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You can download updates to the BT Sport App from: The new BT Sport help tool is available to all sport customers. The picture keeps breaking up on the BT Sport App, I'm unable to watch the BT Sport App over a 3G or 4G mobile network connection. Please try a wi-fi connection instead. Announcements, Guides & Community Updates. If you use Powerline adapters, restart both adapters and check they're in sync, If the 'Wired Connection' is set to 'AUTO' and the 'Network Connection Status' is showing 'DISCONNECTED', try to re-connect by selecting, 5Mbps for standard definition (SD) channels, 10Mbps for high definition (HD) channels (BT Infinity customers), 44Mbps for ultra high definition (UHD) channels (BT Infinity customers), Make sure you're using the Hub we provided you with most recently, and not any other router or routing equipment, Check your TV box is connected directly to your Hub with an Ethernet cable or Broadband Extender Flex 500s and that you're not using Powerline Adapters, Restart your Hub, modem and TV box by disconnecting the power supply from the Hub and your box. ER18. Please check that you're entering the correct EE phone or tablet number and begin the set-up process again. Click on it and select "Use custom settings for history" > Accept third-party cookies > "Always", From the four options for "Cookies and website data", please select "Always Allow", Log out of the BT Sport online player and back in again. Check the connection between your Hub and TV box. problem on the comuncation for the signal of the motor/limit switch 1. there s no support for it 0 Ratings Reply 52 REPLIES DarrenDev BT Sport Expert on 12-08-2021 22h00 5,741 Views Message 2 of 53 If connecting using wi-fi, check you've entered the correct wi-fi password and have logged into the internet (some public networks have a two-stage log-in process), Log out of the online player and back in again, Check that there are no other devices streaming using your BT ID log in, Wait two minutes, then try watching the online player again, If you've stopped streaming on other devices it can sometimes take up to 15 minutes for a stream to completely stop, and the error to clear, Lower the privacy settings to anything below "high", Close the menu and then refresh the page. 14-08-2021 If this hasnt fixed your problem, BT customers canclick here to chat with us >", on Follow these steps to try and fix this BT TV error: YVM401, YVM501, YVM502, YVM503, YVM701, YVM702, YVM703, YVM704, YVM705, YVM706, YVM707, YVM709, YVM710. 9h36 This error code means that you've already registered for BT Sport in the past or your EE mobile number is linked to another BT account. A free (Lite) version of this app is also . These error codes are usually caused by a problem with your BT Sport order. You can change each registered device once every 30 days. Your BT ID is correct but you dont have BT Sport on your account, This happens when you have an active BT ID but no BT Sport subscription. Get advice on how to fix error codes in the BT Sport app. can you help i have the latest browser but I'm still getting this error codeVC089:In order to get the best experience on BT Sport, please upgrade your browser to the latest version. Try fully restarting the app, then attempting the action again. 04-02-2021 21h09, on If this problem happens in the UK or EU, try disabling and re-enabling your location services for the BT TV App in your device settings. Simply click the link below and give it a go. Fixing BT error codes Simply enter the BT TV , BT Sport or BT App error code you're seeing on your screen below, to quickly get the solution to fix your problem. 14h14, IVE TRIED ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING TO CORRECT THIS, UPDATE AFTER UPDATE AFTER BROWSER AFTER BROWSER. Step 3 GY038, GY107, GY107, GY111, GY112, GY109, GY108, GY122, GY123, GY018, GY118, GY119, GY125, GY003, GY004, GY005, GY006, GY001. If your error code has a dash, for example BTP-302, don't forget to include this too. You can only watch programmes on the BT TV App in the UK or EU. To look for your error, please type the code, in full, into the box below. Come back later and try watching the programme again - this might take up to a day in some cases. You need to disconnect and then reconnect to Chromecast. 18h44, on MP306, MP318, MP998, ML006, MB021, MB022, MB023, MB002, MB003, MB004, MB010, MB998, MN002, MG103. If you've forgotten your BT ID details, click here>. What do I do next? You need to ensure you've set up your BT ID: Step 2 13h02. If you can't remember all your log in details you'll find links on the page to follow. Try closing the app and opening it again. Alternatively, you can also watch the final through our BT Sport App, which is available to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. This error code means that you've already registered for BT Sport in the past or your EE mobile number is linked to another BT account. Close the app and re-start or re-install the app. If this is the case, you'll need to speak to EE directly: These error codes normally appear when you're trying to watch live channels or videos via the BT Sport app. This means that you dont appear to have an active billing BT TV account, or that your account is currently suspended. These will help you reset your your details so you can log on to the BT Sport online player again. MY038, MY107, MY111, MY112, MY109, MY108, MY122, MY123, MY018, MY118, MY119, MY125, MY003, MY004, MY005, MY006, MY001. You'll also lose any personal settings you've made to favourites and playlists. on 0 Ratings We recommend that you try uninstalling any data compression apps you have on your device. BT ID Password Show Forgotten your login details? If you'd like to look up the code, please type the full error code in the box below. It means that your TV box isnt connected. Enjoy up to 10% OFF on selected Bt Sport final sale items while supplies last. BTP-955, BTP-956, BTP-967, BTP-1050, BTP-1051, BTP-115B, BTP-202, BTP-15000, BTP-15001, BTP-16002. Try logging in again, re-start the app and then try again. Have not been able to watch on my laptop for the last week or so and have to cast the matches from my phone to TV via Chromecast. You'll need to wait until the next day before you can request a new validation PIN again. Click here for more information about BT ID and how to get one >. You'll need to log in again before attempting playback. Step 4 This may be caused by a problem with your device and WiFi connection or because you're not fully logged onto a WiFi hotspot. If your device falls into one of these categories, youll need to try a different one. If you try to access BT Sport in USA, you'll face the following geo-restriction error. Simply click the link below and give it a go. I've sent you a Private Message with details on how you can get in contact with the mod team. If it still fails try connecting directly to the TV, If you still have the same problem, try a different HDMI cable and an alternative HDMI input in your TV. Some public networks (hotels for example) limit the bandwidth available for video. The help tool can quickly get you back up and running again. Try connecting using a different HDMI port from your TV, if this works then it might be your TV port that's causing the problem. You can find Settings in the main menu of the BT Sport app. Check that your TV is on the correct input by pressing the 'Source' button on your TV remote control. 14h18, RUNNING LATEST VERSION OF SAFARI AND FIREFOX, I DIDNT HAVE THIS PROBLEM IN PREVIOS SEASONS, REALLY FFFING ANGRY AS IVE MISSED THE FIRST MAN UTD GAME, ITS EASIER BY FAR TO WATCH THE FOOTY ILLEGALLY, Re: The way you cast BT Sport is changing. If this doesnt work, you can request BT ID and password reminders here: Fully restart your app and try re-pairing your device to your set top box, If this doesnt work, try resetting your set top box and/or your router, and then try re-pairing your device to your set top box again. If youve already had access to the BT Sport app but are now seeing this error code, your EE billing account may have been suspended or cancelled. There are various reasons why you might be seeing this error code. ; If you have forgotten your account or password, click on forgot password. If you're outside of these areas, you'll be blocked from streaming any content. There are a few steps you need to complete before you can watch BT Sport online or on the app. If you see the error code VC005, you'll need to ensure all clock settings on Apple iOS devices are set to default 24-hour time. Try closing the app and opening it again. Help with audio & video playback issues, TV display type recognition & compatibility, HDCP messages, troubleshooting playback errors, advertisements, and resolving power issues. This way, it's impossible for your ISP or the streaming service to trace your location. There are a number of reasons why this may be happening. 11h28. You may also see this error code when porting a BT mobile number over to EE and the transfer hasn't completed yet. I have just purchased a IPad Air and was trying to watch the BT sports app to find that it shows an error code VC086. Any assistance before the next Premiership rugby game on friday night would be appreciated! You need to download the latest version of Javascript online. The help tool can quickly get you back up and running again. IVE BEEN MESSING ABOUT SINCE 10AM TRYING TO WATCH MAN UTD GAME, WHICH SOUNDS (ON THE FFFING RADIO!) GP089, GP080, GP201, GP202, GP203, GP204, GP205, GP206, GP207, GP208, GP209, GP210, GP211, GP212, GP213, GP214, GP215, GP216, GP217, GP218, GP219, GP220, GP221, GP222, GP223, GP224, GP225, GP226, GP227, GP228, GP229, GP230, GP231, GP232, GP233, GP234, GP235, GP236, GP237, GP238, GP239, GP240, GP241, GP242, GP243, GP244, GP245, GP246, GP247, GP248, GP249, GP250, GP251, GP252, GP253, GP254, GP255, GP256, GP257, GP258, GP259, GP260, GP261, GP262, GP263, GP264, GP265, GP266, GP267, GP268, GP269, GP270, GP271, GP272, GP273, GP274, GP275, GP277, GP278, GP279, GP280, GP281, GP282, GP283, GP284, GP285, GP286, GP287, GP288, GP289, GP290, GP291, GP292, GP293, GP294, GP295, GP296, GP297, GP298, GP299, GP300, GP301, GP302, GP303, GP304, GP305, GP307, GP308, GP309, GP310, GP311, GP312, GP313, GP314, GP315, GP317, GP316, GP081, GP082, GP098, GP087, GP088, GP099, GP997, GP996, GP901, GP902, GP903, GP906, GP907, GP908, GP910, GP911, GP914, GP932, GP915, GP916, GP927, GP929, GP930, GP937, GP938, GP917, GP919, GP921, GP925, GP999, GP100, GP101, GP100, GP103, GN004, GN007, GN008, GN009, GB901, GB907, GB910, GB915, GB927, GB921, GB923, GB999, GB929, GB001, GE104, GE105, GE106, GE107, GE110, GE111, GE112, GE113, GE114, GE115, GE116, GE117, GE123, GE124, GE125, GE126, GE101, GE120, GE102, GE103, GE122, GE121, GE100, GE001, GE015, GE915, GE999, GE118, GE119, GF029, GF030, GF032, GF033, GF036, GF024, GF151, GF060, GF062, GF025, GF026, GF027, GF067, GF020, GF021, GF023, GF090, GF091, GG429, GG500, GG106, GG101, GG102, GG111, GG104, GG401, GG112, GG113, GG114, GG115, GG116, GG117, GH103, GH114, GH111, GH112, GH105, GH106, GH107, GH108, GH110, GJ921, GJ999, GK001, GK002, GK003, GK004, GK006, GK025, GK020, GK021, GK022, GK023, GK024, GK007, GK005, GK026, GK027, GK915, GK916, GK999, GM001, GO001, GO001, GO002, GO003, GO004, GO005, GO006, GO007, GO008, GO009, GO010, GO011, GO012, GO013, GO014, GO015, GO016, GO017, GO018, GO019, GO020, GO021, GO022, GO023, GO024, GO025, GO026, GO027, GO028, GO029, GO030, GO031, GO032, GO033, GO034, GO035, GO036, GO037, GO038, GY124, GY127, GY128, GY126, GY131, GY132, GY133, GP274, GP105, GE150, GE151, GE152, GE153, GE154, GE155, GE156, GE160, GE161, GE162, GE163, GH123, GH124, GH125, GH126, GH127, GH128, GH129, GE139, GE140, GE141, GF085, GE132, GE134, GE136, GE137, GP101, GP102, GB011, GB012, GB013, GJ102, GJ103, GJ106, GJ104, GJ105, GJ112, GJ113, GJ113, GJ113, GJ114, GJ117, GJ115, GJ116, GP104, GP105, GO052, GO053, GO054, GN010, GN011, GN012, GN013, GN014, GN015, GN016, GF100, GF101, GJ940, GE003, GE004, GE005, GE008, GE007, GE008, GE014, GF041, GF042, GF043, GF044, GF046, GF070, GF047, GF050, GF040, GF061, GF069, GF080, GF081, GE013, GK010, GK011, GK012, GK013, GK014, GK015, GK016, GK017, GK018, GK019, GY130, GY135, GY136, GY137, GF086, GF087, GE130, GE131, GE133, GE135, GE138, GE142, GO050, GF063, GC001, GC002, GC003, GM004, GM005, GM006, GM007, GM008, GM009, GN020, GO999, GP104, GW041, GW998. on Please check your WiFi or mobile connection then try again. 9h14,, on To look for your error, please type the code, in full, into the box below. (Toyota) When an error occurs, a warning code is displayed on the display on the right of the window (A) for 10 seconds. 0 Ratings 4 REPLIES Longshanks0511 Expert on 13-03-2020 9h02 12-08-2021 Try the channel again now. - Fixing : replace the limit switch, cable. Try changing channel by pressing 1 on your remote control, then go back to the BT Sport or Extra TV channel. By switching on your TV first, then your box, it might fix the problem, It could be a problem with your TV or TV box. Check your wi-fi connection, re-start the app and re-try. Have you tried the steps onErrors on the BT Sport App. Remember me ) Back Security Help Don't have a BT ID? This means that your device is connected, or youre mirroring your device to an external monitor, which isnt currently supported by the BT TV App. How can I watch the BT Sport app on multiple devices? Operating system = Windows 10 Home version 2004, browser = Edge version 88.0.705.56. "If youre seeing this error repeatedly, youll need to try logging in again. Click on My BT in the on-screen message and well help you to complete the process. Now generate a new connection code on your box by pressing 'Connect Device' again. So when you come back to watch again, you get this error. ; Report a bug or problem. Most of the time this can be fixed by checking that your HDMI cable is securely plugged into your TV and TV box. This means you can stream and watch two different, or the same stream, on two different devices. If you don't receive a validation PIN, make sure you've entered the correct phone or tablet number in the first step of the set-up process. This error happens because you need to download the app from the Amazon App Store, and not from Google Play. VC081 means a non specific error occurred with your internet connection when trying to play video. im getting the same error code ID106 in my now tv BT Sports app. If this still doesnt work, there might be a problem with the specific programme youre trying to watch. If you don't have an error code, there's a list of other problems below, with help on how to fix them. This may require you to log in or accept terms. You can only use one box at a time to receive full service (On Demand and Extra Channels). These errors appear when you're trying to watch a video or channel in the BT Sport app. This happens because of an issue with your internet connection. Announcements, Guides & Community Updates. How do I cast the BT Sport app to my TV screen? BT sport app error code ID106 on Smart TV/ID1006 on smartphone, Re: BT sport app error code ID106 on Smart TV/ID1006 on smartphone. Please visit our billing help pages for more information. Test by checking if you can watch a video on YouTube, If none of the above work, log out of the online player, then log back in again, Log out of the BT Sport online player, and then log back in again, From the four options for 'Cookies and website data', please select 'Always Allow', Close the menu and then refresh the page. 04-02-2021 The help tool can quickly get you back up and running again. An Error Code has appeared on the BT Sport App, what should I do? 01-31-2021 08:49 AM. Youll see this error when youre trying to set your marketing message preferences, either during first-time set up, or via the settings page. If this doesn't fix the problem, click on the Video doesn't play back when pressing play link below and follow the steps. This error can sometimes occur during heavy use of the BT Sport online player.

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