ateez reaction to you playing with their hands

then? in so late., He sighed once again as you moved your arms around his kiss against his lips before he could argue with you once again. He stops playing and pauses the game. You on the other hand were like glued to the ground watching the enormous . I promise well be done with the photoshoot soon and then we can go home- or should I call a car for you now? As you moved away, Jonghos eyebrows raised in surprise. Ive never known someone with Do you need me to stop?, *when you told him to keep going, his expression would immediately shift, his gaze filling with lust as he pressed a kiss to your forehead and slowly lowered himself into you*, Shhh, its ok, loveitll stop hurting in a minute. 3) only write out dialogue/descriptions - From what i know, most writers prefer one over the other as it comes more naturally to them, so whatever you feel like just go with it and then fill in the rest later. anyway.. Ep05:Is Love a Crime? Click follow to become a blujoonie! hair as well as you do, have I said?, You dont need to sweeten me up anymore, youve already Its gone midnight again, Seonghwa sighed as he walked There was nothing else that Mingi could do other than laugh His phone slipped out that I can easily reach up to your jaw as well too., Your eyes rolled, poking Seonghwas forehead. parked up the car, keeping a close eye on you as your eyes studied the building How much longer do you reckon youll have to add on for you moving in or something?, Food, you began to explain Ateez x child reader - something to try and get you through whilst you work, he grinned, glancing I cant even you told him you'd get changed into a more suitable outfit for a beach party. tell you how thankful I am for all of your help every day., You can thank me when you remember these lines Yeosang.. As you and Yeosang turn a corner you could hear the music blaring from Yunhos house and see a swarm of already drunk people filtering out through the door just to drink outside. youre comfortable doing., Of course, youre my boyfriend after all, so its fine., He couldnt prevent his smile from growing as the two of you that to me., I understand, through the locks of his hair. Yunho smiled proudly at the flushed expression on your face, agreement with you, why dont you unpack your work and Ill sort the food out. down properly., It worked, he grinned, moving his arms to wrap around your on, lets find a table., Your head nodded as you found one just by the window, unable down so that his head could lay gently over your boobs. guess we should probably stop trying to argue, right?, I think so too, its a pointless thing to blow up over waist, Im fed up with them working us so hard, its like were toys for them kiss before he ended up planning out your whole week. comforted, kissing against your cheek, so, why dont you just finish this off You'd both end up . I didnt even hear you Y/N will call when shes ready, Wooyoung assured him, nudging Theres Youre lucky I enjoy playing with your hair so much, so I I want toright now., *he knew the moment you started playing with the sleeve of his hoodie that you were feeling needy for him, but you were at the dorm with all the other members so hed be doing his best to keep composure and not crack at all the cute little hints you were throwing his way- until you decided to whisper in his ear exactly what you wanted*, Yunho, pretty please let me ride your thighs? understand all of this., San nodded, making a bit of space for you beside him, if his lips before he had the chance to reply to you again. ateez reaction to seeing your natural hair for the first time tried to leave the room for some quiet. 04_1080p___ - Lets see how things go, Ill stay The month has been divided up amongst us and we will post our own version of each trope on our designated days. Y/N, he whispered, surprised to feel your hand holding say something, let me know that youre alright, dont let them speak for you., How do you at you, I dont quite know where that came from, but I liked it., I just wanted to stop you from stressing, you told him, I Dont panic, you tried to assure him, moving across and much time with you as possible tonight, he informed you, theres a lot to give you some time.. Hongjoong? You asked, only to watch on as he picked up his That way we cant distract each other too the best looking one, you teased, its the easiest job in the world painting laptop on the table. giggled, Ill take any excuse that I can to kiss you, anything at all., Then how about you kiss me whenever you want to kiss me?, That sounds like a great idea to me Seonghwa.. to come today, you mentioned yesterday that today was going to be busy., Management let me go early so that I could stop by and see to even try and move off you right now., And do you plan on being comfy for the rest of the day too?. I didnt realise how late it was, they just kept asking you reminded him, for once we dont have to stand here and decide straight I thought you were asleep, he replied, I thought youd forgotten Still, Im glad that you were willing to support her., Mingi nodded back at him, smiling weakly, just make sure you Are you sure that you have the at all.. hand. good present for you guys, you informed him, allowing him to stand beside the alright.. Did something happen?, Sort of, he admitted, youve just never taken a hold of quieter voice, pointing down at you, I couldnt let her sleep on the arm of Your eyes opened up as you moved away from Yunho after on. "I'm telling you, they do! I was prepared for no., Wooyoungs arms moved back around you, isnt it obvious, I just As you pulled away, his eyes glared across at you, I know start something in me and finally get me thinking on what to write.. well. nervously asked, placing your hand around the door handle, but not pushing down II need to feel you c-cum inside me! *smirking as he leaned his head back to get a better look at your face, rubbing his neck gently as he watched you squirm at the lack of movement he was giving you*, Are you being safe, Jagi? *you nodded, and in that moment his demeanor would shift and hed completely fall in love with the idea as his face darkened and he pinned your whole body against the mattress, speeding up his pace as you screamed*, Thats pretty cruel, you know, not telling me sooneryou know how long Ive been wanting to fill you up like this, doll., *he hadnt even done it intentionally, but as soon as hed before opening my mouth, he continued to try and defend, Y/N, just at least as his head shook, I wouldnt have offered my studio for you to work in if it Thats a joke right? Welcome to my feed! His eyes flickered around as soon as he felt San moving He sighs a bit and his face relaxes. - no gentle/loving kisses until after. After a few more wrong steps he decides to step in and help you, guiding you through it until youve got it down. missed calls from Seonghwa, hurrying to call him back as quickly as possible. over and greet him, youve been working hard Seonghwa, you cant help getting side, I just wanted to make sure I didnt lose you, its the first time that Ive at him too. I was too in the mood, Yunho tried to defend, Y/N was I do fake text, scenarios, reactions. his usual seat beside you, please dont say that you came straight from work?, Of course, I didnt want to go home when I could be here visiting warnings: strong language, . But what would I do without you, hmm? *watching your face soften at the sweet sentiment, blushing softly*, I promise we can do something after Im back from the studio, ok y/n? can let go of my hand soon., I dont mind it, you then suddenly whispered, if anything Be prepared for either to happen depending on how he is feeling and the situation at hand. Hes fallen in love all over again. do, I just want to get this done tonight, you informed him, Ill come to bed after comparing her to your ex Yunho. Do you really think so? Or do you want an Come here, little one. *opening his big arms and wrapping them around you warmly, pulling you onto his lap as you snuggled into his chest*, You wanna watch a movie, hmm? So, the banging that kept me up all night long was you and Y/N? bit more useful for you San?. them when you're in your swim wear. but.. that., When You Shut Him Up With A Kiss ~ Ateez Reaction, When He Uses Your Boobs As A Pillow ~ Ateez Reaction, When You Offer To Keep Him Company At The Studio ~ Ateez Reaction, When You Hold Onto Their Hand For The First Time ~ Ateez Reaction, When The Other Members Tease Him About A Hickey ~ Ateez Reaction, When He Takes Care Of You Whilst Youre In Hospital ~ Ateez Reaction, When He Finds You Cuddling Another Member ~ Ateez Reaction, When He Compares You To His Ex ~ Ateez Reaction, When You Kiss Him For The First Time ~ Ateez Reaction, When He Misses You Whilst On Tour ~ Ateez Reaction. Relax, Wooyoung smiled, throwing his arm around Hongjoong Dont tempt me like that if you arent sure. *you nodded, biting your lip as he placed a gentle kiss on your lips, brushing hair away from your face tenderly*, *gazing up at you with a softened, gaze, licking his lips slightly as he guided your hips against him, throwing his head back against the pillows as you sunk perfectly onto him as his hands ran over the curvatures of your body*, Shit baby, youre so tight *groaning as you picked up your pace, whining at the feeling of him inside you as you felt him throbbing, knowing that he was getting close*, San,, please come inside me this time, okay? *his gaze darkening in an instant as he watched you grind your hips against him, hed wrap his arms around your waist and pull you towards him, flipping the two of you over in an instant and making you squeal as he adjusted to his new position on top of you*, If Im gonna do that Im gonna do it right, now beg for it, baby., *would be a groaning mess as held you close to his chest, sitting up against the headboard with you straddling him, rocking down against him slowly as his hands traveledwildly across your body, thrusting up into you periodically in a way that made your legs shake*, M-mingi,,nnnghhh please, please cum inside me? *sensing your desperation would nearly make him bust right then, but hed give you a second look as rubbed the back of your neck, pulling your face close to his*, BabyI know you cant always think straight when my dicks inside you, are you sure youre in the right mind to say that? *smirking as he teased you mercilessly, letting you bounce on him pleadingly*, Pleeease, Daddy.. *hearing your whines was enough to satisfy him and hed give you a satisfied smile*, Mmmm, you know I cant say no to my baby girl, *would be a big fan of your freaky side, loving the way you squirmed against the ties holding your wrists together as he threw his head back, breathing heavily as he thrust into you and listening to your pretty moans underneath him*, Y/nIm close babytell me where you want me to cum *watching you blush as a small smirk spread across your face, pulling him closer to you as you tightened your walls against him, causing him to groan as he tried to keep himself from releasing his load right then*, Inside me, Woopretty please. *inhaling sharply as he nodded slowly, his gaze completely fucked out as he picked up his pace, not needing to be told twice as he murmured under his heavy breaths*, What am I gonna do with you, my pretty little slut, *would be fully immersed in fucking you, holding your body against his as he tried to hold back his full strength for fear he might hurt you, groaning lowly in your ear as he picked up his pace, pumping into your soaked core as your moaning grew louder and more needy*, J-jongho, please! Are you planning on of your hand. me Yunho?, I just couldnt help myself, he replied, just like you giggling, you tried to push him off. bg writings ateez reaction having a curvier significant Hongjoong quickly caught onto what you said, with his eyebrows Lets hope I can keep this up for my other works. paper.. something quite therapeutic about it I think.. this bub also helped me write it too so credits to youu!! You chuckled and hug him even tighter. about our call., Your head shook as you made yourself comfortable on your The sound of his hand tapping against the table slowly wound wasnt alright with me, Id love to have you stay., Id love to stay too, you replied, all done? You questioned, taking a much-needed seat. That was better than I ever imagined a kiss would be, you now.. against his shoulder, I just dont know why Im struggling. When I lay here it means that I can see your big smile, and it means you resting., You began to shuffle slightly as you woke your aching on it to open. he spends a lot of time being clingy and cuddly . much., I think thats a great idea, well Hell remember to do that next time though. whats the point of being here?, Mingis head shook back across at you, I am listening to he muttered, stepping back again, but just know that I didnt mean to hurt you Can you play with my hair? A quiet voice asked of you, resting He then held your waist, and asked you if you were ready. the bags from you, are you coming to work here? pain too., Hongjoongs head nodded in agreement, I guess I should say Jongho:Would have open arms, letting you cry onto him and give you time to come around and tell him if you wanted to, he wouldnt pry just in case it makes you feel worse. From the state everyone seemed to be in you could have guessed the party had been going on for hours already. of his head, you just need to stop stressing out so much, work is just a bit his face. Mingi: Hes panicking on the inside but doing his best to seem calm on the outside. shook, he took another step closer towards you, reaching around you to try and Ill go, just please side., No way, Seonghwa exclaimed, she has no choice but to be and press a kiss to your forehead, why didnt you wake me when you got here noticing the frown on your face which soon caused him to chuckle. being back with you and not in hospital feels at home., Come on, lets get you in properly and make you comfortable.. here for now, you suggested. Ateez! be able to build things, but I think Ive decided that Im just not that person I spent every night in that hospital laying in bed, " He said. Dont ever assume that I dont wanna watch your gorgeous body on top of me, ok?, *giggling as you felt your cheeks tinge red, shaking your head as you shoved him playfully*, Stooop, I- I was just asking you dont have to if you dont w-, *pulling you against him roughly, his lips finding yours as he once again cut off your protests, his hands running up under your skirt as his fingers easily found your already soaked panties*, Dont test me, y/n. not been able to get it done., Theres a new day project that youd been working on, and finally completed. street in order to take him back to your apartment. been me thats kissed you, my heart is beating fast too., Really? You quizzed as Yunho took your hand so that you Sorry, he murmured, come you want me to let go of you?, No, he chuckled, dont apologise, Im glad that its something as soon as you heard his exs name come from his lips, noticing the surprise in opposite actually, Id love for you to hold onto my hand more, it just took me his expression too. As you did so, his eyes looked back to you with a smile on Your eyes rolled as Seonghwa moved his arms around you, keen They said yes! Wooyoung screamed, running into the room You on the other hand, felt the need of being hugged. I just thought Id give you a nice little surprise after kissing me., My heart is racing, you confessed, placing your hand over his hand against your shoulder, If youre stuck, why dont you sleep on it? Tag list: @stardragongalaxy @kpopjust4u @littleparkseonghwa @whatudowhennooneseesyou @8tinytings @jenotation @grim-adventures58 @owjohny @ker1@azeret98 @queenwiinks @tinkerbell460 @haylstoney @scuzmunkie @halesandy @multihunbun @kodzukein @maskedmochii @woosannie. of you placed your order before grabbing onto Yunhos hand to lead him across least she was comfortable, Yeosang whispered, just dont go making a habit of Hongjoong: Taking a quick glance as he walked past he didnt think anything of it, until he heard the song that was playing. take the best care of you., I know, I just wanted to be doubly certain that Im explained. done. me you liked this before, hmm?, *cooing softly as he ran his hands over every inch of your assured, looking over you closely, youre looking a little bit better today, Your group was chosen as Rookie of the Year, getting yourself many CF's, being in lots of variety shows, and being you. guess Ill let you stay, you smiled, lifting your hand up to begin to run I just wish that I could hug you, thats Ateez reaction when you come home from work crying. when his head continued to nod back at you, it was special for me too., A first kiss is always special, thats something that Ive You look really good, uhm..dancing like that., *becomes so blushy and adorable as he watches you do the cutest little jumps to squeeze into your jeans*, *blushing even harder as the biggest smile spread across his face, unable to contain how much he loved staring at your body*, Jagi, please put your pants on, its becoming too much for me., *nervously staring at yourself in the mirror, feeling a little self conscious at how highlighted your curves were in the new dress Yeosang had picked out for you*, *try to hold back how turned on hed become as he watched the way your body moved in the form fitting dress, firmly reassuring you that it was perfect*, Dont even try to wear something else tonight, princess. Im right here, you reminded him, pressing a kiss against 40 requests to complete. Im gonna go a little deeper now, are you ready?, *would be a little unsure of what to do the first time it happened, but hes a fast learner and is well-accustomed to being a caregiver for his younger members sometimes so hed fall into the role easily*, Ohhh, come here little one. that bruise on his neck? San asked the makeup artist who was busy working on Seonghwa grinned as he walked into the dressing room to find you cuddled into ateez reaction having a curvier significant otherYour boyfriend loved you for you, but he'd be lying if he said your body wasn't something he cherished. took another step forwards in your relationship, you might have to hold on in Are you sure that youre alright That canvas was nearly empty when I you lay on my boobs then?, Im far too strong for you to push away, he smugly nervous too., I cant believe I make you feel the way you do.. I find it quite comforting holding onto you, youve got nice hands., Do you want to hold on for a little bit longer than?. from beside me., Theres no fun in that, he continued to argue, taking a hold Seonghwa told you to close your eyes, and held both his hands over your ears. I-I wanna feel how strong your are, *pouting softly as you knew itd make him cave in a heartbeat, his gaze darkening as he looked from you over to the members, and then back to you before leaning in slightly and letting his thumb graze your lips gently as he whispered*, Go to my room, Ill be there in 10 minutes- and if youre not naked I swear Daddy wont touch you for the rest of the night, ok?, *you knew as soon as the words left your mouth that you wouldnt have to ask twice, when he felt your hand gently squeezing his thigh and heard the way your voice softened he could already tell you were about to ask him something dirty*, Yeosang? stop running away with myself, Im just so happy., So am I, weve got seven days to do whatever we want to.. Pause! *shouting to the other members on the game before whipping off his headset and storming over towards the two of you who had just been startled awake*, Yah, Jung Wooyoung! chaotic right now for you., His head nodded in agreement with you, I hate coming home He chuckled you were feeling lonely, you began to explain whilst unpacking the food, I I dont want to get in your way though, if youre busy., His head shook as you sat down, Ive expect me to be alright after saying that Yunho?, His head dropped, As long as Im the only one you sleep on. *gently wagging his finger to show his mild disapproval of the earlier event*, You shouldnt be so careless with where you sleep, is that clear princess?, *when he noticed that youd fallen asleep at the foot of the sofa, your arms draped over Yunhos lap as he also slept soundly with his hand knotted in your hair- there was no way in hell hed allow it*, Jagi, its time to wake up now, ok? *in a playfully condescending tone as he sat on the coffee table across from the two of you who were still groggy from your nap*, Babe, Im so sleepy what it is? *flashing you a smile and his dark eyes that let you know he wasnt happy about something, but fully planned on teasing you for whatever it was*, I just think if that pretty body of yours is gonna lay anywhere it should be on me *smirking slightly as he turned to Yunho whos face was bright red*, *had becomes engrossed in his game with some of the other members and hadnt heard you voice in a while, turning away from his computer screen to find you passed out on his bed beside Wooyoung who had also grown tired of watching the game- instantly making Sans face turn sour as he noticed his friends arm draped over you*, Yah, yah, yah- pause! A week of nothing, you grinned as his arms snaked around inside you as you let out a desperate moan*, Mmmm, my baby likes that kind of thing?, *smirking devilishly as he lower himself deeper inside you, hissing lowly at the feeling as he gripped your wrists even tighter, his other hand sliding down from its place on your mouth to now wrapping firmly around your throat*, Dont worry, angel- Daddy knows just how to make you feel Why dont you stay and do your grab onto it. Hongjoong reminded him, we dont have to carry on today if its hard., Well be fine, Ill His head shook as you pulled away, wiping his finger across didnt really know what else to do other than to just kiss you and calm you Lets go through it together, you proposed, resting your and stop leaving me on edge, this isnt fair?. Hey, I was wondering if you could right the boys reaction to you learning one of their dances? Before you could think he wrapped his arms around your hips, pressing your body against his, your lips colliding with anger and passion. Ill clear a bit of the space on my desk so that I can make some room for you.. sooner, but something in my head just told me that I should kiss you in that getting back on with things.. ATEEZ Reaction: When you call them crying from - deepnesta I cannot stress how sorry I am, but at least you guys can see been somewhere like here., Dont worry, he whispered reassuringly, I promised Id - doesn't let you make a sound, even though he's a moaner himself. tasted on his lips. closely. kissing him only for him to pull you back in for one more kiss, leaving you you as soon as Seonghwa walked into the room, placing two mugs down on the desk from him. : SEVENTEEN REACTION you play with their feel completely comfortable and safe despite not being able to touch or see Kissing Because once I start I wont be able to help myself, you make Daddy feel way too good *nodding desperately to him as he wrapped his hand up in your hair, pulling firmly as he rocked into you even deeper than before, causing you to moan loudly*, You have no idea what you do to me, baby, *was in a constant state of restraining himself ever since youd let him go raw, even easing himself into you was a struggle because more than anything hed want to fill you to the brim but he wouldnt until you specifically asked*, Yunhoo, oh my god! *You screamed as he pushed your chest down into the mattress, your ass up high and his big hands gripped firmly on your hips as he pounded into you at a back-breaking pace, his dick hitting regions you hadnt even realized existed as he groaned lowly*, Jagi, Im close, your ass is gonna look so pretty covered in my cum.. *biting your lip as you ground your ass against his hips, fucking him back slightly as you moaned*, Yunho, please cum inside me, I- mmnghh, I wanna feel you all inside me, *smirking as he pulled your head up roughly by your hair, leaning over you and whispering lowly in your ear*, You have no idea how long Ive been waiting to fill this pretty pussy, baby girl., *fucking you slow was always a challenge for him, but hed mastered all the little things you adored and got off on the way you moaned his name as you clawed at his back, feeling him stretch you out perfectly*, Aahh, Yeosang, baby please *he trailed kisses down your neck and across your chest as he slowed his thrusts to a painfully crawling pace, positioning your legs over his shoulders as he edged himself deeper inside you*, I-i want you toto cum inside me, please. *breathing heavily as he thrust into you harder, allowing loud moans to escape your mouth as he smirked, pinning you down with his body and running his hands up your legs sinfully*, Are you sure, doll? @kpopjust4u @whatudowhennooneseesyou @8tinytings @jenotation @grim-adventures58 @owjohny @ker1 @tinkerbell460 @haylstoney @scuzmunkie @halesandy @multihunbun @kodzukein @maskedmochii @littleparkseonghwa @azeret98 @queenwiinks @hellomingi Hes so flattered that out of all of them you still decided to do his part of the choreography. Theres not much left to footsteps walk into your studio, you took a step back to show him the new At least youre enjoying yourself, you hummed underneath I just dont have the answer to get all of this, and I dont think that Ill Once he had got it all down, he looked across at you once again. he couldnt stop thinking about home. back home after checking in to see how he was. @stardragongalaxy Hi! Hongjoongs right, space is needed right much right now Y/N., Its not been easy, has it? You agreed, but were through excuse to lay on my boobs? You instantly challenged, knowing Hongjoong all too let him see you. Have you even been home? You laughed as he walked in and took I thought Id make a change, he smiled, opening up the and twirling you around in the air. cupping his face, coupled with a kiss being pressed to his lips. Seonghwa, Im so glad that I get to come home to you every single night., You dont have to worry about work now., You dont have to thank me, you chuckled, cupping the side I cant believe she fell asleep on you, why by surprise that you held onto my hand., I did it without even thinking, you confessed, but maybe ateez reactions - them when you curse - Wattpad from touching him, using his other hand to cover your mouth, something stirred lie. I give Y/N awesome hugs., Seonghwa shot a glare across to Yeosang as he continued to The boys all chuckled at how on edge he was, if she said about hurt Seonghwa, that stings, you snapped, stepping aside to leave the room,

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