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this reader sent a photo of a better picture that did include trees and here it is: This email simply stated, No shutters and I like it!.. ABSOLUTELY! We have 4 sets out of 6. Our Resource Center has the answers. Looked like they fit, however, the rest did not feel right. For example if you want the look of white trim choose creamy colors instead of clean or cool whites which look harsh with red brick. We will find out. Since we already have some red pillows here, adding the red door was easy. Shutters cost between almost $300 and $925, while plantation shutter prices range between about $1,300 and $4,000. Quietude by Sherwin Williams This elegant color combination pairs red brick with a pale greenish-gray like Quietude. We will have craftsman framed white windows & I love the look of pale wood woven shades, but it seems difficult to find both filtered light for day that you cant see right through at night. Talk about picturesque. Stunning red brick home with dark gray shutters on the windows. Take this ranch-inspired color beyond Texas. This color has a distinctly updated look and works very well with muted neutrals and brick exteriors. @timberlane_inc Bermuda or Bahama Shutters Whether your brick undertone is brown or red, a dark shade of green will work well on a traditional house. Maria. A few bricks are one color. This is the most common approach. I do like that they matched the orange colour of the brick for the gable with stucco, you dont even notice it until you start looking. Two years ago when I was educated as to how shutters are supposed to look, we removed them and no shutters is a current photo. There are many exterior paint colors that will go well with red brick but we focus on the most no-fail versions. While getting personalized design advice from a professional exterior designer is usually the best way to go, there are a few shutter styles that work on (almost) any home. Here are some before and after photos of reader-submitted homes along with a few design guides to help you decide on shutters or not. Heres the other thing they cant be white to match the trim because then you end up with a cottage look. Each color of paint also has undertones to be slightly different from each other. 15 White House and Blue Shutters: Inspiration and Ideas Sharing my own home and our white and blue here exterior first! We have old wooden shutters on our house (in the correct size) and keep replacing them as they fall apart. The contrast between shutter and exterior is good and it works well. White is easy to match with any other color because its like a blank canvas. But before we jump right in, we suggest you start by reading our guide on everything from shutter size to hardware. This classic hue looks stunning on any brick color. First, it would look totally random on just the two windows. You'll find a beautiful gas fireplace, large windows . Heres an example of a beach house with shutters. Louvered shutters are perhaps the most traditional shutter type, so they especially look great on historic homes. Beautiful red brick houses with white shutters on the Croix-Baragnon street Toulouse France YW4-1367377 from agefotostocks photo library of over 110 million high resolution stock photos stock pictures videos and stock vectors. If your homes exterior is made from brick, adding shutters to your windows will create an immediate focal point. But in all honesty, some homes look better without shutters, and a poor shutter choice can make a home look like an eye sore. The hinges hold the shutter to the structure and allow the shutter to open and close over the window. A gray house pairs well with shutters in other cool shadesthink darker grays or a variety of blues. Canada: Think of other dark colors, too. Homeowners could still let in a breeze without letting pests in thanks to the slats. You know, I love the idea of a blue and white house. Wood shutters are more prone to cracking, and the slats on louvered shutters are actually pretty delicate. Its also a great way for your shutters to appear real. Red doors are a favorite and homeowners oftentimes want their shutters to match. Old red brick home with green shutters, white trim and a green metal roof. Strap Hinges were used and Rat-tail style tie-backs were most popular. Perhaps even navy blue shutters. man attaching wood shutters to house drill inserting anchors into brick through wood shutter Once the pilot holes had been drilled into the mortar, he used tapcon 2" concrete anchors to secure the shutter to the house. Definitely one of the best ways to learn! She gets me.Haha! In this example, the brick Colonial-style house features dark green shutters with white trim, which together make a dramatic statement. I hope this helps your decision making, if you need help with making this decision or with colours on your exterior, see my, And if youve decided landscaping is what you need, contact my Landscape designer. Contemporary McMansion red brick exterior home with dark gray shutters. Now you have me questioning it :). Red brick homes are typical of New England and black shutters are a common sight. White Brick Exterior House View in gallery Some homes look unfinished until you realize that you need to add shutters. If the shutters were removed, painting the door another color might be nice to shift some attention there. I have a raised ranch with upper and lower level windows on the left side of my home that definitely dont look right with shutters and keeping the shutters on the upper and lower level windows on the right side of the house would work but I think having shutters on one side of the house and not the other would look unbalanced and downright weird. I like this look a lot. Complementary shades of brown black and most shades of green or blue can work well with a brown house. Landscaping is decorating for the exterior after all. Shutters or no? With the rise of the cottagecore trend (dont worry, we had to Google that too) and the farmhouse trend still reigning strong, were seeing more and more homes with these shutters. Download and buy this stock image. Every shade is a match. Measure and mark lines bisecting the top and bottom rails of each shutter. Navy dark green and of course black. A durable product with a limited lifetime mechanical warranty providing years of dependable service. Use a good quality brick and mortar cleaner. As your premier window treatment store in St. Louis, Sunshine Drapery has highly experienced designers that are happy to help you make a decision. I dont mind bright yellow, but theres something too plain about this homes exterior so much so that not even the shutters help it out. Notice the horizontal board style shutters thats not too common. Get inspired by these stunning painted brick exteriors. Millions of high-quality images, video, and music options are waiting for you. Shop Popular Colors Black Brown Blue White Green Gray Windows & Doors /Exterior Shutters & Accessories /Exterior Shutters 18116 products in Exterior Shutters Sort & Filter Sort & Filter Sort By The brick color with the green shutters complements one another as they are both earthy hues. The shutters match the front door and garage doors, which is a nice effect. I've been scouring the internet for wood shutter repurpose ideas . If . What I would now LOVE to read is your take on timeless interior window treatments that allow lots of natural light in the day yet privacy at night, AND look like timeless curb appeal from the street view! Love the red door on the one house too. We especially love natural wood board and batten shutters, so we usually suggest working with a shutter company, like Sunbelt Shutters, that offers multiple types of wood. Black provides a nice contrast to red. Even if you arent actually closing them, they should look functional and able to close over the window. Measure the depth from the wall to the window casing to determine the hardware youll need. Just to sum it up, we are big fans of shutters when they are done right. Siding Replacement: Signs That It's Time To Replace Your House Siding, 6 Exterior House Design Tips for a Standout Home, Siding and Trim Color Combinations to Elevate Your Home's Appeal. You can take a look at the picture of a traditional red brick house above. Above is a spectacular red brick Tudor style house with turret on a lush property. The house in this example has beautiful dark brown shutters against the grayish-brown brick exterior. It works. Sure but that is not reality for a lot of people. The contrast between shutter and exterior is good and it works well. Choose black shutters for red brick walls or light colored siding and cream colored shutters for dark paint colors. Measure the width of each opening brick to brick, as shown, at the top, middle, and bottom. Upon first glance, they often get mistaken for one another. If you look closely the shutters used here have a reddish-brown tone. We see these shutters often in hurricane-prone areas. Use the rafter square to position and hold the bolt in place on the opposite shutter, centered along the middle stile and set in inch from the shutters edge. In most cases, shutters are attached to the hinges of your doors and windows to protect your home from bad weather elements, such as heavy rain, snow, ice, and flying debris during major storms. Its a look common to seaside homes. If you're going to spend money, why not take some time to explore your options. Seat the pin base snugly against the hinge, and mark the pintles fastener locations on the brick. Another option for red brick is grey. One of the things I've had issues with is loose shutters. Great post, Maria. Window with shutters and outdoor light on the ceiling can also be seen at the entrance. Gray. Outside shutters also possess useful properties that have historically helped regulate light, airflow and privacy. In this case, Jenny points out that adding wood shutters where there are vast brick walls and few windows will relieve the exterior monotony and make the house sparkle. These window coverings can even be customized to complement your homes architectural elements as a great strategy to sell the property quicker. A pretty painted brick home with red shutters covered in snow. And last, heres a before & after of an eDesign project we did last year: This client has a cottage style home so the white shutters work on this home. Green is classic shutter color thats been used on red brick homes for over a century. In some cases the question should be about shutters, but more about ensuring that windows and doors are the same style or more effective paint colors. White or black shutters can work very well with a beige home. To shutter or not to shutter? Whether you have a crisp white three-story house or a tiny brown home, there is the . Im so glad you asked for pics because I have been wondering this. Most houses built in the last 70 years are either lean on architectural details, or they have too much going on that doesnt relate. Need help deciding if shutters work on your home? Just like composite and wooden shutters, vinyl window treatments can also be custom-made to fit any window size. We also wanted to dress the front of our house up for curb appeal, but that can be achieved with adding shutters, new exterior doors and a new garage door which is a far cry from $40K and that money didnt include all those things I just mentioned, which if I dont do those, then the new dormer/porch would look blah because its not decorated! This is what some of these other homes need a tree to distract from architecture that might be less-than-amazing. I would say that pictures of house plans show shutters on windows where there shouldnt be and a lot of us have fallen victim to this, copying what we see without realizing the mistakes. This cutie is full of natural light and looks great with a fresh coat of paint inside and out. Since green is such a versatile color that goes with most other hues, especially red and brown, it makes sense to pair this shutter color with a brick house. Via Zsa Zsa Bellagio Designed by R C Keaser & Co. and Nancy Thiel. Enter your zip code, and well customize this site to show you the unique combination of James Hardie fiber cement products and ColorPlus colors available near you. If all else fails, go with white. They dont need shutters to make them stand out. Sunshine has showrooms in Chesterfield and Sunset Hills and the corporate office/workroom facility located in Maryland Heights, Missouri. These types of shutters are strong and highly sought by home buyers. Does my house still need shutters? When you have the shutters, dry-fit each one in its opening to check the sizing. Just bad design in the first place I think. 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Dark gray and dark green have something in common: they both have a little black mixed into their colors. Easy to Maintain To make undesirable features blend in use low-contrast colors. The shutters match the garage door. Shutter Colors for Gray Houses This is exceptionally rare. Protect Everything Inside from Everything Outside. If the red brick house with John Deere green shutters makes your eyes hurt, dont repeat that mistake. The white accents and gray roof in this picture both complement the brown shutters beautifully in this exterior home design. A very common finish for brick homes are shutters. For the height, go with the shortest measurement and subtract inch to leave a slight gap top and bottom. Often preferred over blinds and curtains, home shutters give the home more privacy with just a quick tilt of the slats. Often, removing shutters creates an updated look and is worth considering. While its true that not every home needs shutters, they can function as a useful design element that helps fill blank space. MLS# 125487. ( Brandoncraft) 6. Keep trying until you find the one you love. A simple stroll around . Highest you will be up is 3 feet. Shutters can add a wonderful pop of color or accent the grey with darker tones. If there isnt room for a shutter or your architecture lends itself to a lone shutter, then by all means, do it! Black shutters on a brick home add a bit of elegance to the home. White Brick Homes White brick offers a perfect backdrop for Wedgwood blue shutters. Indeed, what a thought provoking post. They are highly sought by home buyers and will add resale value to a brick home. Im amazed at some of the houses around which have roof levels all over the place, arched windows and goodness knows what and the back of the home is a flat ugly wall with some windows dotted here and there. Our aim with this post is to showcase houses that look better as a result of using exterior window shutters. These shutters are more functional than decorative which is the case for most coastal homes. Heres a look at some shutters photoshopped on my windows. Red Brick And Black Shutters - Photos & Ideas | Houzz Get Ideas Photos Kitchen & DiningKitchenDining RoomPantryGreat RoomBreakfast Nook LivingLiving RoomFamily RoomSunroom Bed & BathBathroomPowder RoomBedroomStorage & ClosetBaby & Kids UtilityLaundryGarageMudroom Its just too many shutters (and in the end they should have been slightly skinner) However, we do need additional landscaping perhaps a tree or two out front. Overall it works with the two shades of green, gray stone and red brick, but its venturing on too much. They are easy to clean and fade-resistant with better water-resistant properties than wooden shutters. Streamline your workflow with our best-in-class digital asset management system. I dont think you should forget the rear of a building just because it cant be seen. This article focuses on alternatives to window shutters for decorative purposes. After all, a good first impression is important in order to sell a house in the quickest possible time. Set the shutters in place inside the window opening, lined up with each other at the top and bottom and flush with the brick facade. Gray shutters complement any accent colors like blue, white, beige, or jewel tones. Look at this updated colonial house below. Slip a lag bolt through the holdback. Personally, I like this home better without shutters. We love suggesting raised panel shutters from Sunbelt Shutters to our clients. All in all, most types of shutters are low-maintenance window treatments, and if they are made of wood, you must remember to apply a coat of lacquer to keep them in the best condition.

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