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Many suggestions were offered as to who would be the new CEO of the company; Stefan's newly wed Gabi Hernandez and the recent resurrected Tony DiMera's newly wed Kristen (posing as Nicole Walker). Chad was attempting to defeat Stefan in business as head of DiMera's main rival Titan Industries but was removed by Victor Kiriakis. He convinced her to come back to Salem to mend fences between Stefano and his sons -- Chad and E.J. It originated in Tuscany, but has branch offices in various parts of the world, including Rome, New Orleans, Hong Kong, London, Venezuela, various uncharted islands in the Caribbean, and of course Salem. Stefano DiMera's family seems to continue to grow, despite the death of Salem's all-time greatest villain. During his reign of terror, Stefano kidnapped many Salemites, brainwashed characters like Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso) and John Black (Drake Hogestyn), and became obsessed with Dr. Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall), per Soaps in Depth. In August, after Stefan and Gabi got married she began living there. Bo and Hope agreed and Hope got the envelope that Stefano put in the box. Stefano was furious and vowed to pay E.J. He is said to be the "seventh son of seven sons". Upon finding out that Stefano was her father, Lexie began a parental relationship with him, although there were many ups and downs (via Soaps in Depth). Over the years, some big paternity surprises have come to light concerning The Phoenix himself. She gave birth to Little Elvis, or John Jr., but either way, he was still Stefano's youngest son. DOOL Days of our lives Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Stefano married Vivian, who he had control of thanks to a chip in her tooth. The family is currently represented by the patriarch Stefano's acknowledged surviving children: Tony, Megan, Kristen, Peter, EJ, and Chad DiMera and his living grandchildren Benjy's son Steven Hawk, EJ's children Johnny and Sydney DiMera, Lexie's son Theo Carver, Chad's children Thomas and Charlotte DiMera and Kristen's daughter Rachel Black. Tony believed Li wanted to use Jake to get complete power over DiMera and it's board. 2009 storylines with the Kiriakis family revealed the DiMeras control labor unions that they used against their business rivals, including the Kiriakis family, with surprise strikes. Over the years, the DiMera family has become one of the most entertaining parts of "Days of Our Lives" with Stefano (JosephMascolo)and his children wreaking havoc on the people of Salem (via Soap Central). 1982 to 1983; 1984 to 1985; 1988; 1993 to, MASS FIRING: Show's entire staff of breakdown writers has been let go. a. She later discovered the truth and reconnected with both Stefan and Jake. Stefan was nearly fired in 2018 for losing millions in DiMera stock but was bailed out by EJ's wife Sami Brady in return for information on EJ's whereabouts. would marry in . m. David Banning (1982 to 1983; divorced; see Horton and Banning) Characters currently on the regular show and on the web series are noted in bold; family members through marriage are in italics, and unacknowledged family members are in strikethrough. This is actually a retcon, as the tension between the two families was originally the result of detective half-brothers Roman and Bo Brady and their constant attempts to thwart the various schemes of DiMera family patriarch Stefano DiMera. While Stefano was out of town, E.J. While he was away taking care of Chad, E.J. All Rights Reserved. m. Daphnie DiMera (common-law marriage; deceased) Find out what's ahead next week on Days of our Lives, Million Dollar Listing's Josh Flagg to appear on Days of our Lives, GH RECAPS: What you missed the Week of February 27, 2023, GH SCOOP! Is B&B prepping to revisit the Carter/Katie romance that almost was? But, Stefano asked E.J. not to tell anyone for a while. were really father and son. To make it worse, doctors believed that Lexie's tumor may have been caused by inhaling fumes in the tunnel where Andre held her captive. E.J. Kristen was afraid of losing John after the death of Tony. Stefano's family tree is long and twisted with branches that span through multiple other "Days of Our Lives" families. Start watching Day of our Lives today! Several other characters have also had affairs, marriage, and questionable relationships with members of Shawn Brady's family, further building the already large family tree. He quickly called Kristen to have her help. Santo wanted to marry Colleen and she fell for him and violated her oath and made love to him. But, he told Chad to stay on with the company, but he would report to him. It has intermarried with the Brady, and Horton families over the years. P Poornima Gauravarapu A Day In Life Our Life Marlena then revealed her feelings for John. Determined that his grandchildren would be part of the DiMera family, Stefano came up with a plan to remove Rafe Hernandez from Johnny and Sydney's life. As a tribute to her father, Kristen married Tony. Chad became the CEO of DiMera Enterprises after being appointed by Wei Shin's son Li Shin. EJ returned years later as an adult and was ready to take his rightful place at Stefano's side. The DiMera family helped to transform Days of our Lives radically since their arrival. On July 13, 2022, Megan Hathaway is revealed to be alive after nearly 37 years of being presumed dead. Kristen had fallen out the window and was assumed dead. Stefano hired Rolf's niece, Marlo, who was young, pregnant, often drunk, and about the same length along in her pregnancy as Hope to give her baby to Lexie. At the time he was the son of court judge Madeline Peterson. Stefan realized he only loved Gabi. Unknown Woman Stefano was furious when he found out. In 2017, "Days of Our Lives" viewers were shocked to see Vivian Alamain return to Salem after years of creating drama. He worked for Stefano, and was involved with Victor, but unsure of what he did. In his place, Li assigned Jake as the new CEO, which was an outrage by many members of the DiMera family, given he has no experience and no class in running a corporation. He was also behind the Raven killings. a. Madeline Petersen Soaps.com is a part of Penske Media Corporation. Is Y&R preparing to celebrate its 50th anniversary by killing off [SPOILER]? Stefano initially had no idea that he was the father of Lee's daughter Renee. Stefano, Andre and Chad DiMera; Heads of the DiMera family (2015-18). 2023 SheMedia, LLC. In the end, he decided that neither were fit to run DiMera, which led to hiring Kate Roberts as DiMera's new CEO, but thanks to a resurrected Vivian Alamain, she was shot and put in critical condition. More Archived News: Review more past DAYS news headlines. On November 18, Li Shin decided to give Jake a chance at DiMera, given he's Stefano's son, and appointed him as the new Vice President of the company. For two long years, the mansion was under Chad's control till in 2018 New Years Eve, Chad's long lost half-brother Stefan DiMera arrived in Salem and bought the bank that holds the mortgage on the DiMera mansion, making him the new owner of the family mansion. The car later went off the road and exploded. As the great-grandson of the beloved Tom and Alice Horton, Nick proved to be an important piece of the family tree. For nearly two years, the mansion was under the control of "the pretenders" till on September 23, 2021, EJ once again took ownership of the mansion after he bought the bank that holds the mortgage on his family's household, he then removed Gabi and Stefan's long lost twin Jake from his premises when they tried to evict him and Chad. By that time, Tony was already acclimated into the DiMera family, although Stefano and Andre had treated him poorly and even locked him away for many years (via Soaps in Depth). Santo, Stefano, Tony, and EJ all have international reputations as ruthless businessmen and powerful underworld figures. It only took Sami a few minutes to realize which one was the real Rafe. Shortly before his death Stefano had another will drawn up that disinherited EJ because Stefano had recently discovered that EJ is not his biological son but the will was never signed, witnessed, and notarized and therefore not legally binding. In early February 1982, Santo's son Stefano DiMera moved the "family business" to midwestern Salem to build a family there. Its current incarnation appears to be a sort of combination of these: a fairly wealthy Tuscan family with roots in ancient Italian nobility, which according to Stefano goes back centuries and includes kings and popes. The second generation started with Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo) who produced an almost mythical number of children only matched in number by his fake deaths. Longtime "Days of Our Lives" fans may also remember that Peter caused a lot of problems in Jack Deveraux and Jennifer Horton's relationship. Lucas was married to Nicole Walker, . Stefano convinced Andre to get plastic surgery to look identical to his son Tony DiMera (via Soaps). They have him surgery to look exactly like Rafe and tutored him on all things Brady. Thank you for visiting days of our lives dimera family tree page. She never needed to cash it in, but Hope did. Birth xx xxx1929 Toscana, Italy No publicly available family members 354People0Records0Sources Contact Tree Owner Stefano DiMaurofound in 2 treesView all Stefano DiMaurofrom tree Venell/Brandt Family Tree(Private) Eileen had a ghostly encounter with Anna. found out why when he found a letter that Stefano had been hiding. John became Stefano's new assassin/pawn/soldier. Chad DiMera shares two children with Abigail Deveraux, Thomas and Charlotte. Daphne DiMera was also shown to be resting there. Meghan Hathaway was also discovered to be Stefano's daughter in the 1980s. There are also plenty of secret rooms, separate servants' quarters and a guest house on about five acres of property lush with colorful English-style gardens which contain rare flowers imported from Italy. could put the final stages of his plan into motion. When Rafe went into the hospital following a car accident, Stefano made the switch. 's body from the morgue (October 2014), Suffered from kidney failure and required a kidney transplant (2007). Affair m. Shawn-Douglas Brady (November 23, 2007 to present) (see Williams and Kiriakis) The police came and arrested Stefano. Through the miracle of soap operas, Stefano was able to obtain John's "dead" body and have Rolf bring John back to life and brainwash John. However, not long after, the charges against him were dropped and Stefan was released from federal custody. Santo met and fell in love with Colleen Brady, and he convinced her to break her oath as a nun. Soon afterwards, GabiChic was temporarily closed. . Over the years it has been revealed that the DiMera family shares a long history with both the Bradford and the Brady families of the fictional midwestern American city of Salem. The family is currently represented by the patriarch Stefano DiMera, Stefano's surviving children, Tony, Kristen, EJ and Chad DiMera and his living grandchildren: Theo Carver, Stephen Hawk, Johnny DiMera, Sydney DiMera, Thomas DiMera, Charlotte DiMera and Rachel Black. Santo DiMera is a fictional character on the soap opera Days of Our Lives. However, when Jennifers mother, Laura Horton (Jamie LynBauer), found out that Peter was trafficking drugs he teamed up with Daniel Scott (Stan Ivar) to stop her. The DiMeras are an upper-class Italian Catholic family on the soap opera Days of Our Lives. "Days of Our Lives" fans have come to love the characters, although each has had their devious moments as well. Days of Our Lives fans watched Jennifer and Peter get married, but Jack was determined to save Jen from the DiMera protege. A few months later, the company was thriving once more. GH's Katelyn MacMullen on whether Willow and Nina can ever be close and what about that wedding? DiMera, and their child, Johnny DiMera, is actually the twin of Allie Horton. to get Chad to move back into the mansion as well. He was later revealed to be the father of Benjy Hawk, his son with Ellen Hawk, and Lexie Carver, whom he shared with Celeste Perrault. So, she moved with E.J. In April 11, 2011, when the idea of having children with his deeply hated ex-wife, Vivian Alamain was conjured up by the latter, Stefano was deeply horrified at the notion. On November 26, 2019; it is revealed that Stefano has returned inSteve Johnsons body. Characters in the several "Generations" sections are acknowledged in the family, those who are not are in the "Unacknowledged Members" section. The family has always appeared to be uniquely and extraordinarily powerful in the criminal underworld. Bo and Hope came to Stefano with the "IOU" and asked him to reveal details that would set John free. Mrs. B kidnaps Shawn and then unmasks (off camera) to reveal she is Jan. In 2022, Kristen allowed Gabi to once again take over DiMera for the time being, as part of a larger mysterious plan. When faced with the decision whether or not to try to revive Stefano; Lexie, Tony, and E.J. All Of Stefano DiMera's Children On Days Of Our Lives, Amy Sussman/Getty & Michael Mattes/Shutterstock, who was known as "The Phoenix" due to his ability to rise from the ashes and return from the dead, Stefano found out that Rene DuMonde was actually his biological daughter. Although Jack returned to warn Jennifer about Peter, it wasnt enough to change her mind. Stefano and E.J. Liesl blamed Elizabeth for Britt's death. Andre was behind many devious plots in Salem and eventually found out that Stefano was his father, not his uncle (via Michael Fairman TV). Lindsay Arnold says her DAYS exit "wasn't a last-minute decision", TWO SCOOPS: We got three test tubes and a makeshift microphone, Cody Longo, who appeared on DAYS as Nicholas Alamain, dead at 34. This infamous family was created by Pat Falken Smith and introduced by Betty Corday and Al Rabin. Renee DuMonde (daughter; with Lee; deceased), Megan Hathaway (daughter; mother unknown; deceased), Lexie Brooks Carver (daughter; with Celeste; deceased), Kristen DiMera (daughter; via adoption; deceased), Grace Brady (granddaughter; via Chad; deceased). Stefano was frustrated, as he did not want them all to be killed. m. Nicole Walker (See Walker and Mendez) (April 14, 2009 to Spring 2010) He sought revenge immediately. When E.J. In addition to his biological children, Stefano also adopted daughter Kristen DiMera (EileenDavidson/Stacy Haiduk) and her brother Peter Blake (JasonBrooks). However, it was later revealed that the man who raised him was not his father, per Soaps. : Let us know if we are missing any information in this profile. Distraught by her choice, Stefano filed for divorce, and kept Kate's companies- Hearth and Home and Countess W. Stefano also had to deal with the devastating news that, Lexie had a terminal brain tumor. Rachel Blake died and Stefano adopted her two children Stefano eventually caught up to them and had Ellen killed. So, he agreed to let Kate represent him at the meeting. (2016), Sami and Kates portrait in the DiMera living room. In January 24, Chad and Stefan learned the board decided to make both of them Co-CEOs of DiMera. The first generation had traveling salesman Santo DiMera begin an affair with novice Colleen Brady who was Shawn Bradys sister. Santo built DiMera Enterprises into an international powerhouse and made connections and deals with numerous officials and businessmen around the world that benefited DiMera Enterprises and were later used by his son Stefano. He also wanted to win favor with his daughter Lexie, who desperately wanted to have a baby. Since Andre was Stefano's best soldier, Stefano blamed himself for Lexie's tumor. Stefano loses control of DiMera enterprises in July 2014, when Sami and Kate successfully forged his signature on documents that make them Co-CEOs of DiMera enterprise. 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In early 2015, Stefano's lawyers found a way to get the charges against him dismissed and Stefano retunred to Salem. Benjy later found himself deaf after getting caught in an explosion that Stefano orchestrated. Meanwhile, EJ DiMera has fathered three children, Johnny and Sydney, whom he shares with Sami Brady, and a son named Daniel DiMera with Nicole Walker, who was stillborn (via Soap Central). Stefano was introduced as Lee DuMonde's friend from Europe, a man who came to Salem to see his son, Tony. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA Enterprise and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. On February 21, Chad and Abigail got remarried and moved to Paris with their kids, leaving Stefan in charge of the mansion. He had it seem like he was obsessed with Marlena again. His father was a traveling salesman from Italy named Santo DiMera (via Soaps). chip was removed from Steve's head and Chad and Tony destroyed it. SNEAK PEEK AT Y&R NEXT WEEK! c. Claire Brady (born 2005) Everyone was believed dead, but they were all really faking their deaths to get evidence that Stefano ordered the hit. The Johnson family is a fictional family on the NBC daytime soap opera Days of our Lives. He is the father of Stefano DiMera and established the wealth and power of the DiMera family. However, Tony was the product of an affair that Daphnie had with Enrico. was actually planning revenge on Stefano for disowning him. [1] & Even though Stefano was free of criminal charges, he was far from happy. "Days of Our Lives" fans who have been watching the show for years know that Stefano DiMera had a soft spot for his grandchildren, and often took extreme measures to make sure that they were protected and had everything they wanted. This brought a conflict of power between the two hateful brothers. To this day, long after Stefano's death, the mansion is still considered to be his house. Sonny said goodbye. Vivian gave birth to her sons but was told that there was only one baby who had died. and Sami got engaged. and Stefano decided to bring power back to the family name. However, "DOOL" fans can wait to find out. THIS WEEK ON Y&R: Tucker suggested Devon buy McCall Unlimited. Salem sees March roar in like a lion, Million Dollar Listing star Josh Flagg to appear on Days of our Lives. Find out what's ahead next week on The Bold and the Beautiful, B&B's Diamond White makes history in new Disney/Marvel project, chats Paris' next chapter, Studio City, Emmy-winning series from Sean Kanan, snags 13 ISA nominations, Where is Flo? The key was for a safe deposit box and as it turns out, was a joint box that Alice had with Stefano. m. Kate Roberts (September 24, 2009 to November 27, 2012) The DiMera board fired Stefan as CEO and initially wanted Kate to replace Stefan but she refused and recommended Chad, who was named the new CEO. down, Stefano agreed. Sarah did not tell Xander she was pregnant. was taking control of the company. m. Abraham Carver (1989 to present; see Carver) And for once, he wasn't lying. The pair came up with a plan to expose Laura to a toxin that would make her hallucinate and seem as though she were mentally unstable (via Soaps). On November 26, 2019; it is revealed that Stefano has returned inSteve Johnsons body. Vivian is about to exact her revenge on him for implanting the emotion chip in her tooth. Stefano DiMera not only has many biological children but he's also the adopted dad of three children. While he was in Alamainia, he had put Kate's fidelity to the test. was receptive of Stefano's desire to be a family again. r. Sami Brady (He raped her. He put pressure on E.J. After a short debate on who would be running DiMera, Tony was able to convince EJ and Chad to become Co-CEOs. This time, she had a mystery man on her arm (via Soap Central). On June 9, 2021, EJ DiMera returned to Salem and found it outrageous on how his father's legacy is under the control of an inexperienced ex-mob mechanic, so he, Tony and Chad formed a coupe in order to have Jake ousted from DiMera. On July 25, 2019, Stefan was suspended from DiMera because of his arrest in kidnapping Kate Roberts and Ted Laurent. Currently (as of 2007), the show has been exploring the DiMeras' connection to the Brady clan, dating back at least 50 years in the Bradys' ancestral home of Galway, Ireland, and the roots of a feud between the two families. c. Unnamed daughter (Miscarried on November 24, 2008) Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Stefano's happiness was short lived as E.J. (May 24, 2019). The role of GH's Nikolas Cassadine is now being played by GH alum Annie Wersching has died at age 45, ABC announces plans to celebrate General Hospital's 60th anniversary, UPDATE: ABC responds to Ingo Rademacher's lawsuit, also says Jax was going to be written out, Emmy winner Kelly Thiebaud thanks fans, explains her GH exit. was not Stefano's biological son. Stefano's kidneys were failing so he ordered E.J. Address: 430 Lakeview Drive Salem, USA 06649. Did We Miss Something? After Gabi was fired from DiMera, it was revealed that Mr. Shin removed her as CEO of her own company GabiChic, thus leaving her with nothing. Stefano's plaque was shown to be attached to a giant coffin in the middle of the room, but it is unknown if his body was somehow preserved and recovered. Kate revealed in January 2019 that longtime and influential board member Mr. Shin is currently the Chairman of the board. was shot and killed. Alya Nazir was stabbed in a racial attack during the latest episode of Coronation Street but after he last incident involving a bomb fans thought she . m. Marlena Evans (January 23, 2009; later deemed invalid because of his marriage to Hope) (See Evans), KEY However, the DiMera family tree below will help you figure out exactly who is related to who in Salem. Stefan forces his way into the DiMera family making enemies with his brothers Chad (Billy Flynn) and Andr (Thaao Penghlis) and sisters-in-law Abigail (Marci Miller) and Kate (Lauren Koslow) when he takes over DiMera Enterprises and buys the family mansion out from under them. Stefano's final biological daughter was Lexie Carver, whom he shared with Salem's own psychic Celeste Perrault. Sami was raped by E.J. Currently (as of 2007), the show has been exploring the DiMeras' connection to the Brady clan, dating back at least 50 years in the Brady's' ancestral home of Galway, Ireland, and the roots of a feud between the two families. By then, he had sent his youngest son, E.J. was actually the one who framed John. Post a Comment Share on Facebook Tweet this Submit Feedback. Kristen had said that John and she were married and that Marlena still wanted to marry him again. confronted Stefano about it, Stefano wasted no time in disowning E.J. In June 28, EJ's coupe succeeded after Kate betrayed Jake during the corporal votes and voted to remove him as CEO of the company. Five fan favorites returning for Y&R's 50th anniversary, PHOTO: General Hospital releases 60th anniversary "class photo", Y&R's Melissa Claire Egan reveals she's expecting her second child, Y&R INTERVIEW: Courtney Hope weighs in on Sally's baby daddy drama. While there, he had them drugged and held in prison until they agreed to go back under his mind control so that they could steal back a valuable piece of artwork.

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