antique double barrel coach gun

LePage, Paris. $214.95 . Built on a unique but 100% trigger plate action this is a gun that I have always been intrigued with. I have several Mossys in 20 ga excellent inexpensive insurance. Cimarron 1878 Coach Gun 12Ga. From flintlocks through Yellowboy lever-actions, this collection includes early American fort guns, market guns, military guns, and the great six-shooter "equalizers" of the West. Im a big fan of the Coach gun. The hinged action was stiff at first, but became easier to use with a couple of trips to the range. In case you were wondering, the three barrels fire in sequence with each pull of the single triggerfirst the right barrel, then the left, and then the top. Ready?! These Francotte guns are fabulous values. Trapper. This ad features the pictured Antique Parker Exposed Hammers Shotgun with Damascus Barrels. *Note the higher grade feature of the Purdey style hidden (nose) third bite. I had an incident here with a druggie scouting out my yard and shop and I stepped out in my underwear with a pump and racked a round and suggested he leave immediately. PULL! When all is said and done, the double-barrel shotgun remains a formidable weapon for personal defense and outdoors use. Like a Purdey, these guns are known to be hard to close as you compress the springs as you close the gun. BANK OF ENGLAND Antique BROWN BESS Flint MUSKET Napoleonic Wars Musket by LACY & Co of London, British BARBER of NEWARK Antique SxS Double Barrel 20 Ga. FLINTLOCK Shotgun ENGRAVED and GOLD Banded Side by Side, Antique CASED & Engraved MANTON Percussion DOUBLE BARREL SxS HAMMER Shotgun Early to Mid-19th Century European 14 Gauge Side by Side, "Unusual Nickerson Patent Breech-Loading Shotgun (AL5856). Tight with beautiful barrels inside and out this is a nice example. The hammers are not difficult to cock, and the triggers are crisp enough. Or if you want the naked hammers and full-length barrels, then the CZ Hammer Classic is sure to fit the bill with its huge, period-correct 30-inch barrels. I have seen many double-barrel shotguns at ready in the home or on the farm, and they are capable of dispatching unwanted pests and varmints as well as members of our protein-fed ex-con criminal class. I used one like it for years and loved it. I also recommend a double barrel shotgun with a short barrel 20 inches or shorter. A correspondent tells me his western police department kept double-barrel shotguns in 20-gauge until at least the 1980s, along with pump-action 20-gauge shotguns. This has modern dimensions, is well balanced, and is a super value. birdshot is by no means useful for personal defense. This article was good food for thought and hopefully will help folks make good decisions. Available in both the hard-hitting 12-gauge and the light-kicking 20, I elected for the 20-gauge so everyone in the home could use the shotgun well. Found this post and thought that everyone would like to know that #7 1/2 birdshot is very deadly at ranges measured in inches, not yards. . This is one time i want to be singled out as a major contributing factor and let them know how strong we are and how dedicated against someone like her. zooming slider below the image. Original, English Engraved ROBINSON & SON Antique ~7 Gauge Shotgun Fowler PERCUSSION Large Bore FOWLING Piece .90 Caliber Here we present an antique L. Robinson & Sons Large Bore Fowling Piece. The cost was very reasonable so the side by side was purchased and came home with me. 25 Whittal Street, Birmingham. A very solid 2 3/4" gun with great barrels and bores. 1815. This is a mix of birdshot and buckshot at 15 yards. One of those guns I will never sell. the side-by-side double-barreled shotgun was a mainstay to settlers, miners, ranchers, and just about anyone who needed a weapon. "Coach" Shotgun: A welcome passenger on long, lonely stagecoach rides. Known as The Coach Gun, this version of the Colt 1878 Shotgun has the shorter 20 barrels for better handling in tight spaces. You use what have you have and what you know. Cond. Out of Stock. Maker unknown. With a powerful firearm and an instant second shot, coupled with excellent handling qualities, these shotguns filled a real need. Very unique! shotgun/rifle. As a firearms instructor I get asked the question What gun do you choose for home defense?. The fact that you still see 870s and mossberg 500s in police cruisers would steer me in that direction. Antique 10 Gauge Parker Hammer Shotgun with Damascus Barrels VERY NICE! Overall length of 35". Sort By: Featured Gun Classifieds Antique Shotguns - 1500-1850, Castiglioni, Brescia. Copyright 2011 Vintage Doubles. The information provided here does not represent the views of Cheaper Than Dirt! They compliment my edc Cimarron bad boy .44 revolver. Now you can relive the Old West by owning this fine reproduction of the cowboy gun Colt made in Hartford, Connecticut. The only quality American double introduced after the Great Depression was the Model 21 Winchester, showing up in the '30s. American Gun- Knickerbocker Double Barrel- Left & Right Lock w/ some parts . He was kicking a blowdown (fallen tree) and instead of a rabbit, up pops a bear. While I use birdshot for training, birdshot is by no means useful for personal defense. Its an ejection break action. I estimate this gun was built shortly after 1909. A short shotgun was a great all around defensive tool at medium range. In that regard this gun is a perfect example as it is hard to close. DOUBLE BARRELED PISTOL/ALARM GUN (1168) .32 Caliber Pepperbox (GAP2026) 22 Caliber Sharps Pepperbox (GAP2025) . 1-of-a Kind HAiR The MUSICAL 1988 20th Anniversary CAST SIGNED THEATER POSTER! They are both opportunistic scavengers and cowards unless traveling in packs.That said I am looking into getting another double barrel because the varmints arent impressed with the sound of the racking slide.Enjoyed the article, it covered all the pros of the Double and reminded me how much I miss mine. But if you want one all around gun for home defense a shotgun is my choice. Vintage Double Barrel Shotgun Forearm Iron Parts lot Stevens Savage Ithaca Read. The overall length is 37 inches, and the shotgun weighs about 7.5 pounds. Very rare Granville Henry Single Shot Percussion Shotgun. Weight: 6 Lbs. Their 1878 Coach Gun got its inspiration by an actual period coach gun in their collection. coach gun for sale and auction. Try it with the 410 in a judge and it will scare you how bad an idea this is. Obviously well made with exceptional engraving and wood. For a gun with 28" barrels and a decent LOP this gun is light at 6 lbs. Wonder how that street got its name. The double-barrel is also fun to shoot. Thus having access to a larger capacity of rounds was one of my first choices. CZ Bobwhite G2. Good two-stage, ribless, 40 barrels with thick walls and no dents. We want you, our readers, to be able to make informed decisions. The modern hammer-fired double barrel has the advantage of simplicity. The bores are bright and shiny. Even with a tactical carbine, it takes PRACTICE,PRACTICE,PRACTICE including FTF FTE, etc., developing muscle memory and changing magazine skills/ drills. I strongly suggest shooting at 30 inch square paper to find out just what the spread is. My DP-12 holds 16 rounds of #3 buckshotquite a bit better than 2 rounds. CONTACT. My home defense is #3 buckshot in 20 ga in a shortened but vent rib Mossberg. One of the best sounds is the deep sound of the hollow tube when a fresh 12ga shell is ejected and a new one is inserted. The bore is smooth and the lock tight and fir, 141. French Double Barrel Pinfire Pistol (1082) $500.00 $400.00 . Good. Dont get me wrong, itll thump your rear like an angry mule with hemerroids using 00 buck, rifled slugs, 3 heavy high wall brass, magnums doesnt matter, itll eat it. Rare Jenks carbine with tape primer ignition system Manufactured from 1847-48. The barrels are 20-inches long. They typically have two triggers one for each barrel and offer safety and speed in a simplistic, reliable design. A great entry level English double that is field ready. Back up is a High Standard.22 Derringer. For personal defense, the double-barrel handles quickly and points well. eventually became my DOVE GUN. While nostalgia has often drawn me to the acquisition of firearms, and the old side-by-side external hammer shotgun has certainly done so (to the tune of having a few in my collection), for real life tactical applications I much prefer the pump shotgun. Sale price! I could be wrong, but thats just the way I see it. Pale Horse, some people have seen waaaay too much Hollywood. Taylors & Company FS Tactical 1911: Now in 10mm! coach guns this whole article just makes me laugh. Thanks! They also add a couple of steps to the loading and firing process. The sound of a pump action will scare the Hell out ofwhatever. Coach shotguns as we know them today came about in the mid-19th Century, but their roots go back to flintlock blunderbusses in the 1600s. External hammers make sense for less experienced shooters and for loaded storage. ENGRAVED Antique NICOLAS BOUTET Percussion Conversion DOUBLE BARREL Shotgun French GOLD INLAID Side by Side Fowling Piece! I suspect that 2 72-caliber muzzles staring you in the face is more intimidating than just one, if you are a felon. Scores of thousands of these sidehammer scatterguns were a mainstay to settlers . *Note the amount of original case color. Great dimensions for many and zero cast so south paws can shoot this one too! Barrel #2 is a Remington copper solid slug. Wood is excellent. I prefer the #4 buck to 00. Antique LONDON FINE TWIST Side by Side Shotgun ~ 12Ga ~ 36" Barrels Gun #: 991214683 Seller: baystategunbuyers GA Sales: 1880 $439.00 Full Details More from this Seller 10 Image (s) 2 muzzleloader. $600.99. When ever the subject comes up of which loads are best as defensive loads, the argument can get pretty heated. We all want to think people are sane but they are NOT. Would you put a green/inexperienced officer/ troop untrained/unfamiliar with a carbine up against a well experienced troop with a shotgun in real life??? Would you like to receive an email notification when stuff happens on this site? TriStar introduced two value-priced double-barrel shotguns for 2021. Notify When In Stock. !. Gustav Kerstan 16 ga. with unique lock up ~ For the shotgunner that likes to show up with something completely different! At near contact range, he fired one round of 12 gauge (paper) 2 1/2 #7 1/2 shot. Used. With a selection including Brownings, Over/Unders, Semi-automatic, Pump, Single Shots and much more, we have something for everyone from the serious collector to the occasional shooter. Antique Firearms. $600.99. If they still keep coming then something is clearly wrong with their head! 48138T, 12 gauge. A very old gun dating back to the 1700's to the early 1800's. *Records show this little 20g. F.A.I.R. A very sound in proof gun with very nice barrels. Charles Ingram boxlock with very nice wood and engraving ~ Own a very nice Scottish shotgun! Wt. Some coach style guns come with choke tubes, which is useful. and by James Woodward to say the least. Firearms, ANTIQUE 14K YELLOW GOLD DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN BROOCH / PIN 5.1G, Rustic Wooden Single Wall Gun Rack Rifle Double Barrel Shotgun Display, Rustic Wooden Gun Rack Hangers Rifle Double Barrel Shotgun Wall Mount Display, Antique Man with Spaniel Dog and Double Barrel Hammer Shotgun Cabinet Photo, Walnut Wooden French Wall Mount Gun Rack Hangers - Rifle Double Barrel Shotgun, Walnut Wooden Gun Rack Hangers Rifle Double Barrel Shotgun Scroll Wall Display, Oak Wooden Fancy Gun Rack Hangers Rifle Double Barrel Shotgun Wall Display -NTRL, Rare Antique Hunter With Double Barreled Shotgun And Birds Tintype Photo, 1907 Hopkins Allen Double Barrel Shotgun Antique Print Ad Joint Damascus Steel, Walnut Wooden Gun Rack Antique Rifle Shotgun Wall Display w/ Carving 2" Hangers, 1896 Antique Peerless Double Barrel Breech Loading Shotgun Gun Print Ad Clipping, 1896 Antique Woolwich Double Barrel Breech Loading Shotgun Gun Print Ad Clipping, Walnut Wooden Gun Rack Hangers Antique Rifle Shotgun Fancy Wall Display 2" Inch, Oak Wooden Gun Rack Hangers Rifle Double Barrel Shotgun Wall Display Hooks - Com, Walnut Wooden Gun Rack Antique Rifle Shotgun Heritage Wall Display Silver Accent, Walnut Wooden Gun Rack Hangers Antique Rifle Shotgun Common Wall Display 2" Inch, Antique Wood Flask Barrel Double headed Eagle Habsburgs Decoration Rare Old 20th, Quad Explosive DOUBLE-BARREL SHOTGUN [Faster Reload] PC Only (Digital Item), Double Barrel Refillable Pocket Lighter Shotgun, Quad DOUBLE-BARREL SHOTGUN Explosive [Faster Reload] (Digital Game Item), 1874 PARKER BROTHERS BREECH LOADING DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN WST MERIDEN CT INVOICE, 1881 Pistol Grip Double Barrel Coach Shotgun - Non firing- read item description, Neoprene Covers fits a Shotgun Single/Double Barrel In Camouflage and Black, NERF N-Strike Barrel Break IX-2 Double Barrel Shotgun Blaster 2010 Works, Marx Historical Guns ~ Miniature Double Barrel Shotgun, GB Double Barrel Shotgun Holster, Prop Leather Gun Holsters Star Wars Boba Fett, Double Barrel Shotgun Ceramic Hookah Water Pipe Tobacco Bong 9.5" USA IMPERFECT, WESTY HOGANS ASBURY PARK '39 STERLING SILVER TRAPSHOOTING TROPHY SHOTGUN HANDLES, Mad Max Double Barrel airsoft 6mm Hwasan Shotgun shell complete seal kit set, Two Shot DOUBLE-BARREL SHOTGUN 25% Faster Fire Rate [Faster Reload] Digital, Duel barrel shotgun Oil Painting On Canvas, Children Rifle Shotgun Toy Gun Double Barrel Shell Soft Bullet Pistol Two Burst, MINIATURE 1/6 TOY REPLICA DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN 1878 WESTERN WWI 6" LONG PLASTIC, MINIATURE WHITNEY DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN 1878 MARX REDMAN 5" LONG 1/7 METAL, 9K Gold Double Barrel Shotgun Lapel Pin Gents Fortnum & Mason's Gift 6g AAC251, Antique Steel Hollow Barrel Double Dolphin Key Metal, PARKER DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN EXPLODED VIEW, Double Barrel 12 Gage Shotgun** Butane Lighter **** Free Shipping***, Leather leg holster for saw off shotgun double barrel, Prop Leather Gun Holsters, Nerf Alpha Strike Double Barrel Pump Foam Dart Toy Shot Gun, Leather Double Barrel Antique Brass Spyglass Maritime Nautical Tripod Telescope, Toothpick Gun - Mini Double-Barrel Toy Shotgun w/ Pack of Toothpicks BUNDLE, Antique 1920S MARCEL TORRID Electric Double Barrel Curling Iron Bakelite Handle, VTG ALUMINUM Folding Redwood Wood LAWN CHAIR Double Barrel Shotgun Arms, Maritime Antique Brass Double Barrel Telescope with Floor Standing Tripod, Decor, Nautical Antique Maritime Brass Double Barrel Floor Standing Telescope 55'', Nautical Handmade Antique Style Double Barrel Telescope With Brass Tripod Stand, Polished Aluminum Shotgun Intake Air Hood Scoop Double Barrel Carb Setup Smooth, 1/12 Scale Shot Gun Double Barrel Fits Mezco Marvel Legends Shf Neca, DOUBLE BARREL (COACH) SHOTGUN Leather Saddle Scabbard - Western, Cavalry BROWN, Polished Aluminum Shotgun Double Barrel Intake Hood Scoop Smooth Dual Carb Setup, antique double hollow barrel iron skeleton key old hardware. This Scottish gun from Edinburgh while appearing worn on the outside is actually a fairly stout and strong gun. Cimarron's 1878 Coach Gun, inspired by an original in our collection, is available in either the full-length 26-inch barrel, or the 20-inch barreled model, both capable of handling 3-inch shotshells, with the traditional exposed sidehammers, a pistol grip stock and schnabble forearm, blued barrels and a blued receiver. A classic and solid, tight on face English gun for a very fair price. I prefer #4 Buck in 12 gauge loads for self defense.#3 Buck in 20 gauge will do the jobCenter Mass hits at 15-20 yards/meters should stop and take the fight out of the Bad Guy. This gun was built between the great wars in 1933. The LOP could be lengthened with a recoil pad to make the LOP almost 14 5/8". We are offering for sale an Antique LONDON MADE Side by Side shotgun chambered in 12GA.

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