are there mountain lions in the poconos

For example, one man I interviewed said he saw a 'black' puma, and this should disqualify his sighting as a black puma has never been recorded. If pumas do exist in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast, could they all be released cats or escapees? I've looked in the PGC game laws booklet and saw nothing on this, which I guess you could conclude means a puma would not be legal to shoot. I receive about one email or phone call a month, on average, from people that I do not know who are contacting me because their sighting compelled them to do a Google search on puma sightings, and they found my site and previously posted questions. Contrary to popular belief, there are no black panthers in North America; no one has ever captured or killed a black Mountain Lion. People can manipulate, enhance or combine photos and then create their own stories about the subject's origin, location and even identification. Wishful thinking? I am bothered by the constricted neck of the cat on the game camera; 2. the tail is curved down, rather than up, but it may have been in mid-swing; 3. the goldenrod-appearing flower, and the background of cars, gives a sense of scale and location. The hunting policy of the state may be the cause of the dropping population, and pressure on the Fish and Game Commission has increased. Have some feedback for us? Learn more about us & read our affiliate disclosure. These powerful, majestic creatures once lived across much of the country but have since been killed or pushed out of most of it. In Yellowstone, definite puma country (perhaps not ideal habitat, but pumas are found in every section of Yellowstone), I've spoken to guys on road crews and with rangers, each with 20 years of field or road experience in Yellowstone, and the ranger had only seen 2 (both road kills and together) and the road crew guys two or three in all their years. One man sent me a game camera photo that was blurry but looked like a mountain lion, or puma, as I like to call them. To learn more about "lion country" in Colorado check here. Caribou meat apparently was part of their diet. "Hunters are always saying they see mountain lions, and the Game Commission always says there aren't any," said Robert Hale, owner of Buffalo Gap Outfitters in Dillsburg. The Poconos is a mountain area in northeastern Pennsylvania.It is 2,400 square miles of wooded mountains and valleys full of beautiful lakes, rivers, forests and wildlife. Perhaps one or more of these Pocono sightings represent early pioneers reclaiming their former territories. In the wild, adult mountain lions can weigh anywhere from 65 to 220 pounds. Biologists who investigate these reports claim that several may, indeed, be mountain lions, but most likely they're animals that have escaped from captivity or have been released by their owners. She also houses a bobcat named Nia she took in from a couple who couldn't handle her. A tiny population of Florida cougars persists in the southeastern corner of the United States. Although unconfirmed, mountain lions continue to be reported in many spots across Pennsylvania, including several reports in the past couple months. There's a saying that "things aren't always what they appear to be." In many regions, the population within the state is actually increasing! I have received about two dozen reports during that time, including one game camera image that still looks very credible to me. The bones were found perfectly preserved. "Likewise, I'm not aware of any escapes from captive facilities in my time here. Both sheep and young cattle fell prey to wolves, unless they were under constant watch. The Florida panther is an endemic subspecies of cougar that has lived in the everglades region for a very long time. "I kind of doubt they saw a cougar, but I'm not God.". Caribou remains, dated by radiocarbon in excess of 10,000 B.C. All rights reserved (About Us). There had been 17 other mastodon finds in Pennsylvania up to 1968, but all were fragmentary. And book one of these Poconos cabins rentals for the best outdoor access to these activities. This is only hearsay, however, since I'm only going on their stories. The state of Texas is home to many mountain lion populations, but the numbers are incredibly hard to find. Provided by Touchpoints Conversely, an outdoor writer I know told me that when Pa. enacted a menagerie permit law years ago, 'a lot of mountain lions suddenly died,' as the owners of these cats, rather than going through the paperwork, simply released their pumas and claimed that they had died. However, it is clearly a mountain lion, and I'm presenting this poor image as a baseline reference for anyone recording a mountain lion on a game camera, or seeing one. "The cougars examined in the Northeast in the past 70 years are likely released or escaped captives. "He doesn't like men too much," said Suzanne Murray, owner of East Coast Exotic Animal Rescue in this south-central Pennsylvania town. On a recent stifling morning in Adams County, the 290-pound mountain lion with perfect bone structure is ignoring the raw chicken breast and pork chops a handler tossed into his pen. The image in the Upper Left was from a Game Camera, sent to me by a friend. Currently, there are only 15 states that meet that qualification. If mountain lions are discovered in PA anytime soon they'll either be big foot's pets or genetically engineered and released by the DCNR to cull the orangu-bear population. So many of these sightings have been proven wrong misidentified bobcats, coyotes or even house cats) that it would be irresponsible for a biologist to accept any of them as fact without absolute physical evidence hair, droppings, tracks or a road-killed animal. More Questions about Pumas in Pennsylvania My friend was a former hunter and fisherman, and spent a lot of time in the woods, as did I, but neither of us had ever seen a coyote. "While confirmed cougar sightings have occurred recently in the wild in the East, there is currently no scientific or physical evidence documenting the continued existence of a population of wild eastern cougars," according to the U.S. Please keep scrolling - ALL the Puma posts are included. An article in last year's New York State Conservationist magazine about mountain lions concluded that none exists in that state, even in the 6-million-acre Adirondack Mountain wilderness. This is huge news for conservationists around the country and a sign that cougars may be heading east once again. Then there is Rocky. Oregon has a large, stable breeding population of mountain lions. Here's an example: A man is holding a dead eastern diamondback rattlesnake, which was found in North Carolina and measured more than 9 feet long and weighed 95 pounds. They mostly live in the far western Trans-Pecos region of the state, where they can freely roam 50,000 to 80,000 acres of land. I can't dismiss the eye-witnesses I've interviewed. Some may be animals that dispersed into the region from western populations. One sighting I give complete belief in was from a friend who told me a puma crossed right in front of their vehicle, and paused on the berm for a few seconds, at a distant of ten yards or less. YouTubes privacy policy is available here and YouTubes terms of service is available here. ", (PennLive has investigated many reports of mountain lions, and other mystery creatures, and has found no confirming evidence, including in a reported Berks County sighting on January 8. Other states have had sightings, especially as mountain lion populations begin to explore and look to expand. "People think they can get them declawed and that they're safe, but they still have teeth.". The states beautiful wilderness and mountainous terrain are prime mountain lion habitats. Over the last few months several people have responded to this question with reports of their own. A brief look, yes, but no question we saw a coyote. Mountain lions weigh 90-160 pounds, while bobcats weigh 20-30 pounds. Among those who have investigated the primeval times of the Pocono Plateau and Delaware River valleys and tributaries was the late Vernon Leslie, Ph.D., a Wayne County historian and archaeologist. They mostly live in the far western Trans-Pecos region of the state, with about 50,000 to 80,000 acres of suitable land currently being used by the cat. Those cats for which DNA evidence was recovered had come east from South Dakota, part of the known, modern-day, U.S. mountain lion range. Here's more about mountain lions in Pennsylvania: If you purchase a product or register for an account through one of the links on our site, we may receive compensation. She feeds and cares for them with donations and grants. Recently, a man I spoke with told me that he was reminded of a sighting he and two friends had 20 years earlier, and after recalling the incident he was motivated to call his college buddies and reflect on their observation. Two other reports went, in detail, on what they saw, the size, the length of tail, etc. I don't know if a Game Commission authority has actually said this or not, but people I've spoken to have reported this. In all those hours I never saw a coyote, bear, or bobcat, and yet all live in my area. Please keep scrolling - ALL the Puma posts are included. I don't believe someone's imagination could stretch a six inch long tail to three feet! In Tennessee, the most likely places you would find them would be in the forest. While the chances that I'll ever see a puma in Pennsylvania myself are virtually zero, I'm always on the alert -- for the bobcat I've never seen in Pa., for a fisher, bear, deer, red salamander, toad, or snake, and yes, I'm always hoping that I too will become one of those who saw something that officially cannot exist within the state, a puma I know I saw but, of course, could not have! The Pennsylvania Game Commission is always open to review evidence, but to date only hoaxes have crossed the PGC. "If my son would have been on a pedal bike, without a helmet on, that thing would have nailed him," said Walters, 44. Are there pumas, or mountain lions, in Pennsylvania and the mid-Atlantic States? I believe Kross fully, but I wanted to hear more. Mountain lions (cougars, pumas, and more) are among the top predators that live in the United States. During this time, male mountain lions will travel in search of females. Here in central Pennsylvania we live on the outskirts of what one puma-tracking website has as almost the high point of sightings, extending from north-central Pennsylvania in a southwestern diagonal that extends into the mountains of West Virginia. He wrote that not being a roving animal, the mountain lion was much sooner destroyed than the wolf, and he said that if there were any left, it would have to be in the most desolate places in the county. At one time this fact almost resulted in this cat not being protected, since it wasn't a pure strain. The first settlers kept sheep to supply their household with wool. And a bit of an unpleasant one at that, as they now faced ridicule or doubt whenever they discussed their sightings. Some outdoor enthusiasts insist they have seen the big cats here and believe them to be naturally occurring, native animals. Travis Lau, a spokesperson for the Game Commission, said the state has a "never say never" approach when it comes to mountain lions and acknowledges that Western cats could be moving east. What is the Kiboko backpack? In 2011, a confirmed mountain lion was killed by a vehicle in Connecticut and which had been determined that it had wandered east from the Mid-West. Is it the New Best Pack? What does a Mountain Lion look like on a game camera? Since mountain lions are the top predators (unlike most other states with grizzly bears), they have a well-developed population. You would think someone would have a picture on a trail camera or whatever. The bobcat wouldn't survive. Two weeks ago, a friend of mine who teaches in one of the Monroe County school districts called to tell me he was sending me a photo of a mountain lion taken by one of his students in the Poconos. A neighbor scared the animal away before it could finish its meal; the sheeps carcass was used as bait, to catch the big cat. Reports generally go uninvestigated by the Pennsylvania Game Commission, which discounts them as mistaken identities, illegal pets escaped or released and outright fabrications. Mountain lions have an interesting life cycle that consists of a few different characteristics. The head of the puma is small in comparision to a house cat when compared to the entire body. As you can see from the above images it is very difficult to confuse the two if you have a good view. One of the three branches or clans of the Lenape Tribe at the end of the 17th century was known as the Wolf (Minsi). With the Great Lakes in its way, the cat moved either north or south of the water, and the latter route would have seen it pass through at least some of Pennsylvania. Mountain lions were once widespread across North America, but their range shrunk dramatically as they were pursued through unregulated hunting and by farmers aiming to protect their livestock, and moved off the landscape by habitat fragmentation. Currently, mountain lions seem to be making a comeback in regard to their historic range. A second image of the same cat, in a different light, reveals the trademark spots of a bobcat. Erosion from glacial melt and violence glaciers did to the land left a great litter of boulders, rocks, clay and lakes covering today's landscape. Mountain lion killed in Connecticut was on the opposite side of Pennsylvania a year ago, Is it real? This, after they were told that there were no pumas in Pa. Here it is: I still couldn't get the big head/little neck, and the body is a bit stouter/shorter, but a striding cat might be stretched out a bit. The life cycle then repeats itself. A few could, perhaps, be mistaken idenity. The next day, another friend, who works for Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, called me to ask if I had seen the photo of a Pocono mountain lion with a deer in its jaws. A Mountain Lion Cover Up Do Mountain Lions Attack Humans? But no one that I've communicated with had these preconceptions, and seeing what they saw was a complete surprise. Archived Questions of the Month No projectile points or spearheads were found with the remains, indicating the animal may have died naturally rather than killed by native hunters. There's a whole world to learn about and Colby is content to spend his life learning as much as he can about it! The Cougar Network, working with state agencies, have documented multiple mountain lions as far east as Kentucky, Tennessee and Michigan in recent years, as well as one cat killed on a highway in Milford, Connecticut, in June 2011. Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. Fish and Wildlife Service. "They are very strong animals," she said. I've seen about 20 mountain lions, or pumas, in the field, but all but 2 were in Chile. More conclusive evidence is needed: Keep your cameras handy. Bo Ottman is a landscaper in Connecticut who founded an . It has the color of a mountain lion, but the long tail appears to be missing. Martinelli said that if there were mountain lions in Pennsylvania, there would be more sightings of them. Interestingly, almost all of the people I've spoken to who claim to have seen a puma have not seen a bobcat, an animal that is common enough in Pennsylvania to support a legal trapping season! The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) also reports evidence that humans arrived during the last glaciation or soon after. Fish and Wildlife Service. At one time mountain lions, or more properly puma (Puma concolor), enjoyed the widest geographic range of any New World mammal, and were found throughout all of the contiguous United States. Kross only saw the animal for a second, but it made a believer out of him. A Game Commission vehicle was there, and the Fed Ex driver, after reaching the bottom of a long hill, turned back to check on what he saw. Fish and Wildlife Service officially declared the Eastern subspecies of the mountain lion extinct, which would seem to bolster the skeptics. Mountain Lions - Rocky Mountain National Park (U.S. National Park Service) Park Home Learn About the Park Nature Animals Mammals Mountain Lion Mountain Lion Last updated: May 4, 2018 Was this page helpful? Can so many people be wrong? Mountain Lions do remain in the western states and there is evidence that in 2011, a mountain lion migrated about 1,500 miles from South Dakota to Connecticut where it was killed by a. The last native mountain lion known to be killed in Pennsylvania is on display in the State Museum of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg. All rights reserved (About Us). "We should be getting more pictures. Those cats for which DNA evidence was recovered had come east from South Dakota, part of the known, modern-day, U.S. mountain lion range. Armand Martinelli isn't only the mayor of East Stroudsburg, he's also a hunter who is connected with plenty of people in the area. There are, from time to time, eyewitness accounts from hunters or hikers who claim to have seen the cat. The claim of mountain lions on the move was bolstered in 2009 when one was killed by a car in Greenwich, Conn. No one needs to panic.". Noted Wayne County historian Phineas Goodrich recorded in his 1880 book on local history that the common gray wolf was much more common in this area than the cougar. ? On that note, I was speaking with a Fed Ex driver recently who told me that one of his colleagues had seen what he swore was a dead mountain lion on the side of a road. Imagine my surprise. Penn State's Nittany Lion hide sampled for DNA sequencing, Mountain lion reports in Pennsylvania popular, but often a hoax, More Local News to Love Start today for 50% off Expires 3/6/23. Mountain lions are well-established in 14 western states and have also recently been confirmed in 10 Midwestern states: Nebraska, Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Michigan and Wisconsin. It is almost safe to say that the panther has in these parts become extinct, Goodrich wrote. "It's fall bow-hunting season soon," he said. In personal contacts, that monthly average might even be higher. "They're getting a lot of that out west. They often would catch sheep in broad daylight. Thank you for reading! The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. with a fluted projectile point were found near Middletown, Orange County, New York. Illinois can also now be added to this list a mountain lion was found on the outskirts of Chicago. Both were a threat to the farmer and family who carved a home in the ancient wilderness of the Poconos. Are they all the product of the off-spring of pumas that escaped their owners or were released? I wanted to know if they're here, so I called some people I trust and asked them one simple question: Are there mountain lions in Pennsylvania? The State cites that there are no road-kills, and in a heavily trafficed state like Pennsylvania there should be kills. The name Pocono is derived from the . Consider that the endangered Florida puma has mixed genes. On the other hand, there are probably thousands of game cameras covering water holes and game trails throughout Pennsylvania, and to my knowledge no one has yet recorded a puma. A law was passed March 10, 1806, requiring the county to pay the person producing the scalp of a full-grown wolf or cougar, $8, and for the scalp of a young whelp or cub, $4. Newspapers carried stories in 1956 about hunters supposedly seeing and killing wolves in Pike and Monroe Counties. That's true. "When I started telling people, most of them didn't believe me, but I will never forget that huge face staring right at me," said a Montgomery County woman who says she saw a lion last summer in Limerick Township while walking her dog. Why do I advocate manual exposure so avidly? Hopefully, we'll see the real thing. The first is the mating season which can occur during the late to early spring months. The northeastern U.S. population is thought to have disappeared in the 1930s. More about mountain lions in Pennsylvania: If you purchase a product or register for an account through one of the links on our site, we may receive compensation. "There hasn't been one solid piece of proof to believe they are here. It wasn't, and I assumed it was a road-kill. Eyes are normal and are not light sensitive, and the over-all color, generally black, is usually not detrimental and may actually be of benefit. Of interestRamapough Lenape chief: National park in PA and NJ would be among 'most destructive things' since colonization. The Mountain Lion is a large, slender cat with a smallish head and noticeably long tail. Let me explain this. Arkansas isnt somewhere that we would generally think of when looking for mountain lions, but they are on the rebound! Everyone is familiar with albinism, the absence of pigmentation that results in a white, essentially pigment free animal, defined by pink skin and pink eyes. Although there was no evidence that the 2011 mountain lion ever set foot in Pennsylvania, DNA evidence confirmed that it had been both west and east of the state. So what? Unless I am only dealing with a lot of delusional people with little judgment, something is out there. Now, if there were any escapes, and if any of these bred with a possible minuscule number of eastern pumas, a relic native population, wouldn't the gene pool be corrupted? I'll offer my own little anecdote. I regularly ask hunters and outdoors people if they've ever seen a mountain lion, or know of anyone that has. Below is a list of physical characteristics that distinguish mountain lions from more . For many who have believed to have seen a cougar in the wilds of the Poconos, these arguments might be less than convincing. And yes, there are people in Pennsylvania who say they exist here. In July and August I received seven different reports, and everyone involved had done a search of some type to compare images of bobcats and pumas. The Cougar Network, working with state agencies, have documented multiple mountain lions as far east as Kentucky, Tennessee and Michigan in recent years, as well as that cat killed on a highway in Milford, Connecticut, in June 2011. I have received about two dozen reports during that time, including one. What does a Mountain Lion look like on a game camera? I'm wondering, then, if the complete dismissal of sightings of Eastern pumas (other than the acknowledgement of released or escaped pets) isn't motivated by economics. According to the commission, the last Pennsylvania mountain lion was killed in the late 1800s. Note the size of the tail, the pointed ears, the speckled coat, the basic lack of white underneath. Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission, the last Pennsylvania mountain lion was killed in the late 1800s. All of the above images are of bobcats. Biologists traced it. DNA collected from the mountain lion killed on a roadway in Connecticut in 2011 showed the animal to have originated in South Dakota. In books I've read critical or skeptical or down-right dismissive of the idea of pumas in the East, the argument has been advanced that the hopefull puma-dreamer/spotters arguing that the State needs to prove pumas don't exist does not mean that in the State not proving this means that pumas indeed do exist in this state. "It was in Worthington State Forest just across the Delaware River from Smithfield Beach). While there have been no confirmed occurrences of mountain lions in Pennsylvania since the late 1800s, dozens . Additionally, California banned the hunting of cougars back in 1972, encouraging population growth. He said he'd never forget the sighting, but it was only when he saw another, a few months ago, in daylight, from his cabin, that he decided it was time to tell someone. Jones has never seen a mountain lion, but he thinks they're prowling around. Many have a desire to see some clear-cut evidence. Asa Packer Mansion Jim Thorpe. Can so many people be so wrong? Those special two were across a river just outside Glacier National Park in Montana, and consisted of a mother and two cubs (Mary saw both cubs, I only saw one, and we did so separately, as we were driving two vehicles). Mountain lions, which continue to be reported across Pennsylvania throughout the year, are officially extinct east of the Mississippi River and north of Florida, according to the U.S. Just take your pick of all these incredible Pocono lake house rentals or just a Pocono cabin for rent, in luxury of course! Looking for things to do in the Poconos?

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