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Errol Morris is one of the most prodigious documentary filmmakers of our time. This actually revealed that we all have this bias mind set when it comes some professions. I would say, regarding this last point about how the riddle should be presented (with the solution witheld) , that most of those who here have dismissed the riddle with such comments as that its so obvious only a stupid person would not see the solution, would not have seen it themselves had it been presented properly. 6. an amygdala. Sure, now I know how deep it is, but I am not going to go over the falls. Imagine if the remark were you get a point for enlightenment, at least outside of Roxbury! But many will name that answer, as well as the doctor being his other gay dad. Just because someone imagined a man as the doctor doesnt mean they believe that men are the only competent gender for medecine. I have done womens advocacy work for decades and I was so shocked I missed this! Honestly, anybody over 10 years old who couldnt guess the answer to that riddle would have to be very, very stupid. What I think is the more valuable information gained from this study is that the majority of respondents were more likely to accept that the parents were a same sex couple than break gender norms. I would like to know if all participants in research were native English speaker and if English was there only language. The father died. Truly immediately I had my mind on a man as the surgeon. Maybe what that really reveals is that this riddle isnt really an accurate test of gender bias and is in fact a very childish and simplistic way of approaching a serious issue. And yeah, schemas do exist, they sometimes change, and they interfere in our thoughts and actions lets all study psychology ;), Excludent isnt a real word (except in mathematics), The same issue arises in the Spanish version, which is that a son and his father get into a car accident and are taken to the nearest clinic. The doctor comes in and exlaims "I can't operate on this boy." "Why not?" the nurse asks. Exactly what I thought when I read that sentence. The punchline here is the thought that enlightenment can eliminate the predisposition. I dont know if that was true at the time(it was 1991 or 2), but it is an attempt at rationalisation that is echoed by many of the comments seen above made by people who read the answer presented in the article so promptly, without having in honesty been challenged to produce it themselves. In the operating room, the surgeon looks at the boy and says, "I can't operate . The father died. Answer: Noise! Roughly speaking, females in med. Like a judge, I thought HE OR SHE recused him/herself on this basis. "I can't operate . The Riddle. Here's a challenge for you. ) at the end, to finally justify the revelation of an already existing situation. The specialist arrives, looks at the son and says, I cannot treat him as he is my son.. It had me thinking. Despite this I, a self-proclaimed feminist, *immediately* thought the surgeon was another father before I self-corrected and decided it was more likely that the surgeon was his mother. The operator is a female. It might be the case that using words of only one gender (father, son, he, boy) is priming the participants to think in those terms. What they are not saying is that this,study was done back in the 1960s. One would (unconsciously) assume that if the mother was a surgeon, they would have called her in the first place rather than waiting for her to appear and state she cant operate because thats her son. RIDDLE TIME: A father and his son were in a car accident. Show answer. see the operator is the sons mother. Read the following riddle (puzzle) and see if you can think of the answer. If you think like, surgeons father and surgeons son then I think answer is different. Its why camouflage works. Nearly forty years ago on a famous episode of All in the Family called "Gloria and the Riddle," Gloria posed a riddle to Archie, Edith and Meathead. Answer (1 of 91): I have collection of some really awesome riddles. There is no imminent need for the Sherlock Holmes theatrics. Is it also possible that a gender bias researcher may be biased toward seeing gender bias? Again, as others have stated, you would need to analyze a control group, or at least a case-control and see if there is a correlation with the mother daughter incident at seeing if the father being a surgeon is concluded. Think about this in an another way like, A surgeons father and son are in a horrible car crash that kills the dad. They are all rushed to the hospital and the doctor says, "I can't operate on him, he's my son." Give me a clue! I remember the character Gloria talked about it on an episode of All in the Familyway back in the day. I have good long time friends who are black but I dont look at them like that. BE FAIR. And whose son? Technically, you were trapped in a prison and had a riddle competition to decide who escapes. Therefore, the riddle itself is actually malformed in English. It may show sexist bias in some instances but in general cannot. Look at the words in the sentence "I can't operate on this boy, he is my son." We are being subconsciously cued into expecting a male. But he had only two surgical gloves. False Assumption: The surgeon was a man. I once gave this riddle to my wife and she did not get the answer. Perhaps my gender bias was slow thinking. The father dies immediately, but the son gets taken to the hospital for surgery. Seems like I am six years late to this board but let me answer that anyway for anyone who has yet to see this page for their first time in life. Looking at the portrait of a man, Harsh said "His mother is the wife of my father's son. I'm quick when I'm thin and slow when I'm fat. Test your math skills and word play with answers included. However, they are not twins- neither fraternal nor identical. The man is killed instantly. When the son arrives at the hospital he is rushed into surgery. I find this fascinating and truly believe the only way to chip at our biases is to expose them. Thats the whole point of the riddle. Mostly because of the wording of the riddle. The riddle is packed full of male pronouns. . And thats another issuesome people will say I dont know because they have no way to tell which possible answer is the correct one. In research conducted by Mikaela Wapman (CAS14) and Deborah Belle, a College of Arts & Sciences psychology professor, even young people and self-described feminists tended to overlook the possibility that the surgeon in the riddle was a she. Ive done a very similar informal experiment with my colleagues (we are all chemists a very male-dominated field). True the woman is connected with reproduction, but that is logical not biased. he takes it from you when you corrupt it unknowingly but men cry for his gift no matter its cost, Thats the solution established in the English language. It took a few seconds, but I got the riddle right. Was quite saddened to read the dig at the Bible Belt. The father was killed and the son was rushed to the hospital. So to me the fact that rationalizing two dads as a likelier explanation than a female doctor is incredibly telling, and suggests that gender bias is really extreme. Good luck getting this into any respectable journal, because the conclusions do not follow logically on the outcomes. There is no imminent need for the Sherlock Holmes theatrics. Therefore, the most likely problem isnt that people use schemas, but its more likely that the English language itself is missing a critical evolutionary detail for humans to be able to handle it in a politically correct way. The setup: A. father and his son are in a car accident. Perhaps the boy was only given up for adoption because his father (and presumably mother) were not in a position where they could provide for and raise a child but they did still want to have some involvement in the childs life as a stipulation of the open adoption. I wonder if they do the following control. How could this be? Click on 'Show Answer' to solve the riddle: A father and son have a car accident and are both badly hurt. Answer: To boil the egg in exactly 15 minutes, follow these four steps. There is this family: An elder Cupple, with their daughter (lets say aged 30), their daughters child (around 8) and a young man all living in the same appartment block. I did go to the assumption was 2 fathers. This inspires critical thinking. At one point I thought could it could have been the birthmother and that this child had been given up for adoption and now life is flashing before her eyes at this point. Exactly. The first words are a father and son are in a horrible car crash that kills the dad., It clearly states that theyre related a FATHER and a SON. If you guessed that the surgeon is the boys gay, second father, you get a point for enlightenment, at least outside the Bible Belt. How condescending! It doesnt seem very enlightened to me to suggest that where youre from dictates the level of compassion or intelligence you can have. If you havent heard it, give yourself time to answer before reading past this paragraph: a father and son are in a horrible car crash that kills the dad. I thought along the same lines. Next time, if you write this riddle in Spanish, I bet you that most would not have this issue. Let this ignorance be a lubricant to slide in new ideas to shape the landscape viewed with our differed perspectives. Sadly, my mind also went straight to male.. How stupid and trivial to indulge in characterizations like this. It was very nice and interesting. My answer was that the boys step-father took him to the hospital. In the riddle there are two people in a car, "father and son". I dont look at people and say there is 2 men walking or 2 women walking and you assume that they are gay? We need to be able to take a step back from our thoughts in order to restructure them or behave differently. Question: A man and his son are in a terrible accident and are rushed to the hospital in critical care. Agreed 100%. Ignorant, definitely. What gender is the doctor? Virtually everyone would get this right, of course. The boy could have been adopted by the father in the accident, and surgeon could be the biological father in an open adoption. Your riddle has nothing to do with the riddle in this article. But, then, that doesnt fit your narrative, does it? Some of these can be very creative. I think my English not really that good in understanding the previous story on this. However, some of them added something along the line of well, or maybe the surgeon is the mombut then this wouldnt be a riddle. would be fine with the answer being two dads. Experimentation around schemas could definitely improve to rule other causalities and better understand these mechanisms. /. When they arrived, an old gray surgeon was called in to operate. In the Spanish version, as well, people assume el especialista (which could be male or female) is male and dont consider that it could be the mother. my first though was, The father is gay and one of the parents die in the crash and the other parent was the surgent! As for the preoccupation with unconscious motives, unknown blind spots and biases that seems to dominate large swathes of social science these daysit would be refreshing to see someone admit that the conscious mind is also a powerful behavioral motivator. Yet another variation has the police responding to a tip . The doctor couldn't operate on the boy because the boy was the women doctors son. It was very interesting. The doctor looks at the boy and exclaims "I can't operate on this boy, he's my son!" How could this be? Maybe even quadruplets? How is this possible? However, there is a stronger association neurologically with word-pair connections as father-son and mother-daughter activates and excites two different connection pathways, so the time it may take for someone to reach for a word from the opposite gender may be a while, or not at all. I was thinking the crash emotionally killed the father Like a true psychology major. A father and son were involved in an auto crash. I just asked this riddle to a few friends. The son was still alive but his condition was very serious, and he needed immediate surgery. @ the people who guessed it was a gay couple rather than it was the mother! Sadly, therefore, I am afraid that the author of the article has effectively botched his chance to make an effective point by a) not acknowledging the other variables than gender, b)not presenting the riddle in an effective way and above all c) not witholding the solution until at least the end of the piece (if not altogether). I have gay friends and have been to there wedding. 2. I totally agree. 1. A patient is rushed into the emergency ward of the National Hospital after a horrific road crash, and is in urgent need of an operation to save his life. I was wondering why the doctor, no matter who they were, COULDNT operate on the dying boy. The sisters are Siamese Twins, (Conjoined Twins). I must honestly say. ), In both groups, only a small minority of subjects15 percent of the children and 14 percent of the BU studentscame up with the moms-the-surgeon answer. This is an article that I am supposed to read to make me less biased if I happen to be biased. At their core they are survival reflexes. The man's son was in the operating room and the doctor said, "I can't operate on you. 1 How is this possible? Moderators are staffed during regular business hours (EST) and can only accept comments written in English. I've heard this one too. The father dies immediately, but the. For example, the boy and his parents are at home, as they leave the Father says to the Mother Have a wonderful day at work. What are we? In other words, one would expect bias to grow or become more rooted over time but this was not the case. In your table groups: Read your article together. The son was taken to the hospital. Oh, what a bigoted intolerant bunch we all are. I thought it could be the boys birth parent, thinking that with the accident and the death of the mother that he could have been adopted and now the parent discovered this was her child, perhaps she knew the adopted parent all the time. It would be embarrassing to not be able to guess that the surgeon is the mother. Profile. They got into an accident and were in critical condition. It is telling that the results were no different for the gender reversed alternate version of the riddle. This is an eye opener article. A cowboy rides into town on Friday. Connect to us. This article inflames the fight and does not help gender bias at all. The daughter is rushed to the hospital; just as shes about to go under the knife, the surgeon says, I cant operatethat girl is my daughter!. So No one is stupid; and there is no real need to get angry because it somehow makes the reader feel guilty or confused. One out of every ten graduate students and professors that I asked were able to answer the original riddle correctly most people say some variation of second father. Even when I am looking for a female doctor. 2. Plus if you do mess up, the guilt would be unbearable. Jaya sees Julian has 20 on his forehead, and Levi has 30 on his. Getting close. Twisty Riddles Answers. >A mother and daughter are in a horrible car crash that kills the mother. A man and his son were in an automobile accident. For example, cirujano literally means [male] surgeon, and cirujana means [female] surgeon. The following question was also set up, but with the occupation being nurse not surgeon. The validity of assuming peoples responses are due to schemas instead of other possibilities is a bit questionable. I think the brain is wired to automatically think that the surgeon is male, hence it became confusing that the one who died is the father. Im a woman surgeon and I didnt even get it! Your reaction to situations is built upon what you know to be true. You may ask one question, to one guard, to help you decide which door is the correct one. A man and his son are driving to the supermarket. To my opinion it could be a case of adoption. Answer: Carrot. Could this be what those BU students had in mind as well? Youre making a biased assumption there assuming that biological parents are never involved in their childrens lives whatsoever after adoption. ), The genesis of the research was Belles 10-year-old granddaughter, who was given the riddle by her mom. Upon seeing the young boy, the surgeon said, "I can't operate - this is my son.". On March 12, 2003, 15-year-old Elizabeth Smart was found safe nine months after being abducted from her family's home in Salt Lake City, Utah. Ideally, they should have groups where they pair father and son with nurse, and mother and daughter with surgeon so that the gender schemas are not violatedand then groups where they use father and daugher or mother and son being in the accident, to avoid priming participants one way or the other. All you need to do is watch the newest medical TV shows to know that things are changing. I love the outcome and determination of the female. You just took a cheap shot at men. I wonder if they do the following control. That would suggest that the underlying effect exposed by this riddle is not schema induced gender bias, but rather cognitive limitations imposed by linguistic formulation. Quite a sad excuse for a doctor. Just as he's about to go under the knife, the surgeon says, "I can't operate-that boy is my son!". You are pointing out one bias while reinforcing another. **A . This article is very interesting.It helped me learn and understand gender schemas. - Ryan Howard Father, Son, Dad, Boythe story is riddled with male descriptionsof course you may jump to conclusions. the second son of my father has seen men rise and fall and have all of their secrets in his belly, And back to my original point, the scenario of the riddle is gender-ambiguous. Please dont belittle the South, Rich. Who will save us from ourselves? . Well, its an interesting question. 5,667. To be fair, in the Spanish language there are clear masculine/feminine appropriations to nouns, like surgeons. When the boy is taken in for an operation, the surgeon (doctor) says 'I can not do the surgery because this is my son'. A man and his son had a terrible car accident and were rushed to the hospital. Its efficacy depends entirely upon how it is presented. -IIRC, when I used to watch ALL IN THE FAMILY reruns as a teenager (!) I think the study should be done not using male pronouns & see if they get a better correct response. No, the reversed version is actually not reversed, it contains another gender bias (that a nurse is female). Here is the riddle: "Each of you has a hat on your head. These clever riddles tell stories that will improve kids' creative thinking by painting a picture that's easy to visualise to help work out the answer. I assume that also the reversed nurse question, 100% would get this one right: >A father is killed, his son sent to the hospital, and a nurse declines to attend to the patient because that boy is my son. I have seen this before but thanks for the reminder of Gender Bias. We sometimes forget that women/mothers can also be surgeons. Two ambulances came and took them to different hospitals. The Surgeon's Dilemma - A Test For Unconscious Bias. The answer to the other half of the riddle is that we do not take accident victims to the. I'll post the answers after you have guessed. The father dies instantly, and the son is taken to the nearest hospital. I assume the parenthetical was added later because many commenters asked whether there was a control group. At least television is getting it, finally. However, on seeing the boy, the surgeon blanched and muttered, "I can't operate on this boy he's my . This riddle has a better chance showing how the media and entertainment masculinize or feminize certain things than it does determining if someone is sexist. You're my son." How is that possible? I got the answer surgeon was mum first time I heard this riddle years ago, I agree with the comment that it is about lack of critical thinking skills more than gender bias. When she and Wapman posed the riddle to kids in the UROP study, some of the answers stretched the bounds of inventiveness: the surgeon was a robot, or a ghost, or the dad laid down and officials thought he was dead, but he was alive.. Furthermore, there is a cop-out solution that betrays your insistence on pointing out gender bias to the detriment of adoption. As many commenters have pointed out, this study is so poorly designed that it could be used as a model of how not to do social science. The riddle seems to indicate the effects of linguistic priming or misdirection, if it indicates anything at all. Ask a subgroup of people the following question and see if they are more likely to solve the riddle: A mother and daughter are in a horrible car crash that kills the mother. It needs to be reworded to a parent and their child. If you'd like to take a guess at some more difficult riddles, have a go at the ones below and see how many you can solve! In an article about bias the author clearly shows his bias. We think past the obvious. . He is rushed to hospital, and will need immediate surgery. Question: What does this riddle illustrate about the one mentioned in the article? DON'T USE THE INTERNET PLS. There is no control group condition in this study, one where the answer conforms to the gender schemas; they simply have two conditions where the answer conflicts. Mary is dead. Oh, wait, now I remember: female-surgeon is the female form of surgeon. See: >A mother is killed, her daughter sent to the hospital, and a nurse declines to attend to the patient because that girl is my daughter; few people guessed that the nurse might be the childs father. If you didn't guess that the surgeon could have . Outrage would flare and the author would be censured, if not lose his job. Upon seeing the young boy, the surgeon said, "I can't operate - this is my son.". That is why and how your personal experience influences your environmental schema. One leads to the castle; the other, to certain death. Almost everyone or at least those who have seen Tin Cup knows the answer to this riddle: A man and his son are in a car accident. Really? Question: A man and his son get into a car accident. Then 100% gets it right out of 10. Well, he could have two fathers. The child couldnt muster any other explanation. He needed immediate surgery. I have been playing people with this riddle for about 30 years, since discovering it in Scientific American. Obviously the father is officially dead and out of the picture. I immediately thought the surgeon was the Mom or possibly the gay dad. He can't breathe if he tore a hole in his space suit. 40-75% of people can't solve this riddle because they're unable to imagine the surgeon is a woman. I have no brothers or sisters"? My point being is, the English language, doesnt necessarily do this. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! So, to call people out as prejudice is kind of unfair. Sometime down the road of the English language evolution (or even sooner than that), the decision was made for no words to have gender and for objects to be referred to as it and not he or she. It is like people preaching tolerance, but showing no tolerance for those that believe differently than themselves. The moment they arrived at the hospital, he was wheeled into an emergency operating room, and the surgeon came in, expecting a routine case. www.bu.edu. HOWEVER, that was in the mid-nineties, long after the idea of a woman being a surgeon had become ingrained in society.

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