There is police protecting visitors. Been to Rome 3 times and walked the city both day and late night, without any issues. Keep your belongings with you, dont expose your valuables, and avoid being alone in places that are too isolated. I will see what else I can find for you. Is that an OK area? Why cant you be truthful in dealing with beautiful and leave politics and fake news to the real media. Cops who are only there to rob tourists and protect cartel. Amid announcements of new safety concerns in Mexico at the start of 2023, the official U.S. State Department travel advisories remained as they had been for several months, with six states in the do not travel classification. Had to give them all the cashll in my pocket and truck in order not to be taken to jail. we are a group of seniors and nervous to begin with . Tourist areas such as Cancun are perfectly safe. 19 Is driving through Mexico safe? Youll be amazed by how many incredible destinations Mexico has for tourists from bustling cities like Guadalajara and San Miguel de Allende to secluded islands off the beaten path like Isla Mujeres. To put things in perspective, Level 2 is the same tier given to many other tourist hotspots that have an uptake in criminal activity including the following countries: I have been to Belizeand Italy, and I have never wondered if it is safe to travel to those countries. Cabo San Lucas is a popular beach resort town located on the Baja peninsula of Mexico, filled with top-rated boutique hotels, trendy restaurants, and crystal-clear waters. Thats why, so why the superior tone? Personally, as someone who lives in San Diego across the border from Tijuana, my wife and I visit Mexico often and vacation in various areas throughout Mexico. What do you think? I dont suggest walking anywhere maybe catch a bus or hire a driver. Is it safe for tourists? They frisked us constantly asked if we had drugs on us (the most exciting thing I had was dental floss). The U.S. State Department recently updated Mexicos travel warning for U.S. That is why it is dangerous. I dont think our little minute amounts of meds concern them. Latin countries are corrupt from the top down that is the main problem, cops are on the take everywhere their morale is LOW ! you must have misunderstood my article because I am quite clear that my experience with Mexico has been nothing but safe and wonderful. No matter where you go in Mexico, follow the common-sense rules that are listed above like drinking only in moderation, getting a cab instead of wandering around after dark, and leaving your expensive watches and rings at home. There have been bombings, arson, executioners chasing targets through the streets, AK-47s shot on streets, dismembered bodies left in bags, executions of police and high level authorities, schools targeted, etc. And how do you secure them in your motel room? The writer is pushing racism. Is Oaxaca Safe? I just returned from a solo trip to Cancun and felt completely safe. Did you know that, according to the FBI, an estimated 15,241 persons were murdered in the U.S. in 2009 111 U.S. citizens were killed in Mexico last year, and almost all of them were involved in illicit drug trafficking, gun-running, or smuggling people across the border to/from the U.S? When it comes to International Driver's License, Mexico is not that strict as long as your license is in Spanish or English. If you know you are going to Mexico or any country for that matter you need to have your documents in order. Stay the heck away from here! Do you recommend staying in a larger city like Cancun or Cozumel or is Tulum ok? The level of risk is higher in Mexico, period. I will be traveling with my husband and two little kids to Puerto Vallarta in August. Is there any activities you recommend, any transportation from the airline to hotel ? Buses do occasionally get held up and robbed. Sir, that is called privilege. There are a number of precautions that need to be observed but Guadalajara is an amazing tourist destination. that allows Uber to operate in Quintana Roo without a public transport license. So sorry to hear about your loss. The government tried to cover up the murder to prevent bad public relations for the country and the playa del carmen area. Taxi drivers are reportedly furious over a court ruling. It's a nice way to get to see the surrounding area. Permits are NOT needed in the Baja Peninsula. Do a little research on the destination youre thinking about traveling to and for the love [], [] I stated in my previous articleIs Mexico safe the countries below have the same Tulum travel advisory and most people dont think twice about [], Amazing blog thanks for sharing today on this blog, [] The Costa Maya cruise port is located in Mexico. Fortunately for the rest of us, they wont travel beyond the trailer park. Cancun and Cozumel are just like staying in any American city and you will be completely safe. Thanks much for your quick response Tomiko! I can still cancel the trip but prefer not to. I felt more unsafe in Rome than I did Mexico so no need to worry. The media would like for you to believe there are kidnappings everyday and that is just not the case. Banjercito is the government authority that issues vehicle permits. I suggest Belize and if you are adventurous ditch the beach and stay in the jungle at Kaana Luxury Resort. This infuriated taxi drivers, who face higher costs because they are considered public transportation. Dont travel at night: Most crime occurs at night. I beg them to keep their low self-esteem bodies at home watching the Fox News coverage of innocent Americans gunned down en mass while attending church, shopping at Walmart, the movies. Its really necessary for you article to say that Mexico, Dominican Republic, Haiti and other countries where the majority of the population are black and brown people ? Keep a cool head, be . no worries Jason and I apologize for the late response as I was traveling. My friend wasnt wearing a mask so they demanded a fine from both of us. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Sorry for being paranoid. It might sound silly to them to create a safe word because nobody ever thinks something is going to happen until it does. . Regulated prescriptions were a concern of my wife and I crossing the border. I travel to Mexico solo and with my husband and nothing has ever happened to me. Thanks for the info. Only use well-known tour operators: Most of the cheaper tour operators will not have up-to-date equipment and experienced guides. No place in Mexico, Latin America or the Caribbean is SAFE for gringos who are regarded fair game like deer hunting season ! Driving at night is not recommended in Mexico. My daughter (20) and 8 of her sorority sisters are going on a cruise in March and the two stops are Cozumel and Puerta Costa Maya. Did you read my article? I am so sorry to hear that happened to you. The media would like for us think that Mexico is full of thugs and you will be killed. I havent seen an area improve as migrants take over. etc. Mexico has a zero tolerance for drinking and driving. They threatened to kill my wife and baby if I didnt pay. Murders are up and robberies of tourists and their vehicles. Imagine 111 people out of the nearly 8 million visitors (about 1 million of whom make Mexico their full-time home). Travelers should have common sense when traveling to Tulum, especially in the downtown area: Dont walk alone at night, lock your doors, and dont walk alone on the beach at night. Should I be worried and encourage them to go elsewhere? amzn_assoc_linkid = "063fc92648a6a3d0276fa9ca7a87e20c"; I was felt more unsafe in Rome than I did in Mexico. What advice can you give me? So many Americans regularly travel to Tijuana. We are currently looking for a second home and a reprieve from the winter months. Of course, in the U.S. we would then be issued a ticket that requires us to pay a fine or appear in court at a later date. Staying at the resort and not leaving was the only time we felt safe and were able to relax in many trips to Mexico. Mexico has the same travel warning as Europe and many other countries but they dont have the stigma that Mexico has. Mexico is open to travelers. We want to know your option on this hotel and security measures all around . But Mexico is at least as remarkable and there is a clear difference in how each of these storied destinations is portrayed in contemporary news. And before you say that Im a narco. Would like to do the same this trip. Otherwise youll lose readers like me. Cheap sometimes dangerous alcohol filled into brand name bottles so they can cheat you that way also. They want to go fishing. But risks vary, a lot, and so does peoples tolerance for risk depending on their personalities and life experience. Mexican Immigration Card: ALL foreign citizens traveling to Mexico for purposes of tourism or a short visit of less than 180 days must fill out an Official Entry Immigration Form (FMM) prior to their arrival to Mexico. As a few other Western countries have done, we need to legalize drugs and take away much if the profit motive for the cartels. There has been a lot of news coverage about violence in Mexico. In fact, there are multiple reasons why visiting Mexico should be on your bucket list. I am not the least bit concerned but they are. How safe will we be? You do not have an automatic. It so refreshing to have someone comment that is not from #45 Base. We were hoping to just use the taxi to get around, get groceries, go to nearby restaurants (walk or taxi). Have a great week! Italy has the same level 3 warning so why is Mexico considered more violent? If your guide or management at your hotel tell you to not go somewhere listen to them. I will help anyway I can to help relieve your fears. Keep reading as I dissect fact vs. fiction when it comes to criminal activity in Mexico. Some sources claim that the local government is suppressing the extent of the violence in an attempt to protect the tourist industry. No matter where you look but as fall break approaches, visitors are asking if Los Cabo is safe for a girls trip. of Cancun and the Mexican state of Quintana Roo over a potential conflict between taxi drivers and ride-hailing service companies which has caused many tourists to wonder is Quintana Roo safe. Rental cars are very cheap. Basically, it's safe to drive in Puerto Vallarta. And how do you secure them in your motel room? Mexico is by far one of the top destinations for many U.S. travelers, but violent crime is soaring in certain areas which causes many tourists to second-guess their spring break vacation plans to Mexico. Does Mexico have a bad reputation? Hey Bruce- I suggest getting a written note from your doctor and do not pull the label off. 2) Organized crime dont like to mess with tourists, because the foreing country will demand a clarification and Mexican government, who is involved with the crime), will need to do something, and thats like shooting to oneselfs foot. Most visitors to this region describe the area as just as safe as most American cities. and Baja California Sur (B.C.S.). Kidnappings are far and few. No need to be concerned. You have been warned. Safety is definitely a concern when visiting any country; However, Mexico is not quite what people make it out to be because most Americans are killed because they are looking for drugs. Nayarit state Level 3: Reconsider Travel. Mexico is considered a safe country to visit but there are numerous dangerous areas and regions that tourists should avoid traveling to. Why is Mexico considered so dangerous but other destinations with the same warning level is not? Remember, Congress makes the laws. In spite of your loss, you are misinformed about Mexico. The U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Mexico have issued a new warning to visitors of Cancun and the Mexican state of Quintana Roo over a potential conflict between taxi drivers and ride-hailing service companies which has caused many tourists to wonder is Quintana Roo safe. Am I saying a trip to Mexico is going to mean certain doom for you? In that case, the order is clear: protect them. For the life of Gawd do not go to a foreign country buying drugs and then play the victim when something bad happens. Excellent, informative article Tomiko. Bajabound is one of them. as they battle over lucrative tourist rides. 17 How safe is Mexico City in 2021? So happy I stumble upon this useful site! The common advice that youll be fine if you dont do drugs or go out at night is a myth, more murders are happening in the day and drugs are not found at the scene. You will find that there are 2 main highways in Baja that run vertically through the peninsula. You must work for the Trump administration if you believe Mexico is dangerous. Earlier you were chastised for criticizing Trump and his attacks on the Mexican people, making them out to be dangerous, criminals, and murders (that last part I took liberties with but they are Trumps words from various points in time). Reconsider travel to Mexico due to COVID-19. Can I trust the water and food at the resort, or should I purchase bottled water? Make sure you have a written prescription in case you lose your medication. Absolutely they are. Level 4: The six states with the do not travel advisory, because of kidnappings and other crimes, are the northern border state of Tamaulipas, the central state of Zacatecas, and the Pacific coast states of Sinaloa, Colima, Michoacn, and Guerrero. Other countries are now giving travel warnings about coming to America due to all the violence in the past few years and especially recently. We are thinking about flying into Leon and driving to San Miguel. The Department of State advises that U.S. citizens not travel to the country or to leave as soon as it is safe to do so. While these are isolated incidents I believe for the most part Mexico is safe but you must also use common sense when traveling not only to Mexico but to any foreign country. Because the United States is the only country selling all kinds of weapons to Mexico theres no other country including Mexico itself providing weapons to those disgusting cartels. you want to be in if you VALUE your life. However, I must also make it clear that you MUST exercise increased caution at all times. Travel Insurance is important no matter where you are traveling because accidents happen and you should always travel with insurance. Make sure you put all of your medication in the safe along with any other valuables. And when it comes to crime in Mexico, cities often have more crime than rural areas simply because they have larger populations (and thus more opportunities). Weve all heard the stories about the corrupt cops south of the border. I have know people that have beeb kidnapped and I dont dare to tell you the horrors theyve told me. I am traveling to Puerto Vallarta with my two little kids ( 5 & 10) and husband in August and am becoming paranoid about the reconsider travel alert that is on this area. Hi, I have family that live in Nayarit in the city of Tepic near San Blas. The whole time they didnt give me the emergency number for my embassy and they let me call the embassy at 5pm when it was closed. We have been pulled over, infractions made up and robbed every time we have rented a car in mexico. I plan to book all excursions through resort. Towing your car is technically something that the officer cant do, even though they will threaten it, but if you give them enough of a desire to cause you harm they will absolutely find a way to make it happen. . Its important to check Mexico travel warnings before planning your next vacation to Mexico to make sure you really understand is it safe to travel to Mexico? Understand, dont Deny. I wrote the article I felt very unsafe in Rome and was frightened for my life but while I was in Mexico I felt completely safe and at ease. Be aware of your surroundings and be on the lookout for fake taxis, watered-down drinks, car rental scams, and foreign exchange scams which are just a few of the scams you should be on the lookout for while in Mexico. Well I get trouble from customs bringing Regulated drugs prescriptions after landing at customs. Oh btw President Trump and American main steam media arent on the same team if you havent bothered to watch the news or anything else. Very concerned. Do not keep your money in your pocket, or backpack, or leave your purse and camera equipment unattended making you easy prey for criminals. amzn_assoc_title = "My Amazon Picks"; Microsoft did something new in Windows 10 that wasn't available in Windows 8, which is adding a feature to the Settings app to allow you seamlessly . I am in Tennessee and if you go looking for trouble you will find trouble. We hesitated until they got the handcuffs out. It's a 65-mile drive from the border to Rocky Point, but it can take about 80 minutes to get there because of the variable speed limits. The Yucatan, for example, is especially suited to driving: Many beaches, barely developed ruins, and intriguing villages lie a good distance from the main road. Plans for Puerto Vallarta early spring? There is no fee for driving here as a tourist, either. Italy, Europe and a lot of other countries have the same warning level. Cancun- PDC- Tulum- coba Ek Balam -valladolid- chichen itza -Merida Campeche. Most locals arent out to rob you or get over on you but you should always be careful and aware of your surroundings so you can avoid falling prey and becoming a scammers next lucrative customer.

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