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Unable to find a safe, they obliterated all four members of the Clutter family. What does society owe, say, the family of Cliff and Christine Walker? "Do you realize, in December, it's going to be 64 years?". June 30, 2022 . A boat crashes at a bridge near Parris Island in Beaufort County, South Carolina, on February 24, killing 19-year-old Mallory Beach, according to the South Carolina Attorney General in documents . He used to live there. This was such a young family. Don McLeod got up at 5:30am on December 20th, 1959 in Osprey, Florida and headed over to his friend Cliff Walker's place so they could go out together to hunt wild hogs. Truman Capotes wildly popular book In Cold Blood was written about the crime, and is considered the first real true crime novel. She settled in and smiled. Meanwhile, the head of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation told a reporter that, had he been facing a similar situation, "I'd have had an investigator down here weeks ago.". And though Clark was earnest, Myers feared the result would be no different. However, in 2012, the Sarasota County Sheriffs Office once again began to look into a possible link, having originally considered them suspects as early as 1960 around the time of their arrest. A ranch worker for the Palmer Ranch, McLeod started his morning by getting ready, and then travelling to the home of his coworker Cliff Walker. Her captain, she said, wanted a DNA connection. He confessed to everything, even crimes with which he was obviously uninvolved. But they both knew that DNA had so far muddled the picture. Christmas 1959 was supposed to follow this tradition. (The Walkers and McLeods were both employed by the wealthy Palmer family, on whose ranch land they both lived.) But he decided he would wait until something actually happened. The Walker family and the utter family. Brandon Clark. He had also been convicted of attempted rape. Eyewitnesses have placed men matching their description in Sarasota that day. (Staff Photo by BILLY HEFTON . The best chance to solve a decades-old quadruple murder in Florida ended Tuesday when sheriff's deputies said they could not link DNA to the two killers profiled in the book "In Cold Blood." The . The doubt, the what-ifs, kept at him like a jackhammer. LANSING, Kan. (AP) The bodies of the two men executed for the 1959 murders of a Kansas family that became infamous in Truman Capote's true-crime book "In Cold Blood" were exhumed Tuesday in an . The Walker family of Osprey, Florida, included father Cliff (25 years old), mother Christine (24 years old), a son named Jimmie (three years old), and a daughter named Debbie (two . Myers wondered how much longer he would be able to make the three-hour drive to Sarasota. Junk science was enough to clear Youmans in the eyes of authorities. Cliff, who earned $55 a week managing a herd of deep red cows, wanted to trade in his wife's 1952 Plymouth. Sixteen stents kept his heart pumping, another five expanded veins in his legs. On December 19, 1959, the entire Walker family was brutally murdered in their home in Osprey, Florida. The 1959 murder of Herbert Clutter and his wife and kids in Holcomb, Kansas by Perry Smith and Richard Hickock was, by itself, rather unextraordinary. It seemed to authorities for years that he would never be ruled out, but when technology changed, he was happy to provide a sample of DNA. McCall underwent three separate polygraph tests, and during each one, the suspect was so nervous that they all ended inconclusively. Equally, Smith prevented Hickock from carrying out a rape at the Clutter Farm, whereas Christine was assaulted before her execution. But then in 1987, this settlement was rocked by a grisly murder that still remains unsolved today. Determined not to leave any witnesses, Smith cut Herb Clutters throat and then shot him. The bodies of the two men executed for the 1959 murders of a Kansas family that became infamous in Truman Capote's true-crime book In Cold Blood were exhumed Tuesday in an effort to solve slayings of a Florida family killed weeks later. "I put a lot of faith in that," said Ron Albritton, a retired Sarasota detective and distant cousin of Cliff's who oversaw the inquiry through the 1980s and 90s. The house located in Osprey Florida was rent free for the Walkers in exchange for the hard, honest work Cliff did on the large Palmer Ranch. In 2019, Clark was able to test the stain again. The police heard about what had happened by around 5:45 that morning. Wilburs alibi doesnt start until after the murders. So unfortunately, we can't really tell anything from these DNA results. December 19, 1959 was no doubt a day like any other in Osprey, FL. But the next morning, they vanished. However, the Clutter family killing resulted from false information, with the home deliberately targeted in the belief it contained significant cash. McGath stopped calling Myers. Having McLeod take a few polygraphs was the extent of officials investigation of him in the fifties and sixties. A similar circular print had been found in blood near Christine's body and at the Kansas scene. She read a report that the pair sold two dolls to a minister in Louisiana for $1.50 in gas money after they had left Florida. There are countless other rumors about other individuals or groups who could have committed these crimes. Such killings the extermination of an entire family don't happen every day, but they're not so statistically rare as . They were seen a dozen times on the way. Gossip created a lot of fruitless investigations. However, most unusually, the couples marriage license had been stolen, leading some to suspect that perhaps an old fame of Christines had come to carry out an act of terrible revenge on the young husband and wife. They listened as a fellow inmate bragged about a farmer who kept lots of cash in a safe. McLeod also fell under suspicion. Boyer interviewed suspects in at least five other states. "Let me say this, Mr. Myers," Clark said. Joe Giasone, a 30-year veteran of the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office, said the agency has 32 cold cases, ranging from the 1959 Walker murders up to a 2019 missing boater. Courtesy of Las Vegas Review-Journal Archive. The detective picked up almost immediately, and Myers told him he wanted an update. He took off with Jimmie and Debbie in a jeep that could be used by any of the Palmer Ranch hands. Giasone wasn't sure why previous leaders didn't pursue additional testing 10 years ago. The infamous killers hanged for the murders of a Kansas family may have also been responsible for the deaths of another family in Florida. In early January, Myers called Clark and his boss six times with no reply. He caught a glimpse of Cliffs wife Christines feet on the floor, toes pointed toward the ceiling. Tennessee has its own rough past, drenched in murderous stories that will keep you locking your doors. If you nenjoyed this story, please consider purchasing my book: Nordic Noir: 14 Unsolved True Crime Cases available now at Amazon. That had never been clear, McGath replied. Through the years there have been almost 600 suspects but to this date, the case remains unsolved. There was no shortage of suspects. Some suspect Stanley Mauck, the man who read the meters for the Walker residence, as he was the same meter reader who serviced the home of another recently murdered family. I am entirely self-funded and if you liked this article, please consider a donation via PayPal as a token of appreciation. And in Kansas, authorities had been focused on the Clutters, an agency spokeswoman said, and they have no evidence that officers interrogated the killers about the Walkers. He told Myers, if he could get the OK, he was still after a true copy of Christine's DNA. People gossiped about a fight Cliff had gotten into a few days before the murder. The second one didnt miss. It was hard to imagine, McGath often told Myers, in their sometimes meandering phone calls, that anyone wouldn't classify the men as suspects. One or two days prior, a man said they had asked to fix his bent fender for money, and a gas station owner said they'd asked about auto paint shops. The folks at the gas station told him the Walkers were dead, and they took him to the house where he fell apart. Evidence is the exact same in both cases. Even the worst fears of his imagination couldnt have prepared him for the carnage that greeted him. Both families lived in rural communities. Police theorized that they had been grabbed and used to wipe the blood off the killer or killers. Nov 14, 2022 at 9:00 am. Smith's tooth returned a female DNA profile - that of the examiner who analyzed the bones. Months later in 2013, McGath was at her desk in Sarasota reading a report on the DNA from the Kansas Bureau of Investigation. Worrying that the family had succumbed to a gas leak, he broke in . In December of 2012, it was announced that Smith and Hickocks bodies would be exhumed to match their DNA to semen samples taken from Christine back in 1959. What exactly had Det. McLeod passed a polygraph and was quickly eliminated in any case. Perhaps a secret lover had been spurned. We saw the caution tape scene. / AP. Joe Giasone, a 30-year veteran of the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office, said the agency has 32 cold cases, ranging from the 1959 Walker murders up to a 2019 missing boater. Could those dolls have been for Debbie? At another, the cowboy test drove a Hudson Jet. But evidence suggests that it wasnt too long before the attack began. Cliff, 25, lived with his wife Christine, 24, and their two young children, Jimmie, 3, and Debbie 1. Hopes of solving 1959 quadruple murder cold case are dashed as police fail to connect 'In Cold Blood' killers with slain Florida family By Ap Reporter 05:43 14 Aug 2013, updated 09:22 14 Aug 2013 McLeod later stated that it was odd . Christine was 24. His hands were bound and his mouth was taped shut. interactive scene of 1959 walker family murders. An agency spokesperson declined to comment. Florida analysts spent the equivalent of 44 full lab days that first year poring over evidence, making 2,920 fingerprint comparisons and conducting ballistics tests on more than 75 guns. Clues found during the investigation included a bloody cowboy boot and a fingerprint on the handle of the bathtub faucet. The following year, the mother of three would leave the agency to prioritize family. I am a freelance long-form writer who writes on true crime, politics, history and more. Local gossip was that McCall was engaged in an affair with Christine Walker, and he was known to own a .22-caliber gun. Two suspects. You Are Here: unblocked sticky ninja east london walking tour self guided interactive scene of 1959 walker family murders. I dont know if anyone ever collected or tested his DNA. Elbert, on the other hand, would be on the police radar for some time. . Now, Myers asked her, "What I don't get is, how did they get in the house with the dogs sitting there?" Arriving at the house when Christine was alone, she wouldnt have suspected their real intention. In 2010, however, over 50 years after the crime, the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office took another crack at the Walker family murders case. Baby Debbie, they found in the bathtub, facedown in 4 inches of water, also shot in the head. Cliff was 25. interactive scene of 1959 walker family murders interactive scene of 1959 walker family murders on June 16, 2022 on June 16, 2022 In her final report in 2013, McGath said she believed there was enough circumstantial evidence to tie Hickock and Smith to the Walker murders. Maggie and Paul Murdaugh. As the sun set shortly after 5 p.m. on December 30, 1959, a driver stopped a 1956 Chevrolet . Jan 29, 2012. [7] Spencer's confession was "determined to be cleverly constructed from real murders written up in newspapers and true-crime novels that he liked to read. It sounds like his night could have been too busy to carry out the crimes. Despite this, many still believe that Hickock and Smith are the most likely suspects in the slaying. It was only days before Christmas, and the Walker family had already begun to put a few presents around the tree in anticipation of Christmas morning. First published on February 6, 2023 / 12:00 PM. The pair were among the many suspects given a polygraph which they both passed, being dismissed from the inquiry. Clark, 41, was the latest of a dozen investigators to examine the cold case. But he told police he had seen the Walkers' neighbor, Wilbur Tooker, at their house at least two dozen times. A Miami Beach detective discovered that the day before the murders, the pair had checked in at a motel there, paying $18 for a week's stay. Capote had insisted that the pair had an alibi for the time of the killings. He'd had an alibi for most of the evening, she explained. The house was dark as McLeod approached, but as he got closer, he saw a light flickering through the window. Herbert Clutter, his wife Bonnie, and their two youngest children, Nancy and Kenyon . It worked. Smith owned black engineer boots with a Cat's Paw rubber cushion sole, featuring circular pads, a little smaller than a quarter. But, as she would find time and again, neither Kansas nor the Las Vegas Police Department could locate any of that evidence for her. Hickocks former cellmate had worked for the Clutters, telling him that the father, Herb Clutter, kept a large amount of cash on the premises. He noted the family car was not in its usual position, and there were both a cut log and Christmas gifts laying on the porch. [13] Said relative was later proven innocent through DNA testing.[14]. Somebody was inside but ignoring his calls. He cried as he told his story. He had initially believed the family had simply slept in, amused as his friend was also known to be a habitual early riser.

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